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Our 200kg Atlas Stone takes baby gender reveals to a new level!
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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia: gravitycentre.com.au/leaning-tower/
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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 18 014
Collins77 15 minutes ago
possible names: ellie, caitlin, elizabeth, gabi, shannon
Jase Handley
Jase Handley Hour ago
Chelly Chalita
This is the list of my baby girl name for you : 1.Ashely 2.Agelina 3.Evelyn 4.Ava 5.Lisa 6.Jennie
gogo311 2 hours ago
Who is Jimmy?
oof XD
oof XD 2 hours ago
animedrummerboy 3 hours ago
i have an uncanny gift for guessing what babies are gonna be when you asked for us to guess the nqame im like Zoe...... wait but what if its a boy...nah....its Zoe. there's my guess, Zoe.
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah 4 hours ago
The girls name will be elizabeth
Jente Eggenhuizen
Jente Eggenhuizen 7 hours ago
I knew it was a girl! 💗🧸
Jed Forsyth
Jed Forsyth 7 hours ago
Tess Campbell
Tess Campbell 7 hours ago
Runs to car, "bring back some snacks" lightning hits.... then jumps towards lightning. lol should of jumped in your car, would've been safer 😂 as for the baby name: Tess, Emily, Mabel, Laura, Olivia
Barefoot 8 hours ago
Very cool gender reveal! Also, loved the barefoot drops. Should do more! Though admittedly I'm biased.
JustAnother One
JustAnother One 8 hours ago
This is the only gender reveal I care to see lol so cute congrats
danbothepyro 8 hours ago
Charity magnus
Mistery Wolf Wolf 2
Baby name ramona
Quinn Pozzobon
Quinn Pozzobon 9 hours ago
angelica stanford
Matilda tank
Matilda tank 10 hours ago
The lightning and thunder looks/sounds so nice and calming
Miika K.
Miika K. 10 hours ago
Fire Hawk11
Fire Hawk11 11 hours ago
What is that laugh🤣 5:03
Heather McCabe
Heather McCabe 12 hours ago
Altecfenix 12 hours ago
name: Sabre
ツSxmple 13 hours ago
yall should drop the bolder on the smaller bolder it would be interesting
DEAD SPAWN94 13 hours ago
Yes the wire on that motor is copper but on the heavy motor it can either be aluminium or copper😉
Ivy Wampler
Ivy Wampler 14 hours ago
I wonder how many cameras they have smashed
Blake Stekelenburg
Blake Stekelenburg 15 hours ago
Chase is the name of the baby
water boi Gabriel
water boi Gabriel 16 hours ago
5:10 his laugh is so funny
Ranibow-Chan Love
Ranibow-Chan Love 16 hours ago
Gabriel Bermudez
Gabriel Bermudez 18 hours ago
My guess for the name of the girl is Emma
animedrummerboy 19 hours ago
dart or atlas stone vs huge block of ddry ice
john johnson
john johnson 20 hours ago
First of, congratulations 🎉!! Second, that thing looks like a giant paintball lol. Thumbs up for them to drop a giant paintball!!!!
games and more with Dylan 14
Bella i have no reson for this name i just like it
Steven Carsley
Steven Carsley 21 hour ago
Congrats Stanford. #havingagirl.
nikodem lud
nikodem lud 21 hour ago
They are afraid of storming worse than my cat
Paiolirose Hes
Paiolirose Hes 21 hour ago
Everleigh leah Leighton calvin Leon leo
Westy 3
Westy 3 22 hours ago
Calik Tucker
Calik Tucker Day ago
Best one 10:53
Foxy Pups
Foxy Pups Day ago
Ones Lightning flashes you count how many seconds until you can hear it, depending on how many seconds you counted that’s how many minutes it is away from you. 😋
Brooke Hansen
Amelia Stanford is my guess I think it sounds very sophisticated but young enough for a baby girl
Blue Stikbot productions
44 clubbbb
Oliver Beswick
Morgan Green
Morgan Green Day ago
And the best gender reveal is..... this one !!!!
dude wtf bitch
Thor got mad as *hEcC*
Elizabeth Koehler
I think the baby's name should be hmmm.......sarina?
