Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jessica Biel and Jimmy Fallon try to guess Justin Timberlake's responses to a series of random questions in a competition to see who really knows him best.
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Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel


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Nov 2, 2018

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Comments 6 113
ALEX VILENO 16 hours ago
why isn't justin talking?
Heaven Rivas
Heaven Rivas Day ago
Everyone knows pineapples the safe word. Everyone who watches Kevin hart
Lucas Marquez
jimmy....what the fuck are on your feet....
Sondos Maaly
Sondos Maaly Day ago
OMG when Justin said Ooh Snap that was so funny 😂✌
Vishal Pandey
Vishal Pandey 2 days ago
Is that justin is gay 🤔
Jay Parikh
Jay Parikh 2 days ago
Silas is gone end up being the most beautiful human to ever walk the planet with these genetics.
Umbrella Corporation
She looks like a drag queen with them guns.yuck.🤢🤢🤢🤢
Argentlite lo
Argentlite lo 3 days ago
DAFAQ? Are they bros? Like is it a public brohood? This is so out of place...
Aaqib Rawat
Aaqib Rawat 3 days ago
Justin and andre 3000 need to collab
Satvika Kedia
Satvika Kedia 4 days ago
I think the last ques was planned..😕
sohbetler sohbetler
I love you justiiiin
Jasmina Tokio
Jasmina Tokio 5 days ago
soooo now we know it is all scriptes
Jaesen Evangelista
Whoa. Dem arms.
LisaRogersMusic 5 days ago
PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE TO MY COVERS: usvid.net/u-lisarogersmusic 🙏💖💜
Rosella 71
Rosella 71 6 days ago
Una delle donne più belle del mondo e loro due una coppia meravigliosamente perfetta (almeno in apparenza 😏)
CodGod champ
CodGod champ 6 days ago
He’s not talking because of bruised vocal cords right?
Joseph Fedoronko
Joseph Fedoronko 6 days ago
Why didn’t Justin say anything the whole time?
Alli Smith
Alli Smith 6 days ago
Joseph Fedoronko at the beginning of the whole interview- jimmy explains that Justin was on vocal rest for his tour. So no talking for like 3 days or something
No Life Soccer Fan
Well obviously She sould know
JeylinRocksOut 6 days ago
I thought pineapple too!!! What!?
Onfroi 7 days ago
well this game doesn't seem balanced
revasai 7 days ago
JT is super charming jesus how and why
Curious George
Curious George 8 days ago
Pineapple is a PIZZA reference. They know exactly what it means. It's a sick inside joke
Juliette Kadi
Juliette Kadi 8 days ago
Why isn’t justin Timberlake not talking
Shadows 8 days ago
Negative people again with yelling scripted.. their not so good actors at the "Pineapple safeword" that they could pull reaction off when they all got it.. Was Not scripted .. The Number could easy been a number in a Topic they resent had...
damien Smith
damien Smith 8 days ago
What a nice couple.
GA 1505
GA 1505 8 days ago
Hey you , Yes you You are beautiful ❤️ Have a wonderful day
Nehlin Ahmed
Nehlin Ahmed 8 days ago
I love the part when they say I love you to each other ❤️#couplegoals
Nehlin Ahmed
Nehlin Ahmed 8 days ago
Jessica and Justin make such a cute couple!!!😅🥰❤️💓💖 JJ
Jessica B
Jessica B 9 days ago
revaholic 9 days ago
Any man would always think 69
Lolek Med
Lolek Med 9 days ago
2:42 thooo ahahah cutieeeee
iceygrillz 9 days ago
she is sooooo hot
lilmztearz 9 days ago
I can't believe I guessed the safeword Pineapple too. 😂
Yani H
Yani H 10 days ago
I guessed pinneaple
Kelly Quarles
Kelly Quarles 10 days ago
Love her outfit !!!
sheridan x
sheridan x 10 days ago
I wasn’t listening to any of this because I couldn’t stop staring at Jessica’s bicep
A Love
A Love 10 days ago
Literally crying at jimmy shoes. So unexpected
Virtuous Warrior #YesIAm
For a moment there, I didn't think this was scripted.. #LOL
C Will
C Will 11 days ago
Raquel Ramirez
Raquel Ramirez 11 days ago
ela love_music
ela love_music 11 days ago
I think they talked before the show about the answers
Sheoti Morshed
Sheoti Morshed 11 days ago
even I said pineapple.
Adan Dellrio
Adan Dellrio 11 days ago
Jessica Biel has nice shoulders
shoSho 12 days ago
Jessica? Why the mussels? You look like a man 😕
Reanimatedself 12 days ago
Well Jimmy, you knew what was important. :)
shabnam akhtar
shabnam akhtar 12 days ago
2:17 😂😂
Heather Gorum
Heather Gorum 12 days ago
Karen M
Karen M 12 days ago
Pineapple is a code word for wife swapping parties
DarisFilms DIRECT
DarisFilms DIRECT 12 days ago
This is so staged its not even funny
Logic Trumps Emotion
Jimmy Fallon's games were much funnier when they weren't scripted, or at least not obviously scripted.
