Ben Askren Says Conor McGregor Won't Fight Him, Because His Style 'Steals Your Manhood'

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Backstage at UFC 230, Ben Askren discusses his pending deal with the UFC, who he believes he'll fight first, why Conor McGregor won't fight him, if Dana White still has him blocked and more.
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Comments 100
EddieeSmokes 4 days ago
You lost in wresting match thou
Olaf Olaf
Olaf Olaf 4 days ago
Hes bigger than ufc like conor. I hope he does well.
Jarvis McDoogle
Jarvis McDoogle 6 days ago
I love Ben but I still don’t think anyone can beat khabib
Bryan M
Bryan M 25 days ago
Ben just explained why he is devastating for UFC. HE CAN EMASCULATE THE ENTIRE UFC LIST OF BRAWLERS. One man doesn't make money for Dana like a 1000 brawlers can.
Dane Lobe
Dane Lobe 28 days ago
hes so likable and truthful, bens the best thing to happen to the ufc for a long time.....
Ordinary Nocturne
I dont know why the UFC didnt want me a few years ago......... . . Probably your mouth Maybe
Jerry Ruiz
Jerry Ruiz Month ago
The hair style on his shirt is like the hat khabib wears...I think he's the real khabib
Sabung Sabah
Sabung Sabah Month ago
Lol askren only good at ground.. but his stand up its sucks. . Conor will knock u out in 1round lol
Саша Василич
Аскрен Великий боец.
Игорь Печенюшкин
ни хера не понятно,но очень интересно
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy Month ago
Hope he isn't too old. Otherwise he would beat everyone in his prime.
Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro Month ago
love this guy man! Too good and smart for the stupid guys that are usually in the UFC
Atom Ariola
Atom Ariola Month ago
Askren v Khabib. It needs to happen. The two best in the world pound for pound. And possibly the two best ever pound for pound. No disrespect to BJ Penn and Fedor.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Month ago
This bro cannot be corrupted💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Month ago
Ben is a smart dude no doubt😁😁😁😁This guy is a breath of fresh clean air. He cleans up MMA and sets a better example for other fighters. He is really an all American dude🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
MrBrettrx7 Month ago
This is exactly what the UFC needs if it wants to be respected
Pumpkingilmour 2 months ago
I wish the press asking questions would speak more clearly, stop mumbling , I can barely make out what you say if I rewatch it . Come on...
my videoss
my videoss 2 months ago
asker is da men no one one beef with him in his division as of now lol
B G 2 months ago
I wanna see Ben Askren as UFC president ..
David Kitching
David Kitching 2 months ago
Askrens like the dude of the ufc, #Biglebowski
Charles Woodson
Charles Woodson 2 months ago
I think Dana didn't want Ben to join the UFC back in 2013 because Connor was a huge star and he didn't want Ben's style to beat him. Connor was Dana's cash cow! Now he has Khabib who is similar to Ben and Connor doing other things outside the UFC. Now it's a great time to bring in Ben! Ben will dominate, mark my words...If you can take 15 of Robbie L best shots and immediately get up and take him down and choke him out! Imagine if they do it again? Ben will end the fight in 1st round....I've watched a lot of Ben's college wresting, grappling, and other MMA organizations and he man handles guys that look way bigger (amazing)...Colby, Usman, Tyrone all know it!
cunny funt
cunny funt 2 months ago
Cupid has let himself go.
Big Drew
Big Drew 2 months ago
I would rock this dude
GameScape 2 months ago
You would be out like a light, but okay.
madometal 2 months ago
Ben askeren has a new fan
Peter Recore Jr
Peter Recore Jr 2 months ago
Wipe them all out Ben ... Like you said its all up to you ... Crush them all brother ... Peter
bigarj2 2 months ago
Ben Askren is intriguing on and off camera.
Bullet Park
Bullet Park 2 months ago
I bet $1000 that the UFC will ask Ben to fight Tyron.
DJ W 2 months ago
I don't know if Ben is arrogant or just hillariously self confident...but I like him.
ZGERMAN 2 months ago
I'm here to Fight
Zhenrong Guo
Zhenrong Guo 2 months ago
How to not like this guy? Man, I chuckled quite a number of times watching this clip.
Black Pill
Black Pill 2 months ago
colby's funnier than him though
Ovidio Cocan
Ovidio Cocan 2 months ago
"I think i am khabib a little bigger a little better a little funkier" :))))
Shaun Mcphail
Shaun Mcphail 2 months ago
Where can I grab those t shirts lol
LFC YNWA 2 months ago
ben askren seems to be saying a lot lately only 2 mins in the ufc very nearly got the bollox beaten out of him pulled off one move and got a early stoppage from it and now thinks mc gregor wont fight him......maybe dana has it right about this dude he is starting to be very obnoxious to listen to ,i dunno maybe thats the way they do it in Olympia back in the day when they wrestled naked ,another mans slong rubbing off your eyes urhhhh no thanks...askren would prob enjoy that by the look of it
Mike Dennis
Mike Dennis 2 months ago
LFC YNWA you do know this video was months ago.
