Best Joker: Heath Ledger vs. Joaquin Phoenix

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Playing the Joker can take everything out of you, learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the iconic character, right here!: usvid.net/video/video-CP4LtGXi5oc.html
The Joker... versus the Joker. Heath Ledger... versus Joaquin Phoenix. Two incredible actors … one role. Join WatchMojo as we pit the late, great Heath Ledger against living legend Joaquin Phoenix to see who gave us the superior big screen incarnation of iconic Batman villain, the Joker, from their portrayals in "The Dark Knight" (2008) and "Joker" (2019), respectively. Come along as we evaluate a wide-range of categories to determine which interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime reigns supreme. Which Joker performance is your favorite? Let us know why in the comments below!
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Oct 6, 2019




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Comments 15 085
WatchMojo.com 4 months ago
Learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the Joker, right here!: usvid.net/video/video-CP4LtGXi5oc.html
The PUNISHER 11 days ago
@Tweety Kid Thats bcz u have no taste in films
Tweety Kid
Tweety Kid 11 days ago
I must be the only person who wasn't moved by Ledger's performance. He was a great actor. I am glad he recieved the Oscar. He is deeply respected in that role by most of the planet.
The PUNISHER Month ago
Newsflash this movie was about a joker , not the Joker from Batman
BlueYakes Month ago
The PUNISHER 2 months ago
@Rainos62 You have never read a comic book , your opinion is for laughs
Wiley Garner
Wiley Garner 23 minutes ago
This video seems kind of staged. It anylitics seem to be on point, but the way it determines a winner and some of the rounds are off. Lets start with the laugh. They have very different motivations. Heath Ledgers laugh is as it said in the movie. An act, a staged tool used to unsettle people and let them know how little control they really have. Joaquins joker is a laugh to hide his pain and later, to hide his actions. Yes, it is also a medical condition that sort of happens at random. However, Heath ledgers joker seems more on point with his laugh because it also shows an enjoyment for his passion of exploiting the world for what it truely is. Joker from the comics doesn't really laugh at random for the most part and doesn't laugh to mask his pain. He enjoys every second of it and that's why I think Joaquin's joker couldn't win the round. That being said, they are 2 characters at different stages, so they can't really be accurately compared. The scheme, Joaquin's joker doesn't scheme anything. Things happen and he goes with it or loses it. Heath's joker says he's not a schemer but enact elaborate plans that all come together even calculated down to what certain characters like the Batman will do. So Heath's joker is the only one even relavent to the "scheme round" because Joequin's joker doesn't really plan things. Psychology and motivations doesn't really make sense. The reason for this is if you want to think about it, Joaquin's joker is like the beginning of the Joker's origin and Heath's joker is the result. Obviously regarding motivations, Heath's joker wouldn't have many left other than to show the world how much of a joke its attempts to control things really are. Joequin's joker is still in the beginning stages though, so he is still trying to find his place and fame in the world until later he snaps and take revenge on those who persecuted him and false aspiring figures. You can't compare these two because there completely different stages that the character had gone through. Regarding Psychological, ones in the process of losing his mind while the other had lost it a long time ago. If these two characters are going to be compare then a different system would need to be used to compare them. You can't compare them like you would say Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. Those two are the playing as the same character, however Joequin isn't in a sense. Its the same character, but set at a different stage of his porgression.
Zeo 7 hours ago
"Pheonix sports Jokers trademark purple suit" My gurl are you colourblind? It's clearly red 🤨
Lara Carlos
Lara Carlos 9 hours ago
I’m sorry if you guys think that Joaquin Phoenix is the better joker but to me Heath Ledger is better His character was brilliant, to me it was the one who acted more like joker. His chaotic jokes and parts are what make me think he is an authentic joker.
Vishal Godse
Vishal Godse 11 hours ago
Heath Ledger's Joker is a developed character, on other hand Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is a developing character which gives him more chance to improvements than Heath's Joker. Both are incredible.
richard stanley
richard stanley 14 hours ago
ledger was the best. he looked and acted crazy, scary, tough, and twisted. phoenix looked too frail
Miguel Robledo
Miguel Robledo 17 hours ago
Could you imagine if Heath Ledger had a chance to do this with an R rating?? Joaquin did good but it was a movie just about him with an R rating... I can only imagine what Heath would have been able to do.
