Best of the Philadelphia 76ers! | 2018-19 NBA Season

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Check out the best plays and moments from the Philadelphia 76ers 2018-19 Season!
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Aug 8, 2019




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Comments 256
Charlie Sherlock
1PandaGang 2 months ago
15 mins and 22 seconds of their greatest plays just shows you how good they are.
Melvin Alcantra
Melvin Alcantra 3 months ago
The most exciting team to watch!
Damian D'Orsaneo
Damian D'Orsaneo 3 months ago
6:19 This is personally my favorite.
Arlo Floreani
Arlo Floreani 3 months ago
All the Aussie’s only follow the 6ers for Ben Simmons
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 4 months ago
Sixers about to win the Finals #FuckLeBron #FuckTheLakers
Sdawn2k17 4 months ago
I love the area noises it so dramatic 😂💯
Roy Stanard
Roy Stanard 4 months ago
76ers nation
Brian Nop
Brian Nop 4 months ago
3:18 Legend says Bacon still has his arm raised
beastboy 321
beastboy 321 4 months ago
I love yo guys philllllllllllllllllly
Ariel Rodriguez jr
Ariel Rodriguez jr 5 months ago
15:10 😔 that energy was quickly drained
Author Dawn Griffith
Let's go 76ers from Tanner Griffith
Issa Madrid
Issa Madrid 5 months ago
Philly Special
Eliptic 5 months ago
Trust the process
q c
q c 5 months ago
4 BOUNCES AWAY FROM ANY NUMBER OF POSSIBILITIES FUCK IT#RUNITBACK (and I agree redicks production will be missed I would take on Carmelo tbh for the right price and him adhering to 6th man status)
David Carrasco
David Carrasco 5 months ago
76ers is have one of the best players but have one of the worst coaches
Swag Smokes
Swag Smokes 5 months ago
Yeah don’t show the last 4 seconds of the Toronto game
Carson Greene
Carson Greene 5 months ago
I was still sad about Shamet and then when Reddick left I was in tears
Phillip Goens
Phillip Goens 6 months ago
Why SHOULD the 76ers be 2019 Champions?!! “The Process” SHOULD BE OVER! Who was the Key to get a ring, and stopping the claw? Find out usvid.net/video/video-RXB--WlfFh4.html
Abel Rodas
Abel Rodas 6 months ago
OK IM MAD! Where the fuck is Mike Scott's last second three versus the Nets yall TRIPPEN
Seamus O'Sneakers
Seamus O'Sneakers 6 months ago
honestly it’s kinda sad seeing everyone who left in the middle of the season and used to be on the team and who played good, Moose, Dario, Roco, Landry, etc.
Khaula Ahsan
Khaula Ahsan 6 months ago
Al how is in the 76ers
DaaBoys2138 6 months ago
I’m going to miss JJ because him and JoJo had such a great two man game.
Ward van Gestel
Ward van Gestel 6 months ago
Why do they the sixers like that with the last one, everyone knows what happens next play :(
Marlin Rabid dingo
Marlin Rabid dingo 6 months ago
Simmons is going places.
J4M3Sx615x 6 months ago
15:12 I remember a better shot that game... #KawhiNot
Juice Nite
Juice Nite 6 months ago
6:20 why Tobias came to phily
D3UCE16 6 months ago
Sixers going all the way bucks is a good team but they lost two important pieces brogdon and mirotic it’s gonna hurt them more it’s gonna hurt us as Sixers fans when lost jj and jimmy #TTP 2020 🏆🏆🏆
millercmdn 6 months ago
Sixers in 6...hmu in June 2020
M J 6 months ago
RenProcess 6 months ago
SuperRip7 6 months ago
No finals Sixers. 08-11-19.
M J 6 months ago
Frfr 💯
Giannhs Gkif
Giannhs Gkif 6 months ago
I think is Best of Joel Emdin cause all the plays made it by him
Matthew Mcgovern
Matthew Mcgovern 6 months ago
Milos Jankovic
Milos Jankovic 6 months ago
J.J You didn't have to gooo :( :( :(
mnmf15 6 months ago
7:09 ew is that Russ?! 😤💪🏽
mnmf15 6 months ago
5:54. Gtfo me! 😤💪🏽💪🏽
Jordan Rosca
Jordan Rosca 6 months ago
Anyone noticed at 12:30 a point went to the other team after scoring!?
Japanesebeeef 6 months ago
Jimmy G Buckets. He was fighting so hard to the end. Big respect. Thank u Jimmy.
Nathan Mueller
Nathan Mueller 6 months ago
U forget Simmons three
Synful PK
Synful PK 6 months ago
Roy Hibbert is now coaching the 76ers. An all-time coach to make the 76ers an all-time team
It's Mashu
It's Mashu 6 months ago
I want jj back
Antoine Delagnes
Antoine Delagnes 6 months ago
I didn't know they were a game 7 in the regular season
Jerard Paul Tulod
Jerard Paul Tulod 6 months ago
Landry Shamet is a huge loss for the Sixers. He looks like the second coming of JJ Redick but with defense and playmaking skils.
Brian Nop
Brian Nop 4 months ago
Clippers ‘gon be siiiiiiiiiiiiiick this season
prime time
prime time 6 months ago
they didn't show Embiid crying !! thats the best part....
prime time
prime time 6 months ago
@gangXx REALxX of course i'm Funny Embiid did the Air plane.. ears to the crowd... ended up cryin in game 7 Karma's a bitch..
gangXx REALxX
gangXx REALxX 6 months ago
prime time your not funny
Aspxct ツ
Aspxct ツ 6 months ago
You know the drill... 1. Steph curry 2.Lebron James 3.MJ 4.Ben Simmons 5.KD 6.GreekFreak 7.Kyrie Irving (my fav) 8.Embid 9.Russel Westbrook 10.rookie
Jose Marín
Jose Marín 6 months ago
Molaría que se colase la canasta de leonard en estos highlighs.
Quality Being
Quality Being 6 months ago
This was a beautiful highlight reel.
Brandon Nolan
Brandon Nolan 6 months ago
This season is taking too long to start. This is going to be a fun year! Let's go SIXERS!!! seriously though, let's go, I'm tired of waiting for the season.
Harrison Klein
Harrison Klein 6 months ago
5:14 was one of the best assists of the year easily
Joshie Goated
Joshie Goated 6 months ago
That man jimmy cold in the clutch
Jeff Connolly
Jeff Connolly 6 months ago
Where’s markelle fultez?
ッReDTroDzn 6 months ago
I Love Philadelphia 76ers!❤🏀
Scott Stephens
Scott Stephens 6 months ago
Ennis = Perth Wildcats
NeXus 6 months ago
Im gonna miss JJ, and TJ... 💔😭😭😭
David Tan
David Tan 6 months ago
good season. wish we could have traded the 2 second rounders and korkmaz this draft and kept shamet
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele 6 months ago
The Philadelphia 76ers is a good NBA team,with good players on the roster, but they got a lot to work on for breaking out
Le POTTERRIEN 6 months ago
水はwater 6 months ago
I'm sad that Redick left 76ers.
GOAT Squad
GOAT Squad 6 months ago
Plz sub
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