Ben Askren Says Conor McGregor Won't Fight Him, Because His Style 'Steals Your Manhood'

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Backstage at UFC 230, Ben Askren discusses his pending deal with the UFC, who he believes he'll fight first, why Conor McGregor won't fight him, if Dana White still has him blocked and more.
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Nov 4, 2018

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Comments 1 858
Bill The Bull Gates
I don't get why so many people doesn't like this guy.. He does the whole McGregor thing better than McGregor EVER did it. The difference is Ben Askren put a smile on EVERYONES faces, even Marty From Nebraska at the press conference that is something i have seen very rarely or maybe never before. Robbie couldn't even keep a straight face, if Ben Askren wasn't a fighter he def should be a comedian.
Isabel Zellmann-Rohrer
This is a 13:20 *masterclass* in self-promotion.
SCAW FACE 2 days ago
this guy needs to play superman...can you imagine him as clark kent in a buttton up, tie and glasses lookin like your everyday ordinary joe?...only for him to supe out and handle business!
stephen leger
stephen leger 3 days ago
I’m a big fan of this guys attitude, refreshing
maxpaine 0827
maxpaine 0827 4 days ago
Khabib killed cmg with wrestling. Imagine what this guy will do to him.
Fun On Vancouver Island
Steals your manhood cause its like getting beat by a girl.. By FAR the most boring fighter ever in the existence on fighting..
TheBestMusicOnly 4 days ago
Connor wont fight Ben cuz Ben is a low ranked beginner in the UFC and doesn't deserve a shot a Connor yet. Sorry Ben. No cutsies in line bruh.
Vick Vinegar
Vick Vinegar 5 days ago
He needs to learn how to talk properly.
lukas Van Der Westhuizen
LIsten Benny Bookworm. You really talk alot for a guy that has not had one fight in the UFC, First get pas Robbie Lawler, Like Usman said dont look past that man, you getting caught up in all the politicos, shut your Fokken mouth kid and first proof that you belong, because I think Robbie gonna beat your ass.
Jeff Trinkle
Jeff Trinkle 5 days ago
im embarrassed that this douche is from Wisconsin
Indra Jaya
Indra Jaya 6 days ago
I hope robbie destroy him
phillies fan34
phillies fan34 6 days ago
I have to say I now like Ben a lot. Hes a good dude and he can bang. I just hope he has a successful career in the ufc and dies become champ. I'd gate to see him lose his first fight in the octagon
Lawrence Blakely
Lawrence Blakely 6 days ago
U r a real dude.....glad to see and hear u
Miles Brock
Miles Brock 6 days ago
He is so nice and still savage, I like that man, really entertaining
Mr. Fadzil
Mr. Fadzil 7 days ago
He probably gettin ko on his debut for ufc
Andras E
Andras E 7 days ago
VOIP Portland
VOIP Portland 7 days ago
He was brought in to remove Khabib but that strategy will fail.
Spencer Schradder
ben is gonna kill rob
Kyle Hughley
Kyle Hughley 7 days ago
I don't understand why people hate Ben so much. Yeah his style isn't crowd-pleasing or fan friendly, but he dominates people with it. He seems like an educated, well-spoken guy. I'm glad he's finally in the UFC, because now we'll finally get to see how he does against the top 10 in the UFC.
Mark Reed
Mark Reed 8 days ago
TBF I dont want to see that fight, Ben would win, but a boring fight, soon as it goes to ground thats it 90% of the time, not thrilling. I rather see 2 fighters with styles that match, great to see 2 stand up fighters, if its going to ground, at least someone who has some ground work to fall back on.
Fred Robinson
Fred Robinson 8 days ago
I like Askren. I hope he does well in UFC
jaspreet gill
jaspreet gill 8 days ago
Ben Askren looks like an older version of Kyle Broflovski's cousin kyle from south park
soybean70 9 days ago
McGregor would be mauled in that fight
david connor
david connor 9 days ago
This guy hasn’t even fought in the ufc and he wants to fight smaller guys instead of the 170 champion in his own weight class and uses the excuse he is my man friend. Truth is Woodley would destroy him. Not interested in watching his boring style.
Jay Privacy
Jay Privacy 9 days ago
I never knew I needed this much Ben Askren in my life. But, I love every interview.
Alexander Park
Alexander Park 9 days ago
Dumdums?? Send Location.
Col Sinclair
Col Sinclair 10 days ago
Chicken and chips.
RL M 10 days ago
Conor Mcgregor fans are soiling their pants watching this!
John Pappan
John Pappan 10 days ago
So modest.
