Alexis Says Her Beef With Masika Is Deeper Than Fetty Wap | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

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While Alexis tries to explain the root of her beef with Masika, Moniece + Hazel almost come to blows.
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Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood returns with a vengeance guaranteed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Favorite cast members from the City Of Angels are back, along with several new faces. The resulting ensemble is anything but angelic!
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Alexis Says Her Beef With Masika Is Deeper Than Fetty Wap | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood usvid.net/u-VH1


Published on


Oct 20, 2017

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Comments 1 385
Azaria Burts
Azaria Burts 2 days ago
I’m shove a Zantac down ur throat 😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️ my favorite Masika line
Surpreme Void
Surpreme Void 2 days ago
Moneice was about to go super saiyan on Hazel She was like Hajahsjshanahhahaha
Wild Earth
Wild Earth 3 days ago
Alexis look like a Grimlins.
J.O.A.A GANG 4 days ago
Does anyone else have a problem with Chanel westcost wig like 😤
Dumb Dumb
Dumb Dumb 4 days ago
Ain't nobody see my mans twerking in the fucking background 3:03
Drippy Bri
Drippy Bri 5 days ago
3:04 zell twerking he had me dead😂😂💀
Carla Jones
Carla Jones 7 days ago
LOL, seriously.?
Fall Drop
Fall Drop 8 days ago
Looks like two twins arguing.
Britt Bradley
Britt Bradley 8 days ago
Lasha Mobley
Lasha Mobley 9 days ago
Moniece a mf rider
Pro luis
Pro luis 12 days ago
I want a friend like Moneice
Tom Rivera
Tom Rivera 12 days ago
I like people when they hating on Alexis from being herself atleast she caught people’s attention😂😂
Parris McQueen
Parris McQueen 13 days ago
Hoesika lipsy ass
Natalia Nox
Natalia Nox 16 days ago
Masikas wig 😩
Antinesha Allen
Antinesha Allen 18 days ago
Alexis was so pressed!
DIVA & QUEEN 19 days ago
Why tf is hazel talkin to the audience? They dont care sis
kathurtado13 20 days ago
These women outfits are terrible!
Emily West
Emily West 22 days ago
1:29 Is that Chanel West Coast ?! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
limited access
limited access 22 days ago
Moniece has the nerve to call someone barren. Maybe she should have been barren herself. A broomstick is a better mother than Moniece
Breiana Sandifer
Breiana Sandifer 23 days ago
Zell swag was twerking haha
Eunice Mola
Eunice Mola 26 days ago
Monice was so angry.don't like to see her like that.
Averielle Freeman
Averielle Freeman 26 days ago
Alexis sky is a idiot
Zombie Bones
Zombie Bones 26 days ago
A full panel of mentally ill individulas being exploited for their genetic erosions. Marvelous.
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez 27 days ago
Lyrics she kinda sexy
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez 27 days ago
Alexis is like jealous of masika
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez 27 days ago
Alexis is like sexy
Melissa Ribeiro
Melissa Ribeiro 28 days ago
Yo security be a confidence buster 😂
Tyneisha Hoe
Tyneisha Hoe Month ago
Wasn’t masika preaching about how talking bad about kids is wrong but she’s literally doing it? The hypocrisy.
Miracle Thomas
Miracle Thomas Month ago
Moniece this look..nuh uh....I don't like mascika or moniece.....urrrgghhhh
black Princess
black Princess Month ago
Y'all aint see that dude twerking
Kiran vk
Kiran vk Month ago
Why do they all look like they are from hunger games?
Andrea Brantley
Andrea Brantley Month ago
(👀) Huh!... On the Video i just saw Masika was mad that Hazel said something about her child, But she was just saying that Alexis daughter is an orphan on this video!(1:23)🤷🏼‍♀️ any-who.., Yall remember the kids are innocent.
Kayla Warner
Kayla Warner Month ago
To save lookin like a desperate fool, she says its so much deeper than Fetty wap...too late, everyone knows u was crawling after that boy and wanted his kid. He gave u what u a baby and still didnt want you...he was always a waste of time. Cautionary tale
Utji Kahuure
Utji Kahuure Month ago
Moniece is loyal AF! ✌
Cupcake Sprinkles
A little off topic but look how beautiful Moniece looks at 2:06 😍
Cheneil Mullings
Are we not going to talk about those deep sea diving glasses at 1:29?