R San
R San 19 hours ago
Heath ledger...done
Georgia Nothing
Georgia Nothing 20 hours ago
Guys stop writing hate comments abt Jared leto’s joker I’m tired of liking them all
Fiji 22 hours ago
happily agreed. Ledger is joker phoenix was arthur
Ryan B
Ryan B 23 hours ago
They were very different interpretations. Heaths was more likeable. Joaguins was mentally ill to a disturbing cringy extent that was hard to watch at times. As far as acting goes they both nailed it
zam Abdurajak
but in the end they both got an Oscar..
sim hanssens
sim hanssens Day ago
is nobody getting that phoenix' joker story is how his personality spiralled out of control and became joker. So it will take time and character developement to become the joker of the dark knight. His face isn't cut because that still has to happen. Ofcourse I ain't saying that phoenix will be able to play the joker in the same way ledger did. But look at it with a timeline. Phoenix' character is still arthur fleck, a guy that's struggling in life with a mental problem. Whilst ledger played an impeccable fully fledged joker with not even a sign of arthur inside.
Railey Cavener-Garman
Heath ledger is the king. Period
Kealii Harding
Pheonix was way better. It was more realistically Psychopathy.
sarrainodu vasu
Heath Ledger father of al jokers ✌love from india 🇮🇳 😘😘
EngleHump Day ago
Even if Heath was the better Joker, it is Joaquin's extraordinary acting that made an indelible impact on society and to mental health
aybrkaknc 2 days ago
There is no winner on this, man.
Pepe Incorporated
I feel it’s unfair to compare the two seeing as they have two completely different styles
Samsung Samsung
Samsung Samsung 2 days ago
I didn't enjoy it the 2019 joker was better than 2008 one but even he did a lot a lot .
Ben Snider
Ben Snider 2 days ago
Couldn’t be more apples and oranges one is joker another is Arthur fleck
letplaywii Gaming
The winner: joker
- ODINFIRE - 2 days ago
This is a ridiculous comparison. One was the origins and the other was a more sinister joker who has been at it a while. Nicholson joker you can compare to Legers. You can’t compare Leger and Phoenix for obvious reasons.
Becky Weiss
Becky Weiss 2 days ago
The thing with Joaquin vs Heath is they represent two different things. Joaquin's Joker is a true origins story in the sense that we see the man behind the mask, and how that man evolves (or devolves) into the Joker. Health Ledger IS the Joker. (And for me, Health will always be the Joker. Him and Hamill). Nolan went for a grittier Batman Trilogy, and that called for a grittier Joker. A gritty Joker means the traditional slapstick clownery you'd associate with say Nicholson's portrayal, can't be used. It depends on what you prefer. I didn't like the direction of Joaquin's Joker because to me, it strips away the mystery. Not everything needs to be dissected. Sometimes it's best for the villain to remain a mystery. And that's what Heath delivers: a gritty, terrifying mystery. I grew up with Mark Hamill's Joker - both the animated and then the Arkham games down the road. So that one will always have a special place in my heart. I always felt weird by the fact that I was never afraid of the Joker as a kid. He's a villain, so theoretically I should be afraid of him. Now that I'm older, I see Hamill's joker has some serious psychotic aspects to him and I appreciate that. Heath Ledger dialed that up by 9,000. Heath's Joker was downright terrifying. And again, I think it's because the Joker needed to fit into Nolan's grittier atmosphere.
sam p
sam p 2 days ago
Heaths jokers was a criminal genius and Phoenix’s Joker was just a guy who wasn’t well. Heath entertained me while Joaquin disturbed me (not a bad thing)
NinjaMuffin 2 days ago
I wouldn’t say Joaquin pheonixs joker is a super villain tho
noone 2 days ago
Heath was the greatest, but Phoenix? The best we have left.
Ross Modesto
Ross Modesto 2 days ago
HEATH LEDGER without a doubt in every way possible
Selina Kyle
Selina Kyle 2 days ago
I don't think Heath's Joker can ever be topped. Joaquin did GREAT, of course, but Heath was absolutely phenomenal.
Jason Emerson
Jason Emerson 2 days ago
Ledger is much better sorry buddy
Najrul Khan
Najrul Khan 3 days ago
Heath Ledger Best Every Time
Revenge Sniper
Revenge Sniper 3 days ago
Two ENTIRELY different Joker's shouldn't be compared on an 1 to 1 scale. That's like comparing young and vengeful Bruce Wayne to the experienced, matured, and more calm Bruce Wayne. You just don't compare them period because it doesn't work.
