All this work... for what?? - Upgrading the Video Render Server

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We tried to improve our video rendering times significantly with a hardware upgrade, and the results were... interesting.
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Jul 10, 2019





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Comments 4 629
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 8 days ago
Buy an LTT shirt, hoodie, hat, and even our own water bottle at lmg.gg/lttstore
J van
J van 4 days ago
John Doh
John Doh 5 days ago
You have mountains of hardware and instead of doing a comparison in a separate test machine you rip out the server, change the hardware and only then do you do a comparison? Linus you're a retard.
Logan Foutz
Logan Foutz 5 days ago
I want to the LTT shirt that says "sold my soul to Intel back in 2016"
rtorbs 6 days ago
No. They make condoms to stop reproduction at a couple of quid, why would i spend £20 on a hoodie for the same effect ?! Cool vids though bro lol
Articulated Monkey
Strange how you always have issues with XMP, I seem to have been lucky with it so far lol
David Weeks
David Weeks Hour ago
Ryzen, fanboy. :-) Love the bait lines, masterful.
chimpfann 2 hours ago
so you didnt get intel to sponsor this so why why didnt you go with ryzen dot tell me because it doesnt support thunderbolt there are work arounds and its a better chip
Dima Shkabura
Dima Shkabura 7 hours ago
Linus: 205W 14 core CPU, 2080ti. 500 W psu: Hold my Watts!
Sandros94 8 hours ago
You guys should start using ffmpeg, maybe with prores_amcdx....
Brandon Murray
Brandon Murray 9 hours ago
Would love to see you guys run some tests with Resolve using your workflow. I think it would do a much better job taking advantage of this hardware. Adobe needs to focus on optimising it's software vs adding useless features and pushing updates that crash your system.
The Cartographer
The Cartographer 13 hours ago
"we're only replacing [every major component]"
Marco Gruebler
Marco Gruebler 15 hours ago
Linus, where is the transition at the end? "Speaking of 'letting it rip'..." :D
Dennis Hill
Dennis Hill 17 hours ago
this should've been a live stream
NoRoof 17 hours ago
Films in 21:9 16:9 Supreme Race
Michael Kicks
Michael Kicks 18 hours ago
Do Adobe render/encoder works not good with Threadripper?
c4pt1n54n0 c4pt1n54n0
08:30 LinusStretchTips
Richard 19 hours ago
Use a freaking funnel!
Lj Craft
Lj Craft Day ago
Changed cpus and mobo 2 times but still no AMD. TISK TISK
HBPLUS Day ago
Nvidia 980 vs 2080 = 10 seconds faster
Brad Neufeld
Brad Neufeld Day ago
2080 ti + 14 core on a 500 watt PSU??
Guillermo Ortiz
Nobody: Linus: My internet is faster than Google's 3:19
Maurits Jacobse
And eventually he forgot the 2080
Freddy Cintron
Invest in corks next time, Linus! :P
Addinator !
Addinator ! Day ago
Linuss!! Wttff!! Myyy riiggg i spilled a shit ton of water on it, with your fancy mug ofc. But now is all wet
ya boi
ya boi Day ago
ltt water cooling funnel adapter for bottle when
der bender
der bender Day ago
try cooing the cpu not with water or some cooling fluid try cooling with alcohol e.g. vodka or ipa for that matter
Jay Bollman
Jay Bollman Day ago
why not use a epyc, or TR chipset that is more geared for multicore performance? and upgrade to like nvme or just anything from this decade?
Reboot Day ago
I have very little expertise with adobe premier, but wouldn't the encoding software itself play a huge role in this? Using ffmpeg, preset veryfast on a crf value of 18 on libx264, i did a 4K30p reencode of video game capture in Blackmagic RAW format of 30 minutes, and it took me around 40-45 minutes to complete and it gave me an average bitrate of 65-70Mbit/s (on a Ryzen 5 2600x clocked at 4GHz)
Zishan Ali
Zishan Ali Day ago
Which laptop is that at 13:22 ?
ناصر الأذينه
how about an amd cpu
Ghost Potato
Ghost Potato 2 days ago
*Cough Cough* Ryzen 9 *Cough Cough*
Mottwally 2 days ago
ChannelLocks Son!! (Tongue and Groove Pliers for the brand name haters.) Get two 10 in. and two 6 in. sets. (25.4 cm and 15.24 cm) (345 Tic-Tacs and 183 Tic-Tacs) Note: Tic-Tac measurement may be off by +/- 1000 Tic-Tacs The joy they will bring will bring you joy for years to come!
Dodge Rider
Dodge Rider 2 days ago
While I can appreciate some of why y'all use Adobe, you've forgotten the basic principle that premiere is trash and Davinci Resolve is vastly superior.
spapbp 2 days ago
this is a render server, so the editors are able to send the Adobe file to the server and make it render without slowing down the editing pc? Is that how this works
bytejuggler 2 days ago
If the faster RAM is making such a difference, wouldn't a Ryzen system with much faster RAM be even better?
ETS_WOLF 2 days ago
What would happen if you take the cpu out of a Ps4 and put it in a PC
TheUndeadGamer06 2 days ago
Wini Grasu
Wini Grasu 2 days ago
ACG 5506
ACG 5506 2 days ago
Thanks for full screen video
Raman 2 days ago
0:37 I seriously think this is a Premiere limitation.
Ellie 2 days ago
Does anyone else just see a hand reflection on the screen at 13:45
Tommy G
Tommy G 2 days ago
TBH, i'd have taken a new ryzen or a epyc for that type of workload.
Alex Andreba
Alex Andreba 2 days ago
Why don't you use AMD? XD
Plane Star
Plane Star 2 days ago
Wow, that i9-9990XE had a larger tdp than the Pentium D!
James Wiley
James Wiley 2 days ago
Melancia Acrobatica
if you use 264 coddecs the gpu can help a lot on it... also... but youre using codecs that need brute force from cpus.. in this cases is better an amd processor that dont use so many shortcuts...
Melancia Acrobatica
DONT OVERCLOCK this much- it only works for fast test benchmark NOT FOR REAL WORK ! LOL WTF this guys...
Jonathan Marshall
Wouldn't this be a perfect workload for a 2990wx? He tried 3 intel CPU's and didn't see THAT much of an improvement. For the price of that 9990XE he could do an 24c/32c EPYC build.
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 2 days ago
We all have ifixit kits, but pleaseeeee Linus get that orange screwdriver you use and put your name on em! What is it?? I want one!
zamb0nio 3 days ago
why windows 8 with classic shell?
Sneddz1 3 days ago
Would love to see this tested with a beefy AMD cpu and Davinci Resolve!
GodLike Greg
GodLike Greg 3 days ago
what the f&^k dude... you cant have nice things
Faivre Samuel
Faivre Samuel 3 days ago
why not use liquid metal or a thermal pad for the cpu
mjc0961 3 days ago
7:33 - Because that worked well last time, right? 7:40 - Thank you, Taran.
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