Best Friends Spill the Tea (LaurDIY & Mia Sayoko) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Best Friends Spill the Tea (LaurDIY & Mia Sayoko) | Truth or Drink | Cut
#Cut #TruthorDrink #Challenge


Published on


Jul 8, 2019




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Comments 2 666
M101 16 hours ago
Lowkey tho I feel like everyone in the asian girl squad had such a clean reputation... but alisha fits more into the “good girl” fit, while Lauren and mia are a lot more wild and party ppl then they previously showed
Izzy Bee
Izzy Bee Day ago
The question at 4:14, I feel like Lauren said “ you think Alex could have gone on the Bachelor
Yodele Ladejobi
I don't understand their friendship but okau ¯\_ʘ‿ʘ_/¯
Loner Lewis
Loner Lewis 5 days ago
So cute ❤️
KAPT33N x 6 days ago
This LaurDIY girl IS ANNOYING AS HELL with her wish add
Gabe K
Gabe K 6 days ago
ishitha rehan
ishitha rehan 7 days ago
1:08 hes so rude like pointing out the subscribers, like he wanted to make then fight or argue
David Silver
David Silver 7 days ago
Chonky , my new word for chubby or bloated
Bxnny 7 days ago
Mia has changed so much wtf my brain hurts
soph.ialiu 8 days ago
we need more youtubers doing this or celebrities!!
ThatGuy -Yaya
ThatGuy -Yaya 8 days ago
Yes please, more youtubers
idk what ever
idk what ever 8 days ago
02:36 Fill the blank with me My favorite genre of porn is ______
iNuTtyNinJa KOA
iNuTtyNinJa KOA 9 days ago
3:23 I’d have sex with her everyday😏
Humberto Rangel
Humberto Rangel 9 days ago
This 2 were boooooring.
Little Sass
Little Sass 10 days ago
Any pretty little laur would know the name that was bleeped out was Alex
Kayleigh Payne
Kayleigh Payne 10 days ago
2 views and 4k likes. HOW
ashley pace
ashley pace 10 days ago
Let us know what your budget is WORK
Sabrina Roppo
Sabrina Roppo 10 days ago
some youtubers are kind of superficial. all about looks and monetary value
Tony Veintimilla
Tony Veintimilla 11 days ago
Cut has gotten so bad at communicating with its participants. Stop antagonizing people for entertainment just let em do their thing...
Savannah S.
Savannah S. 13 days ago
Yall should sell the truth or drink packs seperately too, 35 isnt slot for all 5 decks though, still pretty affordable
Mareike S.
Mareike S. 14 days ago
Okay but they seem like so fun people
Theo Radimo
Theo Radimo 17 days ago
Stop making them fight
Sawyer Moe
Sawyer Moe 17 days ago
i love them together lol
musicmaster52 17 days ago
I always thought LaurDIY was Family Friendly 2:47 i guess this ruined it
Jimi Jimi
Jimi Jimi 18 days ago
Girl with black hair in the "are you ever jealous of me" question.... Her whole expression and posture give away that she is a jealous person. Not only to her friend, but to every other woman she thinks she can't reach. Or I am just crazy and they are both angels
Mark Galbraith
Mark Galbraith 18 days ago
Do u pay each other to be this way?? Id kill myself if i met u too...
It’s Melissa J
It’s Melissa J 18 days ago
Blaine always tryna start
Sinner 20 days ago
Why did they bleep Lauren's bfs name everyone already knows😂
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 20 days ago
Mia is so much cooler msg me girlllll
naomi abu
naomi abu 21 day ago
I loved them when o was younger omg
Cord York
Cord York 23 days ago
Chonkey lol not even close..meanwhile I gained 20 pounds in the last month from beer and the munchies 😒😒😂
Odd Mad
Odd Mad 23 days ago
I just don't understand how Lauren can't cuss but can take shots? Doesn't make sense. Words are worse than substances?
Jazzmyn sb
Jazzmyn sb 23 days ago
“My favorite genre of porn is _____” was the question she couldn’t answer if y’all couldn’t read from that slick angle lmao
J Bart
J Bart 24 days ago
"dont try understand women. Women understand women. And they hate each other."
Morgan Hayes
Morgan Hayes 26 days ago
If anyone was wondering the question that Lauren couldn’t answer said what type of porn do you watch
J•A•Z•Z 26 days ago
Mía looks like the Merrell Twins and hailey pham had a baby like if u agree
Jeanne Vincani
Jeanne Vincani 27 days ago
Eh... i kinda like truth or drink and general cut content being about everyday people, this makes it less refreshing to me for some reason :/
Jason Alvarado
Jason Alvarado 27 days ago
Biiiiitch there's tea here... I will pay for the unedited version of this
Moon Star
Moon Star 28 days ago
For anyone wondering at 2:37 it says my favourite genre of porn is_____
nora 28 days ago
the question she couldn't do what "my favourite genre of porn is __________"
Joshika Wale
Joshika Wale 28 days ago
Why did it end...!???
Bianca LUVVV
Bianca LUVVV 28 days ago
I feel like Mia is a fucking slut.. like big time....
PossibleGaming 28 days ago
Lottie M
Lottie M 29 days ago
Goog Googleman
Goog Googleman Month ago
Something about these two is so insincere
Maria Nunes
Maria Nunes Month ago
Please don’t ruin cut with youtubers
Natica Jai
Natica Jai Month ago
"Mia caught my throw up." A real ass friend.
Crispy Sock
Crispy Sock Month ago
They didn't use those extra layers of makeup for this video, did they?
kimia leilaz
kimia leilaz Month ago
Ok this looks fake
Mariam Jugheli
Mariam Jugheli Month ago
I wonder why Alisha and Mia don’t hang out anymore 🤔
Trollseeder Month ago
Typical girl best friends... "we've been like totally best friends for like 6 months."
Cre3zBro. Steph
Cre3zBro. Steph Month ago
They sub titled it 😂😂 when she whispered
ColourLife Month ago
Alisha: *cries in no best friend*
s g
s g Month ago
they're not gonna last as friends
Raniahaft #mfz
Raniahaft #mfz Month ago
Karen The Mua
Karen The Mua Month ago
Check this out! usvid.net/show-UCXmtVr91u0c6mlYOMwYxyng
love kl
love kl Month ago
Mia has a new boyfriend?????
Faith Mendoza
Faith Mendoza Month ago
wait, disney? wdym bc of disney
Mrs.Indian Monroe
No leave! USvidRS OUT! it's not sincere genuine it's all about the 💵💲to see how many views they can get and subscribe to their channels🙄 keep the average people it's more entertaining.
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