Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For You?

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While scientists have debunked the notion that putting artificial sweeteners in your coffee will give you cancer, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go hog wild with them.
Hosted by: Stefan Chin
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Jan 14, 2019




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Comments 828
Mariana Padilla
Mariana Padilla 2 days ago
I’m sticking with a teeny portion of honey can’t trust these bitchass companies
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 14 days ago
Suggestion: Adopt a mentality of only consume drinks free from added sweetener (table sugar, cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, stevia, artificial sugar replacement, etc); eat vegetable first before protein and carbs (example: a piece of chicken must be accompanied by a piece of vegetable before they are put in the mouth for eating); and avoid all foods that are meant to be sweet from the outset (sweets, chocolates, cakes, donuts, etc). Have personally lost three inches of waistline over a period of a month and three weeks, and continue to lose weight as of Feb 9, 2020.
FaithNchaos 15 days ago
Lost an aunt a couple of years ago to Pancreatic Cancer. She only used Sweet N Low and similar brands of "sugar". I don't touch the stuff.
The Rεal Hal Jordan
0:03 recent research? pretty sure sugar has been known to be bad for our teeth and overall heath for centuries
peanut12345 Month ago
The Meta-crap uses 50,000 people, they can anything and they do. Cane sugar comes form plants like honey, duh, pfft
Freezing Freezzing
Leo Yohansen
Leo Yohansen 2 months ago
This ignores the fact that all artificial sweeteners aren't the same and that such natural wood alcohol sweeteners like erythritol will cause nausea and gastric problems when consumed in large quantities such as in drinks.
Vampwatch1462 2 months ago
His nose points a bit to his left. I know it's not from the subject of the video, but now I can't unsee it.
Celtic Bracelet
Celtic Bracelet 2 months ago
Artificial sweeteners give me migraines. That's enough for me to stay away
Lynx Integra
Lynx Integra 2 months ago
I think artificial sweeteners are not metabolized, they build up and induce biological chemical rebounds. Thereby; chemical dependancy. But it is not absorbed in our G.I. system thereby irritating all other nutritional absorptions and permeability. I used stevia, hated it after about 3 days I got headaches and more symptoms I did not like. The "trade off" was not worth it. I use raw sugar in a controlled amount. Self control is healthier.
Liz P
Liz P 2 months ago
Thank you. Actually non biased information. All other videos are for keto diet and they are all about sweetener
David Stevens
David Stevens 2 months ago
Something I read in a medical report, once, that it might not be the artificial sweetener used in the drinks that are causing the diabetes, but, the fact that some people, not all, think that because they are consuming diet drinks, that it gives them a go-ahead to consume more treats with sugars in them; donuts, twinkies, cakes, pies, etc. I'm sure someone will correct me on this. And, no, I only consume two, maybe three, packs of pink stuff a day, in coffee or tea, and detest desserts.
Tony Young
Tony Young 3 months ago
Sweeteners give me IBS
MrReallionaire100 3 months ago
Maybe people are freaked out ,because what host they use to put the artificial sweetener on.... fecal matter from E coli
park 3 months ago
is he real human being?
sethstronghold 4 months ago
So basically, the verdict on artificial sweeteners is still out, but the verdict on sugar is out and damning. So there is no reason not to switch to artificial sugars from sugar if you are going to consume one or the other anyway
l*tzy • 6 months ago
So.... what's better? Drinking a normal soda or a diet soda
Suburp212 6 months ago
Eating any amount of sugar makes you fat. Eating any amount of articifial chemicals nobody needs makes you.... unknown.
Mikayla Eckel Cifrese
Ok, so artificial sweeteners aren't the best, but are they still better than sugar overall? e.g. If someone craves sweet things all the time and going cold turkey isn't realistic, are they better of switching to artificial sweeteners? Have there been any studies comparing sugar use to artificial sweetener use?
