Bachelor Roses & Rose LIVE Finale Part 2 RECAP: Does Colton Get Engaged?! Plus The New Bachelorette

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Amy Cortez
Amy Cortez 2 months ago
I rooted for hannah.B to be with him but im still happy she gets to be on the bachleret shes so sweet and nive shes just afraid to be herself and im going to pray for a good man for her!!!
Minx Minx
Minx Minx 2 months ago
What a rip off of a season... Glad, this Season is finally over...
J 33
J 33 2 months ago
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worchin green
worchin green 2 months ago
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Leora Karoly
Leora Karoly 2 months ago
I think Canadian Daniel and Demi could get along on Paradise.
Leora Karoly
Leora Karoly 2 months ago
Interesting that everyone keeps saying Hannah B seems so genuine. She seemed like one of the least genuine girls to me. I was hoping it would be Elyse.
Hafsah Akhtar
Hafsah Akhtar 2 months ago
He obviously lost his virginity a long time ago with cassie but I really don't think he has to explicitly say that he did, its personal and unnecessary
Diane B
Diane B 2 months ago
People will be turning on Hanna B very soon I don't see Hanna B being able to string 2 words together.
Victor Efughi
Victor Efughi 2 months ago
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sublunacy 2 months ago
Creepy women creeping on other women. CREEPY!!! go build yourself something, fix your aging SUV,
Bcdf 1930
Bcdf 1930 2 months ago
I think Cassie did not want to disappoint Colton the second time around after they parted ways the first time! So, she agreed to date him knowing that it was definitely not going to last!
Bcdf 1930
Bcdf 1930 2 months ago
Maybe Cassie was shocked that she was not going to be the next Bachelorette! Lol!
Marty Mcmannis
Marty Mcmannis 2 months ago
Like a real life soap opera. I get more entertaining experience clipping my toe nails.
Marcy's Life
Marcy's Life 2 months ago
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Kuv me Nplooj Siab
Kuv me Nplooj Siab 2 months ago
What happened to Tayshia and Hannah G as Bachelorettes instead of Hannah B.? I don't get me wrong, I like Hannah B. but Tayshia and Hannah G. deserves so much more than Hannah B. in my opinion.
Caitlin Bishop
Caitlin Bishop 2 months ago
Damn am I just drinking the kool aid?! I think Colton and Cassie are totally in love! I think they had a rough beginning and they seem to be on the same page now. In addition, since he moved to LA they say they see each other at least once or twice a week and most couples get a happy couple weekend once a month. They’ve had more time than other couples from the end of filming until today. They genuinely seem happy. After watching Cassie read her journals to him, and the way she looks at him, etc. I really think she loves him now. Of course I can’t say how long it will last, but I wish them all the best and think they’ve overcome a lot already.
Citali Hyde
Citali Hyde 2 months ago
Don’t believe he was a virgin in the first place. He had a different excuse every time someone asked, and the reasons he gave we’re honestly bs
Boi Chuah Sang
Boi Chuah Sang 2 months ago
I actually respect Cassie not getting engaged yet. They really should keep it slow. Give it two more years. Let Cassie actually turn 25. 23 is too young
Summer-Linn Crawford
I grew up with Hannah. I can vouch that she is 100% genuine. I think it is normal for people to categorize someone so pretty as mean or fake. People are always looking for a catch.
Alyssa Pallotta
Alyssa Pallotta 2 months ago
I think Hannah Brown is cute but she seems boring af! Hopefully she’ll prove me wrong when the new season starts up😊
Co Co
Co Co 2 months ago
Why can't u see things just for what they are? She didn't want him. But couldn't tell it straight to his face cause he was a child about everything. He is a virgin. She would have gone down like a bad person on TV. She was guilted into staying. Her body language is obvious. Her words as well. Women feel bad about breaking up with guys. Colton also ignored her wanting to be left alone. I think this was just super sad. This is why people shouldn't lead on others. Now she can eat what she cooked.
Steve Shapiro
Steve Shapiro 2 months ago
I love Cassie, but for a Speech Pathologist, that girl can't put a cohesive sentence together. What's with that?
