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Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten dance the Argentine Tango to "Swan Lake" by Ray Chew Live on Dancing with the Stars' Season 27!
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Nov 20, 2018





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Comments 147
Betiana Oviedo
Betiana Oviedo 11 days ago
1ero esa música no es tango... 2do el baile menos
maxwell charley
maxwell charley 26 days ago
Wow she killed it
Elena Kis
Elena Kis 2 months ago
I'm not Argentinian, but i do dance and learn tango from argentinian bailarina( master).... is a biiiig shame and insult to call this dance on the video "argentinian tango"...this is just show!
poli stylinson
poli stylinson 6 months ago
esto tiene menos de tango argentino que leña para el carbón.
R Hoey
R Hoey 7 months ago
that was so awsom😘
Tayevaughn Williams
Tayevaughn Williams 7 months ago
This was better than the first time. The orchestra was a nice touch. I like it better when her hair was tied in a bun, though.
Nasya Stanley
Nasya Stanley 7 months ago
I tried but I couldn't rewired my brain from ballet mode to ballroom mode. So in my mind her lines were so bad.
Valentina v
Valentina v 8 months ago
why are they mixing ballet with tango
mills ter
mills ter 8 months ago
this is nothing like tango wtf
Homework Assignments
They did it better the first time
The awesome kids
The awesome kids 8 months ago
Now he is the dance teacher do my favorite group in dots junior
Julieta Benitez
Julieta Benitez 8 months ago
che eso no es tango
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera 8 months ago
What kind of aregentine tango is that? Doesn’t have the passion of a tango
Jessica Pesso
Jessica Pesso 9 months ago
aghhh everything in this needs to be sharper
Marie Duval
Marie Duval 9 months ago
Valentina Arias
Valentina Arias 9 months ago
That music is not argentine tango!!!
Laurel Mackereth
Laurel Mackereth 9 months ago
Personally, I never thought this dance worked. Kudos for trying to think outside of the box but this is one experiment that failed
kouros1994 9 months ago
That was not Argentine tango.Not even close!!!
ElizabethxEdits 9 months ago
They were incredible!!! Go Renten!!
Susana Hernandez
Susana Hernandez 9 months ago
Wow beautiful!
Arman 9 months ago
i would've preferred if they picked a different dance to redo
Sude Aykız
Sude Aykız 9 months ago
Im actually hate Alan and Alexis ( i think they are fake) but this was really beautiful
Sude Aykız
Sude Aykız 9 months ago
@Emily Aguilar you must read some book :(
Sude Aykız
Sude Aykız 9 months ago
@Emily Aguilar Read again. O said " i think"
Emily Aguilar
Emily Aguilar 9 months ago
U hate them but u dont know them in person wow😂😂
Barbara Palvin
Barbara Palvin 9 months ago
nadia romero
nadia romero 9 months ago
ArgentinA perres
nadia romero
nadia romero 9 months ago
Si eso es tango para ustedes, nunca vieron una coreógrafia de MORA GODOY, BAY!
Moritz Mœller
Moritz Mœller 9 months ago
This isn't Argentinie tango for starters.
Lompa TV
Lompa TV 9 months ago
@Tiki80 Argentine tango is all about connection. That's why even in stage tango it's easy to tell if the dancers are tango dancers or just professionals playing back a choreography. Developing the connection takes many years of social dance practice. Alan looks like he is just playing back steps. Never mind her level. This is stage tango by a couple who have been dancing together 30+ years (socially and professionally) : usvid.net/video/video-qlhYZKXXfJ8.html
Emily Aguilar
Emily Aguilar 9 months ago
@Tiki80 it was a great decision ppl have different opinions
Tiki80 9 months ago
No alan said its a mix between argentine tango with ballet... bad decision by him with someone who's no where long term dancer
My Loves of Joy
My Loves of Joy 9 months ago
I don’t know, I actually think the first time was better and had more intensity.... minus the wardrobe malfunction part.
