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life, amirite?

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Piano montage by www.bensound.com

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ...come here often?


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Dec 2, 2018

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Porcelain Doll
Porcelain Doll 5 minutes ago
"I got Jinkied" -Jaiden Animatons, 2k18
ILoveYouTube /Kiki
ILoveYouTube /Kiki 5 minutes ago
Hello fellow PewDiePie fans
JDank 7 minutes ago
3:56 did anyone else got the reference to Gorillaz?
Keith 10 minutes ago
Are you insulting me or complimenting me ?
Mia Lind
Mia Lind 13 minutes ago
Can I draw you? Or would that be onceive if I did a horrible job?😓
Sketchi Productions
Sketchi Productions 15 minutes ago
2:31 ya wanna bet jaiden played that herself
Cole Alonge
Cole Alonge 16 minutes ago
Question. Why did you smash the brain it didn’t explode
Peachy Fiona
Peachy Fiona 16 minutes ago
Nice USvid rewind
Madisyn Fisher
Madisyn Fisher 17 minutes ago
My favorite color is purple
Makemake Day
Makemake Day 20 minutes ago
rhïannon 20 minutes ago
Thrivingkemirt 22 minutes ago
Why did you delete your impersonating video?
Amir Yancey
Amir Yancey 24 minutes ago
I got got
Mason Bartelt
Mason Bartelt 27 minutes ago
3:38 was that a fusion dance I saw?
Hailey Rodriguez
Hailey Rodriguez 30 minutes ago
4:26 is the story of my life man
Lasha Tchanturishvili
Lasha Tchanturishvili 30 minutes ago
I'm thankful cause what have you done 👏👏
Annie_was_my_ideas 32 minutes ago
8:26 Most people act like that
Max Lewis
Max Lewis 33 minutes ago
Huge respect for pewds in youtube rewind!!!
Sleepy M
Sleepy M 35 minutes ago
What is a PieDiePie?
Omxr 36 minutes ago
Cheeky jaiden, you knew this’d get your channel sky rocketing hm? Smart girl
Aryaman Manish Joshi
Aryaman Manish Joshi 37 minutes ago
Hey Jaiden, thanks for including Pewds in Rewind, I'm sure you've noticed your sub counts really growing. You deserve every bit of it
Bruno MG201
Bruno MG201 39 minutes ago
Soldiers, it's time to salute the most brave warrior that sneaked in enemy area and planted the PEWDIEPIE CHAIR REFERENCE NUCLEAR BOMB!!!!!!!
LGS Guardian
LGS Guardian 39 minutes ago
Pewdiepie’s video about how jaiden put him In USvid rewind so now for my application I’m going to go back and watch all her videos free the first to this one
Constellation the Nightwing
1:53 *You strike me as a woman who’s never been satisfied*
Constellation the Nightwing
If anyone got that reference I will worship you forever
R. N.
R. N. 40 minutes ago
Your in the USvid rewind
Eoghan hates you p
Eoghan hates you p 40 minutes ago
Jaiden you should do a video on YT Rewind and submarine 2 P
Dayyan Pratt
Dayyan Pratt 40 minutes ago
Undertale: painted plummet
Pot_Ato_P 43 minutes ago
Rip Jaiden. USvid rewind was a cancer machine
Dayyan Pratt
Dayyan Pratt 43 minutes ago
What do I like that has you in it
Dayyan Pratt
Dayyan Pratt 43 minutes ago
Hey I have some self improvement for you
lil chaozgamin
lil chaozgamin 44 minutes ago
👏 👏
shortsharp zach
shortsharp zach 45 minutes ago
TrynnaFigureOut MyDreams
Please subscribe to Jaiden we have a new fan girl, she included PewDiePie in rewind but not only that she has amazing animations
Waterlilly Lane
Waterlilly Lane 51 minute ago
8:20 My friend was kind of boasting on her writing and so I read a story that she wrote. She was really proud of how long it was and how “great it was.” So I read it and told her that it was kind of repetitive and that it was kind of just stalling and she actually got mad at me and to this day we still fight about it. One time we were talking about something and she goes, “ you said it was stupid.” AHAAHAHAHAH. No. No I didn’t. I told her that she probably should read over it and add more details instead of repeating yourself. I get really mad and irritated when people put words in my mouth. So when she said that I called it stupid I kind of flew off my handle. Later I told her that if she wanted to be a good writer then she had to be able to handle constructive criticism. Because if you can’t handle constructive criticism then how are you supposed to handle, criticism?! Seriously 😒
Sandstorm Firestar
John Grace
John Grace Hour ago
My bird died ;c please support me
Hector Peabody
The saviour of the rewind.
