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New England Head Coach, Bill Belichick, mic'd up vs. the Packers in Week 9 of the 2018 NFL Season.
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Nov 8, 2018

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Comments 1 342
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 2 days ago
Chill bill u got away with cheating give the refs a break
lebarosky 10 days ago
As a Browns fan this just fills me with rage. We lost Paul Brown TWICE if you get me.
Damian Whindleton
Damian Whindleton 13 days ago
😂😂😂I love when he is mic'd
B D 13 days ago
Unamused by a touchdown
Marquise Sweek
Marquise Sweek 15 days ago
Even if they get a touchdown he is still thinking about everything they did wrong and could do better
curtis_browning 16 days ago
Take care of your health coach! I wanna see your genius when 12 is gone. It’ll be refreshing. Go pats
csgo chiken
csgo chiken 19 days ago
Me at the beginning: Weird, he seems like a normal coach. 1:44 happens: There we go.
Alexia Is On Fire
Aaron at the end: if only I were blessed with a great coach like you and not stuck with this clown
Brownd Beanz
Brownd Beanz Month ago
Bill knows Qbs so much, he knows how to pick them apart from the inside.
nate stroh
nate stroh Month ago
Defense wins games, and no one values defense more than BB, well maybe Matt Patricia, but he is gone
T Month ago
He is two things, a brilliant football mind, and an incredible bullshit artist
Paul Kaehn
Paul Kaehn 2 months ago
Aaron: "your the best" Translation: "Please come coach the Packers"
HVAC Quality Assurance
Billy is the only guy I know that can look disappointed at a TD; "Wait a minute, I didn't call that play"
RDM 010
RDM 010 4 months ago
Wow, he eats refs for breakfast!
Gaming Withzach
Gaming Withzach 4 months ago
He doesn’t even celebrate when the score he’s not amused at all
Noni Mulyana
Noni Mulyana 4 months ago
Touchdown won't excite Bill, interception and defense will 😂
Doug Maxwell
Doug Maxwell 4 months ago
the master of enthusiasm it never gets old well except winning the super bowl that's when he gets really excited.
Wira Zainal
Wira Zainal 4 months ago
Im from malaysia. I enjoy watching nfl the patriots. My inquire is that when we can watch the mic up what about the opponent can they also listen to that to thier advantage during the game?
manofsteel 5 months ago
Bill makes the game football as easy as opening a zip-loc. He's the greatest coach of all time. No question
Nasir Rizvi
Nasir Rizvi 5 months ago
Human version of Droopy.
kanyeblessed 5 months ago
"Touchdown Patriots!!!!" *literally no reaction* lol
Untouchable 5 months ago
"I misinterpreted the rules."
MrDougster37 5 months ago
Big Los Angeles sports fan here. Hate the city of Boston when it comes to the Patriots (or pretty much any other team). But while that dislike is natural for this Angeleno sports fan, I do respect the Pats. Man, when players see that kind of leadership they will be ready to play come Sunday. Because of that, the Pats win.
Zombot 5 months ago
I love how at 2:35 a SLAINE song starts to play ^^
Best Kinda Mess
Best Kinda Mess 5 months ago
I love when he argues with the refs lmao
Leon Allan Davis
Leon Allan Davis 5 months ago
Let's talk real world here... Can anyone imagine four officials doing a non-call on Bill Belichick the way they did on Sean Peyton? The officials here are going, "yes, coach! "No, coach!" "Yes, sir!" "No, sir!" One official even retrieved Belichick's red flag for him. "Here you are, sir!" They wouldn't do that for Sean Peyton...
BIGgreen 07
BIGgreen 07 5 months ago
How nice it must be to have a GOAT at QB and head coach.
jason sims
jason sims 5 months ago
"Im not gonna get down there and get in the way!" I lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruben Montiel
Ruben Montiel 5 months ago
Just watched this for the first time. It was great to see the patriots slam the pack and that overrated Rodgers. Brady was too much to handle.
Fightdrills Fitness Baguio
Unemotional. That's the ultimate style in business. And that's how he treat his team. No emotions pure encouragement to be the best at what you do and do your job to make it a team win not an individual win. Greatest coach right there. 😁
James G
James G 5 months ago
I don't get when he pulled the red flag? Out of his sock what does that mean?
Fun with Cupcakes
Fun with Cupcakes 5 months ago
James G he keeps it In his sock rather than a more easily accessible pocket so he won't throw it on reflex.
Frank Maddalone
Frank Maddalone 5 months ago
Bill built a fantastic football DYNASTY ¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡
Caleb Ransom
Caleb Ransom 5 months ago
Bill is amazing
Christopher Meyers
Christopher Meyers 5 months ago
2:29 We'll work together. Yep they most certainly do.
Luis Cristobal
Luis Cristobal 5 months ago
Doesn’t even get happy when they score always serious
Corbin Mattson
Corbin Mattson 5 months ago
Not to mention, do you know how many touchdowns this guy has seen? 😂
Lord_Beethoven 5 months ago
Gotta keep his head low and remember the fight's not over till the clock runs out.
Khari Goulbourne Dias
The only time I have ever seen Bill Belichick smile is after they win the super bowl😂😂
warriormvp 5 months ago
This the single worst human being on the planet.
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 4 months ago
Why did Jim Brown call him the most generous coach or athlete to ever come through Cleveland then? You;re a moron. Do you give time and money to charities? Do you care about your work as much as he does, dork? DIdn't think so.
enos baltazar
enos baltazar 5 months ago
I thought he would have a deep ass voice
Yeltsin 68
Yeltsin 68 5 months ago
You can’t tell when the Pats score by coach’s reaction. He’s an animal.
Raphael M
Raphael M 5 months ago
The NFL is a scripted fraud & Belicek is Your the perfect example.....
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 4 months ago
Yes, the NFL really wants a team to dominate in a league of parity. You sure are intelligent.
Fr Macs
Fr Macs 5 months ago
You can tell the referees have the utmost respect for him ... because he's a genius!
Alex Mook
Alex Mook 5 months ago
Greatest coach in NFL history and one of the greatest coaches in all of sports history.
joshx413 5 months ago
3:56 why you gotta lie to him Bill?
Go Washington Football
Alonso Andara
Alonso Andara 5 months ago
I held out for so long... I can no longer continue to hate the Patriots. BB and Brady are the goats.
mike stone
mike stone 5 months ago
Oreily Autopart
Oreily Autopart 5 months ago
This guy loookkss through people’s souls
Patrick Slingo
Patrick Slingo 5 months ago
Rogers lowkey wanna play for belichick
out. 5 months ago
I really didn't like that question to brady too smug
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