Best CES 2019 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets

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CES 2019 was amazing! I walked through miles of new tech to put together this ultimate CES smart home round up for you.
I'll show you the very best smart home gadgets at CES. I have some updates from big brands like SmartThings, Ring, and Arlo, in addition to tech from up-and-coming start ups.
NOTE: The hanging light at 10:33 is Yeelight's Crystal Pendant Lamp, which should be available May 2019. I forgot to put the title on the video.
LINKS (affiliate)
GRYPHON: amzn.to/2M60LFx
15% off GRYPHON coupon code: 15CES2019
Arlo Ultra: click.linksynergy.com/link?id=MYGp62qrRYQ&offerid=570502.13685533576&type=2&murl=https%3A%2F%2Fapi.bestbuy.com%2Fclick%2F-%2F6311881%2Fpdp
Ring Door View Cam: amzn.to/2M7NSL7
Schlage Encode: amzn.to/2M9WrVF
Nanoleaf Canvas: amzn.to/2RHCaw1
Sphero Specdrums: www.sphero.com/specdrums
See the list of everything I use in my smart home and other favorites:
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Writer/Editor/Director: Reed Kleinman
Producer: Alysa Kleinman
Song titled Terminant by Nihilore and used under Creative Commons. Check out his website here: www.nihilore.com/
Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver paid for their own CES trip. All of their coverage and opinions are their own.