Tessa Damron
Tessa Damron 2 months ago
I can’t wait for the upcoming bachelorette season. Hannah B, even though she started out as a villain, she did turn it around and that video of the call for the bachelorette was very genuine. I will say for Colton and Cassie, I was honestly shocked and confused. Had no idea how to react to the whole thing.
Chrysaura 2 months ago
I'm glad Colton set boundaries around the virginity questions. Who tf actually cares about that or a proposal when there's already a full, dramatic, true love story unfolding? I don't need any closure on when someone's genital touch another persons; that's so boring compared to a man rejecting the structure in which he found love to let it grow naturally. It's what I wanted for him since the beginning 💜
Darren 2 months ago
Hey... who cares?
Renee Ossman
Renee Ossman 2 months ago
He is the smartest bachelor ever...ever...ever
Renee Ossman
Renee Ossman 2 months ago
I'm glad Colton stuck with his beliefs and followed his heart...persistent prevails when it comes from the heart. It was so obvious how strongly he believed in their relationship and his love for her. Giving her space and time to think things over was a plus, along with knowing he left with no one and wanted only her. What I liked the best of this season was the fact there was "NO" proposal. To me reality is you need to get to know each other so much more and experience life together before getting down on the knee. I hope this ending encourages more of the couples to do the same. I know people are going to say that is the way the show goes, but seriously folks thats why so many people that are not followers due to the fact that it is a little ridiculous to think and believe that this action of proposal should be taken place...just saying!
KTnarnia 2 months ago
I ship Caelynn & Blake.
KTnarnia 2 months ago
Lauren: I mean they would've finished filming some time in the winter. Me: It's still Winter, Lauren! It won't be Spring for another week! 🤣❤️❤️❤️
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 2 months ago
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Patricia Dorothée
Patricia Dorothée 2 months ago
NO! WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW IF HE HAD SEX OR NOT! You guys are disgusting
Anna Deel Century 21 Signature Realty
Can we talk about how awkward the interview was with Chis Harrison and Tayshia? Superrrrr scripted i wanted to puke
whitesnowoyuki 2 months ago
Colton only spoke in bachelor phrases it was boring to watch. I don’t think he was authentic in his word but he was with his actions.. good luck to him with Cassie.
Al Gonnerman
Al Gonnerman 2 months ago
it doesn't matter how I feel about the bachelorette choice. Do they listen to the fans? nah
Jessica Nieland
Jessica Nieland 2 months ago
I was soooo uninterested in this finale. I was basically on Pinterest the whole episode. If I never have to hear about Colton's virginity again it will be too soon. That is all they talked about last night 🙄🙄. I was disappointed in this Bach season, it lasted forever. Too draggy for me 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Karen Becker
Karen Becker 2 months ago
Can we talk about how lovely Cassie's hair looked in the live show ? So stunning, so pretty.
Genesis Diaz
Genesis Diaz 2 months ago
Lol the clips that show we are confused by Cassie's confusion.. I kept saying WHAT? Hope they make it.
NWO 2033
NWO 2033 2 months ago
cassie is not sure about colton
Danyelle B
Danyelle B 2 months ago
2 things: This was the most romantic season of the bachelor EVER! And Hannah G should've been the bachelorette.
Eleanor Blair
Eleanor Blair 2 months ago
Cassie was expecting this relationship to be similar to her prior relationship where she lot herself. I believe she was afraid and confused until later, but she started to feel better a little in Spain once she revealed that to Colton.
Eleanor Blair
Eleanor Blair 2 months ago
Lost herself
Leo Zucconi
Leo Zucconi 2 months ago
Bibi did three shows in a year too (bachelor, winter games, and paradise)
Nancy Daly
Nancy Daly 2 months ago
Lauren- I completely agree with you! Gosh- they are so young, 23 and 26. I feel as if he was infatuated with her- she was the challenge the one who needed to be pursued. She was conflicted and confused- even when she met his parents. I have to wonder how they feel about this now. I think she was flattered by how he pursued her and romanced her. We heard- "I'm so nervous- I'm so confused- I don't know if I can get there""- every sentence was in a state of indecision. We never heard her say- I am in love with you- but I appreciate her being honest if that was not quite there. By the time we saw them at the live finale- they had spent time together. They were much more relaxed with each other- they clearly have a real relationship and care for each other. They seem very happy- good for them. Given their ages- I'm glad they are taking their time. All the TV time is over- now their relationship is in real life. You can tell they come from very strong loving families. Take your time- be sure. And yes- get her dad's blessing and in this case- they should get his family's blessing as well.
