Ben Askren looks back at KO loss vs. Jorge Masvidal | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

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Ben Askren joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to look back at his knockout loss to Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239 in Las Vegas. Askren says he doesn’t have memory of the knockout, but has watched it. Askren believes he would’ve earned a title shot with a win, but doesn’t think that Masvidal will get one vs. Kamaru Usman despite the flying knee knockout.
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Jul 8, 2019

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Comments 20 440
galkanftw 8 minutes ago
Well first of all "confirmation bias" should not come into play.He SHOULD be adjusting to every single fighter and have some predictions and CHANGE his approach.It is way too SIMPLE to simply say.it worked 19 other times.How often do fighters come outwith flying knees,very seldom but i feel every fighter should spend a minute in a feeling out process and not commit to anything.A perfect example is that fight,if Jorge misses,Ben may have very well got on top way sooner than expected so it was a risky move by Jorge.
Hour ago
Mhh, no real other sign of life from Ben. ¿Is this Video a Deepfake to cover the incident?
Himesh Hewawasam
Himesh Hewawasam 4 hours ago
My question is.. why does Askren have a Shure SM7b at his house?
CleverTaco 7 hours ago
Much respect for the humbleness and honesty. Still glad he got knocked out lol but definitely have respect I didnt have earlier for Askren.
007 T-5
007 T-5 9 hours ago
$210,000 & he doesn't remember how he made it! My opinion of him has changed a little bit. He can still be a cock! I don't like arrogance!
Joshua Beldad
Joshua Beldad 9 hours ago
On how Ben Askren handled this super tough and heart breaking loss, you gotta love him. Much respect from this dude.
Joshua Beldad
Joshua Beldad 10 hours ago
First time to see his side of things, and I gotta say, this loss made us see this nice guy behind those ignorant/trash talking fighter that he was. Respect!
no b ess
no b ess 13 hours ago
Glad he lost
warlock9445 14 hours ago
I find it funny how some fighters are cocky before a fight and once they go through a loss they all act all humble and righteous and the fans go all crazy saying how much they respect the fighter who was cocky and disrespectful in the first place
MASHT - 8 hours ago
Yeah I would agree with you if this was a normal loss. But this loss, man, it is extremely humiliating not anyone can show up and talk about his mistakes especially when you get knocked out within 3 seconds. He said some stupid shit but he does admit it so this means he has changed alot but we will see only in the future if this is true.
Young GreatOne
Young GreatOne 15 hours ago
buritofromhell 16 hours ago
What an arrogant fuck.
18 hours ago
Robbie almost took ur SOUL how have u never been hit hard I will determine that is a lie...
18 hours ago
Yep Askren is still a DICK... I'm glad Street Jesus took him 2 church...
Kwame G
Kwame G 19 hours ago
this guy makes loosing sound good
Alex Mc
Alex Mc 20 hours ago
"He got some serious air time on it" haha respect
Chris McRoy
Chris McRoy 21 hour ago
It almost looks fake the way he bent down to trap his legs...he was looking at the floor the whole time and ran head first right into a Cuban Jesus with a knee running even faster.....
Chris McRoy
Chris McRoy 21 hour ago
Ariel.....really? "Do you regret your decision to go low?". That's inferred like a muthafucka...
Mustseenow!!! 22 hours ago
Ben needs to pull a Twister in his next fight and everone will be talking about his Twister instead
Mikey Human
Mikey Human 22 hours ago
"No jorge is still a deuche bag"
DeeJ Deckard
DeeJ Deckard 23 hours ago
Both of them look like jon bernthal at different stages in life
Mario Huerta
Mario Huerta Day ago
I don't like him but with that he won some respect
[Cold Steel Builds]
Ben, you got your fucking face smashed in, simple as that.
Treg Loyden
Treg Loyden Day ago
So likeable he should be in movies...
tim lee
tim lee Day ago
he's smart, funny, cool & honest.. that flying knee was bad ass though lol i like both fighters btw..
James Peterson
James Peterson 9 hours ago
tim lee idk about funny dudes corny as hell..
D Deen
D Deen Day ago
He'll lose his next fight too.
