Antonio Brown announces on Twitter that he’s done playing in the NFL | SportsCenter

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ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick reacts to Antonio Brown tweeting that he's done playing in the NFL and explains how Brown isn’t doing himself any favors with his behavior.
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Published on


Sep 22, 2019




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Comments 2 582
Travis Rehder
Travis Rehder 5 days ago
Reason AB QUIT IS BECAUSE YOU MEDIA ASSHOLES 😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Eric x
Eric x 11 days ago
He thinks he can do other things. I bet he can’t even get a job driving for Lyft.
Jose eduardo Sanchez
AB is the next 6ix9ine
brooklynjazz 19 days ago
This Antonio Brown is in the mold of Donald Trump; Narcissism out of control!
Gabriel Gee
Gabriel Gee 23 days ago
Good riddance 👍
Ron 24 days ago
I guess he will end up in the XFL.
shay slaughterhauz
shay slaughterhauz 24 days ago
Ol dude diverted from the topic “the nfl can’t just pick and drop player based on allegations “, I understand his point on that note , we humans are quick to judge a book by its cover .
Warrior Joe
Warrior Joe 24 days ago
Antonio Brown go talk to Vince McMahon for real XFL
Bryan G
Bryan G 25 days ago
The madden cover curse
Bob Quattrini
Bob Quattrini 25 days ago
Who cares!!!! Overpaid worthless crackhead thug... Hopefully some gangster shoot's him in the head
Alen Men
Alen Men 25 days ago
I love it. Stick it to the man.
Sportyron 44
Sportyron 44 25 days ago
i can name one owner who has done that besides Robert Kraft and his name is Jerry Jones!
redbeams75 25 days ago
Thb I wish him the best..NFL.. NOT FOR LONG..💯
Cliff 25 days ago
In a few years AB will be seen working as a Jitney Driver. He's the type who will run through all his money stupidly.
Polaris sportsman
Polaris sportsman 25 days ago
Antonio Brown is a loser and hopefully someone will put him in jail
Cherie Barnes
Cherie Barnes 25 days ago
He should be in jail not the NFL
Lazy Fingers
Lazy Fingers 25 days ago
I'd LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for the country to hold the motherfucker president as accountable as a NFL player, because of Twitter comments, just sayin'
Terrence Duren
Terrence Duren 25 days ago
Tomorrow he will be forgotten. Sad.
MistaTofMaine 25 days ago
if AB actually retired he'll finish behind Keenan McCardell on all-time receiving yards list. Guess I'm saying he's good but I wouldn't put him in HOF. Zero rings, did make a superbowl where he had a whopping one catch for one yard.
John Snow Kumar
John Snow Kumar 25 days ago
The college friend and trainer of Antonio brown was supposedly raped thrice in 2009 in college campus, all in or around 2009, as per allegations. Now she says she was raped in 2017, may be not in 2010-2011 in college. She should be immediately given 500,000 dollars by Antonio Brown. Brown should play for the Patriots against the Bills., as the Bills are in form. NFL should ask for evidence or circumstantial evidence.
All of thy players that looks like Mr Brown... They all should retired because it's a "Circus"... To make us Israelites look bad, period... I have thine up most respect for Mr. Brown... He's the brave one & not a coward... Shalawam
Dawn Marie D
Dawn Marie D 25 days ago
Accountability & integrity is so important💯
Keagan Hall
Keagan Hall 26 days ago
lol good riddance have fun with that money hopefully he doesn't go broke
Dr Longus
Dr Longus 26 days ago
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Truth comes out better than I could imagine!!!
Evicerator XXX
Evicerator XXX 26 days ago
Irony...maybe he should’ve tried trafficking minors instead of being the victim of questionable exual assaul+ charges. funny how accountability works or not.
atown Ish
atown Ish 26 days ago
I think he has that nfl brain disease, serious or bad bipolar
world b flea
world b flea 26 days ago
The NFL wants their field slaves to shut up and play football!
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith 26 days ago
Hate those type of players that throw away a Gift
El R.
El R. 26 days ago
AB needs help. He needs to get himself together mentally, being physically fit and mentally unfit is not working for him.
Jeff Creed
Jeff Creed 26 days ago
