beIN SPORTS Exclusive: David Beckham talks Liverpool, Champions League and the World Cup

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Football superstar David Beckham talks about his experience in his three World Cups, his thoughts on the upcoming Qatar World Cup and much more in this beIN SPORTS Exclusive Interview.


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Dec 24, 2019




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Comments 174
harry lame
harry lame Month ago
Calling the big boys in to cover the slavery and deaths!
Ронай Дневной свет
Beckham A true, honest, humble and modest man.
Al Month ago
"The development in Qatar has been incredible...minus a few deaths."
nasir qadiri
nasir qadiri Month ago
64 time "you know"
Dean Jean
Dean Jean 14 days ago
I was counting that too... 80
Josh Dolphin
Josh Dolphin Month ago
Can't believe Becks is sporting neck beard on camera
Mn B
Mn B Month ago
We all know David is for sale when it comes to endorsing products. But I think he should have backed out of this one. His agent must have quoted a sky high number.
Dave Stone
Dave Stone Month ago
Over paid puppet.
Harry C
Harry C Month ago
How much has he been payed to suck this much ass hole
Richard Merghani
His highness will do anything to make it happen ! Including bribary !!
Paul Scott
Paul Scott Month ago
Have they all forgot how they treated the people who built the stadiums ?
Freddy Santin
Freddy Santin Month ago
You just depends on your cross and free kick...other than that..you are average.. player..
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Month ago
Does he have the same dentist as Klopp?
samzie samzie
samzie samzie Month ago
What a cock smoker! I've just lost all respect for him.
whiteweewee Month ago
what a bum licker
jonny mill
jonny mill Month ago
Wat a fukin punk he is
Ash Nakamura
Ash Nakamura Month ago
I don't think he used 'incredible' enough
Christiano K
Christiano K Month ago
"His Highness"...fuck off you kiss arse. Qatar will be a very welcoming place-unless you're gay. Amazing stadia.....built by slave labour.
David Jackson
David Jackson Month ago
His opinion is about as believable as an utterance from Boris Johnson's mouth.
David Jackson
David Jackson Month ago
@Jim Beam I'm not inclined either way, your question would have more relevance to a typical voter.
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Month ago
so more believable than Corbyn then.
THE DUDE Month ago
David Jackson hahaha
Paul Dunleavy
Paul Dunleavy Month ago
I think he thinks it’s incredible
Sul Mandura
Sul Mandura Month ago
Liverpool FC is the best football club in the world. We in Asia love LFC very much.
Paul Scott
Paul Scott Month ago
Your welcome my friend from liverpool 😀👍ynwa6
P punkt P
P punkt P Month ago
Ich auch
britbox Month ago
Appears Beckham took the loot. "Here's the script son..."
DR360WHO Month ago
Do you regret all those tattoos you got over the years?
Reeteen Bhorra
Reeteen Bhorra Month ago
Lee Illman
Lee Illman Month ago
Full of shit
Crosby Ong
Crosby Ong Month ago
With all due respect, IMO World Cup in Qatar is all money, and a bad joke.
Crosby Ong
Crosby Ong Month ago
Jim Beam LOL I didn’t. Just checked for results.
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Month ago
Yet you will watch it.
pooler78 Month ago
He forgot to say "you want the people who made these stadiums to be safe"🙄
6times LFC
6times LFC Month ago
Srijan Sinha
Srijan Sinha Month ago
As a football fan you don't want to sit in a stand that caused the death of construction workers building it. Big fan David Beckham.. But this one is a stinker.. U are going to smell all the bodies of the dead in those fancy facilities and stadiums...
MH Month ago
How are the workers,most especially those who are being paid peanuts here in Qatar gonna benefit from this big achievement.Imagine earning less than 500usd per month while living in some of these filthy accomodations
Olimpico77 Month ago
you total bell end beckham
Ice Cool
Ice Cool Month ago
He has a limited vocabulary. Says same old shit over again. Sick of the posh spice and Beckham brand. They started this Kardashian type talentless trend off
Ice Cool
Ice Cool Month ago
@VideoLad He WAS a decent footballer and she was talentless from start to present. Anyone can become a fashion designer built on a brand. Go fuck yourself now
VideoLad Month ago
