American Authors - Say Amen ft. Billy Raffoul

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Music video by American Authors performing Say Amen. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Nov 16, 2018




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Comments 1 669
Korin Miller
Korin Miller 11 days ago
*Looks at high school friends steam profile* "Last online 1434 days ago"
David Silva
David Silva 11 days ago
My ABSOLUTE favourite for 2019!!!!!
Josie Posie
Josie Posie 16 days ago
Very inspired, thank you.
keanu 24 days ago
i dont know who are disliking these songs?
Camille Banks
Camille Banks 25 days ago
His hair tho! Locks look better than mine, I wonder what his secret is?? Bouncy wavy hair you go boi
Deepika Mehta
Deepika Mehta Month ago
This is what I was living for 😍
Olya Grecova
Olya Grecova Month ago
Gorgeous HAIR!!!!
zadby mtz dz
zadby mtz dz Month ago
Baya baya esos lugares están perfectos ,me encantaría un día poder conocer , yeahhhh
Vlad Apolonov Nick&R
Oh, hello John Snow
Hi, my name Is
Hi, my name Is Month ago
He actually looks good with long hair. Not many guys can pull it off is what I mean and he does
Mekenzie Ackerman
This song gives me shivers and the fact they both have better hair than most of us.
Tamara De Groot
Tamara De Groot 2 months ago
Scarlet Goldenriver
Scarlet Goldenriver 2 months ago
Too much of a good song to be underrated
Spooky 3 months ago
Lindsey Follansbee
Lindsey Follansbee 3 months ago
Billy Raffoul has G O R G E O U S hair, he totally rocks it, daaamn- what a babe
Shv 3 months ago
I feel imagine dragon vibes in this band
Galactical Bear
Galactical Bear 3 months ago
they must of been pretty cold.
Mamun Rashid
Mamun Rashid 3 months ago
Sofia Marty
Sofia Marty 3 months ago
Where was this video filmed?
Alisha Brewer Nelson
Blew me away. Love this. ♡
Kenneth Ramìrez
Kenneth Ramìrez 4 months ago
The first time I heard Billy with Avicci I thought it was an old man...right?
Arrington 4 months ago
That majestic hair is the only thing I’ll say amen to
sky flowers
sky flowers 4 months ago
Steven Song
Steven Song 4 months ago
Where you've been in my life? American Authors. 🙌🏻
Kay Ci
Kay Ci 4 months ago
How did Billy fit into those pants!?!!!?
Cassie Pengelly
Cassie Pengelly 4 months ago
Love this collaboration!
Leo Machicao Mejia
Leo Machicao Mejia 4 months ago
Cute Pug
Cute Pug 4 months ago
If Imagine Dragons made this song , it would have +100 millions views.
Scarlet Goldenriver
Scarlet Goldenriver 5 months ago
Sad...Sad...Song. Takes me back to Many, many, memories.....
iLadelfia 5 months ago
Why this song has so many dislikes? ;-;
Team Jones
Team Jones 5 months ago
Katarína Kubišová
I like your voices guys. EDIT: I like your hair Billy so much. :-D
Dmitry Saveliev
Dmitry Saveliev 5 months ago
My Instagram instagram.com/dmitry_odessa/
leticia silva
leticia silva 5 months ago
o música boaaaa
britt vdb
britt vdb 5 months ago
Wow i love this song, such a beautiful track
RaychellSTUDIO 5 months ago
Sara Martinez
Sara Martinez 6 months ago
I fucking love Billy Raffoul
emily mcgirr
emily mcgirr 6 months ago
Underrated group
Bike Hero
Bike Hero 6 months ago
Oh I love the show planet Earth wait a minute??... WHAT!
Sasa Kralovanska
Sasa Kralovanska 6 months ago
Proc tohle tvl nekdo produkuje ....
Elia Faria
Elia Faria 6 months ago
Billy's hair is very luscious and thicc. Cute :)
Daniella Malan
Daniella Malan 6 months ago
I love this song sooooo much!😍😍😁💙💙💙😁🙄
shams tabraze
shams tabraze 6 months ago
Legacies s1e15 brought me here damn choice
Geovanna Martins
Geovanna Martins 6 months ago
Beautiful song!!!! Greetings from Brazil!!!😊
madhukar khare
madhukar khare 7 months ago
DAmn! these guys are underrated.
Marie 7 months ago
Well damn.... goosebumps all over
Discover Hit Music
Discover Hit Music 7 months ago
Fantastic song!! Zac & Billy's vocals work so well together! Absolutely incredible!!!
Cristian Fernandez
Cristian Fernandez 7 months ago
Am I the only one thinking that Billy Raffoul should see a doctor?
FJoy Muthee
FJoy Muthee 7 months ago
panic at the disco: mama can I get an amen! american authors: only if you were with me
T-Troublemaker 7 months ago
Thought it was a cover of Say Amen (Saturday Night) BUT DAMN GLAD IT IS NOT
Rachel M
Rachel M 7 months ago
Hoa Hoang
Hoa Hoang 7 months ago
heygamer 7 months ago
Ah i am An atheist but amen
cidd ciddly
cidd ciddly 7 months ago
starkes lied
Ignaś K
Ignaś K 7 months ago
Adela Mjahká
Adela Mjahká 7 months ago
Billy! ❤️
Casandra Santan Díaz
Soy la inaca latina? Espesifico Mexicana?
Lukkinohh__ [Account Secondario]
Radio Freccia ♥️
Jacob Catalano
Jacob Catalano 7 months ago
Awesome interview I saw with Billy! usvid.net/video/video-wMwWqj6W8v8.html
dyaba sivenathi
dyaba sivenathi 7 months ago
I love all your songs from South Africa
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