Ben Askren Says Conor McGregor Won't Fight Him, Because His Style 'Steals Your Manhood'

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Backstage at UFC 230, Ben Askren discusses his pending deal with the UFC, who he believes he'll fight first, why Conor McGregor won't fight him, if Dana White still has him blocked and more.
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Published on


Nov 4, 2018

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Comments 1 706
Tyler Campbell
Tyler Campbell 12 hours ago
Charisma 100
Dwayne Tempest
Yo ,funky ben ,fight the Diaz brothers .flip a coin who gets first round then alter nate.in the Nick of time !go six rounds to give them a half a chance..I will get a ring and promote to see it happen !my ideal we split the bag of chips .
PereLsports Itsalifestyle
I like this geeza .. everything he said is true .. except the Conor statement - Conor don’t care about being embarrassed ! And he loves a challenge ... khabib v askren will happen ..#ufc would love to throw khabib to the wolf 🐺 and hope he destroys him and sends him back to kazhikadtan or whatever ... lol
dragon chaser
dragon chaser 2 days ago
The last bit is so damn funny. 😁 funky in this hoe.
Xopher Lee
Xopher Lee 3 days ago
I hate this guy..... Watch how he got his ass beat till he eye poked like Jones.
Dalie Quiros
Dalie Quiros 3 days ago
He sounds just like Chael Sonnen... I wonder if he talks trash as good as Sonnen.
J R 3 days ago
Connor wants nothing to do with u he doesn’t want to be laying on his back again
J R 3 days ago
Oh no Colby he is busy making himself a toupee
John  Wick
John Wick 4 days ago
this guy got michael jackson dream nose
Joe Mako
Joe Mako 5 days ago
Coming to kick ass.I love it.Make Colby your first victim.
Trigger _
Trigger _ 6 days ago
He's Greek name is assopopolous
percywearspurple 6 days ago
You were there Jim!
Sunray 7 days ago
Ben is a lovable guy for sure.
lagaman11 7 days ago
Dude has an awesome head of hair!
rpr6.5 creedmoor
rpr6.5 creedmoor 7 days ago
Dam hes dangerous
PBR Vs. Motor Oil
PBR Vs. Motor Oil 10 days ago
People can say this guy is boring, but his mic work and interviews are in my opinion top 5 currently in the sport.
COUNTREES 79 12 days ago
For those that dont know. Ben Askren is the TRUTH. SOLID ASS DUDE. HE WONT LOSE EITHER MARK MY WORDS
Binh Nguyen
Binh Nguyen 12 days ago
He has to go on a streak. The real fight is the GSP one.
Arthur Silver
Arthur Silver 14 days ago
Connor should have had Ben Askren train him in wrestling before he fought Khabib.
roush26 14 days ago
Askren has promoter potential.
Scott West
Scott West 16 days ago
If Ben gets you on the ground, and he will, you're screwed.
Landon Christian
Landon Christian 16 days ago
Asker vs Khabib .... the mat is craving the love.... speak up fans and make it happen
Michael Oliphant
Michael Oliphant 17 days ago
Typical wrestler who hasn't met a striker who is not afraid of him. Nice guy though.
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 18 days ago
Wow this guy is Golden 👌I can’t wait to seem bens fights
Joshua W
Joshua W 19 days ago
Funk Master in the house! Bens the real deal. Reach back for the headlock!
Bill Syvertsen
Bill Syvertsen 20 days ago
This guy looks just like that weird kid fro stranger things
Dave Studdaman
Dave Studdaman 20 days ago
Why would Conor fight him? Ben is not a draw
Hector Gascon
Hector Gascon 22 days ago
This guy is soooo corny.
Inspectah deck
Inspectah deck 22 days ago
I wish Dominic Cruz an Ben were same weight classes
Ole Emser
Ole Emser 22 days ago
pubehead number one
VIDA VIDA 23 days ago
this guy is dope
Joshua & Zerubbabel
Ben "The Real Funky Deal" Askren. Would love to see him fight Khabib.