Lolitta Brim
Lolitta Brim 12 days ago
that number scene was so scripted
elnino Sutrisno
elnino Sutrisno 13 days ago
i just saw Jimmy wore Air Jordan 3 Bio Beige x JT
davewreslt 13 days ago
Jessica Biel is just beautiful
Abbos S
Abbos S 14 days ago
It's so fake
Nizarahamed  .m
Nizarahamed .m 15 days ago
It was all pre planned,well rehearsed
patty coughlan
patty coughlan 15 days ago
I should change my safeword 😂😂
Jordana Cruz
Jordana Cruz 16 days ago
I hate the sound of that marker on paper.
Michelle Valentine Blue
Dude I was thinking 2300..
Elise Xuereb
Elise Xuereb 16 days ago
4297???? Loooool cmon thats so specific 😂😂
Abby Whitehead
Abby Whitehead 16 days ago
R they married?
FramboisePassion 9 days ago
Yes. And they have a son.
Madelyn Wagner
Madelyn Wagner 16 days ago
2:54 who else could see it in their faces> :3
Mushi Sushi
Mushi Sushi 16 days ago
At first I was like " how does Jessica know sm abt JT" then I remembered Oh Yeahhh ThEy'Re MaRrIeD
Amanda Louis
Amanda Louis 16 days ago
Marianne Pfändler
Marianne Pfändler 16 days ago
Safeword for what?
Gauri Korde
Gauri Korde 17 days ago
Jessica is so pretty ♡♡♡
Lyla Joy Reynolds
Lyla Joy Reynolds 17 days ago
Did Justin lose his voice?
Stock 17 days ago
Jessica biel is hot
Jan Bily
Jan Bily 18 days ago
Ewww.... her body is so masculine, that so disgusting.
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O mglom
O mglom 18 days ago
Its intriguing Justin didn't say a word yet said a lot
Antonio Capelj
Antonio Capelj 18 days ago
Name your child Batmo Biel
Debra Feeney
Debra Feeney 19 days ago
Zombie movie 👍
Random Person
Random Person 19 days ago
Pineapple’s my safeword
Brenda Morales
Brenda Morales 20 days ago
They are perfect together
Junior Man
Junior Man 20 days ago
Why isn’t Justin talking
Stephanie Alarcon
Stephanie Alarcon 18 days ago
Junior Man he was on vocal rest
Evan Stone
Evan Stone 20 days ago
They’re both transgenders, FTM/MTF. Sorry to burst your bubble ladies and gents, don’t let your egos get shattered.
Kathryn.mongeau 20 days ago
I thought of pineapple too omg😂😂
ItzAlex76 20 days ago
Its obvious the last one was fake but was the safe word thing actually real?
Vghtp1234 21 day ago
i love how they both know his safeword 😂
Amanda Daniels
Amanda Daniels 21 day ago
I guessed pineapple too........
Chatter Boxxx
Chatter Boxxx 22 days ago
The sharpie sound is satisfying.
carolyn heuss
carolyn heuss 22 days ago
I wanna see where they rehearsed this
Jan Garstecki
Jan Garstecki 22 days ago
0:31 "Sheck Wes"
It's totally scripted😝
Levi KH
Levi KH 23 days ago
So embarrassing when your heels are so high that you can't even walk in them 🤣🤣🤣
Gypsy soul
Gypsy soul 23 days ago
Cute couple
Tom Byrnes
Tom Byrnes 23 days ago
I gussed pinapple
Dope Kicks Global
Dope Kicks Global 23 days ago
Nice shoes Jimmy
Kento Sento
Kento Sento 23 days ago
JLC Mama
JLC Mama 23 days ago
I'm TRYING MY BEST to move on... but I still can't stomach libs... just can't do it. Still NOT funny.
Clinton A
Clinton A 23 days ago
Nothing like knowing the answers already Mr. Fallon.
Mr Wiseman
Mr Wiseman 24 days ago
The three J's
diksha malhotra
diksha malhotra 24 days ago
This is rigged
T Mox
T Mox 24 days ago
Justin still looks about 17
Tricia Fredrick
Tricia Fredrick 24 days ago
Kymani' Fuller
Kymani' Fuller 24 days ago
Is he death
Evelyn Case
Evelyn Case 24 days ago
.....I guessed pineapple too?
Evelyn Case
Evelyn Case 24 days ago
Anybody getting Zendaya vibes from her outfit?
Sicily Jacobs
Sicily Jacobs 24 days ago
Why wasn’t he talking??
Nicole Webster
Nicole Webster 24 days ago
i also guessed pineapples lol
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