Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jessica Biel and Jimmy Fallon try to guess Justin Timberlake's responses to a series of random questions in a competition to see who really knows him best.
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Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel


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Nov 2, 2018

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Comments 5 526
Ximeña Quetzalli
Ximeña Quetzalli 15 hours ago
Mister Kushida Books
Love your show Jimmy. Please check out my go fund me page @t
Shea Goff
Shea Goff 22 hours ago
Why’s Justin not talking?
Amelia McCarty
Omg I said to myself “pineapple “ and then they held up the signs and I was just telling myself I was. Psychic 😂😂😂
Steph Daigle
Steph Daigle Day ago
Haha that is HILARIOUS! Cuz when he said why is my safe word , I was also thinking Pineapple!! Hahahha
Meghan Cash
Meghan Cash Day ago
Who else expected Jimmy to be wearing dress shoes 😈😝
juanito1723 Day ago
Wtf....I thought pineapple too!!...weird..
lexiconlover 2 days ago
So they all slept with each other?
Warren Gee
Warren Gee 2 days ago
They both know his safe word... That means they all had an orgy.....
Kristel Smith
Kristel Smith 2 days ago
what happened to his voice
Kristel Smith
BELLAjCLAY 2 days ago
Kristel Smith bruised vocal cords
Herman 76ban
Herman 76ban 3 days ago
There's no love at Justin's eyes to his wife, why..?? He's the master of pretending..
Margaux C
Margaux C 3 days ago
Yes. We know Jimmy. You have nice shoes.
vian jazz napoleon
What’s wrong with justin? Why he didn’t talk too much?
TheSponge71 2 days ago
He bruised his Vocal Cord.
Ishan Ablack
Ishan Ablack 4 days ago
Justin Timberlake seems a little superficial here. Just sayin
Aaron Barash
Aaron Barash 4 days ago
Screw off Fallon !!! How stupid did you look when you tried to be like JT and wore running shoes with a suit. That's sooo 2015 bro !!
Aaron Barash
Aaron Barash 4 days ago
OK, look...Fallon is the biggest PHONY ever !!!! He has the lamest fake laugh. Like, get off the floor idiot !! This was all made up btw !! The cards were pre-printed. JT's my fave, so for him to go on TTS is terrible ! Especially with zero voice. A perfect reason to cancel. Terrible "safe word". Mine is HARDER", although I don't suggest it :-)
Ana Acapella
Ana Acapella 4 days ago
So scripted. Ugh.
Portzy 5 days ago
3:15 when you’re awake at 2am and drop a spoon in the kitchen
caz 5 days ago
Why everything is staged?
sfer1 6 days ago
1. These two are bearding for each other. 2. Jessica Biel could easily take Justin Timberflake in a fight.
Rakiyyah Boyd
sfer1 😂😂😂😂
Hailey Pierson
Hailey Pierson 6 days ago
Can he talk
TheSponge71 2 days ago
He bruised his Vocal Cord.
Fancy Queenz
Fancy Queenz 6 days ago
Why isn’t Justin talking?
TheSponge71 2 days ago
He bruised his Vocal Cord.
Jonathan Poon
Jonathan Poon 6 days ago
Justin not talking is more entertaining than Jimmy talking
Jonathan Poon
Jonathan Poon 6 days ago
Kevin Hart wants royalties for that safeword
gt 2300
gt 2300 6 days ago
Wow.. Justin you lucky block she looks amazing ..😍
Lcb312 7 days ago
Jonathan Ferguson
That's Kevin Hart's safe word (well technically, pineapples.) That's how they all chose it, it's a very funny bit.
Ashlynne Renae
Ashlynne Renae 7 days ago
Is it just me or is Justin not talking?
TheSponge71 2 days ago
He bruised his Vocal Cord so he can't speak.
JJ Jade
JJ Jade 7 days ago
So... you both know Justin's safe word... huh??
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma 8 days ago
Jessica Biel can play a dominatrix.
Gabe D.
Gabe D. 8 days ago
Huh.. is it me or Justin looks more and more like Hugh Jackman as he gets older?
TheJPSouza 8 days ago
Triple J = Jessica / Justin / Jimmy
me me
me me 8 days ago
I would never have a " safe word " with that hottie Jessica!
Tea Of The World
Tea Of The World 8 days ago
I read the the question, “What is my safe word?” And thought well mine is pineapple so I’m guess that And I was right I did not think that was going to happen
Naomi Teraye
Naomi Teraye 8 days ago
Why isn’t he talking??
TheSponge71 2 days ago
He bruised his Vocal Cord.
Tabbyfreaksout 8 days ago
Why did I think Pineapple too?
Eftalde İklim
Eftalde İklim 9 days ago
jessica so lovely and natural woman.I love her :)))
sgim43 9 days ago
wtf isn't he talking
TheSponge71 2 days ago
He bruised his Vocal Cord.
La Reina Pakeman
La Reina Pakeman 10 days ago
Jessica is so chic and classy.
Danny Nguyen
Danny Nguyen 10 days ago
Wait isn’t pineapple a safe code for Kevin Hart?
Brooke 26
Brooke 26 10 days ago
I was thinking the number as 69 or 420
Al Marhoon
Al Marhoon 10 days ago
Damn Jessica Biel is ripped, look at her arms.
Adam Albright
Adam Albright 10 days ago
Jessica is so so sexy, and Justin looks like Aaron Paul’s twin. They are a very attractive couple.
