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Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten dance the Jive to "Yes" by Merry Clayton on Dancing with the Stars' Season 27!
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Nov 13, 2018





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Comments 261
вlυυ яαввιт
She was waaaaaayyyyy off but other than that I love it
sumeel abewickrama
sumeel abewickrama 2 months ago
Alexis outfit is so beautiful
it's lizelle
it's lizelle 3 months ago
Loooooolllll Brandon 😂🤣
Lynn Chin
Lynn Chin 5 months ago
Alexis and Alan were freaking amazing but Brandon stole the show!
Itzayana Landa
Itzayana Landa 5 months ago
I absolutely love Alexis and Alan 😍 I mean how can you not love Alan. He’s so energetic, so sweet, he’s always staying positive, he smiles all the time😍 and even when Bobby won this season he was so happy for him. 😭❤️Alan is so genuine and honestly my favorite pro. 😍😍 He deserves to win a mirror ball. 😍 Wish Alexis and Alan had won that mirror ball! And for all of you who say Alexis can’t dance well I’m guessing y’all can’t dance 😂she’s an excellent dancer. I personally believe that she and Alan shined throughout the competition. Love their jives, they suit Alan’s personality. 😍❤️ You can also see how much Alexis has grown throughout the season, SHE DESERVED TO BE IN THAT FINALE 💕
Edo 6 months ago
why is brandon the most iconic person in the world
Angelle Breton
Angelle Breton 6 months ago
Tylicia Davis
Tylicia Davis 6 months ago
oml Brandon was so funny when he marched off and all the things he said though I'm dead😂
B B 6 months ago
Feel like she dated Allen for votes and made up a rib fracture for votes 🤣
Rowan McFarlane
Rowan McFarlane 7 months ago
Marisa Tamayo
Marisa Tamayo 7 months ago
can we just appreciate Brandon
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 7 months ago
one of the best dances of the season
TheLPSm&ms 7 months ago
In the beginning Brandon sounds like my gym teacher
Cata Rey
Cata Rey 7 months ago
Did they win?
Knightonagreyhorse 7 months ago
Go easy on the sequins.
Modern Ariadne
Modern Ariadne 7 months ago
Brandon and Gleb were so entertaining in the bg, too 😂
MrToby 8 months ago
Can someone explain why people dance? What's the point of it? So cringey.
2716Mibandseb 8 months ago
EVERYONE WATCH BRANDON THE WHOLE TIME!!! that acting though!🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️
mangoesandgrapes 8 months ago
I want Alan to win but I don't want Alexis to win. Can anyone relate?
AngieR Crawley
AngieR Crawley 8 months ago
Yes! I was all for them until they got carried away with the showmance crap
Kelsey Cotter
Kelsey Cotter 8 months ago
Cassey Hans
Cassey Hans 8 months ago
Not fair that this ugly fake butt huge jokers jaw prostitute alexsis is still here yet juan pablo is eliminated! NOT FAIR!
Crissy San
Crissy San 8 months ago
I mean Alexis looks incredible man holy Crap 🔥❤️
Alice Ayres
Alice Ayres 8 months ago
I think Alexis found her calling.
Kyle Parker
Kyle Parker 8 months ago
Everything was perfect. 10/10
Gazzara5 8 months ago
If anyone actually believes their "budding love affair" I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.
alexa bailey
alexa bailey 8 months ago
idk if it’s just me but she looked a little ahead/behind the beat at some points. But overall really really good! Also I hate to act like I know what I’m talking about bc I’m no dancer, but it’s just something I thought I saw no hate! 💕
alexa bailey
alexa bailey 8 months ago
I think we can all agree Brandon was the real star of this dance haha 😂
Dwts And Smosh
Dwts And Smosh 8 months ago
BRANDON stole the spotlight when the dance started he was the ball of energy at the begining
abby 8 months ago
Brandon at the beginning though....😂
Izabela G.
Izabela G. 8 months ago
The tea is this is overscored. First of all there are no lifts in jive second of all the amount of times she messed up timing wise is not 10 points worthy, not in the semi finals.
Elizabeth Owolabi
Elizabeth Owolabi 8 months ago
Brandon is my spirit animal 😂😂😂😂
Fiona Thea
Fiona Thea 8 months ago
Throughout I was watching Sasha and Emma
shpei88 8 months ago
This was overscored. Alan was great but Alexis was sloppy and behind the beat.
AngieR Crawley
AngieR Crawley 8 months ago
Yes! I saw the same thing!
jannelle dear
jannelle dear 8 months ago
Brandon! 🤣🤣🤣
Star Girl
Star Girl 8 months ago
Gotta love Brandon 😂😂Also I love Alexis and Alan buuuuuutttt this dance didn’t deserve a perfect score. There was something awkward about it and Alexis was off half of the time. Also, their whole ‘romance’ is making everything awkward and I don’t buy it, especially because it took Alan a week to return the feelings. Not their best
Limore Shakar
Limore Shakar 8 months ago
Milo is the one 2 beat.... this was a good dance but not a perfect 10 more so 9’s!!!
Mariah Henderson
Mariah Henderson 8 months ago
Those outfits? No thanks.
maria morales
maria morales 8 months ago
What's the name of this song? Is from a movie but remember but Loved the song 😍
MartaRC 8 months ago
I didn´t like this at all... like Bruno´s 80´s have to go... terrible...
irada vattananavin
irada vattananavin 8 months ago
anyone realize how the song says “yes we’re gonna fall in love and it feels so right” it played so well for alan and alexis omg
Shelby Gerlack
Shelby Gerlack 8 months ago
alexis is only still in because of her social media followers.. shes no where as on point as her competitors especially considering her upbringing with dance
Remy Buxaplenty
Remy Buxaplenty 8 months ago
LMAOOO and Bobby is on point?? Hilarious
Pinkie Hayley
Pinkie Hayley 8 months ago
ifeelpretty57 8 months ago
Dirty Dancing song yay! There's so many great songs in that movie, DWTS needs to do a Dirty Dancing night!
Willow 8 months ago
I have watched every season... I will now say it is just not the same.. the show sucks! No way with this elimination . No way ⚡️
Ciana Fudzie
Ciana Fudzie 8 months ago
Olivia Hutchason
Olivia Hutchason 8 months ago
as a dancer i do think theyre AMAZING and both beautiful but i cant help but always remember...Alexis has been trained in ballet, the most disciplinary and technical of all dance styles, and one that helps IMMENSELY in ballroom, so is any of this really fair to the other contestants???
Alexis George
Alexis George 8 months ago
Brandon had me cracking up LOL
Larissa Barber
Larissa Barber 8 months ago
Fun fun fun fun lol
Emily Gellis
Emily Gellis 8 months ago
I Lowkey want this dance on tour just for Brandon’s acting 😂😂
Taylor Harvey
Taylor Harvey 4 months ago
Emily Gellis It was on tour lol
Yi Xing Lim
Yi Xing Lim 6 months ago
Emily Gellis U got what you wanted😂
gingergrey 8 months ago
the shorts and tube socks are just so...WRONG. but really fun, I dunno why....
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