Bella Hadid Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Bella Hadid goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Kith in New York City, and talks her love of pairing sneakers with dresses and discusses friendly footwear competition with her sister Gigi.
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Season 5
Episode 8
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Oct 2, 2017

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Comments 10 793
Someone, Somewhere.
Someone, Somewhere. 10 hours ago
This bitch grew up in a gated community around security guards and is saying "Homeboy" Bitch, please.
NaThAnIeLj 11 hours ago
Bella: *homeboy* Joe: I didn’t say anything
Drabhand 21 hour ago
Fresh is fresh, fire is fire. Something can be beat and still fire, but if it's beat it's not fresh. Anything can be fresh, anything can be fire, there is no dollar value.. but if I "get" supermodel "it" in fucking shitty $160 AM95's, I'd be very surprised homeboy.
Javier glenn
Javier glenn Day ago
Kelli L
Kelli L 2 days ago
Wow is Mike pence next? Everyone is a sneaker head now...
SBMika Official
SBMika Official 3 days ago
Here from the future to tell you that the Area 51 raid was successful. Bella called the guards homeboy and they cringed to death almost immediately. We won.
Jeslyn xo
Jeslyn xo 2 days ago
SBMika Official omg I’m dead 💀
Lobster Town
Lobster Town 4 days ago
She’s awkward as fuck but full of confidence at the same time
himOo haji
himOo haji 4 days ago
the weeknd taste in women is boring
claire f.
claire f. 4 days ago
Is it just me who noticed that as soon as he asked her about her Jordan collection and to show which ones are her favourite besides 1s she didn’t know what tf she was talking bout n went straight back to talking bout her damn Nike’s 🤨
frankyulloa21 5 days ago
When she speaks. Ruined everything
Huber Vent
Huber Vent 5 days ago
The living meme lol
Treyten Johnson
Treyten Johnson 5 days ago
Damn this girl is pretty cool Bro.
caggy and jeggy the rappers
I love Bella but I’m feelin some second hand embarrassment for her
Shay J
Shay J 7 days ago
Is it just me or he sounds like Jimmy Kimmel like close your eyes and listen
Jeslyn xo
Jeslyn xo 2 days ago
Shay J fr
Matt Vocs
Matt Vocs 7 days ago
yeah she’s just broing out
Rere M
Rere M 8 days ago
She keeps saying the sh word
MMATalk 8 days ago
These people in the comments are so fucking dumb 🤣 Grow up you idiots
Jessica p
Jessica p 8 days ago
2:21 yikessss🥶🥶
sumit tewari
sumit tewari 8 days ago
Still embarrassed
tony holm
tony holm 9 days ago
She was put in a place where she wasn't very comfortable that's just not her style so of course she's out of her element lol
softteok 10 days ago
2:21 made me want to die
Brandon Louis
Brandon Louis 10 days ago
homeboy’s gonna like...get ittttt
Breanna Esquivel
Breanna Esquivel 10 days ago
Jordan’s tho 😕
Sigma Re
Sigma Re 10 days ago
Iv never seen joe walk out of the intro that fast😂
LeafMan Prophecies
LeafMan Prophecies 12 days ago
she looks like midium quality pornhub star nothing near model
Mari m
Mari m 14 days ago
It's the sister to gigi hadid
Kamote Topz
Kamote Topz 14 days ago
what exactly is a homeboy? is it the same as homie? then what is a homie?
ally. 16 days ago
And that is why, children, you should always be urself :))
Anish Naik
Anish Naik 16 days ago
I ship them 100%!!! Anyone else agree???
Daniel Batta
Daniel Batta 17 days ago
Bella Hadid.ex has stopped working
Gianna H.
Gianna H. 17 days ago
This kinda make me feel happy for not being rich and privileged for the first time in my life 😂
Ihfaz Ahsan
Ihfaz Ahsan 15 days ago
Not every rich person is dumb like her.
KrisLovesHeber 17 days ago
"Thats kind of how I rolled" 🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂
Bill Oddy
Bill Oddy 18 days ago
So who is she? My first impression is a slag
Jms Bsu
Jms Bsu 18 days ago
She's beautiful as always
HOODIE ZAY 18 days ago
She's awkward . I love it 😁🤟
Peter Duncliffe
Peter Duncliffe 19 days ago
I hate that I’m defending Bella but come on she was only 20 at the time of the video’s release so cut her a little slack when you’re young you tend to say some dumbass type shit (and before you call me out for being an old bag I’m only 20 myself)
fancy pants
fancy pants 19 days ago
Did you just bent with those J
slime 19 days ago
Lowkey picked good shoes tho
anessa zofiya
anessa zofiya 20 days ago
I can't believe she really creased her jordans like that I-
Yamcha's losing streak 360
Bro why she talking like that lmao
sweetener 20 days ago
H0mE BOy iS GoNnA LIKe... get it
joelle starling
joelle starling 22 days ago
yikes this gave me anxiety
Chauntel Shannon
Chauntel Shannon 24 days ago
I assumed she would talk like a rich Valley girl kinda like Kim K. or the girls in Clueless, but then she starts talking like she's straight from the hood.😂🤣😅💀
The Absurd Gamer
The Absurd Gamer 26 days ago
Mama mia.🔥
、あ 27 days ago
4:36 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
、あ 27 days ago
Nick Pyne
Nick Pyne 28 days ago
This is just awful, had to stop watching.
Read more on 28 days ago
She’s not that awkward she dedass normal idk what people are talking about
Not jim tamang
Not jim tamang 29 days ago
Two of the most awkward people in one place.
Sasa Bowtie
Sasa Bowtie 29 days ago
New Drinking Game: take a shot every time Bella says "Dope"
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