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Jasmine thought it would be a funny idea to delete all my NBA 2K Mycareer players as a prank!! 😫😖
70K likes Im getting her back asap!!!
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Feb 4, 2017

DrakeHype beastPranks2k




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Comments 34 026
Prettyboyfredo 2 years ago
She finessed me bruh !!!!😫😖 … 70K likes I’m on her head!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brayden Lee
Brayden Lee 6 days ago
Prettyboyfredo I love how you're so much were interested in your Ps your PS4 I guess then your girlfriend love you're so mad at her because she did a prank on you that's a very good way of showing her you love her good job
Jeremiah Coley
Jeremiah Coley 6 days ago
That’s tuff
Thexboxgamer Xbox 10
Ala Mondello
Ala Mondello 5 months ago
Dump her
joshua dechavez
joshua dechavez 5 hours ago
Ihate you
IM-GARBAGE10 IABY 12 hours ago
Who still watchin in 2019
Anthony Hernandez
You are fucking messed up
Dee WChannel
Dee WChannel 3 days ago
Play to much man...
Dee WChannel
Dee WChannel 3 days ago
Ish dumb, love you fredo
xavi puggy
xavi puggy 4 days ago
lol.. angryboyfredo 😂😂😂😂😂
Nick Snyder
Nick Snyder 4 days ago
Agak Style
Agak Style 4 days ago
Is that even a human???oh look..a new emoji🤱
kelvin campos
kelvin campos 4 days ago
I understand it was a “prank” but calling your own girl a “dumbass” and being disrespectful to her is to much
#UGLY BLOX 6 days ago
Ik video games are cool but he needs to spend time with girl more
Niceguy 7981
Niceguy 7981 6 days ago
When he threw the controller than picked it up to see if it was ok then threw it down softly killed me
Guilshad Joseph
Guilshad Joseph 6 days ago
Girl you is stupid, those players put you in that big nice house.
Lana Washington
Lana Washington 7 days ago
Lepacon 7 days ago
I don't even play sports games and this hurts me
Jamarious Gibbs
Jamarious Gibbs 7 days ago
He needs to delete this because he’s actually serious
CR4B ANKLES 7 days ago
I would’ve did it when 2k18 was bout to come out
Super_Nova 8 days ago
Who else wants to see this on 2k20?
TR CHAD 3 days ago
Nah its annoying now thats literally why they are rich
Levi 123
Levi 123 8 days ago
That’s basically burning someone’s house down and saying it’s a prank
clealz33 9 days ago
Mad respect for him not hitting you 😂😂😂
Carlo Rapuza
Carlo Rapuza 9 days ago
it's 2019 but I still hate this girl, she think it's funny but it's so stupid, she is stupid
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 9 days ago
Never seen Fredo act this way
Isaiah Cady
Isaiah Cady 9 days ago
I would have lefted you no cap
shubham&aman vlogs
She is obsessed with his games all the time same prank
joaquim Marin
joaquim Marin 10 days ago
Tell me y I was scared
Teighlor Mumphery
Teighlor Mumphery 12 days ago
You mad over a game
FĄŹĘ ĻØÇÖ 13 days ago
Fucking hate girls when it comes to them on games
Wendo 15 days ago
Fredo: 4:17 Me: *GONE, REDUCED TO ATOMS*
Jhon Nuñez
Jhon Nuñez 15 days ago
ツBlipzy 15 days ago
Stupid bitches this y iam single for now
ツBlipzy 15 days ago
This aint funny
Nathen Cao
Nathen Cao 16 days ago
0:00 Watch Part 2
Shameka Fresh
Shameka Fresh 16 days ago
Honestly it’s just a game soo.. why the over the top anger..(That’s my opinion you have yours)
Rage_CrypticGhostz 16 days ago
8:20 turn on cc
Jaylen Monroe
Jaylen Monroe 17 days ago
Im late asf but I hope your still alive😨
Mr. & Mrs. V3ng3ance
.........sad....just sad..what's sad about this tht she did it again.
Alarra Cobbins
Alarra Cobbins 18 days ago
Starts at 3:22 your welcome
Amar Thomas
Amar Thomas 19 days ago
This is a prank
chanz miranda
chanz miranda 19 days ago
Chrisiboy PROGAMER
Chrisiboy PROGAMER 20 days ago
Twl_ burst
Twl_ burst 20 days ago
She's annoying😤
Gohan Super Saiyan 2
I ThOuGhT yOu CoUlD gEt It BaCk. It literally said"Once you delete this you can not get it back"
Gohan Super Saiyan 2
She ain't gonna be your baby after this video tho...😂
Vai Guy
Vai Guy 21 day ago
That was over the limit, gee😬
King Newton
King Newton 21 day ago
2k20 should make a myplayer backup system
Ayessha Johnson
Ayessha Johnson 21 day ago
your pranks on fire girl this is Olivia
D Gamers
D Gamers 21 day ago
Who is still watching this in 2019
glock slade
glock slade 22 days ago
Leave his stuff alone jas
Swag Bros
Swag Bros 22 days ago
She thought he could get it back when she read that you CANT get it back!
Swag Bros
Swag Bros 22 days ago
Honestly I’m a girl and I play 2k but girly girly girls are a bunch of meatheads bro.
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