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Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten dance the Jive to "Yes" by Merry Clayton on Dancing with the Stars' Season 27!
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вlυυ яαввιт
She was waaaaaayyyyy off but other than that I love it
sumeel abewickrama
Alexis outfit is so beautiful
it's lizelle
it's lizelle Month ago
Loooooolllll Brandon 😂🤣
Lynn Chin
Lynn Chin 3 months ago
Alexis and Alan were freaking amazing but Brandon stole the show!
Itzayana Landa
Itzayana Landa 3 months ago
I absolutely love Alexis and Alan 😍 I mean how can you not love Alan. He’s so energetic, so sweet, he’s always staying positive, he smiles all the time😍 and even when Bobby won this season he was so happy for him. 😭❤️Alan is so genuine and honestly my favorite pro. 😍😍 He deserves to win a mirror ball. 😍 Wish Alexis and Alan had won that mirror ball! And for all of you who say Alexis can’t dance well I’m guessing y’all can’t dance 😂she’s an excellent dancer. I personally believe that she and Alan shined throughout the competition. Love their jives, they suit Alan’s personality. 😍❤️ You can also see how much Alexis has grown throughout the season, SHE DESERVED TO BE IN THAT FINALE 💕
Edo 4 months ago
why is brandon the most iconic person in the world
Angelle Breton
Angelle Breton 4 months ago
Tylicia Davis
Tylicia Davis 4 months ago
oml Brandon was so funny when he marched off and all the things he said though I'm dead😂
B B 4 months ago
Feel like she dated Allen for votes and made up a rib fracture for votes 🤣
Rowan McFarlane
Rowan McFarlane 4 months ago
Marisa Tamayo
Marisa Tamayo 5 months ago
can we just appreciate Brandon
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 5 months ago
one of the best dances of the season
TheLPSm&ms 5 months ago
In the beginning Brandon sounds like my gym teacher
Cata Rey
Cata Rey 5 months ago
Did they win?
Knightonagreyhorse 5 months ago
Go easy on the sequins.
Modern Ariadne
Modern Ariadne 5 months ago
Brandon and Gleb were so entertaining in the bg, too 😂
MrToby 5 months ago
Can someone explain why people dance? What's the point of it? So cringey.
2716Mibandseb 5 months ago
EVERYONE WATCH BRANDON THE WHOLE TIME!!! that acting though!🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️
mangoesandgrapes 6 months ago
I want Alan to win but I don't want Alexis to win. Can anyone relate?
AngieR Crawley
AngieR Crawley 6 months ago
Yes! I was all for them until they got carried away with the showmance crap
Kelsey Cotter
Kelsey Cotter 6 months ago
Cassey Hans
Cassey Hans 6 months ago
Not fair that this ugly fake butt huge jokers jaw prostitute alexsis is still here yet juan pablo is eliminated! NOT FAIR!
Crissy San
Crissy San 6 months ago
I mean Alexis looks incredible man holy Crap 🔥❤️
Alice Ayres
Alice Ayres 6 months ago
I think Alexis found her calling.
Kyle Parker
Kyle Parker 6 months ago
Everything was perfect. 10/10
Gazzara5 6 months ago
If anyone actually believes their "budding love affair" I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.
Alexa Bailey
Alexa Bailey 6 months ago
idk if it’s just me but she looked a little ahead/behind the beat at some points. But overall really really good! Also I hate to act like I know what I’m talking about bc I’m no dancer, but it’s just something I thought I saw no hate! 💕
Alexa Bailey
Alexa Bailey 6 months ago
I think we can all agree Brandon was the real star of this dance haha 😂
Dwts And Smosh
Dwts And Smosh 6 months ago
BRANDON stole the spotlight when the dance started he was the ball of energy at the begining
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abby 6 months ago
Brandon at the beginning though....😂
Izabela G.
Izabela G. 6 months ago
The tea is this is overscored. First of all there are no lifts in jive second of all the amount of times she messed up timing wise is not 10 points worthy, not in the semi finals.
