Alex Morgan wins Best Female Athlete, USWNT takes home Best Team ESPY | 2019 ESPYS

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Alex Morgan wins Best Female Athlete at the 2019 ESPYS, and the United States Women's National Team takes home the ESPY for Best Team.
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Jul 11, 2019

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Comments 2 011
alexandre Fernandes
parece uma rainha
Comes AndGoes
Comes AndGoes 16 days ago
I see sue bird hehe⚽🏀
John Quick
John Quick 18 days ago
Morgan Press Pugh Lavelle 💘 💘 💘 😍
Kl Montgomery
Kl Montgomery 19 days ago
Alex Morgan is beautiful as she is very nice and being a very grateful person
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 22 days ago
Rapinoe is puré cringe
Jim Miller
Jim Miller 22 days ago
Kind of looks like a freak show.
J F 23 days ago
HELLO 25 days ago
modibo Camara
modibo Camara 25 days ago
Wow Pow
Wow Pow 26 days ago
Id say I'd smash Alex Morgan except I think she'd be the one smashing me 😳
Alexander Helms
Alexander Helms 27 days ago
Great in Love Jimi the Rat thanks for all women Player WM
Macie Jones
Macie Jones 27 days ago
I still don’t understand why Rapinoe HAD to say something
manew newman
manew newman 28 days ago
phony as there gender is
nmc400 28 days ago
Hello? What about the patriots or the raptors. 6th superbowl and first nba. HELLO. the usa eomens team are favorites to win all the time cause every other womens teams are ass.
Rosimeire Souza Dos Santos
Alex Morgan chapions 19
Miguel L Franco
Miguel L Franco Month ago
sami sami
sami sami Month ago
stupid girls they always wanted attention i mean not all the girl's just this girl's
manalu1640 Month ago
Fanny Craddock
Fanny Craddock Month ago
Thank god they let carli do the talking...maybe PINOT had too much of the grigio
Axmed Yare
Axmed Yare Month ago
Alex morgan i love youuuuuuuu
Diana Artemis
Diana Artemis Month ago
Why lesbians have to look wired and dressed like clowns 🤡
雷震富 Month ago
She looked so strong💪
Kapri Christine
Kapri Christine Month ago
As long as it didn't go to that anti american Rapinoe
Nicole Burnett
Nicole Burnett Month ago
This women’s soccer team is AMAZING! However the best female athlete is ski racer Mikaela Shiffrin
Brandon diesel
Brandon diesel Month ago
Amanda Nunes is the real MVP
Colombia Jr10
Colombia Jr10 Month ago
Alex Morgan is amazing and kicks butt , but no one is paying attention to lavelle she’s a rising young star and will DOMINATE like queen Morgan
irishking21 Month ago
I think after this world cup, people will start to pay attention to Rose Lavelle. It was clear that she was the breakout star of the world cup. I couldn't agree with you more though and also with more playing time watch out for Mallory Pugh. With both of them still young, they are the future of this team.
Sylvie Sb
Sylvie Sb Month ago
What a joke. She should have won the best "Diving Award" instead of the Best Player Award.
Colombia Jr10
Colombia Jr10 Month ago
Sylvie Sb nah that’s for Neymar
CREvoTheGreat Month ago
the last time the award will go 2 an actual female....... the end of an era.........
Ademir Souza
Ademir Souza Month ago
Rapinoe sexy look! Morgan Godness! My favourite players, Morgan, Rapinoe, Press, Heat e Lavelle.
Moe Abbot
Moe Abbot Month ago
willbanat Month ago
Because she wins a rigged competition??
Lejon Leonard
Lejon Leonard Month ago
The femiman....white people love dominatrix broads.
Fuckdat shit
Fuckdat shit Month ago
No equal pau fuck.0
James Douglas
James Douglas Month ago
Alex Morgan is very sexy nice tight booty,pretty smile. God bless her husband
van vante
van vante Month ago
I lov you Alex beautiful lady
Hared Cutie
Hared Cutie Month ago
But she didn’t do shit in the finals 😂
MR WHITE Month ago
Rapinoe still needs a punch to the throat!!!
divljejagodemm Month ago
You dont look like woman you look like man in makeup
Spiiralz ! !
Spiiralz ! ! Month ago
Rapinoe was cringe at the end
El dandy somoza
El dandy somoza Month ago
had Rommie won it,how would they call the prize??? ..semi-female ir semi- male?
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis Month ago
These women are disgusting.
T St
T St Month ago
I carried a rifle for 14 years in The Marines this little blue hair ball kicking freak Mst stay the F### out of America
Vic Harb
Vic Harb Month ago
How did you get into the marines if youre color blind?
Fausto Nivar
Fausto Nivar Month ago
Devils 1995
Devils 1995 Month ago
She's a great soccer player but reads a teleprompter like a ten year old.
Devils 1995
Devils 1995 Month ago
Why does a female soccer player needs the arms of an MMA fighter? Soccer players don't use their arms.
janjanbeckham8 19 days ago
LOL....why does US Soccer players.....those Europeans especially Scandinavia’s still look fine
William Baker
William Baker Month ago
Alex you need to move on from that purple haired DUMBASS
Qeeran Rana
Qeeran Rana Month ago
Why she had to brought up feminist bullshit on the stage, sick of those fucking shits.
