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Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford … we all know them, but what about the small American company that gave them a run for their money? This is the story of AMC and it’s epic underdog struggles and victories!
Special thanks to the Kenosha History Center: facebook.com/KenoshaHistoryCenter/
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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 3 319
KOB 20 hours ago
Nobody here is in the closet, right?
Grape Nutz
Grape Nutz Day ago
What about AMC making harleys for a period of time?
mchawk315 Day ago
I wish I could be more like "big bro" but as I am almost 32 I am already quite versed in Wayne's World.
HEAVYWALL 70 Day ago
We could use a company like AMC now
mr. finley
mr. finley Day ago
Revolutionary tv dramas! 🤣
HX3_EnFr Day ago
French+muscle car
GREG J 2 days ago
ARKT1KA 3 days ago
Up to speed on lada, and the Pontiac Firebird.
John Milks
John Milks 3 days ago
Every AMC I've ever had was hot garbage 😢
Cmdr Tomalak
Cmdr Tomalak 4 days ago
Dude... why you yell? You make me scared but I almost feel I have to watch or you'll be mad at me.
J-Gaming79 5 days ago
broma toast
broma toast 5 days ago
Dodge has some cool badges and mustang
PGT Beauregard
PGT Beauregard 5 days ago
I'm like a lot of car guys: I admired Studebaker quality and design, I admired AMC for its spunk, fresh ideas, and getting by with marginal capitalization. So, what happened? Well, like a lot of car guys, I said that sincerely but never once bought either of those marques. Unsurprisingly, both failed and no longer are around...
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren 6 days ago
If you want you business to fail partner with Renault!
evandoesstuff73 6 days ago
its the green hornet btw
Deborah chesser
Deborah chesser 6 days ago
That AMX 3 looked a lot like a Lamborghini, which isn’t a bad thing. I always liked the Javelin, maybe it’s just me.
Deborah chesser
Deborah chesser 6 days ago
More hp and the Vette would have gotten embarrassed
What a time in automotive history, horrible management sent AMC into a bad place in American history
arthur aa
arthur aa 8 days ago
The host looks like he's from ..kenosha....trust me I live in kenosha...GO KINGFISH
Jacob Cain
Jacob Cain 8 days ago
The Maserati trident badge is pretty freaking sick
No Gods No Masters
Bendix makes parts for trucks and heavy equipment.
Douglas speed videos
Up to speed edsel cars
Nick Martin
Nick Martin 10 days ago
so was he viper not a competitor with the vette
Tadasivar 12 days ago
The Rambler, favorite car of the aliens. -John Lithgow
Parker Boyd
Parker Boyd 13 days ago
Up to speed on the ford Edsel please
trapple Gawd
trapple Gawd 13 days ago
You have a Jeep in the back because it’s a AMC Jeep right? WRONG amc sold to Chrysler in 1987 and I have a 87 Jeep Wrangler made by AMC right before they sold out,and my Jeep has square headlights
Domonic Hoffman
Domonic Hoffman 13 days ago
You for got about the most bad ass amc of all the Marlin x 343ci
Aggelos Rusty
Aggelos Rusty 14 days ago
up to speed starlet please?
Kenneth Heriford
Kenneth Heriford 14 days ago
2014 camry looked more like a 2011 corolla
MetroGeckoRev2 14 days ago
Can't forget the AMC 242 4.0 I6, one of the legendary I6 engines
Killer_ Street_Machines
*cough cough* Hellcat badge *cough*
Matt Frank
Matt Frank 16 days ago
This dude is.so funny
IndiekidDrugPatrol 16 days ago
"Biggest corporate merger in history at this point" Austin and Morris merging to make the British Motor Corporation was way bigger
IndiekidDrugPatrol 12 days ago
@Douglas MacArthur Austin and Morris merged to form BMC in 1952, 2 years before AMC was formed
Douglas MacArthur
Douglas MacArthur 12 days ago
When this happened, Austin and Morris wasn't merged yet
Sivert Fløttum
Sivert Fløttum 16 days ago
what about the gt500 with the badge on the grill?