Walter Villar
Walter Villar 2 months ago
this kid. is THE BEST..
Andre Michael
Andre Michael 2 months ago
His worst nightmare in the UFC...Yoel Romero
Mitchell Gressett
Mitchell Gressett 2 months ago
The way he enunciates his l's makes me mad for no reason
the truth
the truth 2 months ago
He's very likable. Robbie was out
johnny mays
johnny mays 2 months ago
Maybe Nate Diaz it won't be McGregor and Dana's not going to ever give Nick Diaz a break...
NextGenX 2 months ago
Niw i know why khabib wears that wig. To be like funkie ben.
newfiesnowball nl
newfiesnowball nl 2 months ago
George,would smash you pretty easy.think he forgets its fighting not wrestling.you can't fight but you got good wrestling.robbie handed you your ass tell that stupid ref stopped it.i was 3 thousand miles away and could tell that was a garbage stoppage.
hayden spence
hayden spence 2 months ago
Imagine if dana had to ask khabib to come back and fight ben that would be funny but also a great match between to good guys
Rocco 2 months ago
I hate Colby but I definitely hope he kicks this MoFo's ass!!!
Anfrna !
Anfrna ! 2 months ago
I like Ben but Khabib would smash this man!
Tee 2 months ago
Angel Najera I like Khabib but Ben would do the same think to khabib as khabib does to everyone else. Dominate him in ground control.
Wayne Colburn
Wayne Colburn 2 months ago
Kabib would beat him because his striking is much better. And there wrestling is close.
Intellect, reason&Logic Use your brain
Ben Askren looks like he always wears a mouth guard.
DR SAIDY 2 months ago
Benjamin the honest guy Askren...
ig2d 2 months ago
Reminds me a bit of Paul Newman for some reason..
George Karson
George Karson 2 months ago
usvid.net/video/video-JwhKwOSoun0.html chael and ben
Lakeva 2 months ago
I want to see him fight Kabil Nurmogedvodev
Triple070007 2 months ago
Lol you tried.. one of the better attempts I've seen!
Otter Bot
Otter Bot 2 months ago
The last minute of this was gold
Blackk Slacks Garage
funky! love it!
Blackk Slacks Garage
great personality.....
JoeBob Jenkins
JoeBob Jenkins 2 months ago
We dont need more weight classes we need less classes, more tournaments.
Danny M
Danny M 2 months ago
Why do I have this primal urge to punch Ben in the face
Marcos Andrade
Marcos Andrade 2 months ago
Because he's just another PC white boy who is afraid to show people what he really is... let that inner heel out lol.
enkibumbu 2 months ago
What he may not know, but it's true: he as appx. double the sheer life energy of your average male his age. He is literally overflowing with Qi.
Kumquat Perk
Kumquat Perk 2 months ago
enkibumbu they say telling the truth makes you physically stronger
Howabouthetruth 2 months ago
See my other comment too. Best damn press conference I've ever seen pertaining to any UFC fighter, and at the time this was posted, the dude ain't been with the UFC for what, a week?
Howabouthetruth 2 months ago
This dude is SMART. He made the most sense about weight divisions I've ever heard in the history of the UFC. And he's RIGHT. Creating 165 and 175 divisions WOULD enable guys just above or below either, to come up or come down just a little in weight to create fights between the best, that otherwise would never likely happen. It's this kind of great ideas & outspoken opinions that obviously intimidates the piss out of Dana White. Askren also has the coolest head of the entire UFC......and NO, I'm NOT talking about his damned hair.
akabuca96 2 months ago
ben askrens the lil dicky of the UFC
LivingEveryday 2 months ago
Of course he’s on cloud 9, he debuted in the cage (aka “made it”) and on top of that the ref (whether you agree or not) declared him the winner. Oh and not to mention a $350,000 pay check. Probably the most he’s ever made in his life.
Travis Crawford
Travis Crawford 2 months ago
Ben isn't anywhere near ready to fight Conor. I would like to see ben fight that douchebag khabib. See if khabib can leg hump Ben. lmao
gameplayer1980 2 months ago
Even if he doesn't do well, he has a career as an analyst. The guy is way too good on the mic.
burning the candle at both ends
Even? He is undefeated and he already fought some tough guys compared to some undefeated ufc guys lmao
LaShwando Jackson
LaShwando Jackson 2 months ago
he looks like an ancient peruvian sculpture...
joshua batts
joshua batts 2 months ago
Man I love this guy
joshua batts
joshua batts 2 months ago
He went in on every 170 except Tyrone and it shows his true loyalty
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 2 months ago
I like this guy can’t wait for him and lawler.
alexythimia23 2 months ago
I feel like Ben should be riding Pegasus
grizzlytomahawk 2 months ago
Watch what happens: Colby is gonna beat an over emotional Tyron & Ben is gonna swoop in & get that belt from douche Covington.
Yamil Acra
Yamil Acra 2 months ago
i think lawler is a very dangerous fight for him actually..let see what happens
Anthony R
Anthony R 2 months ago
I am a Ben Askren fan!
