Billie Eilish - bad guy (with Justin Bieber) [Audio]

Billie Eilish
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Jul 11, 2019




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john thalongcak
I work smash that girl
Татьяна S.M.T
Клёво.клево.первый раз слушаешь фигня че это.2 ну так себе.д Ещё раз и еще ты подсел
Eaint Ko Ko Moe
Eaint Ko Ko Moe 5 hours ago
Billie was so happy for her collab with JB JB is her favourite idol
CrisTian 523
CrisTian 523 7 hours ago
Zabcosqui 7 hours ago
why the people hate the song? i love it
Ryo Canley
Ryo Canley 7 hours ago
Uyghbb Mpoo
Uyghbb Mpoo 8 hours ago
جستن لو كان غناها كانت هتبقي احلي وعارف انك مش هتردي علشان متكبره😂😂
imvu life
imvu life 8 hours ago
1:00 vma commercials
Song Playlist
Song Playlist 9 hours ago
Flop 👋🏽😐
Ⴈɐʌı 9 hours ago
Nobody: Autotune: Justin: Yes
Esmeralda Padilla
Esmeralda Padilla 10 hours ago
Please. Eilish can you come to my school it's garbanza elementary School in highland Parkplease please please can you come please please can you come to my school everyone loves you there I've asked every single person even the principal loves you please just ask them just to go to the office and then say can I surprise your students every single class and like at least I go to the auditorium and then like we could all see you when you can sing bad guy or one of your songs please
el vicho yt ahora
el vicho yt ahora 10 hours ago
justin: im the bad guy billie:nah
saif the king العيساوي
Mi LoVe
chiique 11 hours ago
billie: releases a new song with potential justin: *skirt*
Olivia summers
Olivia summers 13 hours ago
Did justin just say "so icy" Alright imma head out
ithalo36able 14 hours ago
How Justin Bieber likes me but how I love Billy so much: 3
Sylvia Muñoz
Sylvia Muñoz 14 hours ago
Pv70 Justin
Rana Ahmed
Rana Ahmed 14 hours ago
Billie at 17: *from the most famous artists of the year.* Me at 17: *eats ramen from its plastic pack.*
Rawy Au
Rawy Au 15 hours ago
Is really Justin or a robot?
ZSlendY26 15 hours ago
Che schifo
لميس علاء
لميس علاء 16 hours ago
Nusrat Noor
Nusrat Noor 16 hours ago
Hate uou
Anige Lil Fox Playz :3 Brookie
willy el tuerto
willy el tuerto 17 hours ago
Productor: cuanto autotune quieres? Justin: si
Cherie Grant Johnson
You go Billie, takes a lot of guts to record with your dorkie idol from real kid time, sounds good...
ENGAN BITCH 18 hours ago
I’m the bald guy
cringe yeet
cringe yeet 18 hours ago
I personally dislike this ughhh
Vijay Surya
Vijay Surya 18 hours ago
She looks so cute in this dress
Екатерина Меркушева
Terrible version, Bieber ruined the song.
gachapillow Day ago
person: auto tune? justin: *yes*
gachapillow Day ago
2:30 i think billie and justin did something in bed. why is he moaning?
gachapillow 14 hours ago
-Elena- lmaoo i was joking- 🤨
-Elena- 16 hours ago
Dude Billie is only 17!!
Dr. platoon
Dr. platoon Day ago
He still getting by? I thought he got merc'ed EDIT:i dont feel comfortable looking at billie eilish as a kid???
tymbersno1 Day ago
Wait,a min-nvm it has Justin bye
Hayate疾風 Day ago
•myshi- senpai•
Q honda con el gemido del minuto 2:30 ō_ō
Plece subscribe 😄 usvid.net/video/video-kBwZngQe9Ok.html
rajwa asykira
Nobody cares about ice, Justin
آلُِيــمني mohammed -
Lovely Exstella
Billie looks good in everything! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Ati Tomlinson
OK but why is Billie me when I was like 10😂
Crempypasta 7
Angel Manuel Herrera Rivera
Justin gay
Luke Rossip
Luke Rossip Day ago
Cristobal Benavides
dislike por weco
RobloxWill Day ago
I hate my life when am i gonna die 😐 (I'm only 13 years old btw)
RobloxWill 11 hours ago
Fuck you
Addison Massie
Addison Massie 12 hours ago
RobloxWill fake depression
Is that even Billie Eilish? that doesnt look like her (no offence to Billie)
Billie: so why did you guys not like this collab? Me: BeCaUsE YoU WeRe MeAnT To BE ThE BaD GuY >;’(
Adam Maccannell
Mad talent! Is that an Adam's Apple?
The todito Crak
I am talking with my brother’s channel
The todito Crak
You Spit on me Bieber
Mannat Rattan
Who is that girl in pink glittery dress?
Karole Ravin
Karole Ravin Day ago
transgender 1000%
Yesla Day ago
Maruf Saliev
Maruf Saliev Day ago
Islam moskee
Islam moskee Day ago
Calistena Annemarie
why do you have a crush on justen beber
Omar Lujan
Omar Lujan Day ago
No me gusta que salga con jostin biber lo odio like si tu tambien 😬😡
cudder dolan
cudder dolan Day ago
"So IcY"
Joshi mitzi
Joshi mitzi Day ago
So nice
Umaru 03
Umaru 03 Day ago
Well, I loved the collaboration. The song turned out pretty funny, and has a Justin Bieber style(?
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