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Alessia Cara - Not Today

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The Pains of Growing out now. 👔
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Music video by Alessia Cara performing Not Today. © 2018 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Nov 27, 2018




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Catlynn Nounoute
Catlynn Nounoute 15 hours ago
Someday I'll realize regardless of the beautiful deep fun memories we had that something changed. And neither of us handled it well. You denied saying it was all in my head and I obliged to the best of my ability not realizing that ignoring what felt was so obvious is not how I rolled. It wasn't suppose to end how it ended. But it is what it is. And someday I'll truly get over it. Just... Not Today.
Linda Rogoff
Linda Rogoff Day ago
Its so amazing that she produced this song while going through heartbreak, so brave. Its truly amazing!
Rosemarie Tyman
Rosemarie Tyman 2 days ago
Jamiya Hill
Jamiya Hill 2 days ago
Song is a mood I love it ❤️
gilli0n 3 days ago
*die potato*
50cent 50cent
50cent 50cent 3 days ago
Hi alcear.
Maria Rinta-Rahko
This song is so good and you have such a unique and beautiful voice.
alexa Brownie
alexa Brownie 4 days ago
I guess I'm gonna be okay. Cause I'm *not* _today_ Lit🔥
alexa Brownie
alexa Brownie 4 days ago
*I'll be the king of misery management* God! _that hit me hard_
alexa Brownie
alexa Brownie 4 days ago
If it was *me* singing this song : _one day I'll study_ *_but surely not today_*
Whitasaurus :3
Whitasaurus :3 4 days ago
How on Earth does one get as good as Alessia at writing lyrics!? Her songs are a masterpiece
Shemar Oxley
Shemar Oxley 5 days ago
Describing my mood rn.. 🍃
The Plutian
The Plutian 7 days ago
Me dealing with my depression
Este álbum me hace llorar😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿
BriGotHart 8 days ago
I love this album!!!!!!
Ferdinard Chris
Ferdinard Chris 8 days ago
Really hope her album would be recognised
Camila Silva
Camila Silva 9 days ago
Meu hino 🖤
anna vitoria
anna vitoria 10 days ago
Beautiful, Love, perfect
Yolanda Johnson
Yolanda Johnson 11 days ago
Billie Elish who🤔
Enucxus 11 days ago
Another song i'll be playing over and over for months
simplybri 12 days ago
"I guess I hope I'm gonna be ok, cause I'm not today." 😭😭 that part of the song really made me cry listening to it after my grandfather died.
Bhavini Law
Bhavini Law 9 days ago
I hope u are feeling better now
Happy я
Happy я 13 days ago
I like your producer
Vitoria Maria
Vitoria Maria 14 days ago
Brasíl alguém
Elen Isabel Freitas
Fucking_ Anti
Fucking_ Anti 14 days ago
Brinstar 14 days ago
i get you Alessia, i know what u mean... :'c
greenteadude 14 days ago
Moumita Debnath
Moumita Debnath 16 days ago
I appreciate the way she makes songs about phases in life from teenage to adulthood or be it introvercy or a heartbreak...falling out of love or in love...a friend cirlce..i mean every situation. She just has the right wors. Also cannot forget to mention Four Pink Walls.
Maria Nayale
Maria Nayale 16 days ago
my fav
Moumita Debnath
Moumita Debnath 16 days ago
She has a talent an eye for showing how teens and young adults feel like. This video is so relatable.
Moumita Debnath
Moumita Debnath 16 days ago
The video is actually representing real situations in a curious manner.
Emma Paige
Emma Paige 17 days ago
y’all i’ve been sleeping on her???? this slaps and hurts at the same time why am i only now hearing this agh
Hernán HM
Hernán HM 20 days ago
I was actually feeling kind of down today, this is exactly what I needed to hear 💛
Alisha 20 days ago
She speaks words for our generation. Its amazing.
Alisha 20 days ago
"oh you don't know what sadness means, till you're too sad to fall asleep" this line right here. Golden.
7LA T2
7LA T2 22 days ago
Your voice is like a halsey♥️🍃
Ffion Jones
Ffion Jones 23 days ago
I love how the song sounds so happy and cheery but the words totally contradict the vibe. It such a beautiful blend 😂
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez 24 days ago
Happy Hippie
Happy Hippie 26 days ago
Mom:go do your homework then take out the trash Me: not today
Da'Shawn Warner
Da'Shawn Warner 17 days ago
R.I.P Happy Hippie
Elizabeth Hernandez
you're my idol I love you so much 😢💞😍😘💋💙
iora_kim 27 days ago
Anyone reminds the title of BTS Not Today ? Only me ?... Ok
taffari dunkley
taffari dunkley 28 days ago
this song was so brilliant that ppl liked the video up sided down #why hate when u should just appreciate her work
Thomas Donatell
Thomas Donatell 28 days ago
Mom homework time Alesia cara not today
kaylee loves sasha
kaylee loves sasha 28 days ago
my pride is shining
smilee white
smilee white 28 days ago
Lemon Lime sweetner
2:09 damn girl u ok 2:16 rain hair looks good
nostalgia 12:12
nostalgia 12:12 28 days ago
Someday i wont be afraid of my head! 💔
Emma Duarte
Emma Duarte 29 days ago
Rat Lady
Rat Lady Month ago
Omg I just found you today and I love youuuuu 👌🏻
Hey Alessia! I'm A Huge Fan!! All Of Us Are... I Found this video the other day And I wanted to make sure it got to you!!!
Windysaint Month ago
Surely not today 💋
d-_-b Month ago
I was looking for bts im in the wrong isle but im gonna stay.
