Andy Ruiz's trainer breaks down epic upset of Anthony Joshua | Now or Never

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Andy Ruiz Jr.'s trainer, Manny Robles, dives into each phase of Ruiz's stunning upset of Anthony Joshua to claim the heavyweight title. Robles also reacts to favorable comments from Tyson Fury and what could be next for his fighter.
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Published on


Jul 12, 2019




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Comments 156
Rolando Orozco
Rolando Orozco 4 months ago
I forgot Kreeper, Chingo Bling ,Moco not Goggles and O.G that beat up the 7 cops at Walmart on PCP.Heros
Rolando Orozco
Rolando Orozco 4 months ago
Now we have Pancho Villa ,Zapata,Cesar Chavez,Chavo Del Ocho and Andy Ruiz.All Heros
Rolando Orozco
Rolando Orozco 4 months ago
Word is Andy started the Advanced Cholo Fit with Kreeper.Represent Homie and Chicken Tamales have most proteins.
JordanjamesX 4 months ago
Anthony Joshua underestimated Andy Ruiz. He will not admit it.
john dollar
john dollar 4 months ago
And he paid the prize for it
Braulio Negron
Braulio Negron 4 months ago
golpe de suerte y a hora se cree boxeador 😂😂😂😂😂
dude mister
dude mister 4 months ago
Manny thanks for coming down to Imperial, California during the summer!!!
Oye las
Oye las 4 months ago
Rematch won't be like that. Buckle up.
Oye las
Oye las 4 months ago
@NikiN N no, he will get his a*s whop😉😉😉
NikiN N
NikiN N 4 months ago
Oye las right! Ruiz is going to knock Joshua out this time.
Paul Hernandez
Paul Hernandez 4 months ago
Its a beautiful moment for my close friend Manuel. God bless him and his family and Andy!
David Cruz
David Cruz 4 months ago
They should be getting pay 💰 in Mexican pesos not dollars 💵. Mexico lindo y querido 😂
dejesus32 4 months ago
Boxing is not about abs. No trainer is going to tell you abs will win a fight for you.
NikiN N
NikiN N 4 months ago
dejesus32 right!!!! Snickers will. Team Ruiz all day.
Glen Glendenning
Glen Glendenning 4 months ago
Couldn’t give a fuck pal...it’ll be a different story come the rematch, watch this space
big popalapa.
big popalapa. 4 months ago
Forget Aj, he is finished! A true quitter! Wilder vs Ruiz!!!!
Akin Ola
Akin Ola 4 months ago
Don't go there, wilder is a beast, even Efe Ajangba will knock down Andy Ruiz
AVE - 4 months ago
jay cordt Wilder was hurt but he didn’t fall like robot AJ. 38 year old Ortiz>41 year old klitschko off a 2 year lay off any day
big popalapa.
big popalapa. 4 months ago
@jay cordt Ortiz was saved by the bell. Wilder was rocked in the 7th but did not spit out his gum shield out and quit like a pussy the way AJ did .
jay cordt
jay cordt 4 months ago
AVE - Ortiz knocked Wilder out on his feet and got helped by the ref but you forget that Wilder fan boy
big popalapa.
big popalapa. 4 months ago
@jay cordt he was at the end of his career. If he was younger he would have finished your Adonis. Wilder offered him 50million and he ducked. Well we see why.. because Andy showed he was a hyped up robot that could not box. He made a living out of beating old guys.
Don morris
Don morris 4 months ago
AJ will kill Ruiz in the Rematch 🇳🇬🇳🇬
Don morris
Don morris 4 months ago
@NikiN N we shall see
NikiN N
NikiN N 4 months ago
That Raiders Fan Ruiz is going to sleep Anthony Joshua this time.
That Raiders Fan
That Raiders Fan 4 months ago
inwanfero morris Keep in mind AJ was the heavy favorite to win the fight and Andy Ruiz only had weeks to prepared. Andy Ruiz now has more confidence and a full training session. Can’t wait till the rematch I expect Ruiz to come out with a bang and be victorious. 🇲🇽🇺🇸🥊
Big Papi
Big Papi 4 months ago
Did he reference him as a fat lady?
kelly Tyson
kelly Tyson 4 months ago
mexico 💪
Gustavo Guzman
Gustavo Guzman 4 months ago
Viva Mexico
Edwin U. Edwin
Edwin U. Edwin 4 months ago
Look i don't care if you won the fight it was just a fluke cuz aj under rate you but i promise you that vidu won't work this time ok
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez 4 months ago
The Health Body Fitness
Better Luck when he Fights Wilder hahaha Good Lucky Cheers 🤙😆
The Health Body Fitness
I Think AJ was Drunk that Night hahaha 😂😂😂
Daz Pez
Daz Pez 4 months ago
He handed the belts over n said “here kid” I thought it was Ruiz that asked to hold them!!!
imac846 4 months ago
Yea but he couldve just said fuck you kid u aint touching my belts instead of letting him hold them like whats the worse thats gonna happen
Nicolas Fennimore
Nicolas Fennimore 4 months ago
I bet the one punch knockout he dreamt is the rematch
Clarence Nelson
Clarence Nelson 4 months ago
