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As the Chinese auto market grows every year, foreign automakers are struggling to compete with counterfeit cars. Join Nolan as he explores the crazy world of Chinese automotive rip offs, and tries to figure out if they’re any good.
Hosted by Nolan Sykes
Edited by Alex I. Rodriguez
Animation by Alex I. Rodriguez
Written by Joe Weber
Directed by Zach Redpath
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Apr 8, 2019

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Comments 3 968
Donut Media
Donut Media 2 months ago
CORRECTION: The Jeep Wrangler is powered by the 3.6L Pentastar V6, not a V8. ANYWAY...What do you think of these Chinese cars? Would you drive one if it was more affordable than the real thing? Let me know!
LRiv C
LRiv C 4 days ago
Not for now. Give them some generations in order to see if is decent.
L S 6 days ago
Chevyguy 1984 becarful what u say all the parts or half the parts to your car could be made in China even do would never own a Chinese scooter or car too but n ten years from now your never know if they have a 1000-2000 brand new cheap shit u just want to use to destroy
Jared Martell
Jared Martell 7 days ago
Actually the new wrangler jl has a 2.0L 4cyl turbo mated with a hybrid assist that adds more hp. That’s an upgrade engine over the penti, but still, we have a fiat 4cyl Wrangler 🙄😂
Star Pillars
Star Pillars 10 days ago
Martini is a wino there is some cars with a 2.0 v8 :)
abidamn 11 days ago
Correction: 04:34 Should've said F12 Berlinetta, not V12 Berlinetta. 06:58 That's a 308, not an F40.
macroevolve Hour ago
It's like the US is an alien nation with advanced technology that China reverse engineers. Come on, we are the same species. BTW, mI thought the Chinese wer3e smart people? Are they just lazy, and want to "cut in line"?
Edward X
Edward X 4 hours ago
The ONLY thing that Beats has is a name used by Dr Dre. I've tried and listened to Beats (though not bad), and I've found some other brands that are way superior...so Beats (using it as an example) is kind of a knock off of some other quality headphones like Bose, Sennheiser, AKG, etc!
Vedran Pevec
Vedran Pevec 7 hours ago
Landwind is less crap than original Land Rover.
Mustang And Speedy friends
Chinese go pros have something the original gopro dosent have 4K WIFI
lewistwins2008 [Official]
another chinese ripoff better than the original are the chinese speedcubes, trust me theyre good
b0zay 18 hours ago
the best knockoff is the russian version of the rolls royce phantom that putin rides in, forgot the name of it but its rlly good.
beechface1 19 hours ago
6:57 that's not an f40 It's a 288 gto replica.....
Orrin Jones
Orrin Jones 23 hours ago
We don't favor knock off g
Case IH Cruiser
Case IH Cruiser 23 hours ago
Made in Mao Tse Dong 😆
Juan Rodarte
Juan Rodarte Day ago
Who has a collectible BYG and what number of this limited production of 7 do you have?
Kee Char
Kee Char Day ago
Yea I had no idea bugs were animals till recently either 😂
Zaid Osama
Zaid Osama Day ago
“Specialman” lmaooo
M S.
M S. Day ago
Land wind. are you fking serious.
Duc CB
Duc CB Day ago
2:19 the renault megane is from Frnace not from the uk
Nikkcade Day ago
Sees Game Child *Ashens intensifies*
Man that Chinese electric sports car knock off isn't going to last more than 10 battery charges before the it's loses charge capacity. You won't be able to drive it 10mins before the batter dies, LOL. Nah, I can't say that one is good either.
Cihan Keskin
Cihan Keskin Day ago
I really enjoyed the video but there is one point you are missing. US is the exceptional car market where all the cars are pumped up with huge engines. While the rest of the world is using much smaller engines. For example Jeep Wrangler comes with 2.0 liter engine in Europe as starter.
James Howard
James Howard Day ago
That Russian or Chinese car that looks like a Mimi Cooper when I saw the car crash it didn't even had airbags.
James Howard
James Howard Day ago
Why China why Mike instead of Nike
Dennis Ovahn
Dennis Ovahn Day ago
I'd buy that stuff no probs
Edward Blake
Edward Blake Day ago
I can’t breathe!! Game Child and Harry Potter Obama had me rolling so hard I had to pause the video to catch my breath 😂😂😂
gonzo8407 Day ago
🇨🇳 is full of shit!
Kevin Elevene
Kevin Elevene 2 days ago
Harry Potter shows Sonic 💀💀
James Hendrix
James Hendrix 2 days ago
I like the fake mini its awesome
Näxxo/ignacio riñon
That was not a Ferrari F40
Kesavan Pillay-Höss
The only reason the chinese company Landwin lost the case is because Jaguar Land Rover is owned by India Tata... it would be a big problem between the 2 super powers...
FlatFace FBS
FlatFace FBS 2 days ago
Heyyyy the Renault Megane is a French car!!!
Matthew Green
Matthew Green 2 days ago
Are knockoffs actually taking sales from the big brands- no. The people who buy buy knock-offs in China are looked down upon by the people who can actually buy it. SOURCE: living in China 12 years.