Timzart7 6 months ago
Some people, like myself, are extremely sensitive to artificial sweeteners. I have always been thin, underweight, so was drawn to them only out of curiosity, thinking that theoretically it would be a good alternative to having a sugary drink for the sake of my teeth, if I were out and about and not in a place where I wanted to go brush my teeth. When it was first introduced, I also thought Gatorade (which was artificially sweetened) would be a good electrolyte replacement for when I was exercising and sweating a lot. I bought it a few times, but hated it, and couldn't really drink it. My reaction to drinking 2 oz. of an artificially sweetened diet drink is to get a slight headache (and I am not headache prone at all), constriction in my throat (which goes away after an hour), and a mood change to depressed and feeling of being very unwell which can last hours and into half of the day following. I am not prone to depression and so in the rare instances when I am depressed, it is alarming and unusual. The taste of artificial sweeteners rot in my mouth. I think it is possible that is a natural signal my body gives me that it is poison for me. I detect the sweetness fine, but the rest of the taste is rotten, horrible tasting, like how could people drink this stuff? Of course, it doesn't taste that way to most people, or they'd be like me, unable to use it. I realized one day that if I brushed my teeth too much in one day, like four times, I would feel sick, and that it was from the artificial sweetener in the toothpaste, even though I rinse five times. I switched to using just a tiny amount of toothpaste and combining it with baking soda, and I'm okay with that. Starting in about 1960, my father was diagnosed with mild Type 2 diabetes, and he controlled it for the rest of his life with diet only, by avoiding sugars including fruit, and staying low in starches. But he struggled for his whole life with depression, and I wonder now if it's possible it was because of the artificial sweetener he used in his coffee and other foods.
ArmedSquid37 6 months ago
So basically we still don’t know ok
Nerissa Crawford
Nerissa Crawford 6 months ago
I find artificial sweeteners highly disgusting. I can't stand them.
bodd boward
bodd boward 7 months ago
I used to be addicted to soda. I started having symptoms of prediabetes. I switched to diet soda and the symptoms went away, though I quit altogether later, the switch to diet soda kept me from being diabetic.
Beaker 7 months ago
Hannah Banana_25
Hannah Banana_25 8 months ago
For anyone wondering how many sweeteners to consume in a day the average number of artificial sweetener packets a person should have per day is 1-23. I was curious about this and found the answer on www.ajc.com. So for drinks if you use 4 packets per drink that’s close to 6 drinks. But also keep in mind that Kool aids or Crystal Light flavored pitcher drinks, diet cola, and bottled drinks are flavored with artificial sweeteners that is probably close to the average amount of 23 packets. For me I think keeping it close to 8 packets a day is a better bet for health. Less is better
GECKman88 8 months ago
"recent studies"
Sagar Dolli
Sagar Dolli 8 months ago
Fierce debate like earth is flat or not?
lenin, the beanie sou hacker.
What about we start eating other things now?
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev 11 months ago
Fat people get diabetes. Fat people eat sweeteners to feel better. DUh... Nothin in common.
Elephant In The Room
Elephant In The Room 11 months ago
Diet cola wrecks your brain, It feels like your brain is put on a blender and your trippin on acid, causes anxiety, irritablity, mood swings etc, Dont drink diet soda you will go through withdrawls
Krieghart 9 months ago
That's the aspartame
cmilkau 11 months ago
Of course, one example doesn't prove anything but personally, consuming significant amounts of sweeteners (e.g. from sweet beverages) _always_ makes me hungry within less than an hour.
Ian Isbell
Ian Isbell Year ago
3 Lovely little fact. Crimes were committed to put aspartame on the market, and they were not prosecuted because of statute of limitations. When your body metabolizes it, it splits into its three constituents. A neurotoxin, a carcinogen, and methanol. The body thinks that it is sugar and releases insulin. Drink up
Kat Year ago
1:33 You failed to mention over what period of time. If it was one year then yes it isn't much, but if it's a week it is!
I am having sugar free solution for 3 years and have lost 38 kgs , it helps a lot....
Enrique Wessels
1:35 this argument is unclear since they don‘t show over what period of time
Anal0Avenger Year ago
Sweeteners make me a fart machine.
Lithus17 Year ago
Damn, this dude looks like god played Mister Potato Head with him. His dumpy lady body isn’t helping him either. Yikes!
kirby march barcena
CGP Grey is still alive!
Jhube Year ago
Streaming "Sweetener" by Ariana Grande will not give you diabetes
culwin Year ago
I hate the taste of Splenda. It's awful.