Andrea Fleet
Andrea Fleet Month ago
Wtf do lucci got on his face???
Amber Marie
Amber Marie Month ago
3:03 who else peeped that 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣💀 cuz i know I’m not the only one
Lifestyle Of me
Lifestyle Of me Month ago
When she talked about her child made me mad bc do she know what all most happen to her child
Devin Tucker
Devin Tucker Month ago
Was Zell Swag twerking wtf
CandyIsMyBFF 85
CandyIsMyBFF 85 Month ago
I like Masika and she is beautiful, but she was looking like a hot mess this time around with her makeup and hair. It was just so unflattering on her.
CandyIsMyBFF 85
CandyIsMyBFF 85 Month ago
I like Masika and she is beautiful, but she was looking like a hot mess this time around with her makeup and hair. It was just so unflattering on her.
CandyIsMyBFF 85
CandyIsMyBFF 85 Month ago
I like Masika and she is beautiful, but she was looking like a hot mess this time around with her makeup and hair. It was just so unflattering on her.
Kay jewelers
Kay jewelers Month ago
"Tell em about the zanex and the pill she was supposed to swallah!"😂😂
Bee Dee
Bee Dee Month ago
Wow I finally know what the definition of ratchet really means. This crazy and uncivilized excuse for a show. Poor people watching this don’t realize they’re losing brain cells. Cursing, fighting, boujiee at its finest. No matter how hard these people try to dress classy, you just can’t buy class . My mans twerking at 3:02 in the midst of all this animals, what has the world come to
Kandy Brown
Kandy Brown Month ago
that wig is twisted 😂😂😂
Jess Martinez
Jess Martinez Month ago
I wouldn't pay 5 dollars for you she said I am dead lol que Masika lol
Gabriela Castillo
I ❤ how Moniece stood up at 2:41
Your Daddy Lol
Your Daddy Lol Month ago
I can't believe these girls fighting over a died down rapper
TerrikahD TV
TerrikahD TV Month ago
I am Zell and he is me 😂😂😂
Jae Love
Jae Love Month ago
Smh if that man wasnt famous they wouldnt even have no kids with him #straightgolddiggers
Marion Sanders
Marion Sanders Month ago
Lol hazel started singing I love monice she joined in ready to fight
Marion Sanders
Marion Sanders Month ago
That’s the baby of her father
Marion Sanders
Marion Sanders Month ago
Masika was talking about plastic ass body but she got sooooo much done
adeola obasanya
adeola obasanya Month ago
Sooo nobody seen Zell twerking😂😂😂😂
Syncere Davis
Syncere Davis 2 months ago
This zell mf need to go somewhere
Syncere Davis
Syncere Davis 2 months ago
Sika i be on your side but you talking about kids too stop this fee
pink panther
pink panther 2 months ago
Masking was hurt, Alexis was obsessed, moniece is still mental
Yahmika White
Yahmika White 2 months ago
Masika is so ugly
Jaleesa Screen
Jaleesa Screen 2 months ago
Alexis baby looks like lucci to me 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
AliciaAndAmarii Williams
Lucci stop it Texas fam.
Arta Rexhepi
Arta Rexhepi 2 months ago
3:03 the guy just twerkin thats my fine of fight😂
Gypsy Jones
Gypsy Jones 2 months ago
It sad to see women act like this but its even sadder to see black women be this way.we are not in high school we grown if someone dont like you cool do what you have to get by and who cares if that person dont they see something in you they cant be so thats why the other person acts that way. Keep doing you shine like a 🌟
Aubreyna Archer
Aubreyna Archer 2 months ago
Is Lil Fizz sleeping?
Myaisha Taylor
Myaisha Taylor 2 months ago
Lmao Fetty don't even Claim the baby 😂😂😂
Divine Grace
Divine Grace 2 months ago
I honestly think these women always want to fight cos they know that there are body guards there to stop them
Music Queen
Music Queen 2 months ago
Her wig…crooked
Deja Henry
Deja Henry 2 months ago
But wasn’t masika butt hurt over hazel speaking on her child when she calling Alexis kid a orphan
ayla wonderland
ayla wonderland 2 months ago
Hazel lmaoo
Angela Banton
Angela Banton 2 months ago
Are these people real.