Hulltimate Citizen
Should of presented the 15 year olds who beat them 5-2 ! That would put everything into perspective ! By the way, it’s called ‘football’, not soccer !
yew 2oob
yew 2oob Month ago
Equal pay for equal performance...let the men play the women if its a tie they can get equal pay.
Borg Surrender
Borg Surrender Month ago
Seen the greatest tranny festival ever in my life, complete with adamsappel... wake up you all...
Liana Nurka
Liana Nurka Month ago
0:33 who is that?
Smallie Biggs
Smallie Biggs Month ago
Amanda nunes be like "Am I a joke to you?"
Erik E
Erik E Month ago
She is a transgender like Michelle Obama, the shoulders are wider then the hips ....woundering hw many transgender it's in the team?????
dfahmie1 Month ago
... you are so sad and wrong . Kinda pathetic.
tim hobbes
tim hobbes Month ago
The Women's National Soccer Team were amazing no doubt but it's a joke that they won the best team award. The 2018 Red Sox have a case to be one of the greatest baseball teams of all time and easily the greatest baseball team in the past 20 years. 108 regular season wins which hasn't happened since 2001. Plus 11-3 in the playoffs including stomping two other 100 win teams in the Yankees and Astros. They featured the MVP in Mookie Betts and the #2 Cy Young voting pitcher in Chris Sale.
Mr. Knowitall
Mr. Knowitall 21 day ago
Terry Terry
Terry Terry Month ago
She got the sexiest arms!
Paul K. Redd
Paul K. Redd Month ago
Morgan is the 4th or 5th best player on this team and most world player rankings agree. She is the U.S. media's choice - she's a moneymaker. Horan is top 10 in the world and many believe she could become the best player in the world. Heath is the most feared U.S. forward by opposing defenders. LaVelle is already more dangerous than Morgan. Ertz is already the best in the world at her position. The (liberal) media love Morgan and Rapinoe, but they are already the past from a soccer standpoint. Rapinoe has lost all speed, and really can't go 90 minutes. If it weren't for being awarded 3 penalty kicks, she would have had a so-so World Cup.
onesto sereno
onesto sereno Month ago
bellezza femminilità non annientano la capacità di essere leader atleta e nr 1 mondiale✌
Botch the Butcher
Remember u15
rodey piper
rodey piper Month ago
Nothing says I support my teammates like checking your texts during their speech ! 15 minutes are up thank god!!
bronco devil
bronco devil Month ago
Alex won for being a female.
Nelly SoBizarre
Nelly SoBizarre Month ago
Most rigged World Cup ever.
HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster
In 2017 the USWNT lost 5-2 to The FC Dallas under-15 boys squad. YES. You read that correctly. They lost to a bunch of 15 year olds and younger. 🤣🤣🤣
Jimin Can’t find his jams
Am I the only person who spotted Logan Paul at 3:34 Just me ok
Rosalie Clark
Rosalie Clark Month ago
The women’s national soccer team are so humble!!!!! They are a special team because all of them are BEAUTIFUL BAD ASSES THAT SUPPORT EACH OTHER AND LIFT EACH OTHER UP!!!!
Chuck U Farley
Chuck U Farley Month ago
Meanwhile .... Hope solo is doing nothing. I love it.
Andre Müller
Andre Müller Month ago
Igitt hat die Muskeln
onyque12 Month ago
Rose Lavelle 😍😍😍
Peter Awaya
Peter Awaya Month ago
Jennifer Robinson
Megan looks ridiculous. Dumb. She had to say something. Your time is over megan. Lmaoooo
Jennifer Robinson
Hahaha rapinoe is pissed. She thought she was gonna get it. Lmfaooooo. Sit down Meghan. Other girls deserve recognition too.
Vic Harb
Vic Harb Month ago
She wasn't nominated...
Amira B
Amira B Month ago
Who is the woman at 2:49 ?
JennyO. LuvsFLA
JennyO. LuvsFLA Month ago
Thank God that horrible, arrogant, Anti American Commie scumbag didn't win. Congrats
yoyostickman123 Month ago
One oftheabove
One oftheabove Month ago
Not A WOMAN between them NOT one. I have NEVER seen so many Adam's apples, except in MEN'S sports. . ALL dudes.Ha ha haaaaaaa, filthy pigs. Jerking off to dudes. Gross as hell.
Justin Jones
Justin Jones Month ago
Woah... CH sighting at the end. Always wonder what I need to be watching to see more of her.
mmaxx9 Month ago
Wlh elle bonne sa mère elle fait trop mal à la tête 😂
Slick  Migillicutty
Who actually sits and watches this garbage
One king to burn ‘em all.
Who's that @0:32?
Manzon Zix
Manzon Zix Month ago
Soccer will soon become the no 1 sports for women in the us believe me all these young girls have watched this team winning the world cup . Alex Morgan rapinoe Lavelle as idols . With social media it will become more popular .
Callsign Vortex v2
Pretty sure it already is. Women's basketball and softball do not compare. Not my opinion, just a fact
Manzon Zix
Manzon Zix Month ago
Little jersey girl little Cali girl -Mom I want to be a soccer player .
Naz Ali
Naz Ali Month ago
Shes Christiano Ronaldo for womens football team
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