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Avengers Endgame Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & movie review of the 2019 MCU Marvel movie! NO SPOILERS!
Avengers Endgame Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the 2019 MCU Marvel movie ten years in the making, Avengers Endgame! Should you see the full movie?! Enjoy Avengers Endgame in 2019 and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USvid today!
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Spielberg-ian - 00:00
Best Superhero Movie - 00:53
Tears - 1:48
Biggest Influences - 2:22
2 Movies in 1 - 3:41
Incredibly Satisfying - 4:22
Girl Power - 5:14
LGBT - 6:15
Impressive Script - 6:55
Favorite Characters - 7:44
Highly Rewatchable - 9:02
Oscars vs Box Office - 10:00
2D & Bathroom Breaks - 11:15
Conclusion - 12:07
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
Twitter: bit.ly/GraceOnTwitter
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Apr 23, 2019

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Comments 3 966
Dr. killpatient
Dr. killpatient 6 days ago
I wondered if the film had any rewatchability. It's largely talkie. But, obviously, it has proven itself to be very rewatchable.
Jack Dodic
Jack Dodic 12 days ago
Endgame wasn't that great.
Matt Parks
Matt Parks 23 days ago
Thank you guys I almost watched this stupid review. I know it's late but....
Estevin Mendivil
Spoiler free Oh yeah there's time travel
mightycirus 2 months ago
This movie sucked balls very forgettable Infinity was better paced
Jacob A.
Jacob A. 2 months ago
I love how everyone is saying she’s spoiling the movie, but their only evidence is that she mentioned time travel which was already announced that this movie would involve time travel. quit attacking Grace ur lucky she even doesn’t non-spoiler reviews so we can see whether or not we will like a movie
swatej Tripathi
swatej Tripathi 2 months ago
You said in Infinity war review marvel had no guts what would you say now?
Mad Hadder
Mad Hadder 3 months ago
it's meh.
Matt Valencia
Matt Valencia 3 months ago
Finally saw End Game. Not a big fan of the movie. it was a good movie, but by far not a great movie. I think the hype of the film affected some reviews.
John Q
John Q 3 months ago
It's good. 8/10. First act was torture, second act was fun, third act was amazing. Definitely not better than Infinity War which was an easy 9/10 all the way through.
Mike Boncheck
Mike Boncheck 3 months ago
Just saw this today and it was good but not great. Infinity War was better!
GHOST 5267
GHOST 5267 3 months ago
Bruh, u said no spoilers
W. Adams
W. Adams 3 months ago
Endgame prooves that Tony Star had a super power all along. His intellegence is super human.
Jules Kazen
Jules Kazen 3 months ago
I really enjoy Grace but I have learned a long time ago when she says spoiler free she has some different idea what that is. Saying in the the first part of the third act I couldn't believe what they did. I didn't see it coming and telling us all the parts she is at edge of seat as well as what she is impressed with. Glad I watched this after seeing film.
Kreative Chaos Guides
you literally JUST SAID NO SPOILERS... wow
Big D
Big D 2 months ago
Kreative Chaos Guides what was the spoiler?
Darius XD
Darius XD 3 months ago
Please win Avengers Endgame for the Oscars PLEEEEEASE
Abigail 3 months ago
I just got back and I guess I watched a different movie then everyone else. 5.5/10 and that's being generous.
Myt Lee
Myt Lee 3 months ago
Thanks for spoiling in this non spoiler review. Great job Grace. *sigh*
Big D
Big D 2 months ago
Myt Lee what did she actually spoil?
Malcolm Harris
Malcolm Harris 3 months ago
Hey Grace! What were your thoughts on Captain Marvel in Endgame?
Tangente Rock
Tangente Rock 3 months ago
Time travel??? And she said no spoiler? Thanks now u fuck the plot for me
Big D
Big D 2 months ago
Tangente Rock the time travel was announced before the movie was released
Imperfect Channel
Imperfect Channel 3 months ago
just saw it, no tears. I've watched more tragic movies.
portland 182
portland 182 3 months ago
Make sure you don't need a bathroom break in every movie - it's distracting for everyone else...
Mr. 2cents.
Mr. 2cents. 3 months ago
Buck Rogers is better. 😉
Darkside 91
Darkside 91 3 months ago
Drink 🍸 every time she says, “No spoilers. ...OR ...’without spoilers’. Congratulations...u r already drunk.
TANUKA GUPTA 3 months ago
Love you 3000
Sanika 3 months ago
Glad that stucky nonsense is dead. Hopefully, reylo BS follows in december.