Parris McQueen
Parris McQueen 2 months ago
Lispin ass super hero wit a fucked up wig ..ballon lips and fucked up ass makeup...makeup artist fired...CANCELLED... ..HOSIKA actin tough aint bout that life........talkin bout her child being a orphen but nobody can talk about fetty not being the father of her child?ummmmmm ok ill wait
Miss Queens
Miss Queens 2 months ago
Alexis skyy is my wifey for real I just want to marry her man if she was mine I actually treat like the queen that she is man I would give her everything that she needs and want we could really make money together I could do Music with her and we both be rich and famous lol
QueenAna LIVE
QueenAna LIVE 2 months ago
Omg moneice is soo me at the end😂🤣
Nurse Drine
Nurse Drine 2 months ago
And these females have children...poor kids such fuckery
Monique Walker
Monique Walker 2 months ago
I can't stand women who try & play victim when they clearly know that they're dead wrong now with these two women im not sure who is at fault here this is just a hot mess👀
V Matautia
V Matautia 2 months ago
Seriously....ugh. It would be entertaining if it wasn’t so sad watching adults throw some child level tantrums.
omarion scott
omarion scott 2 months ago
why does on 2:41 both look alike
Shernett Spencer
Shernett Spencer 2 months ago
safaree is me when hearing the tea
Esrat Rana
Esrat Rana 2 months ago
Moniece looked like the Marc jacobs daisy perfume
Brittany Doughty
Brittany Doughty 2 months ago
Hazel not really bout that life 😂😂
Shirley Jones
Shirley Jones 2 months ago
Im so distracted by the colorful lacefronts, lashes, make up and all the mens with colorful hair that i cant focus on the drama🤷🏽‍♀️
Emilia Ahtym
Emilia Ahtym 2 months ago
This women put black women in a very bad light.
Cerebral Sierra
Cerebral Sierra 3 months ago
What a horrible season and this crew is corny af and literally have nothing going for themselves besides this show. The only one who does is that chick with the pink hair and even her music career is kind of obsolete to be honest. I ain’t heard a song on the radio by her yet, lol. Not interested in watching this season
Tanisha Garrett
Tanisha Garrett 3 months ago
Masika got on Hazel-E for tlking about her child but she just called alexis sky's kid an orphan..💯💯💯
Tess 3 months ago
Look at these prison barbies twerk ! REALLY!!!!
Theyyyluv.Neåh Theyyyluv.Neåh
I laughed hard when that one girl was like zany x zany zany x ayee😂😂😂 I laughed so hard
tasha myles
tasha myles 3 months ago
Emily Themenis
Emily Themenis 3 months ago
“Lemme get your dress” 😂😂
Ashanti Hunter
Ashanti Hunter 3 months ago
Sell at 3:02
Superior O
Superior O 3 months ago
Nina always acting like it's so serious her life on the line LMFAOOOO
what if I'm D1
what if I'm D1 3 months ago
Fighting over men that's suspect. Please!!! EVERY last one of them (guys) look like they pluck a mean ______! ijs Really sis, this what you fighting over!!
Quinn Fields
Quinn Fields 3 months ago
The love n hip-hop as a whole It's just sad it's a bunch of white people sitting in the background watching black people act like buffoons and doing buffoonery and making millions of dollars off of it it's really really sad and this is exactly why I don't even watch this s***
Julianna Kirksey
Julianna Kirksey 3 months ago
Everything about Masika look is fucking horrible.
Carey's Life
Carey's Life 3 months ago
glad im not the only one thinking that
Sisi Ray
Sisi Ray 3 months ago
Alexis was definitely his girlfriend
Tequila Cassiberry
Tequila Cassiberry 3 months ago
Masika said my child will be nothing to your child what has the child done to you
Zinc Crystal
Zinc Crystal 3 months ago
To my shockoted,even in america,NBA young boys mom had to come to the rescue,and the black how's that wat they like baby drama
Zinc Crystal
Zinc Crystal 3 months ago
My black community like to bring in their children,mamas,and grandmamas,white people dont do that
Gabriella Andrews
Gabriella Andrews 3 months ago
Fizz, moneice was lowkey sleeping
I'm that girl that leaves good comments
*Uggghhhhh i hate her* lmfaooooooo
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