Hoang Dai Tran
Hoang Dai Tran 23 days ago
Lol he got the weird looking face
Avetarx 23 days ago
Khabib and his hat versus Ben with his hair. I sheep this fight!
Shane Carter
Shane Carter 24 days ago
He can talk good game and he's a hell of a wrestler. And he may very well dominate everybody at welterweight. ...it's still going to be boring af to watch. There's a reason there's no wrestling on PPV.
raymond wood
raymond wood 24 days ago
Give ben a fight hes done nothing but stand around and TELL EVERYONE HOW TOUGH HE IS and no body can BEAT HIM and he wants to beatup EVERYONE COME ON DANA were tired of listening to THIS GUY
Benoit Durand Deslongrais
This guy is a breath of fresh air. UFC actually need Ben to run through next 2 years undefeated. Natural charisma, intelligent and anyone who has seen him fight knows hes a gun
Neville Seedsman
Neville Seedsman 24 days ago
If people think khabib is a boring fighter,then Ben is just a snooze fest.Great wrestler but he doesn't have the heavy power ground and pound game of khabib.Ben just lays on his opponents and drops fairy taps,he has been fighting bums,it's going to be a whole new ball game now that he is going to fight fighters from the UFC,he is going to get a very rude awakining!!!
Shaheel 24 days ago
He is a great fighter and I like your style Ben! Keep rolling those guys and punching their face.
Brilliant breath of fresh honest air....
Brilliant breath of fresh honest air....
STATIC X 25 days ago
He is a ansome guy man 😂😂😂
Arek Borowski
Arek Borowski 25 days ago
last thing i would want to watch is Conor vs Ben... i want to see fight not hugging contest, what i would like to see is conor vs tony.
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams 25 days ago
Someone’s after that mcgregor money 😂
Beaujangles McJiggle
Dude been training with the Diaz crew....
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 27 days ago
This guy is gonna be President someday
Tripper Harrison
Tripper Harrison 27 days ago
The Funky Fro has arrived !!! Can’t wait !!!
Denny Roman
Denny Roman 27 days ago
Till!!!! Loll
Keith Dabeathum
Keith Dabeathum 27 days ago
Ben is just awesome ! Lol
LXM 28 days ago
"diaz bros are so high they dont even know im calling them out " LOOOOOL
Toby Hall
Toby Hall 28 days ago
Askren gonna go through the UFC like a dodgy curry. Best pfp MMA fighter in the world.
Robert Villarreal
Robert Villarreal 28 days ago
Nick and Nate need to come out and beat that ass.
English gentleman
English gentleman 28 days ago
Dude only wants pure strikers ffs try a challenge old pal a wrestler
droman80 28 days ago
Ben looks like 1 of those Greek statues came to life lol..
Nvar Halo
Nvar Halo 29 days ago
Awesome dude
Grant Battane
Grant Battane 29 days ago
I like Askren but part of me hopes he catches an over hand from Lawler
Boosted 1976
Boosted 1976 29 days ago
Robbie lawler is gonna destroy him. Facts Ben hasn’t fought any big names he’s gotta huge padded record
Michael Johnsson
Michael Johnsson 29 days ago
I hope he will do really well in the ufc!
Ravikumar T
Ravikumar T 29 days ago
This guy is great. Right through the interview not one "F" word. He's classy & decent.... 👍
LastOfTheMaguas Month ago
would you look at that guy's profile, he's the model for some old greek / roman statue
LastOfTheMaguas Month ago
This guy could kick my ass
aaron Adams
aaron Adams Month ago
I think that fans are finally starting to become more intelligent about mma. Ppl use to boo when guys would get taken down. They didnt know what was going on and to their credit a lot guys lay too much and dont transition to more dominant positions but the guys who are really great there are exciting to watch. Look forward to some Funk being brought to the UFC. But he wont win a belt at the UFC which is why you should fight.. Sooo not sure whats gonna happen here. You bring a guy in to derail your current guys and protect Tyron?? Just a weird situation
Italion lion
Italion lion Month ago
Ben Askren American badazz! He’s going to beat all these SNOWFLAKES MANGINA’S AZZEZ!!! God bless Ben and God Bless Trump 🇺🇸💪🏻
Ben Askren not a top ten UFC fighter, sry.
jonec64 Month ago
LOL...now thats funny. You must be new to the sport.