Double-B 2 days ago
pretty sure the Renault Megane is not british
Hans Weissman
Hans Weissman 2 days ago
I bought a Rollex in China. No, it’s NOT a typo. It’s a ROLLEX....
thaintriguing1 2 days ago
“Specialman” 🤣😂💀⚰️
DaMi Ishak
DaMi Ishak 2 days ago
I think their sales target only to local buyers. Because their country no need much hp to travel. Western country are big and that's why use miles instead of kilometres. Western cars are big in engine's litre and hp for long journey use. In asia no need that big engine to travel. Because asia consist of small countries and 2 litres engine are enough already. With the cost for insurance and tax already high for the 2 litres engine. Commoners only afford to buy the car with 1.5 litres and below.
JMC 2 days ago
Hydrox was created before Oreos tho
J Sun
J Sun 2 days ago
I want the Microsoft Bimbos...
Sav Kvd
Sav Kvd 3 days ago
0:23 a backpack with a Sonic named Harry Potter and Obama written on the side 😂😂
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 2 days ago
Ya idk wtf that was lol
Romeo Toniolo
Romeo Toniolo 3 days ago
No my friend Land rover copy is in market no body stop ! Your is fake news. You can see in pcauto.com.cn
jan braun
jan braun 3 days ago
The shuanghuan CEO is an Kopie of a BMW X5
Lorenzo Reetz
Lorenzo Reetz 3 days ago
Look up the Dongfeng Crazy Soldier. It's a fake hummer h1
Robert California
Shit video
Adrian Davis
Adrian Davis 3 days ago
hell yeah Be'Lakor!? favorite of their album
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 4 days ago
Hydrox is not a rip-off in fact Oreos has ripped them off because hydrox were made before Oreos
Arthur Fratelli
Arthur Fratelli 3 days ago
He's right you know.
Asher Morgan
Asher Morgan 4 days ago
*3.6 liter v6*
LRiv C
LRiv C 4 days ago
At the beggining they looks like funny clown knockoffs, but give enough time and if they decides to improve, we will see dangerous competition on there. It happened to japanese and to koreans too.
Timothy Last
Timothy Last 4 days ago
You can take the Chinese out of the third world but you can’t change their third world mentality. They want to take shortcuts, lack innovations and blatantly require foreign businesses to transfer technological information in order to operate in their country. They give a whole new meaning to the term “Thief”, and they’re not ashamed of it.
Faraday Sage
Faraday Sage 4 days ago
You say a lot of these cars look exactly like something else but they don't. They absolutely don't.
Boleslov Dude
Boleslov Dude 4 days ago
audi a4 in china is something like yema f15 :D it sucks
Ishan Nair
Ishan Nair 4 days ago
build your dreams more like build your nightmares
Wait BYD makes cars?? They got a warehouse right here in town!! Its brand new!
DvdXploitr 4 days ago
that electric supercar was kind of cool, but for the price, it's too expensive...you could get a Tesla Model S pretty well equipped for that kind of money. Granted, it's not a super car, but how reliable do you think those Chinese made cars will be? There are Tesla's that have gone well over 400K miles....if you get 100K miles on a Chinese car, you're probably lucky...
Pssst 4 days ago
China is good in making knock offs. They can even make knock off islands from other country's territory. They made a knock off map with 9 knock off dash lines and claimed it to be their territory. Now they made knock off relationships with other countries with their debt trap.
Ahmad Faris
Ahmad Faris 4 days ago
Donkey walker?
Peter Petrov
Peter Petrov 4 days ago
"How many horses does it have" was fascinating for me too. But then I turned 12. Cars that get from point A to point B are the best.
Wow that Dragonfly is similar to Tesla
Clayton Root
Clayton Root 5 days ago
The Dodge Omni & Plymouth Horizon were knockoffs of the Volkswagen Rabbit, so much so that they even used VW engines initially, although slightly larger and dressed to look different, ie different manifolds, etc.
dheerajronaldo 5 days ago
Indian car company TATA owns jaguar and land lover.
Viv B
Viv B 4 days ago
We own land Rover but we don't make them. GB does.
TRD jojo
TRD jojo 5 days ago
1:31 The Disrespect 😔 Mr pibb isn't supposed to be dr pepper...
BMoney8600 3 days ago
TRD jojo There's an American Dad episode all about Mr.Pibb it is an awesome episode.
Robert Raw
Robert Raw 5 days ago
China is known as the knock off nation.
Kyle Kelley
Kyle Kelley 5 days ago
Oh yeah they did ha
Kyle Kelley
Kyle Kelley 5 days ago
Ummm 3.6 litre pentistar v6 for q jeep wrangler not v8? Anyone else catch that
William Jackson
William Jackson 6 days ago
Chrysler 300 looks nothing like a Bentley or Rolls Royce,nor was it trying to!!!
Mo Cuishle
Mo Cuishle 6 days ago
What should a new car design suppose to look like? Five wheels? Ball shaped? I didn’t see any of these Chinese cars copy from any else. Don’t be a blind hater of other great nations.
