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life, amirite?

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Piano montage by www.bensound.com

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ...come here often?


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Dec 2, 2018




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Comments 73 275
Paul Drake
Paul Drake Hour ago
Yumm Yumm
Yumm Yumm 2 hours ago
Respect for the 9:59
CheeseTruck Gamer
CheeseTruck Gamer 2 hours ago
6:28 look down
Anastasios Baldounis
My favorite color is purple
Laura Rold
Laura Rold 4 hours ago
Jaiden I love your videos 😊
Sheetal Agarwal
Sheetal Agarwal 4 hours ago
Totally your are right
Golden Skateboarding Teddybear
Jaiden plz react to the song by endigo
Zaza Uridia
Zaza Uridia 4 hours ago
if you dab on the haters and if they dab back DELETE THERE KNEE CAPS!
tsundere potato
tsundere potato 4 hours ago
her telling the baby that it sucked at art hurt me cuz I dont think I'm good at my art lol
the cookie anime girl
i'm just weird and hate the people who doesn't believe me about something
Wilfredo suarez
Wilfredo suarez 6 hours ago
Bruno Briseño
Bruno Briseño 6 hours ago
Love the sarcasm
LIRR Steam Locomotive Productions
0:00 - 0:34 *top ten anime promotional scenes*
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie 7 hours ago
Cosmic Wolves
Cosmic Wolves 7 hours ago
Excuse me I LOVE PURPLE you hurt meh feeling but I still like your vids
Lil_Mis_Cringey 7 hours ago
Jaiden I’m going to draw fan art of you fused to the meteoroid :D
Soph Holly
Soph Holly 8 hours ago
I'm really negatif but I don't want to get rid of it...
Yoshizawa VA
Yoshizawa VA 8 hours ago
blunk778 8 hours ago
My view on self improvement is you arent allowed to say you're good enough. You can always keep improving there is always someone on top and you can still keep going and pushing and going
Mari Hope
Mari Hope 8 hours ago
Virtue, basically.
Faith N O
Faith N O 8 hours ago
That’s how Mafia works.
Samantha Keys
Samantha Keys 8 hours ago
i watched this and thought im not who i thought i was until i noticed i do have my own opinoins.... lol
HopieNinja 10 hours ago
3:33 Bow down to our lord shaggy
BJAM1015 11 hours ago
8:21 LMFAO
Bossitronio2014 11 hours ago
8:52 UwU
XXgachabunnyXX Bunny
6:07 I was thinking of subscribing but now I changed my mind....
hory13ejmo 13 hours ago
thanks jaiden i dont know who i am anymore too
Squishy Bean
Squishy Bean 13 hours ago
This is why everyone doesnt have that many friends anymore. We all know who we are and dont really have that much in common anymore
XDBananaMilkshakeXD 13 hours ago
*cough* I also told a friend I "liked" blue *Cough* bc ppl Who Like POrpl Are Freaks *Cough* HAH TOO BAD I DON'T LIKE PURPLE...... I Love It >:D
Johny Corporations
Johny Corporations 13 hours ago
*dap* 8:23
Caskade 14 hours ago
Okay can we talk about how the girl didnt actually play La Campanella?
chair Mc chairngton
chair Mc chairngton 15 hours ago
oh my gosh i did the exact same "my favorite colour is blue" thing to my freinds because i thought that they would think i was weird for liking red
Gabi Duncan
Gabi Duncan 16 hours ago
Growth mindset 🙌🏻🙌🏻
F. I. R. E.
F. I. R. E. 16 hours ago
Personally, I'd be more worried about four-legged Jeremiah than jealous of him.
Foxlikecookie 37
Foxlikecookie 37 17 hours ago
8:23 Brb, permanently downloading that one single clip so I can listen to it at night.
Chance Young
Chance Young 18 hours ago
3:20 “like man I’m only using 1% of my power to support you man!”
Sillypenguin 19 hours ago
3:32 shaggy is on the right
Cute cat 8
Cute cat 8 19 hours ago
Love your voice ❤️
Cookie Man
Cookie Man 19 hours ago
Balance your ego and self worth. It's okay to use your ego, cuz if you dont, you're gonna end up as someone who didn't even try anything, but keep it on a tight ass leash, cause if you dont, it's gonna eat you alive.
Azception 19 hours ago
5:40 about this, it remind me of bandersnatch black mirror, wth
- JoshuaJams -
- JoshuaJams - 20 hours ago
9:59 lol
Lucas Pepper
Lucas Pepper 20 hours ago
story of my life
FishyEat Butter
FishyEat Butter 20 hours ago
I actual just watch some shows just because I want to talk about them with my friends. I hate those shows. I think I'm having an identity crisis. I don't know if I should stop doing what others want me to do for myself or because Jaiden is telling me to.
Jesse Harris
Jesse Harris 21 hour ago
i l o v e d a r k p u r p l e
Amanda Robinson
Amanda Robinson 21 hour ago
I love your videos! My daughter has introduced me to your USvid videos recently and I have enjoyed them. I have to be honest, I don't like most of the USvid videos/channels she watches (I find them annoying) but I find your videos give a great positive message with humor that I prefer her to have your videos playing. I tell her, "Hey put on Jaiden Animation!", while I am cleaning the mess these kids make so I can hear your videos. Even though i am just listening and not watching, I enjoy it. You go girl! Keep up the great work you do because this momma gives you 5 stars!
Halee Grant
Halee Grant 22 hours ago
*All of the perverts are going to look up "Can you whip yourself" now because of this video*