Elizabeth Owolabi
Elizabeth Owolabi 6 months ago
Brandon is my spirit animal 😂😂😂😂
Fiona Thea
Fiona Thea 6 months ago
Throughout I was watching Sasha and Emma
shpei88 6 months ago
This was overscored. Alan was great but Alexis was sloppy and behind the beat.
AngieR Crawley
AngieR Crawley 6 months ago
Yes! I saw the same thing!
jannelle dear
jannelle dear 6 months ago
Brandon! 🤣🤣🤣
Star Girl
Star Girl 6 months ago
Gotta love Brandon 😂😂Also I love Alexis and Alan buuuuuutttt this dance didn’t deserve a perfect score. There was something awkward about it and Alexis was off half of the time. Also, their whole ‘romance’ is making everything awkward and I don’t buy it, especially because it took Alan a week to return the feelings. Not their best
Limore Shakar
Limore Shakar 6 months ago
Milo is the one 2 beat.... this was a good dance but not a perfect 10 more so 9’s!!!
Mariah Henderson
Mariah Henderson 6 months ago
Those outfits? No thanks.
maria morales
maria morales 6 months ago
What's the name of this song? Is from a movie but remember but Loved the song 😍
MartaRC 6 months ago
I didn´t like this at all... like Bruno´s 80´s have to go... terrible...
irada vattananavin
irada vattananavin 6 months ago
anyone realize how the song says “yes we’re gonna fall in love and it feels so right” it played so well for alan and alexis omg
Shelby Gerlack
Shelby Gerlack 6 months ago
alexis is only still in because of her social media followers.. shes no where as on point as her competitors especially considering her upbringing with dance
Remy Buxaplenty
Remy Buxaplenty 6 months ago
LMAOOO and Bobby is on point?? Hilarious
Pinkie Hayley
Pinkie Hayley 6 months ago
ifeelpretty57 6 months ago
Dirty Dancing song yay! There's so many great songs in that movie, DWTS needs to do a Dirty Dancing night!
Willow 6 months ago
I have watched every season... I will now say it is just not the same.. the show sucks! No way with this elimination . No way ⚡️
Ciana Fudzie
Ciana Fudzie 6 months ago
Olivia Hutchason
Olivia Hutchason 6 months ago
as a dancer i do think theyre AMAZING and both beautiful but i cant help but always remember...Alexis has been trained in ballet, the most disciplinary and technical of all dance styles, and one that helps IMMENSELY in ballroom, so is any of this really fair to the other contestants???
Alexis George
Alexis George 6 months ago
Brandon had me cracking up LOL
Larissa Barber
Larissa Barber 6 months ago
Fun fun fun fun lol
Emily Gellis
Emily Gellis 6 months ago
I Lowkey want this dance on tour just for Brandon’s acting 😂😂
Taylor Harvey
Taylor Harvey 2 months ago
Emily Gellis It was on tour lol
Yi Xing Lim
Yi Xing Lim 4 months ago
Emily Gellis U got what you wanted😂
gingergrey 6 months ago
the shorts and tube socks are just so...WRONG. but really fun, I dunno why....
Abril Flores
Abril Flores 6 months ago
Does anyone can't stop replaying this presentation? This must be my 20th time watching it .... they were incredible!!!
Marisela Bennett
Marisela Bennett 6 months ago
This is gonna be the performance I watch over and over again when I'm feeling sad. I smile every time. ❤
CaznaBurton97 6 months ago
I am happy she's in the finals. Don't think she will necessarily win. But hey. We get to see how Alan is with freestyles. That is the make-or-break for every contestant.
Corinthos83 6 months ago
Amazing Dancing set to my favorite song off my favorite movie...10s all around ♥️
Emily Adams
Emily Adams 6 months ago
brandon was the best part!!! hahaha
Alex Williford
Alex Williford 6 months ago
Well Third time's the charm for Alexis and Alan getting all 10s for their aerobics class jive to Dirty Dancing's Yes. Me and the other 2,700 viewers who loved this should sign up for that class LOL
Nancya Agusto
Nancya Agusto 6 months ago
Grammar Nazi
Grammar Nazi 6 months ago
Oh my gosh this was awesome
Tiki80 6 months ago
The begining part reminded me of key & peeles 80s gym skit 😋😋
kath 6 months ago
alexis is hot but alan looks like a clown wtf
Celine Saroukian
Celine Saroukian 6 months ago
How many times does Alan spin Alexis in all the dances lol
Katya Teryoshkina
Katya Teryoshkina 6 months ago
Imagine dancing and jumping like this with a broken rib damn
Melody Jade
Melody Jade 6 months ago
how did this surpass Juan Pablo and Cheryl...........