Eye of Horus
Eye of Horus 2 months ago
I really like this guy lol. This is great
Victal Faithful
Victal Faithful 2 months ago
If he struck with Conor he'd get killed but whatever keep wrestling it's MMA
Evocati 2 months ago
Nick or Nate would tap this guy out
Blake MacIntyre
Blake MacIntyre 3 months ago
cormier winked at me at least four times in that poster
Reminisce BnB
Reminisce BnB 3 months ago
They'r not "all scared," Ben, they just don't know who you are.
Reminisce BnB
Reminisce BnB 3 months ago
What a gearbox. But he's right about Colby. But........Pot...Kettle.....Black.
Reminisce BnB
Reminisce BnB 3 months ago
Hey Ben, JC Penney's new flyer is out. You can get another pair of Dockers for 19.99. Saturday only. Heads up.
Bill Rhodes
Bill Rhodes 3 months ago
"Boom, bam, pow!"
Bill The Bull Gates
Bill The Bull Gates 3 months ago
I don't get why so many people doesn't like this guy.. He does the whole McGregor thing better than McGregor EVER did it. The difference is Ben Askren put a smile on EVERYONES faces, even Marty From Nebraska at the press conference that is something i have seen very rarely or maybe never before. Robbie couldn't even keep a straight face, if Ben Askren wasn't a fighter he def should be a comedian.
Isabel Zellmann-Rohrer
This is a 13:20 *masterclass* in self-promotion.
SCAW FACE 3 months ago
this guy needs to play superman...can you imagine him as clark kent in a buttton up, tie and glasses lookin like your everyday ordinary joe?...only for him to supe out and handle business!
stephen leger
stephen leger 3 months ago
I’m a big fan of this guys attitude, refreshing
maxpaine 0827
maxpaine 0827 3 months ago
Khabib killed cmg with wrestling. Imagine what this guy will do to him.
Fun On Vancouver Island
Steals your manhood cause its like getting beat by a girl.. By FAR the most boring fighter ever in the existence on fighting..
TheBestMusicOnly 3 months ago
Connor wont fight Ben cuz Ben is a low ranked beginner in the UFC and doesn't deserve a shot a Connor yet. Sorry Ben. No cutsies in line bruh.
Vick Vinegar
Vick Vinegar 3 months ago
He needs to learn how to talk properly.
lukas Van Der Westhuizen
LIsten Benny Bookworm. You really talk alot for a guy that has not had one fight in the UFC, First get pas Robbie Lawler, Like Usman said dont look past that man, you getting caught up in all the politicos, shut your Fokken mouth kid and first proof that you belong, because I think Robbie gonna beat your ass.
Jeff Trinkle
Jeff Trinkle 3 months ago
im embarrassed that this douche is from Wisconsin
Indra Jaya
Indra Jaya 3 months ago
I hope robbie destroy him
philliesfan 34
philliesfan 34 3 months ago
I have to say I now like Ben a lot. Hes a good dude and he can bang. I just hope he has a successful career in the ufc and dies become champ. I'd gate to see him lose his first fight in the octagon
Lawrence Blakely
Lawrence Blakely 3 months ago
U r a real dude.....glad to see and hear u
Miles Brock
Miles Brock 3 months ago
He is so nice and still savage, I like that man, really entertaining
Mr. Fadzil
Mr. Fadzil 3 months ago
He probably gettin ko on his debut for ufc
Mr. Fadzil
Mr. Fadzil 2 months ago
+john sehn tht's why I said probably. Yet he almost got KO but he won't remain undefeated in ufc. I think robbie deserve a rematch rob also shws mercy on him aftr he busted up his face
john sehn
john sehn 2 months ago
Mr. Fadzil he was one Robbie Lawler punch from being a 40 second knock out victim and having his UFC career virtually over. Amazing recovery to save his UFC career. The headlock was real. No way Lawler survives another 2 minutes of it. Boring. He is a likable American version of Khabib.
Andras E
Andras E 3 months ago
VOIP Portland
VOIP Portland 3 months ago
He was brought in to remove Khabib but that strategy will fail.
Spencer Schradder
Spencer Schradder 3 months ago
ben is gonna kill rob
Kyle Hughley
Kyle Hughley 3 months ago
I don't understand why people hate Ben so much. Yeah his style isn't crowd-pleasing or fan friendly, but he dominates people with it. He seems like an educated, well-spoken guy. I'm glad he's finally in the UFC, because now we'll finally get to see how he does against the top 10 in the UFC.
Mark Reed
Mark Reed 3 months ago
TBF I dont want to see that fight, Ben would win, but a boring fight, soon as it goes to ground thats it 90% of the time, not thrilling. I rather see 2 fighters with styles that match, great to see 2 stand up fighters, if its going to ground, at least someone who has some ground work to fall back on.
Fred Robinson
Fred Robinson 3 months ago
I like Askren. I hope he does well in UFC
jaspreet gill
jaspreet gill 3 months ago
Ben Askren looks like an older version of Kyle Broflovski's cousin kyle from south park
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