All You Can Eat THAI Hot Pot Buffet! New York Hot Pot Tour Part 3!

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Get ready for AYCE Hot Pot Part 3! In this round I went to more NYC locations as well as a Thai style hot pot buffet! Enjoy!
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Oct 17, 2017




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Comments 1 484
King Whyvern Dragoon
I like broccoli cuz it like the bread in the dish. You use it to soak all the juices. That why steak and side veggies work.
Света Береснева
Жалко, что нет перевода на русский.
Gabi 5 days ago
Ayato Sakamaki
Ayato Sakamaki 10 days ago
The first one Iwas like “Ok it’s hidden but the best places are the hidden ones” An I was right
L3thal W a s p
L3thal W a s p 10 days ago
I'm here eating key lime pie. Mmmmm so delicious
TECH 3 10 days ago
why does that place had bengali ads ? 00:23
James Vetter
James Vetter 11 days ago
The tour ended in the first ..What...every
Kelse 14 days ago
"Mushrooms count as vegetables, right?" I mean, _what else_ would they count as? Fruit? _Seafood?_ ¯\_༼ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽_/¯
Keith 16 days ago
All I can focus on is the LA Beast music in the background lol
John Stone 2821
John Stone 2821 20 days ago
I really want to try hot pot but the closest one is over 300 miles away.....😢😢
Sabrina 21 day ago
I recently went to this place and it is funny how I literally sat where you are sitting right now. Love the food
Tin Can
Tin Can 26 days ago
hey mikey, get me out there for some of that, or ramen, or dumplings, or anything i like... jk, but it seriously sucks living in maine, where theres not a single place for over 4 hours that serves any kind of specialty or authentic, or really anything besides classic american comfort food, and olive garden rip offs. i cant find anything i dont have to go out of state for that i want, not even a classic big buffet, except in portland, which is basically out of state, and about 3 hours away. and maybe one of each. im a cook and love food, so this place is actual foodie hell. XD
f417h Month ago
James The Red Engine 5
Mike: 4 is the highest I've ever rated any Hot Pot in NY Me who hasn't forgotten Pt. 2: You rated that steam place 4.125
Daniel Vincent morrell
I'm gonna have to try a hot pot
Anime kun
Anime kun Month ago
Mikey ur videos are epic, while watching it's really satisfying
Y 1
Y 1 Month ago
Why does everyone diss broccoli ??? It has like legit no flavour Each to their own I guess
howwon Month ago
Mike. Slow down when you're talking.
Medina Mojo
Medina Mojo Month ago
I just watched a random dude eat for almost 30 mins.....and i genuinely enjoyed it.
dee Pitamber
dee Pitamber Month ago
Mike you really making me rethink moving back to NYC ugh I’m suddenly depress now can’t find the selection anywhere else like NYC miss home
vaishnav chaturvedi
vaishnav chaturvedi
This guy gonna die by peptic ulcer
Jeremy Heck
Jeremy Heck Month ago
Eyes glazed... Food coma
Shelley Schau
Shelley Schau Month ago
🤤🤤🤤🤤 yuuuuuuum I love garlic I would still kiss a garlic mouth it's so good those sauces look booomb
a little heart problem.
Rocco Deluca
Rocco Deluca 2 months ago
TacticalZombie 2 months ago
10:57 I meant
TacticalZombie 2 months ago
Anyone else gonna notice the girl with blood or mud on her at 11:57?
TacticalZombie 2 months ago
Frema B
Frema B 2 months ago
This is glorious. You are truly an eating champion.
Yan Campos
Yan Campos 2 months ago
you speak a bit too loudly
Yingtheeevee 2 months ago
will hot pot cure a stomach flu? asking for....for a friend...yes...a friend
Brad D
Brad D 2 months ago
This guy made 2.1 million $ last year from USvid because you losers paid for him to travel around the world and eat
Krus LoL
Krus LoL 2 months ago
song at 24:16? lol
Cindy Nesto
Cindy Nesto 2 months ago
I can't stop watching these but they make me so hungry.
Taylor Stewart
Taylor Stewart 2 months ago
Question for me is.... Are you single?
Kaden_Plays YT
Kaden_Plays YT 2 months ago
That curry is what we call kapong. Kga-po-ng
neil Taylor
neil Taylor 2 months ago
18:54 lmao thats 80/90% exactly look a like as what im drinking ou of right now and man they fill up pretty well
Tanya Medina
Tanya Medina 2 months ago
Lol ONLY 14 types of meats !!!!
Austyn Nguyen
Austyn Nguyen 2 months ago
“Can’t taste the blood” 🤔💀
Elianne Ethiane Liong
“I’ll eat a lot; I think I’m gonna be okay” isn’t that an understatement, Mikey?
Joshua Lui
Joshua Lui 2 months ago
The mural of the bicycle kids were taken from Penang Malaysia?
Karl Fairbanks
Karl Fairbanks 3 months ago
Hot oil made out a lemon LMAOO
PairOfBluePants 3 months ago
LA beast backround music
TheLaller86 3 months ago
14.20 is that metal? lol
MrsLukeArnold 3 months ago
I like the band she
Aikue 3 months ago
Lmao did he use the theme from fortnite ?
The ToolToVictory
The ToolToVictory 3 months ago
Hey when you travel out of country you should look into what the locals say is the best food in your area. A lot of times it's not in a restaurant
Sarah Reynolds
Sarah Reynolds 3 months ago
Black man
Black man 3 months ago
watching this at 2 am, on a budget saving on food...
Henry Hernandez
Henry Hernandez 3 months ago
I think the girl said to get more vegtables cus they are getting bankrupt from you eating the meat Sorry for bad spelling lol
Raj Patel
Raj Patel 3 months ago
House of Teriyaki Pot is best.
sumona santa
sumona santa 3 months ago
Why do you hate broccoli so much?
dbsommers1 3 months ago
I forgot how cramped everything is in New York
Isabel Shanar
Isabel Shanar 3 months ago
10:10 this man got so much food he really had to speed it🤣😭
Isabel Shanar
Isabel Shanar 2 months ago
Thanks for highlight
Isabel Shanar
Isabel Shanar 3 months ago
It’s always sad that my favorite sauce is running low...... BuT iM rEaLlY hApPy FoR eNfOrCeMeNtS🤣🤣🤣🤣
MegaKingTom 4 months ago
Never seen a thai hot pot. Let alone a buffet? 🤤
dabu5459 4 months ago
Come to Atlanta!
Minna Piña
Minna Piña 4 months ago
No smacking a lot...lol... I know its good but some of us have not eaten anything and want to take a bite out of their cell...lol...
HAMR 4 months ago
ive noticed Mike is a sloppy eater. 😆
Lei Zhang
Lei Zhang 4 months ago
Next videos