I agree and it will be AJ deliver in devastating redemption.
Veego von DOOM- Reviews!
He needs to fight Wilder so Wilder can get that.
Jet Blac
Jet Blac 4 months ago
MATCH FIXING. Don't wanna hear shit, no way in hell that fat man would beat that buff dude if he wasn't bought off
Teech 4 months ago
andy needs to take on some matches he can win for now and build up is rep to get a huge pay day. dont face anthony just yet.
Jad Terro
Jad Terro 4 months ago
Like the way he doesnt do what most boxers would do and are doing ,ie Joshuas a bum who was always going to loose and will loose again. Joshua is quality, was before is now. Maybe it was a bad day at the office or maybe Ruiz has his measure we will see, but respect is given here and I like that
wowfan8 4 months ago
wow i didn't know Fluffy could box..
Raymond Rojo
Raymond Rojo 4 months ago
Check out his last 20 fights fool
Bryant Marquez
Bryant Marquez 4 months ago
This is dead.
Peter Wetton
Peter Wetton 4 months ago
Bottom line is joshua let him win to change Andys life for the better. Joshua wanted to relieve the pressure off him self. The rematch Andy won't last a round.
Young Dre
Young Dre 4 months ago
If this is your attempt at satire/comedy, I strongly suggest you stick with your day job.
Ricardo Acevedo
Ricardo Acevedo 4 months ago
JD 4 months ago
Imagine AJ knocked him down whilst having concussion. The rematch will be brutal for Andy
Pat The Wild Goose!
Pat The Wild Goose! 4 months ago
Don't be silly. He beat AJ up and made the big dosser quit. This is boxing not bodybuilding.
LA Vibes
LA Vibes 4 months ago
Upset... I wasn't upset I was just surprised
Bobby Bucks
Bobby Bucks 4 months ago
Y’all gonna give this too much press now 😒😒
Raymond Rojo
Raymond Rojo 4 months ago
So what b**** Mexican power
Real Boxing Fan
Real Boxing Fan 4 months ago
Dameia Smith because ruiz is fat as a pig
Dameia Smith
Dameia Smith 4 months ago
Why you hating?
Me 4 months ago
2nd mexican heavy weight
Josiah Paz
Josiah Paz 4 months ago
Me 1st Mexican heavyweight is Andy Ruiz cause John Ruiz is Puerto Rican
ivan biasutti
ivan biasutti 4 months ago
he has the voice of Speedy Gonzales
Ray Miah
Ray Miah 4 months ago
AJ worked hard too. Single mom looked after him. He got into trouble living on estate sides went jail and turnt to boxing to reform himself. Stop moving like AJ isn’t relatable just cah he has a 6 pack low it😂😂😂
matoscu 4 months ago
Its Aj job to make himself relatable not Robles
Sports Genius
Sports Genius 4 months ago
You can't be tough with that accent haha
Kurt Norman
Kurt Norman 4 months ago
Rocked *
Kurt Norman
Kurt Norman 4 months ago
Eddie' Hearn is AJS mum bruv. Calm down ya boy got wicked
norvinzor 4 months ago
Andy Ruiz better train his fatass off! Andy Ruiz Win over Joshua is one of the Greatest FLUKE in all of sports. This time Anthony Joshua isn’t gonna get caught by a lucky punch. And will show the world in the rematch by putting this Mexican to Sleep!!
Manny Mota
Manny Mota 4 months ago
Ruiz the people’s champ
That Raiders Fan
That Raiders Fan 4 months ago
Manny Mota Go Raiders Fuck the Chokers
Jed I. Knight
Jed I. Knight 4 months ago
ruiz hit aj behind the ear. aj wasn’t the same after that. looked out of it. got caught slippin. ruiz won’t get such an easy fight next time round. or against any other boxer. but he should enjoy where he’s at rn lol
What makes you think AJ will be able to protect himself adequately in the rematch? What did you see that convinced you of that? AJ isn't getting any quicker. Ruiz's hands aren't getting any slower. Ruiz will get inside AJ's lazy jab and batter him the same way. I saw nothing in AJ that would convince me he could beat Ruiz. Really, all Ruiz needs to do is wait for the opportunity to get inside and it's a repeat of the first fight. Are you so blind you can't see that? Rewatch that fight.
muhammad adam
muhammad adam 4 months ago
"It aint over until the fat lady sing"cuz the fatman want to dance,shock the world and knock down the adonis
East End Dayton
East End Dayton 4 months ago
I remember 5 years ago watching Ruiz make Tor Hamer quit. Ruiz is going to be hard to beat because he's got that dog in him. Hamer hit him with some bombs and he didn't lay down. Came back firing and made dude quit. Did the same thing to Joshua. He's ready for a war and alot of guys just ain't got that ready for war kind of heart in em
Kurt Norman
Kurt Norman 4 months ago
I'm from the UK and I agree with you 100%. Eddie Hearn has breast fed AJ the whole way and put him in a bubble. And that bubble got popped by Ruiz and bravo to the guy. AJ a trophy fighter
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