Yami - Senpai
Yami - Senpai Hour ago
Thanks a for putting ‘Sub’marine ✌️Pews
Tarou Takahashi
You’re the 9 year olds’ new queen now
nitrame Hour ago
Pewdiepie 😍😍😍😍😍😍
theWHUman Hour ago
Thank you, you have helped our leader. The nine year old army is here to serve.
Ryker X
Ryker X Hour ago
Thanks for making it under 10 min
Kevin B
Kevin B Hour ago
ayouta haloui
ayouta haloui Hour ago
I missed ari I want to see him 😄💙💚
Art's Legacy
Art's Legacy Hour ago
Want to earn a sub ms. Haloui? Wanna help each other exchange subs?
kerem erdoğdu
Thanks a lot for sneaking in pewdiepie's chair (and a lot more things.)We really apreciate it.
Art's Legacy
Art's Legacy Hour ago
9 year olds!!! Lets help each other and exchange subs bro
guerreiro estelar Théo
0:20 Wow baseball is an extreme sport!
PTS_Habon Hour ago
Art's Legacy
Art's Legacy Hour ago
Want to help each other? 1 sub at a time?
sinopluazrail57 dünyanın fatihi
Snorticus Porticus
meme boi
meme boi Hour ago
Thank you Jaiden,very cool
Muffin Lover
Muffin Lover Hour ago
i like purple 😔
Mark Hour ago
Thank you for doing your part ;) subbed to you for your skillfully subtle additions to the 2018 Rewind. your art is awesome 👏🏼
Art's Legacy
Art's Legacy Hour ago
Want to sub to each other Mark? Cool name :)
Adnan Hour ago
Hello I love your videos and your right
Sub 2 Pewdz
Sub 2 Pewdz Hour ago
6:26 jaiden you frikin legend
The Blue Slime 21
Congrats on the rewind
Ricky Ware
Ricky Ware Hour ago
Watch how to train your dragon but don't show ari
Angel Cupcakegirl99
Dont be rude to the baby :( WELL IM A GOOD ARTIST XD
Art's Legacy
Art's Legacy Hour ago
Want to help each other? 1 sub at a time?
Ben Miller
Ben Miller Hour ago
Jeeze, you are very good at formulating thoughts then being able to convert those thoughts to words. Well done
Jeremiah King.
hey my name is Jeremiah !
LemonJuice 18
LemonJuice 18 Hour ago
*Jaiden... I praise you for making a PewDiePie reference in USvid rewind*
Pezpuck Hour ago
Did you see you were in youtube rewind ?
Temole Theledi
Thank you for adding a little pewdiepie to rewind
Daredevil-Demon Two
Jake Pual: 5 million subs in 6 months Pewdepie: 5 million subs in 1 month Rewind 2018: 5 million dislikes in 2 days. not making fun of you, but its true.
Nate Dawes
Nate Dawes 2 hours ago
Viewed for the pewdiepie, subbed for the script, animation, and message.
Rose Bygrace
Rose Bygrace 2 hours ago
Thanks for making great videos I always watch you when I'm down or bored and you always cheer me up please don't stop posting!
Masked Mason
Masked Mason 2 hours ago
" Beware vanity. " - Ginchi Funakoshi
Zombie King
Zombie King 2 hours ago
Thank you for a best chair in the world (USvid rewind 2018)
Felipe Yuichi Dantas Kato
Thanks for save me for my problems ( I was almost crazy)
BOOXZELZ 2 hours ago
My favorite super hero is ari might
Shane Wicker
Shane Wicker 2 hours ago
Even jaiden did her part in the battle
Cody Beinert
Cody Beinert 2 hours ago
8:53-9:04 But you are though! XD
hi I like chairs
hi I like chairs 2 hours ago
*why did the animators need to do the in my feelings challenge..*
Jared Garcia
Jared Garcia 2 hours ago
But i wanna get hit by meteors ;^;
D4RK PIK4CHU 2 hours ago
Daredevil-Demon Two
good job Jaiden, you are the best animator I've seen. You are a better animator than me.