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Jan 14, 2019

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Comments 520
Joey Garcia
Joey Garcia 6 days ago
Bunch of useless crap and doorbells that not only look at your face it takes pics of your package smh 😂
Andre Brown
Andre Brown 6 days ago
Why buy 8k TV's when the cable Companies haven't caught up with 4k? Is there any 8K software?
Mark Evans
Mark Evans 6 days ago
Hopefully because cord cutters have freed hardware providers from letting the cable companies wag the dog.
peter dhillon
peter dhillon 12 days ago
Check out the hack smith channel he's a mechanical engineer who makes real life tech from comic books movies and video games
Max Pirker
Max Pirker 10 days ago
iamen73 19 days ago
Jayson Bernardo
Jayson Bernardo 22 days ago
Let's help each other so we can grow, 1 subscribed=2 subscriber Thank you so much. Trust me I am fast!
Zuzu Pali
Zuzu Pali 26 days ago
We're can I find the rgb to link new light strip?
Aryan S
Aryan S 27 days ago
New banana launched at CES 2019 now comes with Wifi!
Clorox Blеach
Clorox Blеach 14 days ago
@Aryan S Glad :)
Aryan S
Aryan S 14 days ago
@Clorox Blеach stut up, you destroyed my suede shoes last week
Clorox Blеach
Clorox Blеach 14 days ago
lol u said the same thing 5 months ago
RAZED DRAGON 29 days ago
Watchdogs is happening in real life 😆😱 Deadsec lmao
James L
James L Month ago
what brand is that kitchen light strip? I cant find this product when Googling Yeelight.
James L
James L Month ago
nvm. I just saw the write up in your Comments section about the yeelight crystal pendant lamp. Thank you for an awesome video. No smart stoves for 2019? Our traditional KitchenAid gas stove is on the way out. I would consider a smart stove option if one ticks enough boxes for me.
Hirai Momo is bae
Ignacio Cuñado
Ignacio Cuñado Month ago
anybody knows if there has been any updates for the tp-link light strips or when are they coming out?
Rolf Of Bread
Rolf Of Bread 25 days ago
Good question I want them too
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Month ago
Note :🔴👉WARNING anything with wifi & camera's will be hacked The Robot floor sweeper RIGHT😲🤷‍♀️ with camera! haa robbers hack it to see who's inside ? and when all quite go inside clean out all your New items 💲🤷‍♀️🥵 Next to prove this is true some nerds did a hack into OFFICE via wifi printer then once in that got into the system security & opened all the locks & walked in free TEST DONE & CONFIRMED IF A BUNCH kids can hack your tooster that can surely hack your cars house & security ok you just dont when or how yet ! 🥵🤷‍♂️👉😲🤷‍♀️👮‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🏥💲 OR you need a sound box that goes WOOF WOOF LOUD When it hears a noise out side knock knock WOOF WOOF LIKE BIG ROTTWEILER BARK DEEP & SCAREY :)
Bj Harris
Bj Harris Month ago
Yep that doorbell with the jetsons sound was epic. That literally sold me. I must have it. Take my money!
Roger Williams
Roger Williams Month ago
If u have all those cameras in ur house. you played yourself
sdfbtnsfgd Month ago
lights, doorbells, and tvs. surprise. boring.
Mike Mellock
Mike Mellock Month ago
Congratulations on the views!
Brighty McBrightface
I'm interested in anything that DOESN'T need the Internet -- these insidious products that insist upon stealing your phone location and the device location and your router and ISP location ... all so you can ... turn off a light switch .... and if the Internet goes out, the switch doesn't work till it can take all the data it steals and relay out to the vendor servers ...
Brighty McBrightface
these glimpses into the "future" reappear at every consumer electronics show around the world -- some are ten years old and still "real soon now" ...
Don Mega
Don Mega Month ago
8K? When you cannot even tell the difference between 4K and 1080p on a 55" from 3 meters away, which is the typical viewing distance.
Jeff Starke
Jeff Starke Month ago
So, if the roomba has a camera it won't spread the dog shit around the house? ...I think we have a bigger problem with the dog shitting in the house here, and not that the roomba can't see it lol.
Kariumu Kalium
Kariumu Kalium Month ago
Si pongo un timbre de esos en mi barrio, desaparece.
JD Fetterly
JD Fetterly Month ago
Thanks for taking us through so many products, great content!
JimPott2 Month ago
C'mon tp link LED strips! Just waiting for the release.
Clorox Blеach
Clorox Blеach 14 days ago
same they prolly gonna cost a kidney tho
Manav lal
Manav lal Month ago
Hey.....dude where do I find this... TP LINK light strip.... please provide me some info
DKclark329 Month ago
Manav lal it's not yet released ...dude.
Andrew R
Andrew R Month ago
smart doorbells are dumb, someone will just smash your expensive doorbell thinking it will lose the footage
Schaun Van Zyl
Schaun Van Zyl Month ago
Wow this is absolutely amazing! 😱 imagine the worlds technology in 10 years time ...
Jake Harris
Jake Harris Month ago
addressable LED strips have been around for a long time now
rebecca dahm
rebecca dahm Month ago
So lame.
Graysen Blackwell
10 meters is 39 ft not 32
DKclark329 Month ago
Graysen Blackwell haha.... No. 10 meters is 32.8 feet.
spektral 2 months ago
What's the cheapest thing here... I'm not broke you're broke
Adam Kaminski
Adam Kaminski 2 months ago
my deebot just left shit tread marks all over my basement carpet... had to order a shampooer carpet cleaner for 100 bucks :(
Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf. G
Blue engram in the beginning
Red Agent
Red Agent 2 months ago
Another great video, mate. QUESTION: What is the model # of the TP-Link light strip, please? Thanks!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 2 months ago
Thanks! I don't know the model number but they should be coming out soon so I hope to get more info and test them out soon!
RocketRaven101 2 months ago
uhm pixel led strips has been around for a while now?
William Leonard
William Leonard 2 months ago
The more cameras=More Remote Surveillance
CyPnicolas 2 months ago
New Trend In 2019: www.mainstreet-unique-items.com/
Zhou JIANG 2 months ago
No Xiaomi? LoL
Paul Szilard
Paul Szilard 2 months ago
WiFi doorbells? Easily blocked with a jammer, and invite vandalism and theft. To my mind, unless these are built IN to the door and wired, they are a waste of time. Just my 2 cents' worth...
Aamey Playz
Aamey Playz 3 months ago
I want the specdrums and the wall
Emir hp
Emir hp 3 months ago
touch wood...hehe....touch and wood get it 0W0....no? ok i'll see myself out
Tritun 3 months ago
‘Doorbells 2019’ it should be called
The Legend 27
The Legend 27 3 months ago
When will those TP link light strips be out?
The Legend 27
The Legend 27 3 months ago
Smart Home Solver ok thanks! They look amazing can’t wait
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 3 months ago
They told me the end of June when I spoke with them at CES. I haven't heard any updates yet.
M A 3 months ago
Unimaginative and way overpriced for the most part.
1Tap Faker
1Tap Faker 3 months ago
Adam Harrison
Adam Harrison 3 months ago
We can't see in 8k. Lol
Carlos Morgan
Carlos Morgan 3 months ago
All RING CAMERAS gonna charge you a monthly fee for storage your own video camera, if you see have to pay is not fair, just you can see video alert in real time but if happens and you not attendant in the moment, no video alert gonna save for see later ( if not pay to cloud ring storage video 100.00+ at year ). That I same they wanna make money from you ( you pay electricity, Internet, maintenance, and more ) that is insane. Not buy that kind of camera make sure before buy THANKS..
George Davis
George Davis Month ago
20pounds cash security camers
Steven Cravis
Steven Cravis 3 months ago
This is a great video, *Smart Home Solver* !
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 3 months ago
@Steven Cravis thanks!
CS Cheong
CS Cheong 3 months ago
I have been using Xiaomi smart home devices and most of it make more sense then whatever CES is offering. Really people don't need Apple alike pricing for smart home devices to encourage usage.
James Stroud
James Stroud 3 months ago
Good job. Thanks
Rich Fongheiser
Rich Fongheiser 3 months ago
Wow. Love the Kohler stuff. Are their new lighted sinks, etc. available??
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