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Trick shots from all your favorite sports!
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Comment: I remember the OG Boom Stick!
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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Oct 7, 2019




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Comments 22 252
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 5 days ago
throwin’ it back to our old school trick shot days 🏸 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️ 🎾 🥏🏐🥍 thanks for watching guys. we seriously appreciate you a ton
Anhay Ahlawat
Anhay Ahlawat 11 hours ago
Sir, I am embarrassed to say what should I do but I want $ 100 rupees. I am a poor man. I have to pay school fees. What should I do? No one is coming forward for any help
Danny Khan
Danny Khan 12 hours ago
Could you guys learn cricket 🏏
Alienator VIII
Alienator VIII 14 hours ago
Superrrr!!! Kisses from Spain
Jair Torres
Jair Torres 14 hours ago
Dude perfect can you do a filming stereotypes
Garret Boyle
Garret Boyle 15 hours ago
U forgot 🏒 and also love u guys
Алень 10 hours ago
Иностранцы : Кааау крутое видео лайк молодцы 👍 Русские:Кто из 2019? 😂
Алень 10 hours ago
Иностранцы : Кааау крутое видео лайк молодцы 👍 Русские:Кто из 2019? 😂
Алень 10 hours ago
Иностранцы : Кааау крутое видео лайк молодцы 👍 Русские:Кто из 2019? 😂
syed abdul sami
syed abdul sami 11 hours ago
I love it
vil hein
vil hein 11 hours ago
2:17 the ball changed the direction? (Fake)
Carina Ramirez
Carina Ramirez 11 hours ago
I like how they always have fresh content
Truman Reynoso
Truman Reynoso 11 hours ago
I only said it 3 times.
Jane Coppola
Jane Coppola 11 hours ago
They’ve never done a field hockey trick shot
ElAbdul 11 hours ago
Never watch a DP vid marathon with your frinds taking a shot each time they say "let's go". Literally the worst idea we ever had.
Trenton Browning
Trenton Browning 11 hours ago
You can’t do something with a football and use the phrase “boom stick”. Pat Mcafee will come for you!!
Micky Cottingham
Micky Cottingham 11 hours ago
Bowling one was fake as didn’t show whole bit
Play Fortz
Play Fortz 11 hours ago
I can’t even get to 2 Skleet skip blaster
P Patel
P Patel 11 hours ago
Forgot Cricket
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 11 hours ago
Hooler hoop trick shots please
Abear Gariani
Abear Gariani 11 hours ago
I’m your favorite you tuber
Ozzie Ozkay-Villa
Ozzie Ozkay-Villa 11 hours ago
Renuka Kariveda
Renuka Kariveda 11 hours ago
Airport stereotypes:- Like to agree 👇
¿Podemos llegar a 1k subs sin subir vídeos? ?
Like si eres hispanohablante No leas mi nombre
QimmeqLino - Gaming
QimmeqLino - Gaming 12 hours ago
Pls do gaming steroetypes
EliškaBA22 Florbal
EliškaBA22 Florbal 12 hours ago
What About floorball🥺💞
pixario 12 hours ago
Your amazing
Sharmistha Roy
Sharmistha Roy 12 hours ago
Coby and Cory are my favourite trickstars. 🏌‍♀🏌🏋‍♀🏋🚵‍♀🚵🎯🏅🏅🥁🎷🎺
Dylan Bastajic
Dylan Bastajic 12 hours ago
Airpods trickshots
Ninja Kid
Ninja Kid 12 hours ago
So fake
Universal Knowledge
Universal Knowledge 12 hours ago
hello sir, would you like to join me in you group plz. I am from India.I want to make many videos with you.........
Gravy Davy
Gravy Davy 12 hours ago
Did you forget golf
Faizaan Ahmed
Faizaan Ahmed 12 hours ago
Where's Cricket? Polo? Squash? Table Tennis? Swimming? etc..
Faizaan Ahmed
Faizaan Ahmed 12 hours ago
Gravy Davy
Gravy Davy 12 hours ago
Thats not dude perfect thats dude insane
116 Clip
116 Clip 12 hours ago
DOPAMINE 12 hours ago
*respect guys*
Hudson Hulse
Hudson Hulse 12 hours ago
Backwards edition 2 👍🏻
wildog 432
wildog 432 13 hours ago
Hold on.... what field has a lazy river!!!
HETCHCLIFF 13 hours ago
U should make one about fencing
Jawwad Khan
Jawwad Khan 13 hours ago
Shaheer Saleem
Shaheer Saleem 13 hours ago
where is cricket
Sean McGee
Sean McGee 13 hours ago
What ever happened to all sports golf battle
panha success
panha success 13 hours ago
Yes as me
Deepanshu Verma
Deepanshu Verma 14 hours ago
Kon kon Indian hai like 👍
EmiLou 176
EmiLou 176 14 hours ago
Cricket, field hockey, netball, ping pong: *cries in corner*
녹조현상 14 hours ago
my favorite chaner I'm korea person
Mijat Petrovic
Mijat Petrovic 14 hours ago
fortnite squad11
fortnite squad11 14 hours ago
Can you reveal who panda is pleeeeaaaaassssss
Vy pig Do
Vy pig Do 14 hours ago
Me viet nam love dude perfect
Laura Lu
Laura Lu 14 hours ago
hi dude perfect can i come to dp hq
Elephantsoph 36
Elephantsoph 36 14 hours ago
Baseball field with a pool? I'm in were is that
Salman Farsi
Salman Farsi 14 hours ago
Love u twins
Pure buddy
Pure buddy 14 hours ago
Anyone watch this in October like please
soccer kids trickshots fails skills and more
My list of favorite characters 1st: Cory 2nd: Cody 3rd: garret 4th: ty 5th: forget his name
Jeff Wybo
Jeff Wybo 15 hours ago
Have they ever missed ?
Léo Parisot
Léo Parisot 15 hours ago
I'm frensh and I love dude perfect
Tùng Chris
Tùng Chris 15 hours ago
One hit go bird 😓
うまみみ 15 hours ago
emily thom
emily thom 15 hours ago
Try all sports battle on the basketball court if you want to like this 👇🏻
JPGROFF 15 hours ago
You guys should make a video with panda
Vilmer Albinsson
Vilmer Albinsson 15 hours ago
Can you do a halloween stereotypes video
Manju Singh
Manju Singh 15 hours ago
Hey there I am from India and why wont you guys try cricket trick shots
Satisfying Videos
Satisfying Videos 15 hours ago
I remember the OG Boom Stick!!
m k
m k 15 hours ago
mega night
mega night 15 hours ago
you guys are awsome
all add34
all add34 15 hours ago
Please do more volleyball trick shots
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