Lɩͷ Sʜαиα シャナ林 ღ
Doing those happy expressions in an argentine tango really pulls me out, I can't get that intense and sensual vibes if they do that
Bryan Evans
Bryan Evans 9 months ago
Mistake by Allen for choosing an early season low-scoring dance(25). The judges are under pressure to give better scores in the finale and the others chose later dances that they scored 9s or even 10s, forcing the judges to give perfect scores as they obviously improved.
Aaron Wilkins
Aaron Wilkins 9 months ago
Nice but not amazing choreography means that this was the sort of dance one could enjoy but not really feel a 10 is worthy. It had no tango mood at all as they were smiling for most of it. However, it still manages to capture all of the changes and beats within the music and their is a lot of content here. It just needed more recognisable Argentine Tango subtleties to create the mood and snap-like leg action. 7.
Alzex 9 months ago
This is not a tango...
I love Donuts
I love Donuts 9 months ago
So technically sharp and beautiful
emmanuel pardo
emmanuel pardo 9 months ago
There so many good tango music and you guys play tchaikovsky?
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 9 months ago
I feel like the dance didn't really match the song, something just felt off
Julia Centeno
Julia Centeno 9 months ago
cool dance but as a ballet dancer the shoes reeeally bother me lol
YouFound Lizzie
YouFound Lizzie 9 months ago
Why did they choose this choreo? Her ballet is so so messy
Maca Ranedo
Maca Ranedo 9 months ago
Me siento insultada como bailarina y como argentina
Peanut_Boi 76
Peanut_Boi 76 9 months ago
Nothing like underdressed women to ease my mind.
Lau 9 months ago
Carlos Gardel didn't board a plane that crashed for them to mix ballet with tango.
Tiki80 9 months ago
Omg this comment! Alan got overconfident with this weird fusion.. nice idea but amateur excecution
Ana Alice
Ana Alice 9 months ago
Alan taking off tutu is everything 😂😂
Donna 9 months ago
Playing Swan lake to Argentine tango? WTF? Americans..smh
Tiki80 9 months ago
Its ballet with argentine tango. . Didnt u notice the outfit n shoes at first?
Francesca.b 9 months ago
Hey the tutu came off easily this time 😂😂😂
Sophia Padorfski
Sophia Padorfski 9 months ago
Point your toesss!!
robyn rollins
robyn rollins 9 months ago
Best dance I've ever seen!!!
Fran G
Fran G 9 months ago
After this its going to be Evanna or Milo for sure
Emily Lear
Emily Lear 9 months ago
My favorite!!! Ahhh I loved it!
Bertha Lovejoy
Bertha Lovejoy 9 months ago
that's it?
Fiorella Lima
Fiorella Lima 9 months ago
Was I the only one that was bothered because real pointe shoes aren’t supposed to be tied like that 😂 no hate tho I loved the dance ❤️
Homework Assignments
@Rachel Feik This wasn't a ballet choreo. Why would she wear ballet shoes for 10 seconds of ballet dance.
Brigid Malley
Brigid Malley 8 months ago
the music choice was a little odd, and as a fellow ballet dancer i thought that maybe if the ribbons had been black they would have looked better with her costume and would have bothered me less
Sofia Palacios
Sofia Palacios 9 months ago
@Rachel Feik same i'm a dancer too maybe they just like the aesthetic idk but i didn't really like this dance, i feel like it lacks something
Rachel Feik
Rachel Feik 9 months ago
Fiorella Lima thank you for pointing that out. I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone had caught that. As a ballet dancer myself I was so bothered by that. Oh well.
Tanya B
Tanya B 9 months ago
Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky is NOT Argentine tango music. How stupid and not the dancers' fault.
Sofia Palacios
Sofia Palacios 9 months ago
If you wanna watch a real argentine tango look up for juan pablo's today performance
Aldana 9 months ago
Argentinaaa presente
roxane lamoureux
roxane lamoureux 9 months ago
why did they do the same dance i’m so confused?!
Valentina Rodriguez
Valentina Rodriguez 9 months ago
Fortnitegaming 101
Fortnitegaming 101 9 months ago
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Fortnitegaming 101 9 months ago
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Fortnitegaming 101 9 months ago
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Fortnitegaming 101 9 months ago
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Fortnitegaming 101 9 months ago
Brendan 9 months ago
To whoever runs the DWTS channel, many thanks for correctly naming the routine the couples performed!
