Apple Card Unboxing & Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Unboxing the titanium Apple card... And a PSA about the walled garden. Beware.
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Aug 9, 2019




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Comments 12 304
Mark Harvey
Mark Harvey 6 hours ago
Your tin foil hat is getting tighter every year. You seriously think a company develops a credit card with the primary intent of keeping you in their ecosystem? No company can deliver the amount of experience and detail this credit card product experience has, AS YOU EXEMPLIFIED IN YOUR REVIEW, without having full control of the end-to-end experience, as only Apple has. But please keep talking about the walled garden and headphone jacks.
Pukachoo 21 hour ago
As a fast food cashier, the most noticeable and weird thing is how thick and heavy it is
Zach Day ago
Good luck trying to cut that thing
The Ecodragon
Why don't you tell me the magic numbers on this card?
Kevin Coutinho
Can you do a review of the Sirin Finney?
Wali 080901
Wali 080901 Day ago
When yt gives Samsung ad on apple ved......
Abbas Salvatore
Abbas Salvatore 2 days ago
The actual card should change color
Wilson Morris
Wilson Morris 3 days ago
Now you can put a dbrand skin on your credit card and your Tesla cybertruck
Margarita Granat
Margarita Granat 3 days ago
Can I get Apple card as my first credit card?
Dija's Vid Dump
Dija's Vid Dump 3 days ago
So...what is the reason to use this thing? Instead of a better, cheaper credit card or, even better, a debit card?
Al P
Al P 3 days ago
I mean if Apple does the 6% every year then that's a thing, you can also finance an iPhone with that card and pay no interests.
Jack Costabile
Jack Costabile 4 days ago
Why does it sound like he's saying kbhd not mkbhd
paolo galetti
paolo galetti 4 days ago
2025: people finally reach Mars Marques": "I have bene here for a couple of year and i have to make this video, the weather Is cold, but i have my iPhone 20 and my Tesla Semi here"
TheLastMcLaren 4 days ago
Mark ass brownie
bradrh79 5 days ago
In a few years I can see this with a fingerprint scanner
JustToxiic 5 days ago
Markass Brownie
Muhammed Mateen
Muhammed Mateen 5 days ago
Don’t get the credit card you will enter debt and never get out
Sean Dent
Sean Dent 7 days ago
So this is the new icard
Rishi Khera
Rishi Khera 7 days ago
Apple Card Pro?
2006의진짱 7 days ago
your name is marques brownlee and you don't like brown?
Daniel Hesse
Daniel Hesse 8 days ago
Goldman Sachs, no thanks.
Crax :1
Crax :1 8 days ago
How much is the card? It´s not available in my country
Goat Lucker
Goat Lucker 9 days ago
Magnet strip, man usa is really 50 years late
Somnia 10 days ago
why not just get google pay?
KNAX_NO4H 10 days ago
I think Apple likes the fact that u could buy a Samsung through an Apple Product. That is the most efficient marketing strategy
Tech Factz
Tech Factz 11 days ago
I wonder if Marques still uses the Apple Card
Wodinn 11 days ago
4:31 Shit I hope not. Nb4 people start pulling an Ed Gein and taking peoples faces to use their apple cards.
Pazelloxu 11 days ago
Only US! Not in my country
Toni 11 days ago
Marques BRAINWASHED Brownlee
Greebo 11 days ago
Given that I'm already invested in the  ecosystem that is not an issue to me. I hate Google, so no Android here. It's living in Australia that sucks. Not really, this place is great, but we are way behind on this stuff.
CrescentGent 12 days ago
Can't wait for the 20 other installations of this card. Apple Card 19 Pro XR
svgPhoenix 12 days ago
"Biometric smartphone locks are designed for convenience over security" "Your Apple Credit Card is protected by FaceID"
El Gato Cosmico
El Gato Cosmico 12 days ago
iCard would of been a better name
Sordii _
Sordii _ 13 days ago
Sad that we dont have this in Germany. :(
Papa Kounta
Papa Kounta 13 days ago
Could someone verify if it's debit or credit
Aydon Joseph
Aydon Joseph 15 days ago
1:30 I’m not going to actually break this thing *JerryRigEverything has entered the chat*
Bakir Moayad
Bakir Moayad 15 days ago
please give me $2000
Bakir Moayad
Bakir Moayad 15 days ago
Dr Evil
Dr Evil 17 days ago
Better than Stupid Amex
CamCam407 18 days ago
Marques Brownlee needs to get into a detox program and get off the Apple Crack. :-)
gabriela 20 days ago
can’t wait for it to come to canada 🥺
HANZ Official
HANZ Official 20 days ago
Marques was really digging the white finish😂
Steven Kothenbeutel
LOL really? A credit card unboxing?
Simple Finance
Simple Finance 21 day ago
Does it come with applecare?
Shawn Ziolkowski
Shawn Ziolkowski 22 days ago
That titanium is likely grade 2 chinesium style. Itll bend easy
Rahil Joshi
Rahil Joshi 22 days ago
apple card pro should have a thin display where the gradient moves and shows you the balance and everythinng
Rahil Joshi
Rahil Joshi 22 days ago
jerryrigeverything: cards are cards and cards break *scratch, bend and heat tests the card *
Griffen Halterman
Griffen Halterman 23 days ago
My dad gets stuff like this and also like new remotes so we say he wasted all our money on titanium credit cards
Farhan Gulzar
Farhan Gulzar 24 days ago
So whens the apple card pro max coming?
who8myfish 25 days ago
12% is pretty bad
Jeshua Esher
Jeshua Esher 25 days ago
4:32 if the thief cuts the head of the person and also steals his card and phone will he be able to use it
Rich Bird
Rich Bird 26 days ago
J cole enhanced beat 0:40
Mark B
Mark B 26 days ago
Relax mate, it's just a credit card... Not an efpos debit card. If you want to leave the "Ecosystem", then just leave.
Trigno 27 days ago
I bet the card steals your money and sends it to Tim
Cool little jay dude
Me Buys Samsung with Apple Card Samsung get the frick out
Subtitles are great ,hi "kip EHD"
Blip Machine
Blip Machine 29 days ago
Nah I'll wait for the Apple Card II Pro Max Ultra Mega XS SE.
Quality TV
Quality TV Month ago
🎊Congratulations on 10 million subs.🎊😎
Oliver Revillo
Oliver Revillo Month ago
Google needs to make something like this
Aaron H
Aaron H Month ago
Who else got a Apple Card ad
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