Sara Aliyev
Sara Aliyev Day ago
Youssef AhmedDVA
Name her Mariam
Elizabeth Koehler
Wow holy shot (Bobby Duke Arys tought me good) i feel bad for youuuu
Davide Luciani
Jamie Stanford
that one guy!
Call the baby Louise
Neve Struthers
baby girl Neve
Hailey Ryan
Hailey Ryan Day ago
I like the name Madison or Hailey
Theo Ramsay
Theo Ramsay Day ago
That’s Pretty Cool
Kimberly Palmer
Camilla is a beautiful unique name but doesn’t really rhyme with Stanford.. Saryan ... Stanford js Pin ya :)
BuzzFeed YeIIow
Is it the smartest idea to stand at the top of a tall metal structure in the middle of a thunderstorm?
Ben Surgeoner
Points at capacitor, calls them batteries
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran Day ago
LordOfMalice Day ago
So many femISISts are reaching the boiling point right about now.
LordOfMalice Day ago
Also... Standing in a big ass metal tower in a lightning storm... Is a *no thank you* ;)
Jessely Toledo
Taylor because it works for both genders
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah Day ago
Amanda is my guess
Potater LMG
Potater LMG Day ago
Atlas stone vs flex seal liquid
farqitol Day ago
Are you assuming the child’s gender? You. Know that gender is a social construct right..........
Dan Chaps1
Dan Chaps1 Day ago
Congratulations from UK 🇬🇧. Where was the bell 🔔???
BPDP gaming
BPDP gaming Day ago
Name the baby riven
Nobby 2007
Nobby 2007 Day ago
Baby name scarla
Brandon Scoots
Atlas stone vs running car 5 million subscribers special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
super sloth
super sloth Day ago
Lily-belle brown
Delilah-vilote Stanford or just Delilah Stanford
i love burritos yasss Burritos burritos
Maybe Ashley it's a boy and a girl name cause the doctors could be wrong
donna sim
donna sim Day ago
We’ll pin ya
Lana Baker
Lana Baker Day ago
That's an average day in straya🇦🇺🤘 But a fun day
mckenna lange
How many GoPro's have you guys gone through?
Karma Clan
Karma Clan Day ago
Do a video of atlis stone vs atlis stone
Braselton94 Day ago
You should collaborate with the SloMo guys.
Kate Mallon
Kate Mallon Day ago
Lewis Holt
Lewis Holt Day ago
Lewis Holt
Lewis Holt Day ago
Katie Wilson
Katie Wilson Day ago
iiKxurrnaii Kk
It's not smart to park in Walmart
Amanda Orza
Amanda Orza Day ago
Amanda Orza
Amanda Orza Day ago
Isabelle Wesseloh
Katelynn, Madeline, Laila, Summer, Adelyn, Kara, Keara, Kora,
jordan abrams
Heres the battery..... That's a capacitor 😂
Hbjch Cguydcg
Oh look lightning
Rainn Sushi
Rainn Sushi Day ago
I think Lily would be a good name for the baby
Hollie Allardice
Jamie girl and boy name
Inactive Sub
Inactive Sub 2 days ago
10:48 is the reveal
LYF 2 days ago
What to do if there is lightning nearby, 1: Run 2: Stand in an open filed 3: Stand under a steel structure. Lol Still love your videos.
Rajat Pandey123
Rajat Pandey123 2 days ago
#congratsstanford I love your videos and am so happy for them you congrats😃
LucySings123HD X
LucySings123HD X 2 days ago
Welcome to Australia 😂
Jett Reeve
Jett Reeve 2 days ago
Aussie Aussie Aussie oie oie oie
Twi Ist
Twi Ist 2 days ago
Congrats 🍾🎉🎊🎈
Raffydoodle 2 days ago
*hears lightning* Stands under a massive metal tower
poetblitz #BloodyNBrokenTryHard
Stand under a metal tower with lightning hmmmm
Svistakow 2 days ago
Maybe next time, you drop a human?
Maddy Jones
Maddy Jones 2 days ago
Sarah Talal
Sarah Talal 2 days ago
Can u pick Sarah plz
Zainab Khuraibet
Zainab Khuraibet 2 days ago
If you are reading this
Zainab Khuraibet
Zainab Khuraibet 2 days ago
You are buetful I love you
Nik Abalos
Nik Abalos 2 days ago
I tingk blue
PTRRR 2 days ago
You guys really should make an episode with the slow mo guys
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