Brendan 9 months ago
I remember not liking this back in Week 2. Now they got the blend of the two genres right. 9/10
DWTS Observer
DWTS Observer 9 months ago
Yes!!!! They got the tutu off! This was much improved from the first time. Her movements were much more confident. It definitely feels like she’s opened her heart. Much more lyrical, and she did well on her Argentine Tango portion. Good chemistry, as well. I think it could have had a little more POW, but this was a nice choreography and lovely danced! I hope these two clutch 2nd or 3rd. 9.5!
Cait Hill
Cait Hill 9 months ago
This dance is stunning but I think they made a bad decision doing this one again 😭 they should have done their 'big booty' dance or something if they were allowed to choose. I don't think they are going to win unfortunately 😓
Naomy Perea
Naomy Perea 9 months ago
Her shoes stress me out so much
Jose Gregorio Medrano
Hermosa el mejor avance de las chicas en técnica de baile y mejor desarrollo integral Felicidades es un buen progreso ella debe ser finalista lo merece
Cait Hill
Cait Hill 9 months ago
At least the tutu didn't get stuck this time 😂
Cait Hill
Cait Hill 9 months ago
Was this their dance for the finale to win or were they just doing this randomly?
Valentina Rodriguez
Valentina Rodriguez 9 months ago
Ella Walko
Ella Walko 9 months ago
they aren’t that good? i really hope it’s gonna be kevanna but if not them then def wilo
I love my cat
I love my cat 9 months ago
That was beautiful
Grace Harrison
Grace Harrison 9 months ago
how many dances do they have tonight ?
richardoky 9 months ago
How much does the judges scores count and how much does the popular vote count. Maddie Ziegler asked her millions of followers to vote for Alexis and Bersten.
richardoky 8 months ago
@Arman That evidently is very true.
Arman 8 months ago
doesn't mean all the millions of followers actually voted though
Aurelle Agbemaple
Aurelle Agbemaple 8 months ago
@Maria Georgopoulos yeah but alexis has the same amount of followers
Jadyn Davis
Jadyn Davis 9 months ago
Maria Georgopoulos all the finalist had help from someone
Michelle Pham
Michelle Pham 9 months ago
@Maria Georgopoulos but like every other star has their friends posting on their story to vote for each respective pair, so why is it not fair that maddie does the same for alexis and alan?
Charlotte Wood
Charlotte Wood 9 months ago
Leen Zakkar
Leen Zakkar 9 months ago
Janneth2211 9 months ago
This deserved 10’s !!!!!
Xilef Leclerc
Xilef Leclerc 9 months ago
Love that artistic style dance
Superbl0xian 9 months ago
Who won?
sarah 9 months ago
Milkshake Studios hasn’t been decided yet, only half of the show is over
Emily Do
Emily Do 9 months ago
Definitely thought it wasn’t amazing but it was still a lot better and deserved at least 1-2 tens
Hi 9 months ago
I liked it and it was performed well but in my opinion the choreo could have been way better, especially for a finale dance
Marie Molina
Marie Molina 9 months ago
Hi lol no one recognizes my picture. And they called you a middle aged man? Hahahahaha
Ashley 9 months ago
Hi aw man did you see my comment? I recognized you..
Hi 9 months ago
marie molina finally, someone recognizes me! last time I commented on a video someone called me a gross middle aged man :( pls buy my 1994 album *Storm in the Heartland* on cassette tape
Marie Molina
Marie Molina 9 months ago
Billy ray
Ashley 9 months ago
ellie may yeah this wasn’t the final dance they had another one
Sean's Adventures
Sean's Adventures 9 months ago
What's the numbers
Valeria Lacayo
Valeria Lacayo 9 months ago
it's online
Sean's Adventures
Sean's Adventures 9 months ago
To vote
Lisa Murphy
Lisa Murphy 9 months ago
Leroy Hill
Leroy Hill 9 months ago
Damn that was really really really goid
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