Howard Hogenbirk
Howard Hogenbirk 10 days ago
Disney Hercules head
Wesley Tucker
Wesley Tucker 10 days ago
I like Ben, but either one of the Diaz brothers would smoke him. Literally and metaphorically😂
evan browne
evan browne 10 days ago
This guy exudes confidence and is a good talker. He needs to win, UFC needs him to win. Normal sized fore-head and out of the company fighting experience.
The Emo Emu
The Emo Emu 10 days ago
He's not wrong. Another reason is the weight difference. One thing is fighting a guy like Askren. Another is to fight him while also giving up weight to him. That's career suicide.
Almir Menkovic
Almir Menkovic 11 days ago
Oh going straight in for the money .. Smart
stick jr.
stick jr. 11 days ago
On Wisconsin!!! Represent Ben, your a beast..
Richard Hurts
Richard Hurts 11 days ago
C'mon Ben i like you but, REALLY ? Thought you said you didn't come here for money fight.....McGregor is out of your weight class....he has trouble making 168 lbs you walk around 200 lbs or more. Get back to reality
Nick P
Nick P 12 days ago
GamePlayUK 12 days ago
Tim Bryant
Tim Bryant 12 days ago
Very good performance Ben, cant wait to see you vs Lawler.
Pizzazz 12 days ago
What’s not to love about this guy?
Gorilla G
Gorilla G 12 days ago
i just pray i get to see ben askren ride khabib while chanting use usa usa! ill be so much more complete
Brendan Marron
Brendan Marron 13 days ago
I'm thinking he won't fight you because you weigh 15 -20 lbs more than he does. There are weight classes for a reason...but you should know that.
jamesnm21 9 days ago
He's talked about fighting Anderson Silva so i don't think he's too concerned about size.
Brandon H
Brandon H 13 days ago
Bro that picture of DC is staring into my soul and my dinner plate
Back to Orthodoxy
Back to Orthodoxy 13 days ago
He got a new fan in me.
Chima Nnadi
Chima Nnadi 13 days ago
I like this guy
Dsteiner7716 14 days ago
This guy is going to be so popular from talking until he enacts his boring style of MMA fighting. “Hold the opponent down, wait for them to get tired, then beat them down”
Karim Smith
Karim Smith 14 days ago
Yo. I like this guy. I've heard his name, I've seen the highlights. Let's see what he got.
nicodabastard 15 days ago
McGregor vs Askren would literally be a repeat of McGregor vs nurgamenov ffs .
Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy 15 days ago
Only bad thing about this guy is why the hell did it take Dana until he is 34 to sign him could of been a great shame, glad he is here now at least
Neww Cityy
Neww Cityy 15 days ago
No one wants to fight Ben bc he hasn't proven anything. Why would anyone in the top 10 fight this dude?
Toni Popović
Toni Popović 16 days ago
Ben "PS2 graphics" Askren
St Ri
St Ri 16 days ago
Ben is pretty funky sweet
jcsmooth70 17 days ago
Ben brings such great energy to the UFC! Not the biggest fan of his fighting style but he's an extremely difficult opponent to take out. I'm def looking forward to the match-ups.
chris lewis
chris lewis 18 days ago
Everyone calls out conor ben get in line bro you haven't done anything to deserve a shot against conor
alex hancock
alex hancock 18 days ago
The slowest hands you will ever see.
Andrew Villanueva
Andrew Villanueva 19 days ago
Conor McGregor is done as a fighter. Everyone knows he gassed. Ben askren and khibab will destroy Conor McGregor. Khibab should fight Tony Ferguson. If he wins Khabib should fight Ben askren. Conor McGregor is done as a fighter.
Beakko 380
Beakko 380 19 days ago
This guy is gold. Very entertaining on the mic while also being undefeated!
Alex Im
Alex Im 20 days ago
This guy is my hero.
Abu Dharr
Abu Dharr 20 days ago
Trash talking and backbiting is this the essence of mma.
David Kudela
David Kudela 22 days ago
Conor won't fight another wrestler unless 50 mil
Christian Vance
Christian Vance 23 days ago
If khabib thinks he can beat askren easily then let’s see it! Askren vs khabib 165 easily the biggest fight since mcgregor vs khabib
Matt Greene
Matt Greene 23 days ago
I love how genuine this guy is. Cool dude. Hope he beats that ass.
