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Bebe Rexha - I'm A Mess (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

Bebe Rexha
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See the full show by tuning in to ABC on Friday, December 7 at 9/8c for the encore of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
'I'm A Mess' from the Debut Album 'Expectations' Out Now: beberexha.io/expectations
Connect with Bebe:
Facebook: smarturl.it/fb.BebeRexha
Twitter: smarturl.it/t.BebeRexha
Instagram: smarturl.it/ig.beberexha
Website: smarturl.it/w.BebeRexha


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Dec 3, 2018




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Comments 7 592
baby carrot
baby carrot 10 minutes ago
omg kelsey Merritt so pretty
Sofia Rose
Sofia Rose 3 hours ago
i really love that the models are dancing!! the energy is incredible!
Reza Destriana
Reza Destriana 8 hours ago
0.22-0.23 anyone know her name?
Janel Micah Barrios
Janel Micah Barrios 10 hours ago
Mia lop
Mia lop 14 hours ago
Bebe rexha is looking tick
Tupac Thug Life
Tupac Thug Life 20 hours ago
Pure garbage shit
Lota 2
Lota 2 21 hour ago
2:15 Are we going the ignore the model?
LPS LillyPup
LPS LillyPup Day ago
No offence but I feel like Bebe Rexha can't sing when she's live..
Prabha Jadhav
I don't think models were necessary Bebe Rexha is enough alone with her beautiful look💓💓🤙
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She sings "I'm a mess" But she looks gorgeous 😍❤️
Fjord Lover
Fjord Lover 16 hours ago
That's the Problem with our modern society. You don't See mentall illness!!
Welington Lira
Mia lop
Mia lop Day ago
me:I wish I could sing like that my friends:you sing better than us me:shhhhhh nobody needs to know that
Alba lucia Toro
I love your voice is beatiful and you
Villains_ 123
YOU ARE MY BEST SINGER!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😌😌😌😺
Βασίλης Σιδεράς
Ellaha Sadat
Ellaha Sadat 2 days ago
These dresses are very terrible 😰😰
Mingyi Wang
Mingyi Wang 2 days ago
I like to see her enjoying the show and letting others enjoy the way as she does.
gamer cat
gamer cat 2 days ago
She sounds like studio 😘😘😘
Christian Palomer
2:37 Shes fo Fcvkin Cute 😄🤣😍
Jayson Galan
Jayson Galan 2 days ago
im a mess isn't favorite song
incarnate V
incarnate V 2 days ago
Bebe can really pull off 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Matthias PJRS
Matthias PJRS 2 days ago
Kelsey my new favorite model at VS
Κατερινα Συλλιγαρδάκη
Go on 2:16 loser!
Dinesh Pandey
Dinesh Pandey 2 days ago
It was great yet not perfect
navya mehrotra
navya mehrotra 3 days ago
2:14 got rejected so bad lmao
NotSoBad NotSoBad
The energy of bebe rexha and those models make me goose bumps!
자라 3 days ago
진짜 이 아이디어라 해야되나 어쨌든 패션쇼와 공연?을 같이 하는 거 정말 멋있고 만약 내가 가수였다면 정말 이런 무대에 서고싶을듯
Natasha Villamil
Natasha Villamil 3 days ago
Kelsey aaAahHhh That's our gaaaal
Soso Gomez
Soso Gomez 3 days ago
Gacha life xd
Martha del pilar Siñani quisberth
Creo que vi gigi
Katherin Bernihá
Elli e
Elli e 3 days ago
why is she sooooo beautiful
hafsa siddiqa
hafsa siddiqa 3 days ago
Is it just me or does her legs look like it's made out of plastic😞
Segio Urriola
Segio Urriola 3 days ago
Me encanta Victoria secret .
Nathaly Rivas
Nathaly Rivas 3 days ago
Me encantan las can ciones d Beb Rexha
Blobby The blob
Blobby The blob 4 days ago
I like the one with the hoodie
Djb Joey
Djb Joey 4 days ago
Jhay Delima
Jhay Delima 4 days ago
Kelsey Merritt is ❣️❣️
Young Desire
Young Desire 4 days ago
Love when she shouts 1, 2, 3
آدم محترف
I love Bebe rexha she fashion :)
Virus V
Virus V 4 days ago
Bebe rexha WON
Pickles Go Crazy
Pickles Go Crazy 5 days ago
*Bebe Rexha can be a model*
Menna El Ghazawy
Menna El Ghazawy 5 days ago
their energy always puts me in a good mood
jednorožec 1
jednorožec 1 5 days ago
Bebe: beautiful talented curvy girl VS: this is not a FANTASY 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤭🤭🤭🤭
Florije Gerguri
Florije Gerguri 5 days ago
Catherine Flores
Catherine Flores 5 days ago
Kelsey! 😍
Kim Taehee
Kim Taehee 5 days ago