Melody Jade
Melody Jade 6 months ago
+Cassey Hans wow so I thought you were going to insult me like everyone else was but you made me laugh 😁 (true tho)
Cassey Hans
Cassey Hans 6 months ago
Not fair that this ugly fake butt huge jokers jaw prostitute alexsis is still here yet juan pablo is eliminated! NOT FAIR!
Melody Jade
Melody Jade 6 months ago
+Mione134 but she was in professional ballet for however many years. I mean, she said it and no one has a body like that for nothing. so she also has background
Mione134 6 months ago
It surpasses it cause shes not a trained dancer the Juan Pablo is. You dont just get cast in Mamma Mia for nothing. Shes grown into a dancer every week which is what the show is supposed to be about.
Melody Jade
Melody Jade 6 months ago
+ΕΛ ΚΟΝΤΟΠ actually I'm a Milo fan, but I've grown to love Bobby as well. but that aside he's there. so stop complaining
Chloe D
Chloe D 6 months ago
Can't disagree with all the pro-Brandon comments, he made that dance!
Shanna Bol
Shanna Bol 6 months ago
Such a stupid dance! Alexis is so horrible that she had to have that many pro's with her to get her through this stupid dance. Aerobics is not dancing!
Joshua Blankman
Joshua Blankman 6 months ago
I cannot take Alan seriously when he’s dressed like that. The dance was good it really was but the whole concept of a 70s 80s fitness workout video I did not like, that kind of concept was like one big sparkly mess, and my worst nightmare.
Kookie Monsta
Kookie Monsta 6 months ago
Brandon is the best part of this performance lmao he killed it
Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith 6 months ago
I love the dance, love the concept, love this couple, and I love Brandon! lol
Abigail Isaacs
Abigail Isaacs 6 months ago
They have a big fan base...
Sequoia Spencer
Sequoia Spencer 6 months ago
Brandon had me dying 😂😂
Gaby Pérez
Gaby Pérez 6 months ago
Alexis have to Win
Jessica Low
Jessica Low 6 months ago
Am I the only one who doesn’t really like them I find them cringey cause they are ‘in love’ and now it makes them weird to watch 😂
Autumn King
Autumn King 4 months ago
They broke up 😆. I knew it was a showmance only
kim newengland
kim newengland 6 months ago
PintheDog what are you, 8?
leukion 6 months ago
Jessica Low yep
Jessica Low
Jessica Low 6 months ago
leukion agreed I don’t think it’s very fair and I hope they don’t win cause they are probably gonna break up after the competition anyway
leukion 6 months ago
Alexis pushing herself onto Alan is very inappropriate. There are supposed to be rules against this to prevent favoritism. She almost got eliminated a couple weeks back, so they pushed this relationship in order to get more votes. Very inappropriate. Do anything u have to to win huh Alexis? How will she handle seeing Alan in future seasons very close to and rubbing up against other females? Considering her age, not very good I bet.
Susana Hernandez
Susana Hernandez 6 months ago
Loved it!!
tina sotirova
tina sotirova 6 months ago
those legs😍😍😍
Aaron Wilkins
Aaron Wilkins 6 months ago
I was underwhelmed by this. It felt very cheap to me. Her timing was inconsistent and she looked unsure of herself and looked to him for reassurance- I am so sad for Alan as he never seems to get the right contestant to allow him to shine. It was enjoyable but not a jubilant jive! 7.
Clara smith
Clara smith 6 months ago
Aaron Wilkins don’t think it’s what they meant, you don’t expect her to be perfect and with injury as hard as ribs she did fantastic to be moving like that either way
Aaron Wilkins
Aaron Wilkins 6 months ago
+Kayla Watson Absolutely!!