Earl Cabbel
Earl Cabbel 2 months ago
The deadline for these engagements are for TV purposes. Their relationship is more real world. I wholeheartedly agree with a comment made by Montourgirl.
Lisa DC
Lisa DC 2 months ago
Can't stand Hannah B!! They had so many better options...
Tatum Villanueva
Tatum Villanueva 2 months ago
Amy D
Amy D 2 months ago
how is Cassie a speech pathologist?
Jehnay R
Jehnay R 2 months ago
Not engaged? These 2 dating seems like the most sensible thing they can do! And Cassie FINALLY opened up & told Colton WHY she's been so guarded. She's had previous relationships with controlling, myosoginist men so it scares her to get too close. Colton has been so kind, respectful & tells her they'll just take the relationship one day at a time. This is a perfect approach & I think they're getting to know each other in a fun, slower and real way. Now Cassie can see that Colton is a good, genuine guy who loves her. Kudos to them! This show has learned a lot from this. The producers have been forcing couples to get engaged for years, only to have them split within months. Colton approach is much better!! I think her turning point was when he told her he jumped an 8' Portugese fence (televised 54 times). That got her attention!!: He's athletic like she is! She liked that. One question: Does she ever speak full sentences? It's hard to have conversations without that.
Austin Jestis
Austin Jestis 2 months ago
You can’t be serious. Hannah b got bachelorette because she ate a fish eye. Just provides nothing.
Has 2 months ago
I’m so happy for them both! Why the rush into engagement?!! They both seem VERY happy and in love...there’s no rush to take the next big leap!
Swati Mishra
Swati Mishra 2 months ago
I am all for no engagement and all. Take your time by all means! But this relationship just seemed too forced and painful to watch!!
Swati Mishra
Swati Mishra 2 months ago
This finale was painful to watch! What was Cassie doing on this show if she wasn’t ready? And Colton wanted the one person that was just not that into him. They had to fill the episode with interviews and a live band. Torturous.
R. A. DeGagné
R. A. DeGagné 2 months ago
Wait. So was the empty ring box scene another gimmick?
Laura Ellen
Laura Ellen 2 months ago
I really didn't care about the fact that there was no proposal. I think it's nice that they are showing that you don't need to rush things, in order to be happy, and if they stay together, maybe this will show us why the other bachelors have failed - because they were rushed. Also, regarding the V card... yeah, I wanted to know too, but I also think it's really not my business. I'm curious, but not entitled to any kind of an answer, just because he revealed in Becca's season that he was a virgin. It was probably the Bachelor Producers that played up his virginity, more than he did. Ashley I. also decided to keep the details of her virginity, private. When it feels like the whole world is demanding answers and details, maybe they feel pressured and want to just keep quiet and it makes them realize, they really don't owe anything to anyone. It's good to keep some things private. And look at the two of them... there is no way he is still a virgin. If we can't figure it out on our own, it must feel kind of trite, to have to pacify us with a verbal explanation. PS really happy for Hannah B! A little nervous for her, but overall, I think she's great.
Tulop 2 months ago
I need sydney and hannah G. Like, I NEED THEM I also want Ben, and Blake (I know nothing of blake) there, because I feel like those two would go with one of the other two. I WANNA SEE MY SHIPS COME TO LIFE,
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 2 months ago
#29 on trending
Brooke McPherson
Brooke McPherson 2 months ago
I feel like I've been the minority here but I loved this episode and this season! I've always been a fan of Cassie & Colton. Yes, there were times when I was like "why did you come on the show?" But after hearing Cassie talk about past relationships it makes more sense now. Love that Colton was patient and didn't give up. To me, Cassie just appeared to just not be used to being with someone like Colton. In my opinion they inspired many tonight to believe in second chances! Congratulations to Cassie and Colton! Wish you both the best! Congratulations to Hannah Beast! Was skeptical at first but after last night, should be very interesting to watch! Best of luck and hope you find someone to love you fiercely!
mememeome 2 months ago
I like Hannah B and do think she’s sweet, but watching her as the bachelorette made me cringe pretty hard. It’s just hard to watch so many awkward moments and rambly words where you’re either screaming, “say something!” Or “stop talking” Don’t get me wrong, I know that that’s how I’d be but..
taurusQ X
taurusQ X 2 months ago
Colton: I love you forever. Cassie: Free trip to Spain? Yeah, I'm in.