NuriaMarinela Baltazar
please please keep Being u love it this music. just be you i love your songs i love you as a artist. please be U always
Sevgi Bakkal
Sevgi Bakkal Month ago
Munashe Matambo
Munashe Matambo Month ago
Thank you so much 😍😍😍😍 at least surely today i can study but yet again trrw is a struggle where i have to look for another up lifting song 😢😢😢
just another random commentor
them raspy voice gives me chills
Kyza Yorke
Kyza Yorke Month ago
Ur awesome Alessia
Miguel Aular
Miguel Aular Month ago
this album was so underrated. omg what's wrong with this world?
Daisy Saju
Daisy Saju Month ago
Ikr!! 😭💯❤❤
Bato Ruxadze
Bato Ruxadze Month ago
fault this song was not good but after years i listened again and now it is on my music list!
Thembelihle Privilage
I love it❤❤❤
Slimm Liaa
Slimm Liaa Month ago
Omg I love this girl
İshak Kahveci
İshak Kahveci Month ago
This is perfect ❤️
Daisy Saju
Daisy Saju Month ago
Smiljana Velimirovic
I love how u are weird on adorable way
Yuri Assis
Yuri Assis Month ago
Mateo Hdz.
Mateo Hdz. Month ago
Song Editor: So how much bass do you want? Alessia Cara: 𝘆𝗲𝘀
Karhn2012 Month ago
When that 2:44 minutes just passed by. "What?! It's over already?!"
navi shukla
navi shukla Month ago
She deserves fame dude. Her songs are masterpiece,, why world don't understand?
H K J 8 days ago
she get fame but surely not today...
Lyrics Mania
Lyrics Mania 12 days ago
+navi shukla well, that truth is sadness. Dont u get it from her songs? Growing pains, River of tears, scars to your beautiful etc. So now, tell me what is the truth that u are sayibg bruhh
navi shukla
navi shukla 12 days ago
+Lyrics Mania Her songs define the truth . Not sadness. Sad u don't get it
Lyrics Mania
Lyrics Mania 12 days ago
Because world is happy and not sad. 💙
Kristaps Porzingod
Kristaps Porzingod 20 days ago
navi shukla because billie eilish currently rules all minds
I do not know why I cry whenever I hear this song p.s: i love this song
Silvia A
Silvia A Month ago
not today doog
Geerat’s Life
Geerat’s Life Month ago
What’s your favourite Alessa Cara song? 1. Trust My Lonely 2. Seventeen 3. Here 4. Scars To Your Beautiful 5. River Of Tears 6. Wild Things
Ayisha Eddins
Ayisha Eddins 22 days ago
Marisol carrera
Marisol carrera 23 days ago
Scars to your beautifol like ❤❤❤💛
jota lira e luh
jota lira e luh Month ago
nossa,ela tem uma voz bonita,neh
Cristiano Souza
Cristiano Souza Month ago
This is my song....
Casey Walker
Casey Walker Month ago
Who did this to one of the best writer's in music today (I'm an old head)... Pain makes for great art but sheeesh. Get better 😉🙏
Chaunice Figueiredo
She is who I'd throw my money at. I went and bought her CD off Google. She deserves it. Not a Single song on his Album is bad all of them amazing. I could listening to the whole thing start to finish and on repeat!
tick tock
tick tock Month ago
Fantastic song :)
joy jooy
joy jooy Month ago
She is now really underrated.. its so sad
I love your singing its amazing i wish i could sing like that
catlover24 :3
catlover24 :3 Month ago
Same girl
Cansu Bilal
Cansu Bilal Month ago
Why does everyone has black tears in music videos????
Vandak K
Vandak K Month ago
Hamada Allan
Hamada Allan Month ago
Underrated artist...Underrated song...shes so much better than many artists and she deserves a lot more attention.
Kian Jol
Kian Jol Month ago
❤️Your voice🎤
Rachel Month ago
Omg I cried through the whole song😭😭
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia Month ago
Anir Laicram
Anir Laicram Month ago
Played this song cause this morning I had a really horrible mental breakdown..
lilykep Month ago
It's a great song and video but the shoes on the bed are hurting my soul.
Mariane Souza
Mariane Souza Month ago
It seems like you know my heart and write these songs for me. Thank you for this album. I love you so much.
dalit amitoj
dalit amitoj Month ago
salute from india
fruits dancers
fruits dancers Month ago
I guess I hope I'm gonna be okay.... 'cause I'm not today....
AaiCee Clare
AaiCee Clare Month ago
Yes child. Leave me alone to broodvin peace... or, pieces. 🙁
Obtain me.
Samantha is a human
You also don't know what sadness means until your too sad to cry. Too sad to eat...
꧁༒JĘFF Kïngs༒꧂
Qual a idade dela obs só por curiosidade
Vandak K
Vandak K Month ago
this is MI$FIT (Lewis Juasemai) just wanted say. I've never seen a woman look so beautiful being herself... I know I've said that before.. but you really pulled this off.. who knew sadness could be this beautiful.... ( i did 😁😳😁)
Manon D
Manon D Month ago
'One Day I'll get up off the bathroom floor' it reminds me of so many times 😖
Daisy Saju
Daisy Saju Month ago
markspencer171 Month ago
Another batshit boring clone artist .
Daisy Saju
Daisy Saju Month ago
Please don't share your personal problems here.
It’s Meeh
It’s Meeh Month ago
“You don’t know what happy means.. if it’s only in you’re dreams” damn that hit me hard
Aliyana Gonzalez
This song hits so close to home it hurts. Thanks for giving me a song of hope
nadirah croom
nadirah croom Month ago
I absolutely adore her
It’s Meeh
It’s Meeh Month ago
U are too underrated!!
brit_brat lora
brit_brat lora Month ago
Hi I love your music and the meaning of it too
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