Aaron Wilkins
Aaron Wilkins 6 months ago
+DishaKoshal and? if you compete then you accept that it is a competition in which you are judged/analysed
Kayla Watson
Kayla Watson 6 months ago
And there was a lift!! No lifts allowed in the jive ahhh!
DishaKoshal 6 months ago
Aaron Wilkins she has a couple broken ribs
Candace Peyrefitte
Candace Peyrefitte 6 months ago
BRANDON STOLE THE SHOW 😂 I had to watch it again because I watched him the first time 😂😂😂
Shelly Brown
Shelly Brown 6 months ago
Great song choice, great dancing! One of my new favorites.
Molly Fletcher
Molly Fletcher 6 months ago
She should've left!!!!
DisneyGirl 4life
DisneyGirl 4life 6 months ago
The dance was awesome but Brandon is so hilarious at the beginning 😂😂😂😂😂
QuietStormX 6 months ago
Great and a lot of Fun... ;-)
Adrianna Amador
Adrianna Amador 6 months ago
I love these dances with concepts and characters! Mark ballas did a lot of dances like this but I haven’t seen much of them ever since he left unless it’s Disney night or something...loved it Alexis and Alan!
Jessica Myslinski
Jessica Myslinski 6 months ago
awesome Jive by Alan & Alexis
larryslove890 6 months ago
She was literally off time the entire dance but still got a 10?
Vbxns 5 months ago
I agree and she was kinda slow or didn't have as much energy as Alan with some moves
Mr & Mrs Forrester
Mr & Mrs Forrester 6 months ago
Finally ! Someone who agrees with my thinking and logic.
Chica Arana
Chica Arana 6 months ago
Did this one get a perfect score? I think Alexis started to lose her timing at 1:00 and the high kick wasn’t in sync.
Summer G
Summer G 6 months ago
I can’t even watch the dance. I keep starting it over because of Brandon 😂😂😂
Amanda faith
Amanda faith 6 months ago
Brandon!!! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Maya Arch
Maya Arch 6 months ago
The guys outfit though🤣
Pinkie Hayley
Pinkie Hayley 6 months ago
WTF!! 😤 Juan Pablo was the best!! This show is nothing more than a popularity contest! Total bullshit!!
Josie Walker
Josie Walker 6 months ago
Pinkie Hayley that’s all it’s ever been. The votes come from viewers that generally don’t know anything about ballroom technicality they just want their favorites to win regardless. This show has never been anything more. Brandon and the rest of the show have even admitted it.
TheRealDubber2019 6 months ago
Omg! I can't believe Brandon is back! Also, that Song was in the DWTS S22 Finale Pt. 2!
harmonizer karla
harmonizer karla 6 months ago
brandon made me laugh in this lmaoo
Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown 6 months ago
What was the score?
Irene Tarell
Irene Tarell 6 months ago
bruno about to fly onto the dance floor lol this number is life for bruno haha!
Baby Angel
Baby Angel 6 months ago
brandon is hilarious 😂
joey bronne
joey bronne 6 months ago
This was sooo much fun to watch. 😂😂😂
Marc Marshall
Marc Marshall 6 months ago
Props to her, this is the THIRD JIVE she's had to do this season! Idk if any past star has done that many jives in their given season.
CaznaBurton97 6 months ago
I don't know if it counts, but Zendaya in season 16 did a Jive week 2, then she did a Jive in the Dance-Offs in week 7 and then she did an Instant Jive in the finale. Like I said, I don't know if that necessarily counts, but it was the first thing that popped into my head.
roter13 6 months ago
She ran out of gas with this dance
서영 6 months ago
BRANDON!!! I can't stop laughing
Shelbey Fernandez
Shelbey Fernandez 6 months ago
Didn't enjoy this dance, the ladies costumes are too raunchy, no one wants to see ass cheeks literally popping out. Save those types of costumes for in the bed room.
CaznaBurton97 6 months ago
I do get what you're saying, but that is literally not the worst thing they've worn on the show.
Tom Tapia
Tom Tapia 6 months ago
Alexis and Alan will win next week like can they just hand them the mirror ball already everyone else is just lucky to have stole their way to finals.
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