Dana really isn't handling the loss well....
Rahat Ahmed
Rahat Ahmed Month ago
New generation Bisping...
Whitney Hathcock
I watched his fights. Allot of dryhumping
Lewis Beavis
Lewis Beavis Month ago
He sounds like Ryan Reynolds 😂
edward westover
edward westover Month ago
Diaz would be a sweet fight.
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd Month ago
Welcome to The Ben Askren Show tonight's guest Ben Askren and the Host Ben Askren..He's out here interviewing himself hes so excited he's not even on the schedule just rolled up with his own boom mic and camera man
Pacific musik 41510
Plus he talk too much
Pacific musik 41510
UUUuuu I can't wait for you to get your ass whooped slow ass wrestler... you going to eat those words... I hear your fans telling me he does it to reserve energy LMAOF...not in the UFC... can't wait
mike dee
mike dee Month ago
Ben Askren vs Khabib would be so epic! I think Askren wins though.
jonec64 Month ago
Would be a great fight.
ig2d Month ago
12:48 this town is coming like a ghost town
NewBorninfant Month ago
Robbie Lawler sleeps ben askren
big boy
big boy Month ago
Man you talk a lot of s*** until you getting the rang cuz you never know what can happen you all the things that you did the one person might not be able to do to another person
Fedora Emelianenko
Askren totally has Covington pegged
Add More Colors
Add More Colors Month ago
Kam Troy
Kam Troy Month ago
You're watching the future Champ. Tryon is the welterweight champ and Askren is his wrestling coach. He's past his prime and can still destroy anyone.
Kam Troy
Kam Troy Month ago
Ben Askren is the real G.O.A.T.
zeyenists Month ago
If Chris Jericho and Chael Sonnen had a baby it would be Ben.
yeah boy
yeah boy Month ago
Rip Khalabeebz
Dennis Reynolds
Dennis Reynolds Month ago
Thompson will knock him out tbh. Thompson's takedown defense is actually ridiculous now.
Silence is Golden
Put him un against khabib!! 🇱🇷
Robert Henderson
Why does he say fight them....he is gonna wrestle them
Mike West
Mike West Month ago
I can't wait to see Ben fight, not my style of fighter, I like the stand-up, but I like this guy, he is going to bring it.
Part1 Month ago
Ben and Colby is the fight I want to see. I think Askren is a bad matchup for lawyer since he's on the downside of his career.
David Gomez
David Gomez Month ago
We love ben askren
Ricwell Month ago
Ben is a very smart guy . He's also a brilliant promoter
GuSuBu Tribe
GuSuBu Tribe Month ago
ill be more interested when i see him against some real opponents... its easy to talk smack for people who talk a lot.. he's a hell of a grappler.. but We Shall See. Ben Askren making a name for himself calling out all the people who made their names by winning in the UFC... His first loss will mark the beginning of his decline..
Andrew Month ago
Love this guy's honesty - and smarts. And UNDEFEATED.
Fat Jesus and The Zodiac Killer
I like the Daiz bros too much, I wouldn't want to see them get thrown around by this killer.
tyler forde
tyler forde Month ago
Ben "boom, bam, pow" Askren
Heffrey Howers
Heffrey Howers Month ago
Tony Furgosen is the type of guy you would see in the background standing in line.
quqquqqqu Month ago
askren is bigger khabib, and that's why he'll always be dangerous . His toughest opponent just like khabib can only be woodley, to bad they are friend
Dennis Reynolds
Dennis Reynolds Month ago
Ben "Statue of David (including the small wood)" Askren
Double S
Double S Month ago
He should be cast as the next Deadpool
Santine Holm
Santine Holm Month ago
Napoleon dynamite on roids
Arzhang Emamifar
i wanna see him fight HABIB
Arzhang Emamifar
i like ben this guy. he is like a friend of everyone
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