Seaflower722 2 months ago
sparknlola 16 that is exactly what happened! Because for someone who said a million times she didn’t know the next day she’s back in? Ha! She knew she won and I think her “leaving” Colton was her strategy to force his hand and go after her!
taurusQ X
taurusQ X 2 months ago
Yay! Hannah B.is a doll! Love that they chose her over icky Caelynn!
Emmabby Reborns
Emmabby Reborns 2 months ago
I think cassie will "find her words" when she finds true love.
Karen Lee
Karen Lee 2 months ago
I liked when he gave her the final rose. I think the show ended great. Hope they are happy and I don't care what happened in the fantasy suite. It's there own business. 😍
Karen Manning
Karen Manning 2 months ago
I am so excited that Hannah B. is the new Bachelorette! She is adorable, real, and will be so fun to watch. I'm really happy about Colton and Cassie dating now. That is how real life works, dating, getting to know each other over time, falling in love, then becoming engaged. I have to give Colton props for following his heart and pushing through. It was a risk but it appears to have worked out for them! They both really looked like they are in love. I also appreciate him keeping the issue of his virginity private now. I got really tired of the seemingly constant references to it. I'm happy for them! I think Cassie's feelings are real, I don't think she would have been able to fake the way she looks at him, the way she reacts to him, her body language says a lot. It looks like the real thing to me.
Lynn Durham
Lynn Durham 2 months ago
I am not at all happy with who they chose for the next Bachelorette..She is way too silly ..I wanted Catlynn..She must have turned it down.
C Wy
C Wy 2 months ago
colton has sex once then gets a fuckboy haircut.
Peter F
Peter F 2 months ago
Cant understand why Colton did not pick Hannah G. She was much better for him and why was she not picked as bachelorette??? So weird
Mildred White
Mildred White 2 months ago
I love Hannah B. I think she is honest and true.
Emmabby Reborns
Emmabby Reborns 2 months ago
Colton and Cassie's happily ever after will not come in the form of a proposal.....it will come in the form of a break up. in about six months to a year, when all the screen time has dwindled down and the exciting and exotic travel destinations have ended, he will want to get married and she will want to go on with her real life in the real world. The End..
Kita Tanya
Kita Tanya 2 months ago
Never thought I’d be so happy for someone on a reality show, but wow... watching Hannah Alabama get that call just made my day. Can’t wait for her season of the bachelorette! Hannah B is just so lovable. I hope she finds someone who’s not boring like Colton.
Tiffany Rucker
Tiffany Rucker 2 months ago
I love Hannah B as bachelorette! I love how real and relatable she is!
James Grey
James Grey 2 months ago
I feel so sad for him. I don't particularly like him but he seems to genuinely be in love with/smitten by her. I don't think she feels the same.
Ivonete Souza
Ivonete Souza 2 months ago
Holly Parson
Holly Parson 2 months ago
I really wish it was the young lady from VA
Emmabby Reborns
Emmabby Reborns 2 months ago
Didn't know what to say? The girl can't form two coherent thoughts or sentences together. It is painful to watch her trying to communicate. Put her in a Toastmasters Club quick!!
Lisa x
Lisa x 2 months ago
Obsession and love are two different things😒 When she does all the interviews and magazines for money, she’ll be done with him. The fence jump will be obsolete when he completely looses his shit! Buckle up folks
Beverly Scott
Beverly Scott 2 months ago
I think they both Cassie and colten looks much happier like their selves
Never Give up
Never Give up 2 months ago
How about Kirpa in Paradise?