LeoThe 5
LeoThe 5 3 months ago
Great movie. My biggest problem is that that forced the feminism at the end with all the women
Manuel Mendez
Manuel Mendez 3 months ago
This movie is objectively not the greatest, I think you mean your favorite.
Manuel Mendez
Manuel Mendez 3 months ago
@Darren Scott Yup, that's what immediately comes to mind.
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 3 months ago
Right that title goes to the Dark knight.
Blue 3 months ago
I'm so glad I've known Grace for long enough now to know that she just CANNOT DO a spoiler-free review. I waited to see the film to watch this, and gosh is it spoiler-filled lol.
The Wolf Man
The Wolf Man 3 months ago
How can a movie that depends upon 20 other ones can be the best ever!? Honestly it mostly bore me until the end
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 3 months ago
@MiTo I have not seen the movie yet but I doubt it had a bigger impact than The Dark Knight.
MiTo 3 months ago
I hope this is not sarcastic because I totaly agree with you. It was over all an enjoyable movie but in my opinion infinity war and even logan were far better.
Jordan DeShazer
Jordan DeShazer 3 months ago
Don’t know if I can stay subscribed if you’re going to spoil and ruin movies. Didn’t appreciate the spoiler when you promised not to..
Philip Moore
Philip Moore 3 months ago
I will just say Grace that i loved this film and it was emotional experience this last decade or so of films
Philip Moore
Philip Moore 3 months ago
@Darren Scott i never said it was but it was great i agree i still like the dark knight better
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 3 months ago
Its not better than the dark knight.
hunk RE2
hunk RE2 3 months ago
damn girl. you hot asf.
Our Shakespeare
Our Shakespeare 3 months ago
Anything that's not overtly in the trailer is a spoiler. And time travel was not overtly in the trailer. And no, the white suits don't give that away to the average moviegoer.
Jake Lhotan
Jake Lhotan 3 months ago
Farrell Thomas
Farrell Thomas 3 months ago
See it in IMAX 3D. You won't be disappointed.
Slowmo 3 months ago
Way too may plotholes and and not at all highly rewatchable, infinity war was way better than endgame
Mohd Rizal Abas
Mohd Rizal Abas 3 months ago
Its already 2.2billion just in 11 days ..if thats is not rewatchable than i don't know what to say
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 3 months ago
Have not seen Endgame yet but it is not better than the Dark knight.
Marcus Anderson
Marcus Anderson 3 months ago
WTF!!!??? You literally just spoiled it! Skip this! Skip all of this. 2:50 - 3:50
Milmiskew 2 months ago
fan pop lyrics time travel was never announced. Why would they give that shit away?
Jacob A.
Jacob A. 2 months ago
Marcus Anderson how is she spoiling anything she just mentioned the movie revolves around time travel... this was announced months before the movie released... u don’t make sense
Pulp Ted
Pulp Ted 3 months ago
I want to add that someone in this comment section did spoil a moment. Thankfully, I believed they were joking so I was shocked when it happened. Spoiling the movie is NOT funny guys.
Olamide Dunni
Olamide Dunni 3 months ago
I'm surprised she hasn't lost any subscribers
Art Van Kampen
Art Van Kampen 3 months ago
Holy crap what a great movie!
Moe T
Moe T 3 months ago
This non-spolier review is a spoiler review everyone who hasn't watched the movie.... Avoid this review.. Thank God I saw the movie before watching this... I think any non-spolier review of this movie will be a spoiler... You can't not spoil this movie
Nolan Watson
Nolan Watson 3 months ago
when did she watch it
Asslesspockit 3 months ago
Asslesspockit 3 months ago
Asslesspockit 3 months ago
Obi Wan Flowers
Obi Wan Flowers 3 months ago
Jeremy Barnes
Jeremy Barnes 3 months ago
Avengers: Endgame’s not going to win a VFX Oscar if Infinity War didn’t. I think Infinity War’s effects were better.
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 3 months ago
Its not better than the Dark knight, Grace is smoking crack to say its the best The Dark Knight is superior in so many ways. When she said its the best super hero movie ever, I had to look back at the Dark knight and realised how incredible that movie was.
TheJlouis997 3 months ago
Just finished watching this epic movie and man did those three hour go by fast!!!
Talaris Watts-El
Talaris Watts-El 3 months ago
I agree it's one of the best superhero movies of all time!👍
Talaris Watts-El
Talaris Watts-El 3 months ago
@Darren Scott I say it's pretty much a tie. Infinity wars had more action while end game was more emotional.