Lizzie the Bunny
Lizzie the Bunny 2 hours ago
This is like me. Whenever I draw something I think it's horrible. Then my best friend would always say "oh ma gord this is best."
William 2 hours ago
Good to know the person I look up to and feel completely crap compared to has struggled with looking up to people and feeling like complete crap compared to them! There are just some artists I just flat out refuse to look at because it's looking into the sun or like that thing with Greek gods where if you look directly at their true form you would burst into flames being overwhelmed by the utter amazing perfection that your mortal form couldn't take it. I tend to look towards artists that are just good enough to push me but I can still see where they came from and still pick out a few shortcomings/flaws.
Unicornhugger 05
Unicornhugger 05 2 hours ago
8:24 😂😂😂
Tedor 2 hours ago
ioana ilea
ioana ilea 2 hours ago
This video is so great! I really like the message here. I'm sure you make many of us rethink certain aspects of our lives. Most people back when I was in highschool still listened to criticism, but now, even the same people gush off any idea that isn't their own as ,,hate". So that part felt so true! *I think many of us feel exposed nowadays, and continuously seek to protect ourselves, our egos. We fear a public meltdown. And that polarises our thinking.* I've seen people who wouldn't admit they are interested in ideas which contrast with their current lifestyle/mentality just because they are afraid of the judgement. But those people at least consider different optics. Most simply don't even try to really get out of their comfort zone and truly feel victimized even if they're not! It's crazy. I had a similar meltdown a few years back and for a few weeks now I started questioning myself again. Why am I choosing different things...it's so uncomfortable when you don't even have the answers yet!
Xx Ayie xX
Xx Ayie xX 2 hours ago
Where is your doggo. It's been a long time since we seen the doggo
just the bri gamer
just the bri gamer 2 hours ago
8:00 So pretty much narcissism....
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 2 hours ago
You committed a sin and tok know what I’m talking about
$oul Gamer
$oul Gamer 2 hours ago
You are the best jaiden for putting pewds!!!
Flazzy Fire
Flazzy Fire 2 hours ago
omar elwasif
omar elwasif 2 hours ago
s t o p b i t c h i n g
ioana ilea
ioana ilea 2 hours ago
thats...not the case here, honestly
ioana ilea
ioana ilea 2 hours ago
M.C Gramata
M.C Gramata 2 hours ago
Thank you for sneaking the Pewdiepie chair in USvid rewind 2018, you’re a real hero.
epic snobby the rapper not really
Im same tree branches here
ioana ilea
ioana ilea 2 hours ago
ahaha, omg 1:19 d e m o n e t i z e d
Quiche Lorraine
Quiche Lorraine 2 hours ago
I loved the reference and lil' joke about Van Gogh's ear xD
Kevin Diaz
Kevin Diaz 2 hours ago
I like purple
Pyra Smoke
Pyra Smoke 3 hours ago
Your animation is amazing your content is some of the best on the platform
ioana ilea
ioana ilea 2 hours ago
thoughtful, creative and funny, she's really great!
smileyboyz 3 hours ago
your vocie is caling
Ore-some Emeralds
Ore-some Emeralds 3 hours ago
Hey Jaiden, I'm trying to convince my cousin to make an animation channel, she likes the idea, and shes AWESOME at drawing, any tips for her? Thanks!
Zafira_Autobahn 3 hours ago
8:30 I see the hidden black dots effect on the crossings on the shelf :D
SemiOddBeing 3 hours ago
I appreciate you making this video. I deal with this problem daily. I push myself to get straight A's in school to the point that I burn myself out. The first time I got a B I cried for an hour. I've seen others explain this topic but you explain it in a way that makes me feel good about what I accomplished but see how much of an impact my mental health has taken over the years. Sincerely, A Really Anxious and Insecure Teen
TheMine 66
TheMine 66 3 hours ago
6:28 hold up...
The Crazie
The Crazie 3 hours ago
You are a legend
claudiadaisy 3 hours ago
i feel sick after the daba
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