Harry ABB
Harry ABB Day ago
Lets be fair, Masvidal pulled of a trick, a peek a boo. Rematch would mean an actual fight which Ben would win, yes would be boring grappling etc but Ben would win
Harry ABB
Harry ABB 17 hours ago
@Colorationz Well it is a matter if opinion, that is the point. Masvidal admitted he tricked Askren by holding his hands behind his back acting casual etc then on the bell just running into him with a flying knee. If that does not happened in a rematch it would not of course then i do not see how masvidal beats askren as he does not have a great ground game he would punch he he would beat up askren somewhat but at some point askren would take him down tire him and submit him or choke him or simply outpoint him. This is MMA not a back yard fight
Colorationz 17 hours ago
@Harry ABB I dont buy into arguments that just because a fight ended quickly it was a fluke. If Masvidal caught him with a flying knee at the beginning of the 3rd round would it still be a peek a boo? It would have been fun for it to go on for longer but I don't think you can just say it that Masvidal pulled off a nice trick and its inevitable he would lose the rematch if it dragged into the later rounds.
Harry ABB
Harry ABB 18 hours ago
@Colorationz Are you kidding me! Read my post again
Colorationz Day ago
Just like he won this one?
Chris Cummins
This video is one of the most watched videos of Ariel Helwani's MMA show. In one week over 2.2 million views and over 20,000 comments. It's obvious that Askren is one of biggest draws in the UFC today.
James Peterson
James Peterson 9 hours ago
Chris Cummins or everybody was happy to see him get knocked out he’s acting all tough but you can see it in his eyes this loss hurts..
Paul Arlukiewicz
Gay arab
Air Plane
Air Plane Day ago
Can't believe he liked his own Twitter feed 120k times
Julian foolian
Bro got SMACKED, fuckin pussy lol
anthony perkins
He got $210,000 for that fastest knockout in UFC history? WOW, I know he isn't complaining at all, He got paid to loose.
jason smith
jason smith Day ago
Brave front but trust me he's dying inside off camera.
Brandon Jeffries
Masvidal turning fighters humble
Love his message to the parents about letting kids experience struggle and heartache, it definitely builds your character. Respect to you Ben!
ian adesanya
ian adesanya Day ago
2.2 mil views in a week compared to all the other 50k-300k view videos
Almighty Warkloud
Moral of the story: Dont be talking shit to a real mofo!!! #GOODNIGHT BEN
Z W 2 days ago
Lol i like this guy
bp 2 days ago
He is living in his own world!
miamimagicians magician miami
Great guy... love to see him comeback
Joonas Pollanen
Joonas Pollanen 2 days ago
Espn how about fuck you fot the ads
jamil quinto
jamil quinto 2 days ago
Most people didn't know this, but Askren donated a portion of his prize money to charity (opponent missed weight)
rhoye yumol
rhoye yumol 2 days ago
Very disrespectful, interview while eating c’mon guys, he just wants to show that he doesn’t care you at all 😁🤣 nah! Reverse psychology of showing you that he is not affected haha but deep inside you can see in his eyes his sorrow 🤙🏽
Chez Upkins
Chez Upkins 2 days ago
Didnt care for Ben that much but after this interview I'm a fan now. He absolutely handled this interview well, big ups to you my brotha
Danny Anderson
Danny Anderson 2 days ago
Damn everyone happy he got knocked out 🤔🤔🤔🤔
J C 2 days ago
“Super Necessary” - Masvidel
nishant7780 2 days ago
well he has heart, for sure.
Tommy Vise
Tommy Vise 2 days ago
In one interview this man went from the most humiliating loss in UFC history to being one of the most admired fighters of all time!
r Negoro
r Negoro 2 days ago
He should have sidestepped, but he is too conditioned to duck and takedown which is weak against knees. There are two aspects of mma you must master : ground and low kicks and knees.
Saga Manic
Saga Manic 2 days ago
Before this interview, I did not like this guy. Now, I want him to run for President. My lord, here are your sunglasses...
Makhulu Mapogo
Makhulu Mapogo 2 days ago
Ariel is known to be a very emotional man Watch your words with him or you will make him cry
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