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 3 months ago
@Talaris Watts-El I have yet to see it but I have been told by close friends its not better than Infinty war.
Talaris Watts-El
Talaris Watts-El 3 months ago
@Darren Scott If you look at my comment I did say ONE of the best superhero movies of all time! That I think is hard to argue with.
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 3 months ago
Its nowhere near as good as the Dark Knight not even better than Logan.
GravitonPlayz 3 months ago
Captain marvel is gonna get with rhodey from what I saw
hntrndrkns 3 months ago
True equality would be in not highlighting, making a special female only scene.
Conor Thompson
Conor Thompson 3 months ago
everyone knew about the timetravel... did everyone not see the see photos?!😂😂
Vaughn Armour
Vaughn Armour 3 months ago
I’m so glad I didn’t watch this before seeing the movie
Jordan DeShazer
Jordan DeShazer 3 months ago
Vaughn Armour I wish I didn’t watch this before seeing the movie...
MeowserZ 3 months ago
RS17 PLAY 3 months ago
Apart from all the things, when I hear someone saying "Bathroom breaks"... I am like --whatttt🤔 who the hell want to let their eyes off from the screen for even 1 second!
Shitstirrer 3 months ago
Did anyone count the number of Grace's Wows?
B R Month ago
She is like a female Owen Wilson.
Shitstirrer 3 months ago
The A-Force moment was a great nod to the comics
ad44891 3 months ago
Just saw it.. WORST SUPERHERO MOVIE OF ALL TIME.. wasn't impressed at all.. not even in my top 10 superhero movies.. smfh
Winchester Sach
Winchester Sach 3 months ago
You all had a problem with the "Martha" scene... but its okay when "Bucky is Alive!"
Lmwpitt 3 months ago
Thanks for giving away some of the ending in this NON-SPOILER review Grace, ffs. You always do this... She never says "poetic" unless their character story comes to an end - so now I know Steve and Tony are definitely not coming out of this.
Freya 3 months ago
If this was a DC movie it would be tore apart for it's many plot holes and filler scenes, Infinity war was a better movie imo
The Conqueror
The Conqueror 3 months ago
One of the greatest movies of all time
ALPHA GAMER 3 months ago
a better movie then endgame,is that humanly possible ???
meloD30 3 months ago
Grace continues her track record with spoilers: IMMENSE EFFORT TO BE CAUTIOUS... casually spoils 3 things without realising. There's only one Grace Randolph ya'll.
Quantum Witcher
Quantum Witcher 3 months ago
Really? I thought hemsworth was the worst part of the movie
So So
So So 3 months ago
Seen it in IMAX on the 2nd row out of 20 rows
So So
So So 3 months ago
Seen black panther 9 times seen infinity war 4 times rest of MCU movies 1 or 2 times
So So
So So 3 months ago
Mancal 3 months ago
The only R. Bros film I like is Cap. 2.
DX- DRAGON 3 months ago
no spoilers than talks about time travel
Cory Faist
Cory Faist 3 months ago
Alan Silvestri composed the score for this movie *and* Back to the Future.
Ray Sanders
Ray Sanders 3 months ago
Who else WANTED hulk to get his rematch with thanos?
Hayden Boozer
Hayden Boozer 3 months ago
Best superhero movie of all time? Is that a joke? This movie was a high-budget mess of convoluted, plot convenience-ridden fan service that relies on cringy dialogue, cheesy humor, and huge action instead of a compelling story with grounded characters and meaningful sequences. Infinity War, while not perfect, at least felt like there were real stakes and a real feeling a dread was present. It is so cliché that every character that died in IW was brought back. It was so predictable. This movie was a let down
Daniel Curiel
Daniel Curiel 3 months ago
Just got back from seeing the movie and it was as fantastic as I thought it would be. I have stayed off the internet since Tuesday and it was brutal lol but so worth it for me.
Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali 3 months ago
epic movie in the mcu history 😍😍😍😍😭
Drew Martinez
Drew Martinez 3 months ago
"If you like any female character in the MCU, I think you're gonna be pretty happy at the end of this movie." Me:WWWAAANNNDDDAAA!!!
Drew Martinez
Drew Martinez 3 months ago
Anyone here because they haven't seen endgame yet. I'll come back for the rest of the videos right after I watch it I swear. Love Grace so much.
Lord Wooloo
Lord Wooloo 3 months ago
Time travel oh wait I just spoiled the whole damn movie.
Alyssa Steiner
Alyssa Steiner 3 months ago
thankfully the bathroom was right outside my theater and i SPRINTED back and forth so i didn't miss much
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