PJBear89 25 days ago
Till is not ready for a wrestler like Askren. Don't blame him for not being willing to get into a no win fight
Vinny Rossi
Vinny Rossi Month ago
Saw him wrestle in College his mental state is razor sharp
Real Bulldogs
Real Bulldogs Month ago
Darren till will get murdered in the middleweight division
Nick Hal
Nick Hal Month ago
I like Ben, he's really funny! He also beats Khabib. Listened to him on Joe Rogan.
Richard Bradshaw
Ben Askren is going to kick the funk out of the entire welterweight division. Aside from his best friend Tyron. Huge fan of Bens from his college days forward into mma. The sude is a beast. Khabib wouldnt stand a chance nor would GSP
PMcCul2477 Month ago
LMAO according to Ben's wikipedia page: He(Ben Askren) is also competitive in the sport of disc golf. In 2009, Askren finished 9th in the Amateur World Championships. I don't know why, but this is hilarious to me.
Makaveli the legend
the one person he isn't mentioning is Kamaru usman. Kamaru would give ben a hard time.
rlachermeier Month ago
Where do you get one of those shirts?
rlachermeier Month ago
Love this guy's personality
richard alley
richard alley Month ago
This guy is a class act!
Chris R
Chris R Month ago
Bens chin can be used by swat to break down doors
deejaydfc Month ago
Dana's only going to unblock your Twitter once you win. 😂😂😂
G Dubbya
G Dubbya Month ago
I really have a new favorite fighter!
G Dubbya
G Dubbya Month ago
I like this guy!
rizwan shaikh
rizwan shaikh Month ago
Tony is type of guy will maul this Greek statue upside down and pee on that thing with glass on.
Mark Delacoe
Mark Delacoe Month ago
He should fight conor
Rukh Month ago
And Conor McGregor wont fight me either, I'd love to get that million dollar fight but he's scared of me!!!
christian sealand
Ben rules. Beware y'all.
Eric Skipper
Eric Skipper Month ago
Ben "Ayand" Askren
Sherri Waymire
Sherri Waymire Month ago
I too, have wAtched Ben Askren for yeArs & he is as real as it gets! He is an outstanding fighter & makes it look so easy!😊👍 I can't wait to see him fight, Lawler, Connor & Kabib!!! But, I'm guessing that they will all back down... they know that Ben will kick their asses & of course he'll do it, easily & w/style!👍 you got this Ben...😊
Jimmy world
Jimmy world 2 months ago
Swow down talkin ben. Wearn your ewwwls wlisten...
kyle wiley
kyle wiley 2 months ago
test that mans piss for thc
Kevin TH
Kevin TH 2 months ago
This guy is askren for it. He's got a head like a drive In movie theatre.
Владимир Сергеевич
Self promoter, funny Ben
Leo Perez
Leo Perez 2 months ago
Godamn! That cauliflower ear is gnarly. A clear sign that someone will twist you like a pretzel.
Erick Illg
Erick Illg 2 months ago
I like the fact that Ben is real. From what I’ve seen he doesn’t throw a bunch of fake crap out there he’s a good guy that wants to make it to the top nothing wrong with that.I wish him the best and I hope he makes it
Blade Master95
Blade Master95 2 months ago
This guy is hilarious!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂 impossible not to like him
Tyler Campbell
Tyler Campbell 2 months ago
Charisma 100
Dwayne Tempest
Dwayne Tempest 2 months ago
Yo ,funky ben ,fight the Diaz brothers .flip a coin who gets first round then alter nate.in the Nick of time !go six rounds to give them a half a chance..I will get a ring and promote to see it happen !my ideal we split the bag of chips .
PereL work 2 live 2 love 2 golf
I like this geeza .. everything he said is true .. except the Conor statement - Conor don’t care about being embarrassed ! And he loves a challenge ... khabib v askren will happen ..#ufc would love to throw khabib to the wolf 🐺 and hope he destroys him and sends him back to kazhikadtan or whatever ... lol
dragon chaser
dragon chaser 2 months ago
The last bit is so damn funny. 😁 funky in this hoe.
Xopher Lee
Xopher Lee 2 months ago
I hate this guy..... Watch how he got his ass beat till he eye poked like Jones.
Dalie Quiros
Dalie Quiros 2 months ago
He sounds just like Chael Sonnen... I wonder if he talks trash as good as Sonnen.
J R 2 months ago
Connor wants nothing to do with u he doesn’t want to be laying on his back again
J R 2 months ago
Oh no Colby he is busy making himself a toupee
John Wick
John Wick 2 months ago
this guy got michael jackson dream nose
Joe Mako
Joe Mako 2 months ago
Coming to kick ass.I love it.Make Colby your first victim.
Trigger _
Trigger _ 2 months ago
He's Greek name is assopopolous
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