I guess the Victoria secret fashion show asks celebs to sing in their show..cause i guess it gives confidence to the models to do their work boldly
Isabela Da Silva
Isabela Da Silva 5 days ago
Are havinhfg
Isabela Da Silva
Isabela Da Silva 5 days ago
Womuigo o MG poawe
Usa Puthawong
Usa Puthawong 5 days ago
Everyone is so beautiful.
desnutria 5 days ago
En definitiva amé esta pasarela, fue tan dinámica y se les veía a las chicas más relajadas que en otras ocasiones. Amo.
Fahim Fardin
Fahim Fardin 6 days ago
she just can't fucking sing but i like her auto tuned songs :3
bon Leonard Tangcangco
Taylor swift's "I knew you were trouble" is still the best for me
jack enriquez
jack enriquez 6 days ago
My friends always sing this
Đào Thùy Linh
Đào Thùy Linh 6 days ago
Mark Dwight Tadina
1:30 #PilipinasGotGame 🇵🇭
wind vo
wind vo 6 days ago
Perfect.. Love all for you
Fay-Ann Jackson
Fay-Ann Jackson 6 days ago
They having hella fun
Kari 950
Kari 950 6 days ago
silvia proenca
silvia proenca 6 days ago
sara sampaio toda diva kkk
Hruaia 23
Hruaia 23 6 days ago
She is so gorgeous 😍 and her voice 💓
Fatima Jane Mata
Fatima Jane Mata 6 days ago
Bebe 💕
Diana Mussatto
Diana Mussatto 6 days ago
the best
Salma Rachmaputri
they look so average compared to her lol
Ím Príí
Ím Príí 7 days ago
Bebe looking stunning hot with models
Monica Myers
Monica Myers 7 days ago
The 4.7K who disliked this video are a mess! 💋
B Diamonds
B Diamonds 7 days ago
This is awesome, I just love this :)
Bow Hello
Bow Hello 7 days ago
I’ve never seen them so skinny are they healthy????¿¿
Nelly Vianney
Nelly Vianney 7 days ago
De aseguro usa autotun
Carolina  Tejada
Carolina Tejada 7 days ago
Love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘
yuri taku
yuri taku 8 days ago
bebe rexha is hot.
Lorren888 8 days ago
I'm sorry but can somebody finally invite Hayley kiyoko to perform on Victoria's secret show? I'm sure she would slay and enjoy :)
Keyla Flores
Keyla Flores 8 days ago
Danebelle Ator
Danebelle Ator 8 days ago
Who's from halsey's and Shawn's video?
akshay adkurkar
akshay adkurkar 8 days ago
Omfg... All the fav people under one roof.... 😍😍☮️☮️☮️🍁🍁
Madison Webb
Madison Webb 8 days ago
She looks amazing
Francis Duplito
Francis Duplito 8 days ago
Catriona Gray is 101% another VICTORIA'S SECRET SUPERMODEL her walk and turn is explosive and too powerful just saying 💓💓
Francis Duplito
Francis Duplito 3 days ago
+ReenTheHuman you are entitled to your own opinion,I just compare Catriona Gray to super models because her aura is very supermodel too,she is a beauty queen with an angelic voice complete package she is also The Queen and Goddess of Beauty.I love her so much.
ReenTheHuman 3 days ago
Anong kinalaman ni Catriona dito? Iba yung supermodel tsaka yung beauty queen...
Anh Huy
Anh Huy 8 days ago
3:17 she is......?
Nouhaila Exobaek
Nouhaila Exobaek 8 days ago
diana fox
diana fox 9 days ago
2:37 that horror scream tho 😂😂😂
mackenzie mackinnon
Bebe sounded like she was gonna crack luckily she didn’t 😂😂
Mouseketeer_Zoe_Gab _Jutare
Neel C
Neel C 9 days ago
Yeees Kelseey
ana rodriguez
ana rodriguez 9 days ago
La mejor cansion del mundo
Shannon chayanuch
Shannon chayanuch 10 days ago
Who is here after Grace Elizabeth becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel
andrea andrea
andrea andrea 10 days ago
Likhith R.J
Likhith R.J 10 days ago
Bebe rexha is more beautiful than all of them
lu.aesthxtic 10 days ago
3:07 who is She ???
jackshaftoe21 9 days ago
Myrthe Bolt
Lee Da Yeong
Lee Da Yeong 10 days ago
It's such an honor for Bebe to sing on this stage and you're dressed to kill with your pink costume
aterose vlog
aterose vlog 10 days ago
aterose vlog
aterose vlog 10 days ago
Oh my Kelley 😍😍
bharathi kushi
bharathi kushi 10 days ago
Bebe I love ur attitude
Jenna Palayad
Jenna Palayad 10 days ago
Tbh I like this singers singing in a fashion show than their actual live performance..... I'm not being rude but, I just love it this way.
Katie Sampson
Katie Sampson 10 days ago
Yah who is Halsey modules
SHlRU 10 days ago
Taha Pasha
Taha Pasha 10 days ago
name of model at .52 ??
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