Ki Ell
Ki Ell Year ago
When he says "myriad of" 😓
Sentient Curse
Saccharine started out as an experimental rat poison. A lab tech "tasted" it.. instead of "testing" it.
Belinda Weber
Belinda Weber Year ago
Sooo, I generally avoid sweeteners and try to keep an eye on my sugar intake in all it's different label forms... is Stevia OK? I've used it in both the crytalised processed form and as my own grown form (trying to ignore the slightly bitter after taste of the fresh leaves, and doing my best to about not using too much bc the leaves do pack a very sweet punch!)
Brad Suarez
Brad Suarez Year ago
Thank you Sci Show for stating the facts and not your bias.... unlike the "what I've learnt" channel.
Jeffrey Slotnikoff
Since I already am a diabetic (have been type-1 for almost 52 years), I don't see any reason to not continue using Splenda, (I use it mostly to flavor hot drinks). I don't over do it; in fact, what's truly weird is that if I feel my blood-sugar is low, I'll grab a packet of Splenda, dump it down my craw, and feel many degrees better! (This may be due to the fact that the first ingredient in Splenda, as well as other artificial sweeteners, is dextrose, a type of sugar...) Of course, I will then proceed to eat something more substantial... but for my immediate relief, keeping that yellow packet around has proven invaluable.
Sandra Eriksson
I'd like a video about colloidal silver linked to health.
tetepeb Year ago
I lost 80kg/176lbs while drinking 1,5liters Cola Zero every day and still do.
Violet Foxchu
Violet Foxchu Year ago
So I'll put this out there... about a year ago I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 26. Shocking right? Turns out my diet was massively to blame, lots of sugary drinks at work (I work in food so they were free) caused a huge issue. Besides that, I had a huge carb intake in my normal diet as well which compounded the issue. I only noticed it when I started losing my vision after taking some steroids to help me get better from a cold that wouldn't go away. Long story short, I monitored my diet, ate less carbs overall and found a semi balance with the things I eat. It's still a work in progress, but I'll note this here, a change in my drinking habits definitely helped along with my diet changes. I almost instantly changed from sugary drinks to artificial sweeteners and while it was a very slow going process, I lost weight and controlled my diabetes because of the lost weight. Currently I'm not on medication and I haven't had any spike in my blood sugar levels, even when I gorge myself on occasion. You can turn yourself around. Just takes some creativity and knowing what you are eating. Talk to a nutritionist, it can change your life.
ScopeEva Year ago
Huh, Scishow supports CPG grey!
Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson Year ago
Well, I doubt beer can be made from artificial sweeteners, so, what good are they???
geo mundi
geo mundi Year ago
lol because fat people blame diet soda for diabetes and weight.. its got nothing to do with the rest of your diet and lifestyle. Some scientists are dumb af too.
mhhndeable Year ago
Oh, artificial sweetener are bad! Go get your high fructose corn syrup!
larry Spiller
larry Spiller Year ago
i can confirm this, i drink monster energy sugar free and i am hungry much more often then when i do not. luckily i don't drink it as a diet but instead i drink it because i get acne from regular sugar drinks. i also sometimes feel much weaker than normal after having on. i think thats my body wondering why theres no energy boost from the sugar. sounds extremely plausible
A Box in the Black
kevin4gwen Year ago
I've tried to stay away from artificial sweeteners since the whole thing with it becoming common knowledge that aspartame is no good for you And even steer clear of foods that say diet on them because I don't want to eat artificial sweeteners most of the foods most likely to have them
Mason Johnson
Mason Johnson Year ago
I've also heard that Artificial sweeteners can be bad for the liver. I wonder if that's true.
Lyrvana Year ago
can't you just stop using sweetener and limit your sugar intake? grow some self control, geez...
David Taylor
David Taylor Year ago
Everything in moderation apart.from artificial sweetener which tastes mildly sweet, but also shares a lot of tastes with aspirin and has that nasty bitter after taste.
Kay Oz
Kay Oz Year ago
Wow! Not much science, more like LACK of SCIshow. Sugar did not "break' anything. Sugar substitutes do NOT cause confusion, people choose not to stop eating, nothing to do with sweeteners, ugh! Take responsibility for your actions, don't blame sweeteners and STOP EATING so damn much!
Scott Mantooth
artificial sweeteners just taste nasty and way too chemically to me
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