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WatchMojo.com 10 days ago
Learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the Joker, right here!: usvid.net/video/video-CP4LtGXi5oc.html
Kami Sama Loves Me
Kami Sama Loves Me 16 hours ago
I recommend you all go watch Film Theory latest video on The Dark Knight Rises
Ayşe Ertekin
@Gerson Aaron Martinez López is it to much to ask for both
Thunder Lake
Thunder Lake Day ago
Jared Leto is the worst jocker
SUPER Spicy Memes
Leto:”When I was a little boy no one thought I could play the joker “ Murray: “you can say that again pal!”
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dmbtchrs !!
dmbtchrs !! 8 hours ago
when you think about it, you can’t really compare these two actors. because Heath Ledger’s is the Joker at his prime, whilst Joaquin Phoenix’s is how the Joker was born and shaped into the criminal he became. i appreciate both of them so much, they did an amazing job portraying the character, can’t choose between them.
sdaftermath123 8 hours ago
I feel like joaquins joker took a lot more talent to do. His definitely had a lot more emotion in his character. They’re completely different jokers though, they aren’t really comparable. Heaths joker was a chaotic terrorist, while joaquins is a much more disturbed/mentally ill in my opinion
Fed Nav
Fed Nav 8 hours ago
I knew Heath Ledger would win! No one can beat him!
bas company
bas company 8 hours ago
Ledger is the real joker whom after him only everyone loves joker...
Goth1263 8 hours ago
I'm glad ppl agree that this isnt a fair comparison😂
Faiz Shaikh
Faiz Shaikh 8 hours ago
Phoenix Showed The Heart Of Joker And Ledger Showed The Mind Of Joker
Marcel Cluster
Marcel Cluster 8 hours ago
pheonix is the best
Alley Catra
Alley Catra 8 hours ago
Origin Story vs. Established Charakter all your point are invalid. How is a Character that is not even "THE JOKER" for a majority of the Movie supposed to be already doing Schemes and all that BS. It shows how he falls into Madnass not his deeds after already beeing a Madman.
Denis A.
Denis A. 8 hours ago
Both of them are AMAZING, but Heath Ledger is LEGEND!
julieta torres
julieta torres 8 hours ago
Joseangel Arteaga
Joseangel Arteaga 8 hours ago
ya’ll clout chasers heath should’ve won all categories
Tamojit Basu
Tamojit Basu 8 hours ago
No comparison please. Both are legends😍
julieta torres
julieta torres 9 hours ago
MartinDelfin 9 hours ago
I’m gonna have to disagree on this one
Yellow Huang
Yellow Huang 9 hours ago
When I saw Phoenix Joker , I almost thought he would take out a racket and play tennis 😂 You sure he isn't Roger Federer??
Dan 9 hours ago
Higley disagreed with this video, Ledger was and will be unbeatable. Ledger win the smile. I hate Joaquin smile, it sounded weak to me... and yes the joker is about a violent criminal not about a boring story... to me the new joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix is garbage. What is wrong with people, I think everyone is smoking marijuana or pcp or hallucinating with mushrooms because I just dont see this new movie to be pleasant. Dark night with Heath Ledger was the real deal bottom line. It was so entertaining and action packed. I've saw the reviews of the new joker and neither suicide squad or this one pleased me as much as dark night. At least suicide squad was an action movie but I just didn't like the caracter at all, specially his stupid shiny teeth... Joaquin movie looks boring to me bottom line, is trash... darknight is and will remain unbeatable until someone comes up with the best action psychological round and take Ledger's crown.
Dan 9 hours ago
@Prince Zane I see your point of view but he needs to improve his face painting and smile... to me they look and sound weak. No pleasant, I think you say that because you like Joaquin already as an actor... about a new joker being born, it sounds good but with a lot of room for disappointment. I hope he nail the next movie.
Prince Zane
Prince Zane 9 hours ago
Nothing wrong with giving an opinion. But Pheonix's role as the joker is pretty much the best portrayal majority have seen since heath's. Both are great actors and have done the best job at portraying joker in two different stages at his life. Heath portrayed an already established joker. Phoenix portrayed the joker's birth
Christopher Seitz
Christopher Seitz 9 hours ago
ata ergan
ata ergan 9 hours ago
Jack nicholson dood
بشر حسن
بشر حسن 9 hours ago
You put a base to your video which is that the two films are almost equal in size so you do wrong comparisons.
Shion W
Shion W 9 hours ago
Guys, Joker 2019 is such a new blood, he just got the taste of chaos and start addicted to it. He doesn't have the charisma to be a leader, doesn't know how to do an elaborate plan yet. This comparison is just weird.
glitchbyt3 '-'
glitchbyt3 '-' 9 hours ago
It's hard to compare given the circumstance. Joaquin's is the beginning of Joker. Heather's is Joker's prime
The Best Legend 11
The Best Legend 11 9 hours ago
You are not allowed to put these great actors against each other one is a backstory one is a now
Honestly for me they are both equally great. In every aspect tbh. So distinct yet so amazing.
FYO GANGSTER 10 hours ago
when we are comparing the actors we should not compare them on the basis of clothing
Moonstar 10 hours ago
if we compare, its a light and dark. Ledger's the light Phoenix's the dark
Hi Mito
Hi Mito 10 hours ago
Why do we always have to compare!! I love both jokers !!! Amazing actors !