Ellie McGuire
Ellie McGuire 2 months ago
“Also I used to have this phone case, I got it at Marshall’s, Hannah B so relatable” - LZ HAHAHAHA
Never Give up
Never Give up 2 months ago
Aaaand Caeylin still visits Cassie who is dating the guy she so "loved"
Ruth O'Hara
Ruth O'Hara 2 months ago
Why an engagement......Seriously, they were smart to take it slow.
sarah word
sarah word 2 months ago
What happen to the empty ring box scene????
Ceci N
Ceci N 2 months ago
Jane is so funny on this recap hope she makes more comments on the next season. I love this recap. I don't think will last Colton and Cassie. I think Hannah B. will do a great job.
Sydonne Warren
Sydonne Warren 2 months ago
I don't think cassie loves colton but we shall see
April Armendariz
April Armendariz 2 months ago
I must admit, I was not going to watch this season because I truly don't like Colton. However, it was entertaining and did capture my attention. I'm a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan because I am a hopeless romantic. I feel like this season turned into an MTV reality show. I think the show lost it's purpose. I feel like the show is not being made for the "right reasons" anymore, LOL! They are casting all these "younsters" that are not ready for a commitment as one would not be at 23 years old!!!! It's now full of immature drama, about she said this and they want to be an IG model and promote stuff and have their lives paid for by these advertisements. I mean who wouldn't want that right? However, this show is supposed to be about finding love, your life partner! They need to start casting older people and bring it back to what it once was. Hannah B is a terrible choice! She's 23, she shows way too many teeth than one needs to see and she's just not ready and you can tell. It's going to be another s**t show! I am so over these kids trying to show the world that true love exists and fail!
Kira A
Kira A 2 months ago
I think Hannah b should be an interesting season. It was a little awkward watching her last night but at the same time, it was nice to see someone not as polished and scripted. Feels refreshing and more genuine. I’ll definitely watch her season
Natali Mejia
Natali Mejia 2 months ago
This won't last!
808taiwan 2 months ago
I thought for sure it would be caelynn 😢 don’t want to watch hannah b.
Angela Harvey
Angela Harvey 2 months ago
A proposal on live are would not have gone well cause she is still not there yet!!!!
Alixandra Hice
Alixandra Hice 2 months ago
Sorry. Hannah B was a poor choice for Bachelorette. Let’s be honest, the girl can’t form an intelligent sentence - and - she was a bit on the nasty conniving side during her season on the Bachelor. Not feeling it. Tayshia would have been a much better choice. Even Hannah G., who was fairly unidimensional until her breakup with Colton when she became much more interesting. Whatever. I will never understand the franchise choices.
Ceti 2 months ago
Why? Why get engaged when not ready.. in my opinion very mature of them..
Amanda van der Westhuizen
She kept om hiding behind her hands! It's a tell all!
HaleyVic17 2 months ago
Guys, stop with the Hannah B bashing! The awkwardness that you see is a result of social anxiety, which affects millions of people. Not being articulate, smiling a lot, looking uncomfortable, and feeling really nervous are just some characteristics of social anxiety. She is trying to work through it. I admire that because I know I would never be able to do that. Social anxiety can legit be a hindrance to people going out and living their lives to the fullest. She is trying to even when she feels uncomfortable. I give it up to her. She can only get better.
DG22211 2 months ago
ali fedotowsky went after vienna at the beginning, and was still made a bachelorette. hannah wasn't the first to go from villain to bachelorette
Angela Harvey
Angela Harvey 2 months ago
If you noticed she would never say to him how she was feeling!!!!!!!! Jury is still out on her!!!!
Angela Harvey
Angela Harvey 2 months ago
Where is your couch recap???????☹️☹️☹️☹️
Eleanor Lovering
Eleanor Lovering 2 months ago
Colton is very wrong, advantage use of all of women's and shame by himself because look at last two of women's Tayshia and Hannah got big feel hurt and waste their time as last of end ..the bachelor is a poor rating !
Lauren Cowan
Lauren Cowan 2 months ago
I would’ve been LIVID if there was a proposal!! These are real people with real lives and it was soooo clear they were not ready for a proposal.
Janet P
Janet P 2 months ago
Disagree , don’t want to see Demi, leave her in timeout with her binky, she’s annoying!
Also wanted someone other than Hannah B or Caelyn. Probably elyse or someone who’s older ):
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