ASMR | Soft Rambling & Face Touching

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RAMBLY RAMBLES ON THE ROAAAAD!!! I'm traveling (three diff cities this week) because my projects always line up back to back for some reason.... and I was in the MOOD the other day to film this so I DID and THERE IT IS. THATS IT. I wuv these types of videos where the creator just films by the windowsill :') The sun was justttt going down so this actually gets hella dark by the end. Not too bad for ASMR!! Hope you're all enjoying your weeks. Airports are my new home. Not to tease yall but there is SO MUCH EXCITING NEWS about to be released I'm about to explode. Soon!!!!! SEE YOU LATA FRIENDS!
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Jun 21, 2019

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Comments 2 969
Gibi ASMR 29 days ago
Ayyy were trending!!! Welcome to the ASMR community my friends
Marlon Williams
Marlon Williams 11 days ago
Outrage Gaming
Outrage Gaming 17 days ago
Y’all don’t flame our lord and savior gibi🙏😂
Hunturion 2006
Hunturion 2006 18 days ago
Delta Beta 🤦‍♂️
hailey loynes
hailey loynes 21 day ago
@this game doo doo Do I know u???
Ultimategamer 101
Gibi ASMR I literally feel asleep yesterday night so I’m gonna watch the same video to help me again
Caleb LOL
Caleb LOL 23 hours ago
If u think Texas is hot than oooooooh! U clearly haven’t been to Arizona yet!😂😂
MapMaster2000 2 days ago
Adults don't get summer breaks. We have to work and be adults. (Boring....) lol.
Taylor Veinot
Taylor Veinot 2 days ago
Everytime she says shoop I can only think of Chandler from friends saying to Rachel "oh, you must stop shooping" xD
Melanie Cornett
Melanie Cornett 3 days ago
I watch the same Gibi videos every night....although the normal voice didn't keep my watching, I checked the description box and HOLY SHIT. YOURE ON APPLE MUSIC!!!!! I have to hide my phone Bc even tho I know exactly what is going on in the video, I still feel the desire to watch. And two hours later I'm still laying there, awake. Lol this is great
Lexie C
Lexie C 4 days ago
"Summer doesn't exist when you're an adult" YESSS and when you go to nursing school year round 😂😂 I dont know what months mean summer anymore 🤷‍♀️
Dr_Mark .-
Dr_Mark .- 4 days ago
that make-up just got me, great video!
Handlebar ASMR
Handlebar ASMR 4 days ago
Brandon Scienski
Brandon Scienski 5 days ago
I love gibi but hate Texas...
PM Jai
PM Jai 8 days ago
This is my favorite That rambling and touching makes me sleep Soft Rambling & Face Touching 2
Jamie Barricelli
Jamie Barricelli 9 days ago
I love Gibi so much but I literally had to stop watching this video because I was in a bad place in my life and hearing her talk about how hard it was to adult gave me so much anxiety 😂
Pigeon Existence
Pigeon Existence 9 days ago
playmobile was my shit
Abbey M.
Abbey M. 10 days ago
anyone think she's talking about snubbies when she references little plastic dogs?
Byrum McBride
Byrum McBride 11 days ago
Im a slut for your thumbnail.
The Main Rookie
The Main Rookie 12 days ago
I lived in texas my whole life. And the trick is live in Dallas. It gets really cool, and it get really humid and sweaty in Houston where i used to live. So live in Dallas its the best.
Léa Dpv
Léa Dpv 12 days ago
apprends à chuchoter stp mdr
Ashley Rosee
Ashley Rosee 13 days ago
you're so gorgeous
Reflection and Introspection
Such a great post
minaaost 13 days ago
I got outta school June 26 y’all taking bout getting out in July that’s big tuff
Isn't It Wonderful
Isn't It Wonderful 13 days ago
Gibi: I just really like musicals Hamilfans: *turn slowly with wide eyes* why hello are you interested in becoming obsessed in the best and most expensive thing ever? (I’m obsessed with Hamilton but sadly am broke so, yeah)
Argiri Konst
Argiri Konst 14 days ago
Florina Devereux
Florina Devereux 14 days ago
Pewdiepie Vs T gay
Pewdiepie Vs T gay 14 days ago
Ur in my state
Yung Alabama
Yung Alabama 14 days ago
Blue eye shade thigh nighthawk ahhh nooooo
Thomas No Last Name
Can we talk about Gibi's eye makeup please? Thank you
Darius Campbell
Darius Campbell 15 days ago
I was listening to this while lying down and eating gummies. I choked on the gummies but I made it through alive. I just thought you all should know.