Quinton Wilde
Quinton Wilde 17 days ago
Both badges and names in general were cooler than today. Why aren’t more people named “Buck Hardlove” Or “Dick Trigger?” Modern badges are lame that’s why I have custom made ones. Because I want everyone to know that I’m a “sexy bitch” when driving my Hyundai Accent
Sean  Forsythe
Sean Forsythe 18 days ago
The amc javelin is my dream car. Ill never be able to afford one, let alone find one.
blaknoizee 18 days ago
The self induced argument lololol
Lynestro The Conqueror
AMC Jeep > Chrysler Jeep
Jarrod 20 days ago
I like their movie theaters better than their automobiles
Lusekelo Simwela
Lusekelo Simwela 20 days ago
cars after the mid 70s are simply not beautiful
Southern Outlaw 93
I live in Kenosha Wisconsin they tore down the amc factory a couple years ago
Aaron Bush
Aaron Bush 22 days ago
If Renault’s CEO had not been assassinated, it is possible AMC could still be around. The YJ had just launched and ZJ was on its way.
Jesse Sims
Jesse Sims 23 days ago
The not a game car and the next one after that are the only ones in Forza horizon 3 definitely remember the name of them 😂
matthew brissette
matthew brissette 23 days ago
Fun fact, bendix still used in aircraft
Todd Swasey
Todd Swasey 24 days ago
I like the roadrunner and Viper logos
Nick Krantz
Nick Krantz 24 days ago
Can you do one on Hurst please?
scott matthews
scott matthews 25 days ago
How much shit do you think old Dick Teague got every single day, " look at you with your top shirt button undone ya big Dick Teague" , " I bought you lunch last week and you've still not called me back ya big Dick Teague!" I'll bet even high ups in the company took the piss " If anyone knows about sexy cars its Dick Teague!"
collin castillo
collin castillo 26 days ago
how about an up to speed on Spirit R? Mazda’s special tuning friend, rx7 spirit r perhaps rx8 spirit r
Psyko Klown
Psyko Klown 27 days ago
AMC - Any Motor Company
PSIJOE 29 days ago
I'm disappointed the Pacer X, and Gremlin X were not brought up. Huge missed opportunity that would have only added another 15-30 seconds to the video.
John Murray
John Murray Month ago
Hey man what about the FWD sedan AMC developed in 1986 that Chrysler sold as an eagle premier (and dodge monaco after the merger?) and the entire eagle division of chrysler?
Mackenzie McIntyre
RhinoMan Month ago
eye poke, shin kick,groin kick,leg sweep,stomp to the groin. But I agree.
mwyatt222 Month ago
My 69' AMX 390 was my all-time favorite. Ive had stangs, Camaro's, 90 zr 1 vette, BMW m5 etc, too many to count now nearing 60 but the AMX is the one I miss the most. It had no problem driving from Dallas to South Tx Rockport at 100-120 mph and got decent mileage doing it. It would run cool the entire way at high speed. Not even my Vettes would do that without getting a useless 3-4 mpg's.
Pinkie Month ago
I loved the javelin, to bad it never kicked off
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James DeVore
James DeVore Month ago
Probably shoulda split this one up. Up to Speed on the Javelin, AMX, Eagle, Rambler, Gremlin, and Pacer I mean they had Wilt Fucking Chamberlain doing ads for the Pacer!!! That alone should get it its own episode.
Skylar Zahursky
Skylar Zahursky Month ago
Come on! Hellcat badge is badass!
William Schwartz
AMC was a manufacturer that gave the best of the big 3 and the buyer so much more for their money, what was optional for the big 3 was standard equipment for AMC, I love AMC and can only imagine what their vehicles would have looked like today had they still been in the game, tell you one thing, Chrysler would have been a memory had they not practically stolen Jeep from AMC, it's the only thing keeping them alive today cuz everything else is pure garbage from their divisions
TD Welch
TD Welch Month ago
You suck dude....
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