Behind Lady Gaga's Legendary Met Gala Looks | Vogue

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Through teamwork, planning, and an intrinsic understanding of camp, Lady Gaga gave the Met Gala its defining moment.

Filmed at The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York

Directed by Jessy Price
Editor: Molly Holtzinger
Music: "Fashion!" by Lady Gaga

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Behind Lady Gaga's Legendary Met Gala Looks | Vogue

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May 10, 2019




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Comments 4 536
7:36 my asian self was shook.
Minu Mondal
Minu Mondal Day ago
Hi friend please read📖 bible....
Rashmi Rekha Mishra
I think she is the only one who interpreted the title 'Camp' perfectly!
Aparna Menon
Aparna Menon 3 days ago
How did she remove her tee after all that makeup and hair 😂
mattymoua c:
mattymoua c: 3 days ago
Reminds me of Gaga: Five Feet Two
Paris Leal
Paris Leal 4 days ago
John Lim
John Lim 4 days ago
I love that her make up artist is her sister.
stefani 6 days ago
Anie Kuriyan
Anie Kuriyan 6 days ago
she is a legend
Douglas Godino
Douglas Godino 7 days ago
Not only are Gaga's looks legendary. She herself is a legend. I love her to death!
Loren Wood
Loren Wood 8 days ago
5:43 if gaga is 5'3 those dancers must be soooo short
Loren Wood
Loren Wood 8 days ago
3:47 gave me a stroke
Babeena_Gt _
Babeena_Gt _ 9 days ago
Her perfume smells like my toilet but she is very beautiful
DAVIsual CABELOS 9 days ago
My diva
Luis Brayan Romero
Luis Brayan Romero 10 days ago
Yasss Gaga
Ana Maria Barbosa
Ana Maria Barbosa 10 days ago
kari m
kari m 12 days ago
sarah tanno 🤢🤢
Vris 12 days ago
Sat through the whole video without pausing once. Ride on Gaga
dannie sabs
dannie sabs 12 days ago
gaga, me and my sister are very happy to see you
haleema fatima playlist
Appreciation for inside team
Anne-Lie Jansen
Anne-Lie Jansen 13 days ago
I love Lady Gaga style and I just love her music, Lady Gaga will always be my favorite.
Giovi Mary Giò
Giovi Mary Giò 14 days ago
DRO Network
DRO Network 14 days ago
Lady Gaga lives camp, she didn’t even have to try to dress as the theme. She just has to show up😭
DRO Network
DRO Network 14 days ago
LMAOOAOO I saw Corey Leigh😭
m e
m e 7 days ago
DRO Network
DRO Network 11 days ago
m e 😂😂 “rahrahmlalallaaa yesss”
m e
m e 12 days ago
DRO Network yooo I was looking for this comment 😭😭😭
Zundrae Pertos
Zundrae Pertos 16 days ago
Lady Gaga is Extravagant Like me me if you Agree.
Guiller Castro
Guiller Castro 18 days ago
And she's praying. Wow!
laksiri peiris
laksiri peiris 19 days ago
Legendary look???.. The world is fu**ed up
khristhop cc
khristhop cc 20 days ago
Viva Gaga!! 👏👏👏
Finnri Hudgens
Finnri Hudgens 20 days ago
We STAN an artist who takes her job SERIOUSLY
A A A 20 days ago
I love her 😍
Peidi Grimes
Peidi Grimes 20 days ago
7:45 Haus of FUN
alani phan
alani phan 21 day ago
Her personality is so beautiful
Jennifer Elias Reyes
8:40-8:46 had me 😂 Gaga is such an inspiration💕💕 my queen
Billy poppins
Billy poppins 22 days ago
Prisilla Queen of the desert... 😁
Briseyda G
Briseyda G 22 days ago
I love Gaga 💕
Hessa Ahli
Hessa Ahli 22 days ago
Get that girl
HoangDuyKhanh Xam
HoangDuyKhanh Xam 22 days ago
oidiesss 22 days ago
9:46 mark of the beast 😐
Matthew0337 16 days ago
oidiesss oh Shutup
Erick Rivera
Erick Rivera 23 days ago
Wow 😮 😍😍😍
carlus adonaï
carlus adonaï 23 days ago
Aaaaa SEXTA -FEIRA PROCHAIN , deixarei Uma GORJETA , pra SERCRETARIA da DOUTORA , e claro Pra quem nunca tocou em FRANC-SUISSE , deixarei umas MOEDINHAS ( CHF )...
Aldair Cortes
Aldair Cortes 25 days ago
The last reveal is very Britney !!!
Hello Sweetheart
Hello Sweetheart 25 days ago
I could not handle listening to her speak constantly in a monotone voice and just agree & agree all day..or do someones makeup& hair while they move around bcuz they can...I wouldn't make a good worshipper lol. But I love gaga
Stephenie Mievre
Stephenie Mievre 25 days ago
Umbrella guy at 5:16 is everything. an unsung hero
syckindahead 25 days ago
I remember reading somewhere that Gaga specifically only had tattoos on one side of her body as an agreement with her father, something like that. I see that has changed lol. Great BTS footage.
Kavita Joshi
Kavita Joshi 27 days ago
9:29 Just wondering how she removed t shirt getting hair and eyelashes done... 😀 would have torn it 🤔
Ольга Колупаева
Elizabeth Selimban
Elizabeth Selimban 28 days ago
I love this video so much!!! Thank u youtube for recommended me this. Omg, she pray for the whole team. Love her so much. PERIOD!!!😚
tomboii 07
tomboii 07 29 days ago
The main thing I kept questioning was how she took her T-shirt off after getting her makeup and hair done lol
M Aggarwal
M Aggarwal 29 days ago
She treats her team so much better than kylie did
yolanda ramos
yolanda ramos 29 days ago
The fact that my dad made it into one of these videos before me :/
Dainius Rutkauskas
I feel like she was the only one who knew what camp was about
Anne Francis Hemilga
sis been doing camp her whole career
Amor Do Futuro
Amor Do Futuro Month ago
Maravilhosa 👏💗👏
Terence Santos
Terence Santos Month ago
Her voice though 😍😍😍😍😍
Steven Flores
Steven Flores Month ago
Yasss Gaga💋💋💋
Hooligans Month ago
Lady Gaga was what met gala 2019 was about
Jessica S
Jessica S Month ago
Can someone pls explain to me what camp means 😭🥴
clout fiend
clout fiend Month ago
Right lmfao I was really thinking of tents and outdoors and hiking and all that 💀
Zexion579 Month ago
Gaga = Camp Kween.
Nada Adzic
Nada Adzic Month ago
LUL Month ago
Why are you guys always compare two people can't you guys just compliment her
Sara Zagrabska
Sara Zagrabska Month ago
Miła niee
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