Lil 22 hours ago
Why is jake Paul everywhere! 8:25
Tom Prince
Tom Prince 22 hours ago
Plz Watch me. I am Lonely and I experience Depression. :(
Twisted Symphony
Twisted Symphony 23 hours ago
Um... What the fuck. My name's Jeremiah, and I wasn't able to skip to skip to number 8 until I was 5. Jaiden you're scaring me.
Twisted Symphony
Twisted Symphony 23 hours ago
Oh... But I don't have 4 legs.
lokro Sharks
lokro Sharks 23 hours ago
I font have 4 leggs
Angelita Saez
Angelita Saez 23 hours ago
4:58 "You could have 7 ears!" *a huge pile of more then 7 ears*
SugarCookie Queen
SugarCookie Queen 23 hours ago
3:57 JONTRON!!
The Awkward Moose
The Awkward Moose 23 hours ago
8:20 you’re welcome.
NightWing The
Jaiden’s videos aren’t very fun anymore......😕
thortimer Day ago
Thank you for making this. I can self improve on self improving! I have recently been trying to improve myself in accordance to who I want to be, and this really helped me see what I'm doing right and wrong. Good video!
Mr. Cringe 2
Mr. Cringe 2 Day ago
I exercised a bit, now I've got an almost invisible six pack, and because of that, I've accidently convinced myself that I am a god. But seriously, I must be better than everyone else because I've got an almost invisible six pack! YEAH!
Alex Day ago
Put caps on at 0:53
Cowta Day ago
3:50 isnt it from Undertale?
Ultimatelink Day ago
3:38 Fusion.....haaa
gacha Raven
gacha Raven Day ago
Don't just listen to other cheer you on like "you can do it, just do your best!" What really helped me for sometime was just saying "fuck it" it's surprisingly helpful
Whiskerz '
Whiskerz ' Day ago
At 3:29 you can see ginganinjas art style shine through
Devin Johnson
3:37 Dragon ball z, gt, and super reference
Cheese Keyk
Cheese Keyk Day ago
i thought I'm the only one.
Barry Conley
Barry Conley Day ago
Oh just because Ur fav color is purple doesn't mean your a freak. I think your cool and funny :)
Mostly Ghostly
You have anorexia right
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon Day ago
Whait I watched this video before and then I watched it now and it is way different for some reason
Itz_Azira Kawaii
I swear to god,supports and self effort dont help... h A l P
aUssiX Zombies
6:28 my fucking god jaiden, you got me.
SingingSoul 3246
Thank you Jaiden, for boosting my confidence. I have been watching you for two years so far and you are the funniest and coolest person ever. Again let me, thank you.
Ahmad Fagih
Ahmad Fagih Day ago
put on captions on 2:58
OMG Team
OMG Team Day ago
Im nine doooood
Grayson Short
But I'll never be satisfied
MTG playz
MTG playz Day ago
How dare you I like purple! I'm not a freak! Or I'm I? No, no, I'm not
Lauren Shepherd
the Bo part is at about 420 and i can't help but feel he would be proud
Electro.Dash.666 X
9:08 *@Floating_Megane you are an empress and I will worship you.*
Lunar Dragon Slayer
Dabbing on dem haters
Mahzra Rafed
Mahzra Rafed Day ago
Jace Sorrenti
you sound like my parents :P
Oofer Doggo
Oofer Doggo Day ago
3:56 this is your brain on drugs, any questions?
BJAM1015 Day ago
Put close caption on
BJAM1015 Day ago
Close caption 1:17 This is a Minecraft Christian server
Tracy Swayne
Tracy Swayne Day ago
Why did you have ari in the video?
Te cake was a lie
I love how he starts to eat baseballs in that
Brooke Vandermaaten
You make me feel better about myself your the one that keeps me going thank you
Sey Day ago
is the blue haired person oktavia?
Canadian_Cheese 2008
The subtitles 😂😂
monomi Day ago
Soda Eggs
Soda Eggs 2 days ago
4:30 honestly getting the arms that thin is more impressive
nepets the squid lord
Who hurt Jaden so bad that she became super depressed recently?
Mary Woody
Mary Woody 2 days ago
What about when I was 7 ( my room is purple💟 and my sisters is hot pink❤️)
ThunderKirbyDragon 999
Dab on da haters
SimSam 2 days ago
1:39 - 1:51 High five to all the other people who think this ✋
Hugo Centeno
Hugo Centeno 2 days ago
1:19 it’s not
•ByRealP ツ
•ByRealP ツ 2 days ago
One day at a birthday party there was a wall to climb, I tried it and I did not even reach half! but I have a friend who was born without an arm, and guess what, SHE GOT IT! and now I feel silly
Melted Chocolate
Melted Chocolate 2 days ago
8:24 (pause it first) when you get home from school and you get an A *_-_*
SpeddyFrog 2 days ago
What graphics tablet do you use? Really interested in starting out
Singing Life
Singing Life 2 days ago
6:27 your welcome!
TritanicWolf 2 days ago
I have a weird analogy a person is like a company because companies should always try to improve them selfs and if they don’t they’re company can begin failing but a company can pull itself out of failing. Take this analogy as you please. If you find this weird that’s because I’m weird. I look at the world in a weird way. I have autism and I don’t want there to be a cure for autism because if you have autism and you cure it means you destroyed a part of yourself it fine to understand autism witch is why I want it to be studied more.
Isaiahlongtail 2 days ago
Scooby doo but its *Ari*
GoldRush 217
GoldRush 217 2 days ago
The piano scene would’ve been really good for a sans meme
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