Amanda Seales Is The New Co-Host Of The Real!

The Real Daytime
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Jan 6, 2020




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To Do
To Do 9 hours ago
How ironic years later Jeanie fills in Tamars seat 😳
jaees michelle
jaees michelle 2 days ago
I had only seen Amanda Seales on Insecure and I don't like her character. So it actually made me start watching the show again after seeing her real personality in a few clips. I'm definitely a fan of hers now! I agree with a lot of comments saying they were fine without her. They finally got a good chemistry going, etc.. But her personality shakes it up and gives a refresh to the personalities we've all become so accustomed to in the other hosts. I had stopped watching for YEARS before she came to the show.
Taelor Taelor
Taelor Taelor 3 days ago
I don’t like it.
Andrea Far
Andrea Far 3 days ago
BOOO 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Yumevelyn 4 days ago
:/ i don’t want her in the sjow the 4 of them were niceee together and like uhh it sucks now
Karen M
Karen M 4 days ago
I used to enjoy watching the DAYTIME show The Real . . . Learning about other views from other cultures in a lighthearted manner. The ladies were always respectful, funny, classy and told it as they felt - but I never thought they were vicious or had pure hatred towards white folk (we ain’t all bad). Yes, I’m a 53-year-old Long Island bred white woman. But Ms. Seales is turning everything discussed on The Real into hatred elitist race issues (IMO, not enlightening our beloved country but dividing this country even more) . . . She even turns the pedophilia registered sex offender Weiner story into a race issue . . . Yet defends Jussie Smollett basically saying he should just get his wrists slapped. She spews double standards and hypocrisy left and right. Can you imagine if there was a talk show with only white women in this day and age bashing minorities!!! Get her out of there before she destroys the show!
Nadia Xx
Nadia Xx 5 days ago
Why why and um why? The show was litteraly so good... no offence she lowkey gives off Tamar vibes which I’m not here for 😴
Angelia Medina
Angelia Medina 7 days ago
I see the ratings dropping..they need to get rid of Amanda , soon n very soon ...more than half of the comments are made by faithful viewers....seem.like they're loosing alot of them because of Amanda..time will tell.
Angelia Medina
Angelia Medina 7 days ago
I don't like her on the show..her body language says she's there for a paycheck ,and that's it..her body language n actions say she don't like being their ..she is always making faces , like she uncomfortable..not that my opionion matters lol , but I will not be tuning in as much ...she adds nothing to the show
G Torres
G Torres 8 days ago
The worst addition to the show.
goldenlife 8 days ago
Longest job interview ever! and they still got it wrong.
Isidora Camila
Isidora Camila 9 days ago
I'm not watching the show anymore, she's so annoying with her comments and rude to everyone who has a different opinion.
Jennifer Nicole
Jennifer Nicole 9 days ago
Just keep 4🙄
Arabia Mashack
Arabia Mashack 10 days ago
I like Amanda but I miss Tamar
Grace Spurling
Grace Spurling 11 days ago
not a good choice they all are Christian and talk about God everyday she does not i just dont see it working
Megan H
Megan H 11 days ago
Tamar was better 🤷🏻‍♀️ I like Amanda but I don’t think she’s a good fit for this show.
Danielle Alessandra
This show used to be all about girl chat talking about sex lives things you could talk about with your girlfriends and you just felt comfortable with the show but now with her in it all she does is talk about politics her unpopular opinion and I really really can’t even watch it anymore it’s so disappointing so upsetting because I was obsessed with the show one of my all-time favorite things to do was sit down and watch the real but now that she’s on it I haven’t been watching was waiting for her to go home and now to find out that she is a cohost is just devastating
Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia 16 days ago
Why would they add her . I’m not feeling it
Jae Wills
Jae Wills 23 days ago
I love the fact that you've added such another strong female voice to the table. She does not shy away from tough issues. Amanda is smart, intelligent, funny and beautiful. I applaud The Real for taking a step in this new direction. She is a keeper! #blackgirlmagic
Gods Child
Gods Child 23 days ago
They should've got rid off lonnie!
Arianny Trinidad
Arianny Trinidad 24 days ago
They should’ve left it at 4th .___.