Brad Bassett
Brad Bassett 6 days ago
China builds crap!..They look good but the engineering and fit and finish is terrible!....
sebastian grimm
sebastian grimm 6 days ago
Renault Megane is a frensh car not a british...
Hamza Aslam
Hamza Aslam 6 days ago
Please don't declare these cars to be sh*t (or not) without having driven them.. as such, this video is pretty pointless too.. since there's no film of you driving them.. clickbait in my book
Carlos Roman
Carlos Roman 6 days ago
But what about subaru brz sicon frs and Toyota 86
IskBo 3 days ago
Pretty sure that was some kind of partnership project between Toyota and Subaru. I could be wrong though.
Photo Maker
Photo Maker 6 days ago
China builds their buildings with cardboard. Enough said!
EJSFilms2K 6 days ago
Si GUNDUL {LarY} 6 days ago
The narrator hair just look like a hairy abnormal butt
bigwaverider 6 days ago
What China should do is hire designers to leapfrog the designs of expensive auto's.
Johnny Hong
Johnny Hong 6 days ago
to me the Chrysler 300 looks like a cheap Rolls-Royce Wraith or Phantom
blxtothis 3 days ago
Johnny Hong - Whereas the Rollers just look cheap!
yaser alobuide
yaser alobuide 6 days ago
Ford Explorer 2014 Range Rover sport 2014
John Adefila
John Adefila 7 days ago
well is cool. This is really cool you've sent me over $
Kame 7 days ago
Harry Potter O B A M A
xiaoyi zhang
xiaoyi zhang 7 days ago
Hey. BYD TANG~~~ Lynk&co 3
richard mccann
richard mccann 7 days ago
Chan Gabriel
Chan Gabriel 7 days ago
The k50 looks totally different from a Bugati....I think it's quite original. In fact, the Audi R8 looks more like the Bugati. It seems anything with 4 wheels will be called knock off as long as it's from China which is totally unfair....
Rigo Cornejo
Rigo Cornejo 7 days ago
Inline 4 motors are better than any v6 or v8 talking reliability
Fernando Ramoa
Fernando Ramoa 7 days ago
One main fact l didnt hear is that these ripoffs cost about a third of the price of a regular car in the same line, and l'm not even talking about the models they're ripping, but actually 1/3 of the price of a regular 4-cyl. This is why they're flooding the streets of latin america, where authorities arent even aware they're supposed to regulate auto market but aren't allowed in the US and the EU. It's hilarious because people who would otherwise never have access to a brand new vehicle purchase them, care for and drive them around like a Bentley. And it's also terrible because nobody knows it and car dealers don't tell these vehicles score zero on safety
Ritz Ritz
Ritz Ritz 7 days ago
Lol you talking about cars chinese copied 5th gen fighter jet and bombers. Car is nothing for them 😂😂😂
JeanAlesiagain3 7 days ago
We should tax these arseholes..
qwerty qwerty
qwerty qwerty 7 days ago
future car in china tisla model s
Angel Soto
Angel Soto 7 days ago
Chinese are not so good with cars!
Giuseppe Capillo
Giuseppe Capillo 7 days ago
F40? Lmao more like 288 gto and Jeep 3.6 is a v6
mr miyagi
mr miyagi 7 days ago
Zero X
Zero X 7 days ago
Bigger engine is not always better. The weights of Chinese cars are also lesser. And they can't be called as exact copies at all. If they are so not good then why do these exploitative U.S and European manufacturers fear them?
Zero X
Zero X 7 days ago
I don't believe they copied mercedes. Styling might seem a bit not completely
girohead 8 days ago
Thanks for exposing the Chinese nonsense in cheating the global economy, and disregarding world trade fair practices. This is what Americans refuse to understand - go Trump!
João Dias
João Dias 8 days ago
Ze Buceta, muito bosta o teu canal.
Douglas Rodrigues
China copies everything, including military equipment.
Bossmane Don
Bossmane Don 8 days ago
They Let The Chrysler Pass Because It’s Not That Sexy But When They Saw That Lincoln They Was Like Hell No The That’s A Sexy Car Right There That Would Deff Be Competition
DarkShadowsX5 8 days ago
china makes up for its lack of creativity with shitty knockoffs. common a kid can design a car.
Martin Joyce
Martin Joyce 8 days ago
These are mostly 50% partners with as required in by law. So most are allowed to make similar cars
Rey 8 days ago
They stoled.."Continental"...
LetsKon 8 days ago
When I saw the CEO in this video, I hoped, that you'll show the german clip because I knew it and loved it. But then you said "Nicht gut" and now I can't stop laughing.
Adam Paula
Adam Paula 9 days ago
If i get same quality with cheaper why not
Molossus 9 days ago
You can't say China is heaven for bootleg goods when the majority of imported goods around the world are expressively made in China.
Matt  Parris
Matt Parris 9 days ago
Hydrox was around before Oreos so oreo is knockoff of hydrox lol
DespaJesus boi
DespaJesus boi 9 days ago
Hang on... Why does the Renault Mégane have a il flag behind it even though it's french
javier Díaz
javier Díaz 9 days ago
Be’lakor !!!!!
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