Sakib Ahmed
Sakib Ahmed 3 days ago
no comparison. Heath Ledger was way better
Sagar 3 days ago
Heath Ledger is the benchmark which is impossible to achieve....
Sean Dunlap
Sean Dunlap 3 days ago
It’s unfair to include schemes, cuz Phoenix didn’t have any schemes. Also, the voice: you have to remember Ledger’s Joker is older
Sage Antone
Sage Antone 3 days ago
Neither. Romero & Nicholson.
Nahtan Dorvol
Nahtan Dorvol 3 days ago
Heath Ledger: The Joker we knew nothing about. Joaquin Phoenix: The Joker we knew everything about. Both perfect 👌
Mahendra Gl
Mahendra Gl 3 days ago
4th Oscar for Joaquin Phoenix. none for Batman.
I'm Batman
I'm Batman 4 days ago
We got the answer of “why so serious ?” as “you wouldn’t get it”
Aries Arete
Aries Arete 4 days ago
Koriayne Webb
Koriayne Webb 4 days ago
In Joker we get to see the birth of Joker of course he's still got a lot of emotions and conflicts inside of him. By the time dark knight rolls around he's as polished and cold and as intelligent as he can be. Joaquin is the caterpillar Heath is the buttertly
Alireza Asadi
Alireza Asadi 4 days ago
Well, let's talk about YOUR voice Rebecca!; damn, I love your voice! ^_^ keep doing it baby 😎
Fate Dk
Fate Dk 4 days ago
He name is not heath ledger his real name shit ledger
memestar 4 days ago
Petition to kill Jared Leto
qween-zee 4 days ago
No consideration for Jared Leto? LOL jk
JulianaCT 4 days ago
they both were incredibly great but heath ledger really brought out how joker was told in comics and brought out the craziness and deception of the joker
Rick ruins the joke
Ledger's joker actually said "i hated my father" but he never met his father
Postosuchus 700
Postosuchus 700 4 days ago
What about jack nicholson
Dylan Morgan
Dylan Morgan 4 days ago
It isnt really fair to compare the two. They both focus on different aspects of the joker
Theghost15 Tu vieja
Cameron monaghan's joker is the best forever and ever >:3
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 5 days ago
Obviously 2 different time lines, Heath was more entertaining as Joker in his prime, Phoenix was an origin character but he played his role perfectly, if i had to choose it would be Heath but that's just my personal take
Khalidahmad Khansheri
I love jokers
Zax 133
Zax 133 5 days ago
*_Jared Leto is pretty cool_*
Zax 133
Zax 133 5 days ago
Can anyone explain me the story of *Joker* movie
95 ovr jason kidd
And here we go
Sara Sara
Sara Sara 5 days ago
Heath vs Joaquin How win I think heath the best How with me
Sara Sara
Sara Sara 5 days ago
Heath the best
Mark Dwight Tadina
Stop comparing. They are now both Oscar Winners
Deven Garcia
Deven Garcia 5 days ago
Both were SPECTACULAR! My take on it, and I’m speaking more in a critique fashion is that, Phoenix’s version is to get to understand a character who had no backstory to begin with. One who doesn’t even understand himself which is why I think his version is less in comparison to Ledger’s joker. “If I have to have a past, I’d prefer it to be multiple choice” that’s one of my favorite joker lines to this day. And Ledger hit the nail on the head, because it’s not about the jokers past, it’s about what he’s doing at that present moment. From the laugh to the trench coat (which the cartoon joker wore), Ledger has become the epitome of what the joker should be. Not to diminish the fascinating acting Phoenix brought to the table but Ledger was more the accurate joker and this video only gave Phoenix points to try and make things even when it really isn’t. Nicholson was more cartoony than them both no doubt about it, but if real life had a joker it would be more like Ledger than the other two. Sorry if I offended anyone but the point of live action joker is to make him a real life version and Ledger is the immensely overwhelming version of that. “Some men just want to watch the world burn”. Ledger has and will always have the cake on this. Until another joker comes who doesn’t have a back story or have an explanation for things like “WHY SO SERIOUS?” like the original take.
james crane
james crane 5 days ago
I've seen both movies and joker performances and I can honestly say 2019 joker movie was shit and I didn't like the phoenix performance at all, meanwhile the dark Knight was a masterpiece led by heaths joker which is 10x better than phoenix No comparison
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