RociGranados 24 days ago
Here's my thing, I love Tam and I love Jeannie Mai everytime they have something important to say, I'm sorry, but Amanda seales make faces, she cuts them off, and her ENERGY comes off angry/aggressive instead of passionate.(confrontational vibes that were not present prior or since aggravated Tamar) she's better off having her own show where she could be her own one Man band shining Star , I only ever saw her as a guest. it saddens me that this is how I feel because I too am an independent black woman with a strong wise presence but idk her energy is off. I could very well not like change but i know what i liked from the real with the perfect 4. If a new one is to come along all 5 must truly resonate that through out the show
Angel L'Mae Roberson
Ohhhhh y'all I was wondering why I kept seeing her on the show so much recently, and then I saw the banner has five people now
AllieUncharted 27 days ago
This was unneeded and honestly it ruins the chemistry and appeal of the show
Grace Kalinowski
Grace Kalinowski 27 days ago
Jessica Trasvina
Jessica Trasvina 28 days ago
Why did it have to be another black woman? No shade, but I think there are other ethnic women in the entertainment industry that would have been amazing to have on the show
patriciah kavihitsa
This girl will ruin this show trust me
Jasmine Mcgowan
Jasmine Mcgowan 29 days ago
This used to be my go to show on youtube for a couple years now, and all the sudden i stopped watching ever since amanda came on. Really sucks
Joanna Edwards
Joanna Edwards 29 days ago
The fake Real is not even close to being real and that show is not even nothing new just got a new Co host added to the Illuminati Club clone table ain't nothing but Men playing like women knowing that it's fake ass hell
Nina Njoroge
Nina Njoroge 29 days ago
I'll give it time to get used
jay craig
jay craig 29 days ago
Budget Tamar
Rebecca Kings
Rebecca Kings 29 days ago
I prefer the co-host system :(
joyce madej
joyce madej 29 days ago
Never heard of Amanda please get rid of Loni Love's big mouth
Foxy Bella22
Foxy Bella22 Month ago
i've seen a few episodes with the new co host but i already dont like her vibe. and why did they change tamera's spot? I don't like this at all
Karlacamila Rodriguez
Well I won’t be watching no more 👍🏻
Erika Beas
Erika Beas Month ago
Why am i so UPSET ? i dont want Amanda on the show, the girls were perfect the way they were. The viewer ratings are about to plummet
Angela Month ago
I wish they would’ve added Eve as the new host instead
Michelle Viertell
This was so unnecessary and doesnt fit right.. I wont be watching anymore.
Musicpromo18 Month ago
Where Was 'JAMAL, THE INTERN?' Loni Always talks about companies need a 'Jamal, The Intern' when they make foolish Decisions. This Decision was so Un-called for; America fell in love with the four ladies, 'Adrienne, Loni, Jeannie, & Tamera' after (Sadly) Tamar's departure. The show just became Emmy award winning, was growing in great ways...Why would the executives tamper with the success & perfect line-up?!?! Amanda Seales can come for 'Guest-Host' week like they had many others come and go but as an official co-host.....NO! Nothing against Amanda, but this is all wrong. Leave the '4' that America Fell in love with.
Katie Month ago
What was wrong with the original 4....ugh
The Weird Boy
The Weird Boy Month ago
Okay i am not gonna talk about amanda at all. All i am gonna talk about is the OG four and how close they were , they went through so much together they spent 6 years listening to eachother and being there for eachother .. when u watch it was like sitting with ur 4 bestfriends in a slumber party gossiping. U could really go back and see how genuine their friendship is and that’s what made this show special. And they lost all of that when new person is added permanently because no matter how much time she spends they will always have so much memories without her so it will have different vibe. Good luck but sorry i am not watching new clips anymore , i have plenty old vids to watch.
Can Trn
Can Trn Month ago
IDK kinda feels like a calm before a storm here...Amanda, the seat changes but good luck
fried chicken
fried chicken Month ago
Rude for The Real to have asked the fans for another host!
fried chicken
fried chicken Month ago
No need for another host but I prefer her. She’s very smart.
Alexis Wicks
Alexis Wicks Month ago
Y’all I like Amanda! But I do not want her on the show permanently.
Joanna Herodotou
Amanda is similar to Tamar, very loud and opinionated.
itsmonikamaria Month ago
This makes me literally so sad
Manuela Molina
Manuela Molina Month ago
Aw I just liked the four😕.
Mulisa Museri
Mulisa Museri Month ago
Did they do a survey I'm not feeling this at all I like the 4 hosts as they were,
Mulisa Museri
Mulisa Museri Month ago
I dunno about this I like the girls as they were nothing against the new host but it's gonna take a minute
Carmella Jns
Carmella Jns Month ago
im glad with the decision she a good fit
Elise James
Elise James Month ago
They gone say we haters! But to be REAL im really not feelin amanda. She isnt the right fit for the show permantly. Can see the ratings going down tbh (plus everything is about race these days) Glad theyre talking about it but not everything is about race.
lupe pena
lupe pena Month ago
Noooo !!! It’s too weird !! Too many people and she’s not Tamar funny you guys should have just left it and kept her as a part time host /guest 😒
Angela Robinson is an. Excellent Actress..God bless her an. Hubby On new baby. Deserve Emmy 4 Hahn, baddest woman goin, Great work Veronica!!
Ashleigh Nygaard
Sorry but no... It was perfect with the 4 of you
Cedria Halyard
Cedria Halyard Month ago
I love her!!! I'm so proud of my girl 💖💖
Bee Lee
Bee Lee Month ago
Welp I'm done with this show now. I can't stand this chick. This was a dumb choice they made.
Cierra Johnson
Cierra Johnson Month ago
4 girls was fine. I hate that they added her and got tam jammed in the corner. I don't even want to watch it anymore.
Derek Richardson
Every thing I hate in a tv show cheap trashy entertainment
Shanice Martin-Sandy
Dear Producers, Tam and Amanda need to switch seats! Your loyal viewer, S.M
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