Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel and Jimmy Fallon try to guess Justin Timberlake's responses to a series of random questions in a competition to see who really knows him best.
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Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel


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Nov 2, 2018




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Comments 6 419
Ashraful Alom
Ashraful Alom 15 hours ago
1 of the fun episode...
Andy Herrera
Andy Herrera 3 days ago
Jimmy hella extra when laughing
Amanda Escobar
Amanda Escobar 3 days ago
Yall got pineapple from Kevin hart stop playin 😂 its not wierd its now everyones safeword!
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson 4 days ago
No ones favorite rapper is Mase.
Martin Rodriguez
Martin Rodriguez 4 days ago
I swear I wish I was related to JT not because he’s famous, he just seems like a fun person to b around. Like that fun cousin u hang around with at the family’s get togethers!
Young Reborn Mommys with Abby and Emily
Justin Timberlake is sooo fkn hot, omg♥️👅
Michael Stratton
Michael Stratton 5 days ago
Favorite rapper? No one
G P 7 days ago
I was guessing 4397 DAFAQ
Neeraj Jude
Neeraj Jude 8 days ago
Ryan Remolds, Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal need to play this game
hpgal88 9 days ago
It just shows how charismatic Justin is that even not having his voice this was great and the interview was great.
Addilynn Bri
Addilynn Bri 9 days ago
We know their bromance was real
Taylor Barnard
Taylor Barnard 11 days ago
Has no one seen no strings attached, that's where Justin says his safe word with Mila Kunis...
Dog Parent
Dog Parent 11 days ago
Justin Timberlake: The first man to lol silently!
Rahul Talda
Rahul Talda 11 days ago
She already knew all answer, she started writing before he even showed his paper
Denya Blanco
Denya Blanco 12 days ago
Mase is one of his favorite rappers?! 😒
Luiz Wagner Nogueira Cousseau
Show.k^kkkkkkk. Pineaple. Kkkk
Saloufardos 13 days ago
That's so staged, but it's entertaining.
Sunshine Gacha :3
Sunshine Gacha :3 14 days ago
Just the most adorable in sync loved up couple ever
Angelina Severina
Angelina Severina 17 days ago
Rnrf 5150
Rnrf 5150 18 days ago
Wow. Look at Jessica’s eyes.
Got Q ?
Got Q ? 18 days ago
Hmmpff, so he married a man too? When did the beautiful, young performers sell their souls to mole_ahk?" Dang ... these poor literal "things"
Penelope Dean
Penelope Dean 18 days ago
4297 reasons why Timberlake didn’t get any that night.
Rich Young
Rich Young 22 days ago
Jessica billion!
Lito Ts
Lito Ts 23 days ago
What is your favorite boyband?
Paige Brady
Paige Brady 24 days ago
2:43 “OH...SNAP”
Chad w
Chad w 24 days ago
she is an intimidating female. grrrrr
Ben Friebe
Ben Friebe Month ago
Jimmys fresh Nike’s tho
Micah Pym
Micah Pym Month ago
Tearin up my heart!!!! Hehe
DeAnna Gilbert-Shabazz
I love these 2 so much!!!
Nathan Blant0n
Nathan Blant0n Month ago
Nathan Blant0n
Nathan Blant0n Month ago
I love my kids _4
Nathan Blant0n
Nathan Blant0n Month ago
Chris Lickteig
Chris Lickteig Month ago
Justin is a lucky man. I could say Alot more but I won't😛😍
flowerfunful Month ago
This sexy human being....just gets better every time I see him!
Shannon F-PA
Shannon F-PA Month ago
Tina Davies
Tina Davies Month ago
Holy shit her arms and upper body are intimidating😬
YED Month ago
ADHD gang
Gretus A.
Gretus A. Month ago
Why did I get pineapple but haven‘t watched this video before 😳
Jonathan Van Maanen
What's even weirder is I was eating pineapple when I was watching this
Meg Addams
Meg Addams Month ago
Why does Justin sometimes look like Hugh Jackman when he laughs :O
Dubaii Month ago
Whats up with jimmys shoes
Kaila Lee
Kaila Lee Month ago
Why does jimmy sound like remy😂😂😂😂
rui xia
rui xia Month ago
What does safeword mean?Why they are laghing so hard?
JrunoBanani Month ago
rui xia a safeword is what you use during sex, when you feel uncomfortable with something u say the safeword so ur partner stops
jack perham
jack perham Month ago
was anyone else also thinking pineapple as well before they said it? lol
Stephen W. Slaughter
Beautiful couple 😊
Charles Lewing
Charles Lewing Month ago
Yeah........................she must workout
Martynn Month ago
What happend to his voice in this video?
mR. wigleegiggle5
I must’ve watched this before but don’t remember cuz I legit thought 4297. Just kinda though 4999, minus 2, minus 700, seems reasonable. Sub conscious thing ig.
Putri Nurianto
Putri Nurianto Month ago
Omg I really love to watch this, but the sounds of the marker
animals don't lie
They have defined love. That's nice
Steven Huckabay
Steven Huckabay Month ago
Im still jealous of justin. But glad they are doing good. I guess..... lol
Peter Riis
Peter Riis Month ago
What ridiculous shoes on the dumbass behind the desk.
james friel
james friel Month ago
pretty sure Justin doesn't have a safeword with Jessica, he lets her do anything.
George Bokias
George Bokias Month ago
Anyone knows what’s the outro song?
Carlos Droz
Carlos Droz Month ago
i really like Jimmys shoes
heyjude2109 Month ago
Husband and wife: is it a way to get a married couple divorced ?
BergarbeiterJoe Month ago
I feel uncomfortable knowing his safe word, before I saw the answer😂
Aswin M.S
Aswin M.S Month ago
what is actually a safeword
Jame Thong
Jame Thong Month ago
If Jessica Biel co-star with Charlie Cox on the show "Daredevil" and plays the Natasha Romanoff version of Black Widow, then all the Marvel television shows that were on Netflix were never part of the MCU.
Sergio Moralez
Sergio Moralez Month ago
Is that white boy def or what 😂
Gia Month ago
My safeword is pineapple is such a funny fucking video
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