Kelvin 10 days ago
Why he can't talk?
jt JT's
jt JT's 11 days ago
Amy Mikaelson
Amy Mikaelson 11 days ago
His little "I love you" to her is so cute! Awwww!
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright 11 days ago
Script says hi.
Tani E
Tani E 11 days ago
Is anyone seeing hugh jackman in the face?! Lol idk
ZZZ XXX000 12 days ago
i cant get over how hot Jessica is. she sholdn't exist. people shouldn't be that beautiful.
Amber Marie
Amber Marie 12 days ago
Pineapple 🍍 is the go to safe word 😩😩 remember Kevin Hart made it up😂😂
Aniinha Flaviinha
Aniinha Flaviinha 12 days ago
why justin wasn't talking?
litusensei 12 days ago
I've just noticed JT looks like a thin Hugh Jackman with light hair xD
BlabbERINg Thoughts
it's called a mexican mule, people!!
Yautja Prime
Yautja Prime 12 days ago
Jessica is such a talented and gorgeous woman. Shame she's with this douchebag.
hyper nona
hyper nona 13 days ago
Knew it was staged the moment Justin picked up the last card
Shasmeen Muhammad
Shasmeen Muhammad 13 days ago
Shut up Justin douche
Alex Gregory
Alex Gregory 13 days ago
why do they still look so young, aren't they like mid 40ies?
pacatack2 13 days ago
Jimmy you’re 50 take off the Jordan’s
Vab1ar1 13 days ago
Jimmy seems too fake at times.
Laogharye Teller
Laogharye Teller 13 days ago
What means safeword??
TheSponge71 2 days ago
A word used as a signal to stop a sexual act, usually if it's too rough.
Baqer Abdullah
Baqer Abdullah 13 days ago
I swear on my life I guessed pineapple too wtf that’s so weird and I didn’t know this before watching the video
Drew G
Drew G 14 days ago
I guessed 4397....
Christina 14 days ago
Or this was rigged & the numbers part was obviously pre planned for drama & show
onejjj 14 days ago
Man... Those arms and shoulders though 😍🤤
Insane Inventor
Insane Inventor 14 days ago
Eminem is the best
Joey Weston
Joey Weston 14 days ago
I was thinking pineapple too
Legalize Ranch
Legalize Ranch 14 days ago
Knew it would be Andre 3000 lol
Rags 14 days ago
Dano Duncan
Dano Duncan 14 days ago
Timberlake is the best goof ever !... :D
Francis K.
Francis K. 14 days ago
wow this is so unscripted i'm dying.
Chadderbox 14 days ago
Jimmy, give me those shoes!!! Great episode
Nely Silva
Nely Silva 14 days ago
Pineapple is Kevin Hart’s safe word lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Salina Jafari
Salina Jafari 14 days ago
holy shit i was thinking of pineapple omg when he asked for his safe word damn
Matt Ferdman
Matt Ferdman 14 days ago
why isnt justin talking
Jimmy's shoes look so fresh and cleannn....
Ahnaf Monyem
Ahnaf Monyem 14 days ago
Are these games fake?
Jake Albritton
Jake Albritton 14 days ago
Why cant Justin talk?
ZipplyZane 14 days ago
One thing I love about older stars who are still young enough to look young is that they often show their shoulders, but in an elegant way. It's surprisingly sexy.
EXCESS NETWORK 14 days ago
Only true 90s babies will get a lil nostalgic When you see Jessica and you think “7eventh Heaven “
D.J HYNES 14 days ago
game genius
game genius 14 days ago
Jessica who? Ain't seen her since seventh heaven
Ayush Pandey
Ayush Pandey 14 days ago
Is them writing on paper sound giving you a cringe too??
Billy Reynolds
Billy Reynolds 14 days ago
Justin and Jimmy have definitely touched tips.
Bernice Marie
Bernice Marie 14 days ago
For pineapple, i feel like it’s one of the top 10 most common safewords used
Savannah Sells
Savannah Sells 15 days ago
I literally said pineapple toooooo😳😂
Bernadeta L
Bernadeta L 15 days ago
Jimmy, Justin and and Jessica - JJJ or The club of J's
Ian Tobia
Ian Tobia 16 days ago
Was the safe word part at least not staged? Wish it be genuine :/
lifeofTobi !!!
lifeofTobi !!! 16 days ago
Why doesn't he talk ??
Tanner Grinzel
Tanner Grinzel 14 days ago
lifeofTobi !!! He bruised his vocal cords
Nancy Anabel
Nancy Anabel 16 days ago
*not pictured* PA crawling behind guests seats to gather quecards that Justin threw.
Michael Weston
Michael Weston 17 days ago
staged much? laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame
Dare Seek
Dare Seek 17 days ago
The Safeword is from a Kevin Hart stand up
Urmomgaylol69 17 days ago
Stg the 1-5000 I was thinking 4287
Brionna Ensor
Brionna Ensor 17 days ago
Why isn’t he speaking
maram 17 days ago
She is so elegant , her jumpsuit stole my heart 💛
Butterfly Simmer
Butterfly Simmer 17 days ago
tsuki l
tsuki l 17 days ago
Jess and Justin are so adorable together
Frog Duck
Frog Duck 17 days ago
Jessica looks like Tarzan.
Aidan John
Aidan John 18 days ago
No lie I was literally thinking pineapple!
MaryLizzieXX 18 days ago
4297.... that’s crazy that’s my birthday 😂
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