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 10 hours ago
Say what you want but Mark Hamil takes the crown for best Joker 🃏
Prince Zane
Prince Zane 9 hours ago
Video game too
Prince Zane
Prince Zane 9 hours ago
Animated wise, yeah
Desdemona Goth
Desdemona Goth 10 hours ago
_ MüsliMan_
_ MüsliMan_ 10 hours ago
Just don´t compare them. It´s disrespectuful to both actors, they both gave the character a unique touch. They should not be compared!
Andrew Klim
Andrew Klim 10 hours ago
This movie from the start was said to be outside the universe. So literally most of the comparison is irrelevant.
Mike Marder
Mike Marder 10 hours ago
Pheonix played the "adult" version of the Joker, Ledger played the comic book version. I tend to favor realism and adulthood.
Obituary Tube
Obituary Tube 10 hours ago
I don't think it's fair to compare the voice of someone who is becoming the Joker against someone that's already the Joker, of course he didn't felt like Joker through the entire movie because he wasn't the Joker quite yet :l
Roll 3X
Roll 3X 10 hours ago
I don't think it's fair to compare. Phoenix's Joker was more of an origin story, while Ledger's was already established. We didn't really see much of Joker in the new movie. If there'll be a sequel, then we should judge.
TexasRocks HillCountry
The newest Joker with great, but Heath Ledger's was still better!
Fahad Zaman
Fahad Zaman 10 hours ago
obviously both were a perfection but to be honest i like ledgers better his voice his costume and especially the laugh and did good jokes and i enjoyed the movie more becuase it was a thriller kind and full of action the joker is just a full bag of emotion and bloody violence so to be honest for me, my opinion is heath ledgers joker.
Alecia_Always 10 hours ago
They're both amazing
Anand Pratap Singh
Anand Pratap Singh 11 hours ago
Phoenix did whole movie for the role of joker On the other hand Heath ledger did movie which had Batman also but he overcome Batman and become the best ... Think if he had done the joker movie....
Future Trunks
Future Trunks 11 hours ago
Females shouldn’t watch comic book movies.
Herkert 11 hours ago
Heath Ledegers laugh is so much better than Joaquin Phoenix’s laugh lol
Herkert 11 hours ago
Ofc Heath Ledger wins on makeup! Heath Ledger did his own makeup.
Eryk Lebiecki
Eryk Lebiecki 11 hours ago
i love both
Lusi Ratna
Lusi Ratna 11 hours ago
The next batman movie, Batman would say the same thing which ledger did in the past. "you change things ..... FOREVER."
Jr Carclay
Jr Carclay 11 hours ago
Mark hamill is joker,this is trash and very unnacurate.
Jr Carclay
Jr Carclay 11 hours ago
Both jokers are crap,the only real good performance that actually symbolizes the character was jack nicholson. The last two jokers were a childish mockery of what the character really is.
Muhammad Danyal Satti
Man wtf is this?u're making phoenix the winner urself😠even though ledger's laugh and scheme are more horrific and interesting😈
Muhammad Danyal Satti
Heath Ledger✌👏🙌🔥
Marc A.M
Marc A.M 11 hours ago
DC putting some straight shit right here I thaught it will be same shitty joker of suicide squad
Santiago Leonardis
Santiago Leonardis 11 hours ago
You cant compare them. Ledger played the joker and Phoenix played Arthur Fleck for almost the entire movie. Two different character, two all time great performance
Volodymyr Ilianoi
Volodymyr Ilianoi 11 hours ago
JP +
Capper 716
Capper 716 11 hours ago
I think you just compare these, Joaquin couldnt have played HIS ROLE better and Ledger couldn't play HOS ROLE better, one had a solo film which is tougher and one fed off of batman perfectly its just not easy or right to compare
sanjana Unni
sanjana Unni 11 hours ago
Ledger is the best. Joaquin looks like a clown not a joker. Ps he's not suppossed to hv a disorder. The joker is a sinister, smart, maniac who is so charismatic. Something joaquin isnt
Jonathan LR Khiangte
hands down Heath's version is the best of the best
Judas Christ
Judas Christ 12 hours ago
The way Phoenix laugh is completely Joker
Pavan Walvekar
Pavan Walvekar 12 hours ago
'I think you and I, are destined to do this forever.' I silently cry in a corner.
Joni 12 hours ago
Ledger is so overrated
TheFailBros 12 hours ago
Well Joaquin did lent kill himself so...
CherrySparkles 12 hours ago
its not really fair to compare these two actors, they were both AMAZING at it. 2019 joker movie is more about why he turned evil, how he became the joker, so ofc its not going to be full of evil plans like Heaths Joker in Dark Knight. Both these actors did outstanding performances!
wayne7171960 12 hours ago
In my book they were equally great. Each played a different version of Joker. Ledger never would have pulled off the Phoenix Joker and vice versa.
Antraxa 12 hours ago
You cant know.
StruckdownButNotdestroyed 1980
Kumown Mojo, don't sink into this! They can't be compared with each other. Both of them are too precious, both of them are the same.
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