I mean, they're both exceptionally talented people in their chosen fields. He was a high-level pro athlete and she is a leading fashion designer. I can't even comprehend what someone would have to achieve for you to call them 'talented'.
N1ce Dreams
N1ce Dreams Month ago
"Facilities, how people are treated, facilities, how people are treated, facilities.." Fuck me he is boring..
Craig Woods
Craig Woods 2 months ago
As much as I respect what Becks has done through his career his speech patterns are painfully similar to the Donald!
Satty Gill
Satty Gill Month ago
who donald duck?? bell end
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Month ago
You jealous clown.
xGravityONEx 2 months ago
How can he sit there and look around saying it's amazing what they have done by building These Stadions while knowing how many fathers and grandpas died there or were badly injured ... Didnt expect that Level of greed for Money😣
Advait Chauhan
Advait Chauhan Month ago
@Jim Beam its not even about rich. he is british and you know their kind!
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Month ago
He is rich. Rich people don't care about poor people. Otherwise they would not be rich because otherwise they would have given their wealth to people who need it.
Siddy Kay
Siddy Kay 2 months ago
Proper clickbait title BeIN cheeky eh?
Andrew Walsh
Andrew Walsh 2 months ago
Citizen 1138
Citizen 1138 2 months ago
Fuck off Beckham.. go back to modelling underwear and flogging your cheap aftershave
Craig Gibbons
Craig Gibbons 2 months ago
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Month ago
So just like everything and everywhere else.
True Lies
True Lies 2 months ago
Jess Lana
Jess Lana 2 months ago
He’s fake
Peter Lucas
Peter Lucas 2 months ago
just bought a david beckham gearbox for my car inter miami lol my arse ynwa
Executive Cars
Executive Cars 2 months ago
It’s amazing what a celebrity endorser and a few thousand slaves can do David 👊
john obrien
john obrien 2 months ago
Is this a holiday advert 😄😄😄
Liverpool Super
Liverpool Super 2 months ago
Trent is like you beck...but he is in different position...
Hammer 001
Hammer 001 2 months ago
Liverpool Super Trent even now is better than Beckham ever was. YNWA
my dog baily
my dog baily 2 months ago
i can not stand the beckhams
Leon Dave
Leon Dave 2 months ago
I really like Beckham.. But this is just staged! Don't know how much they are paying him to say all of this. Fucking rubbish
woodkey1 2 months ago
Hey becks, trent is owning that right channel and delivering those balls even much better than u and guess what? He can defend too. Bet u cant defend like he does. Aint that awesome? True scouser he is
I dont know when dis comment was wrote but i had to reply u..go check dis man's history good then com back and compare him...i lov tret and am a reds fan but dis man was different lets giv him da respect he deserves
Tasker Matic
Tasker Matic Month ago
woodkey1 Well he did a pretty good job of defending hosting the World Cup in one of the last places you should be hosting a World Cup.
Alex F
Alex F 2 months ago
Hey, David. What type of experience would a gay football fan have if they were to visit Qatar for the World Cup? Open and friendly???? Oh, I'm sure.
Ice Cool
Ice Cool Month ago
Who gives a fuck. Urgh stay put you prick
Alex F
Alex F 2 months ago
Fuck "His Highness" and everything "his Highness" stands for.
UNCLE ALBERT 2 months ago
How did Beckham get paid for that 1st answer,well actually all of them.didnt have you pegged as a severe arsehole licker David. 💸💸💸💸💸
Peter Sothern
Peter Sothern 2 months ago
Liverpool won 4-0 tonight so they will WIN the league. oh and we're world champions
anth mac
anth mac 2 months ago
How False is that facial hair colouring :( ya phuckin nancey
Jerri Pires
Jerri Pires 2 months ago
Jama Mohamed
Jama Mohamed 2 months ago
Liverpool World champions winners unbelievable team great club ynwa.
Jama Mohamed
Jama Mohamed 2 months ago
Liverpool ynwa Liverpool means more family
Shazally Sood
Shazally Sood 2 months ago
Scum will always be a scum
LORD 2 months ago
4:01 you dont even call queen "her highness"
LORD 2 months ago
Your love for football died in 2007 when you were just 31 or 32 and moved to america shame on you
Eshwara Shawn
Eshwara Shawn 2 months ago
David Beckham, Manchester United lick Liverpool ass
Peach Heard
Peach Heard 2 months ago
Fuck United
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