Xscxrgxmeing X
Xscxrgxmeing X 15 days ago
I about fell asleep when she said Texas
SpunzZmok3s 15 days ago
Memories... making roads and houses with our small chalk stick all though one of the other kids would eat them while sitting in "jail" so we only had 2 or 3 left when we were done playing. Fuckin wierdo
Alucksay 17 days ago
💖💖💖Love you💖💖💖
xd_GhostGamer 207
xd_GhostGamer 207 17 days ago
Some people: Stop looking at the comments and go to sleep. Me: *Stop writing comments and you go to sleep*
xd_GhostGamer 207
xd_GhostGamer 207 17 days ago
xd_GhostGamer 207
xd_GhostGamer 207 17 days ago
xd_GhostGamer 207
xd_GhostGamer 207 17 days ago
xd_GhostGamer 207
xd_GhostGamer 207 17 days ago
xd_GhostGamer 207
xd_GhostGamer 207 17 days ago
xd_GhostGamer 207
xd_GhostGamer 207 17 days ago
Gibi: May I touch ur face? Me: No Gibi: Thank you. Me: Wait..
Boi eoi
Boi eoi 17 days ago
Did anyone else when she said this video will get progressively darker skipped time the end of the video to see
XGAMER X 17 days ago
Gibi: May i touch your face Me: yeye your🆓 to touch it anytime!!!
Wej Smith
Wej Smith 17 days ago
Tipsy gibi
Blake B
Blake B 18 days ago
Omg I LOVED play mobile as a kid it was my favorite whenever I would visit my grandparents they would give me a new set
B P 18 days ago
wtf is this about?
Trevor Mcalhany
Trevor Mcalhany 18 days ago
Gingerr Bread Man
Gingerr Bread Man 18 days ago
You’re like Jenna Marbles if she wasn’t on crack
Shawn Baker
Shawn Baker 18 days ago
You being so relaxed was epic girl, bout time you chill instead of taking care of all the misfits. Lol cool vid
andytheboss 18 days ago
you have blue eye lids today. nice
yan semaan
yan semaan 19 days ago
me: *clicks on this video* ad: jUnO iS yOuR me: *falls out of bed*
Rana H
Rana H 19 days ago
Unlike you’re so noisy
Idiot child #1
Idiot child #1 19 days ago
I thought July was for freedom, guess not. 😂
gold camo
gold camo 19 days ago
I love Texas Texas Texas
Berziee 20 days ago
gibi: "june is when you get out of school, right?" me, a brit: hahahahahahaha. *no.*
james 3 days ago
Chloe Berry We get out July 12th and return 7th September
Dominic 8 days ago
When do u guys get out? Edit: nvm I just didn’t read the replies on the thread
Masoom Ali
Masoom Ali 11 days ago
Marlon Williams Oh my god i feel so sorry for you 😭
Marlon Williams
Marlon Williams 11 days ago
I get out at August 29th
Katie Gray
Katie Gray 11 days ago
Really I get out in may but I live in texas
Siddhi,s wonderland
Gibi is cute also and good iN asmr
J M D 20 days ago
Mmmmmmm touch my tralala...... mmmmmm my ding ding dong.........
maddy 20 days ago
You look really good with blue eye makeup on💕💕💕💕
Baron Walker
Baron Walker 20 days ago
:o I love the blue eye shadow, looks very nice :D
Happyfeet 20 days ago
I really need someone who loves me as much as Gibi loves her camera.
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