Just announced, AB will be involved in making Gay Porn.
TheBaronVSP 26 days ago
Watch him sign up for the XFL. He fits right in with Vince McMahon's wrestling personas.
Giustino Scalise
Giustino Scalise 26 days ago
Amen_ Ra
Amen_ Ra 26 days ago
Really?? The Pats missed with two other players prior to A.B. Those being Hainsworth and Ochocinco. Brown makes strike three. I'm not sure they're as successful as people want to believe they are.
wakeupworld100 26 days ago
Yup both all sports teams are ran by a category of owners in old money context. However if people understand genetics a blood type is also about haplogroup DNA gene marker patterns it contains as well. A B O AB ( + and -) are not enough to determine certain capacities. Respect💯
Am rose
Am rose 26 days ago
Well maybe acting be his thing in future.
Lou V
Lou V 26 days ago
It's interesting that the more money some players make today compared to decades ago... the more selfish and "rebellious" they become... the arrogance of having money... some just can't handle it!
chris napolion
chris napolion 26 days ago
Get him off twitter please
Vinny 26 days ago
Couldnt keep his mouth shut sad this guy used to be my top 3 all time favorite player
Joaquin Fernandez
Joaquin Fernandez 26 days ago
Antonio Brown writes a book: "How to throw away millions before you earn it".
DyNastyGnome363 26 days ago
Hey look it's AssClown Brown!!!!!
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin 26 days ago
A.B lay off the drugs Bro
Perfect Pudding
Perfect Pudding 26 days ago
I hope he commits suicide
Cher Decker
Cher Decker 26 days ago
Dallas will take him 😂
Barca Raider
Barca Raider 26 days ago
Good riddance! No one likes a drama queen in their team.
Gotta Love this Xc
Gotta Love this Xc 26 days ago
Oh wow he thinks he is quitting the NFL! No you are like Colin you are DONE.
George Sotak
George Sotak 26 days ago
And here comes Jerry Jones
Jaydogg Doggydogg
Jaydogg Doggydogg 26 days ago
Ab will be back cuz no on pressed charges and with his talent a lawsuit will be swept under the rug. Plus you never know if they settle out of court and it’s like nothing ever happened. Except them tweets, can’t take those back. Shoulda kept quite..
aljanat5 26 days ago
I fail to see any professionalism in this upload. They do not bother naming 2 of the 3 people on the screen and they sure as heck are not interested in balanced reporting or the accurate depiction of events that have led to this impasse. AB has not been able to perform at the Raiders as he has been a one team player all of his multi season career. AB has not been able to build a working relationship with strangers and it is also not helped by intense speculation about him being a bad character when going into 2 new locker rooms as an outsider. Bad press and a storm of controversy will make even the toughest SOB lose some shine. He sought a background check in a private communication, *that is not a crime*
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 26 days ago
AB just likes attention
Brenda Floyd
Brenda Floyd 26 days ago
That is exactly what he get😂😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
SedaW LoL
SedaW LoL 26 days ago
BREAKING NEWS: Antonio Brown decides to pursue a career in professional wrestling, becomes a WWE superstar! Watch him live on Raw this Monday!
Jacqueline Perry
Jacqueline Perry 26 days ago
An need someone to talk to him he is old enough now he shouldn’t be doing stupid things,hope he apologizes to the women and move on a man will rumble without someone to tell him no and when you have money sometimes you want litsen and it will get you in trouble.
Sean Mercado
Sean Mercado 26 days ago
Actually, the NFL is done with you.
anthony misa
anthony misa 26 days ago
Just another self pity antics. good riddance.
Jolie Martin
Jolie Martin 26 days ago
The cowboys should do the same with Elliot, but they needed him so they stayed quiet... Patriots just did what was right!
Faith LaRoche
Faith LaRoche 26 days ago
Victim of his actions, he is a victim, poor guy ,,,,
Tam Ogeh
Tam Ogeh 26 days ago
"that's right, the Raiders" this lady don't know football lol
mark price
mark price 26 days ago
I bet this last. For at least a day.
Dave Brown
Dave Brown 26 days ago
Rapist Brown crying because he didn't get away with rapist like rapist Winston
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