Akash & Kamri's Cha Cha - DTWS Juniors

Dancing With The Stars
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Oct 15, 2018





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Comments 92
aryzeli rosado
aryzeli rosado 29 days ago
So cute
Amina Lee
Amina Lee 3 months ago
they did so good
jessica Shubert
jessica Shubert 3 months ago
Love this dance there best dance
Maia Henry
Maia Henry 4 months ago
anyone else one a DWTS jr marathon? just me k
Brookie Bear. Bremner
There bad dancers
jessica Shubert
jessica Shubert 4 months ago
there so cute this dance is my favorite that they did
gymnast_lilly13 4 months ago
kamri was one of my favorites! i love how she doesn't dance to her full potential so she doesn't outshine Akash too much. Also i like their mentor because she doesn't showcase all of Kamri's tricks, she makes the choreography good enough for them to look like a pair unlike cough cough Elliana
That One Pikachu Girl
I literally don’t see how people think Witney “stole” this choreography from Jenna. Yeah sure, it’s reminiscent of Adam’s Cha Cha but really only the walk in the beginning and the tutting section.
Mia Russell
Mia Russell 5 months ago
I love Kamri tbh! She’s so adorable
maria p
maria p 5 months ago
Kamri so good tho omg
Colleen The Disco Dancer
If I could score= 7,8,7
Ava Kins
Ava Kins 6 months ago
HE IS SO CUTE!!!! Not enough cha cha though.. not his fault though... He could’ve been sharper in some parts but other than that it was good. 7
Mia Russell
Mia Russell 6 months ago
I wish they stayed. Also team #witlo so watching the two of them is really cute, her facials are so cute too. Kamri reminds me a lot of Witney tho in all honesty, she’s the cutest
Abby Robinson
Abby Robinson 6 months ago
Kamri is doing all of the work while akash is standing there taking shortcuts.
BlueLightningツ 6 months ago
Really good! Imagine them being a life couple. 🤔🤔🤔
QueenKenzie Aldc
QueenKenzie Aldc 6 months ago
Kamri was incredible in this dance and looked like she was having the time of her life. I just didn’t get the same vibe from Akash though. I think he was much better in week 1. The choreography suited there age. I think people forget how young they are and it was a performance I enjoyed watching. 6
Mircea Istratescu
Mircea Istratescu 6 months ago
Worth an eight or nine
Nebiat Alebachew
Nebiat Alebachew 6 months ago
their my favorite team!Im sad they got eliminated!
Sᴜʙʜᴇʏᴀ 7 months ago
This should have been on the finales
Olivia Le
Olivia Le 7 months ago
Akash is so a super dancer also Kamri is too!Whitney taught them great moves
Quineshia Stallings
Quineshia Stallings 7 months ago
Akash and Kamri's Cha Cha was fantastic and I love their outfits they look so Fabulous way to go Askash and Kamri I am so proud of you. 🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚
Avianna Lupton
Avianna Lupton 7 months ago
They're adorable
Tayevaughn Williams
Tayevaughn Williams 7 months ago
I like the hand thing they do starting at 0:13
# TooMuchScotty
# TooMuchScotty 8 months ago
Nice try but the boy can’t dance
kaya nahhal
kaya nahhal 8 months ago
he looks like Ravi from hey jessie ahahaha
star strxck
star strxck 8 months ago
aww! I swear I’ve watched this too many times now! their NY was surprisingly good and in sync!
carmen herrera
carmen herrera 8 months ago
OMG Kamri is just amazing
Reese Mueller
Reese Mueller 8 months ago
what smile is that
Sam I am
Sam I am 8 months ago
That boy reminds me of Ravi and that girl reminds me of Emma from jessi
ALEX Cordova
ALEX Cordova 8 months ago
Love it
Clementine Guillou
Clementine Guillou 8 months ago
BellaV18 9 months ago
Yup, it's official. I am rooting for Akash & Kamri! I love these two pairing~
Silver Owens
Silver Owens 9 months ago
Besides Ariana, this kid I'm rooting for.
Silver Owens
Silver Owens 7 months ago
@Mari Flores What?
Mari Flores
Mari Flores 7 months ago
Luciel Eairth
Luciel Eairth 9 months ago
He's so cute !!! But I remember thay song like it came out yesterday I can't believe it is as old as this boy O_O
#Singingismylife Tran
Dynamite, dat’s my song 😎🤩😍
S G 9 months ago
Jujubee 9 months ago
Yayyyyy! Akash!😄
jess 9 months ago
Wow all these song choices make me feel super old lmao. I think there could have been more cha cha elements but this was honestly an adorable and fun dance to watch. Akash is super cute and he's doing an incredible job already. I think once he taps into himself a bit more and is ready to be given more things beyond is known capability, he'll be AMAZING.
D. Gaines
D. Gaines 9 months ago
When they did the introductions I thought he would be first eliminated but he has shown a lot of confidence and he is charismatic & out-going.
Snowflake 9 months ago
Kamri's footwork is amazing!
Poppi Rose
Poppi Rose 9 months ago
So cute
Rich Miller
Rich Miller 9 months ago
Kamri is one of my favorite of the pro kids!! A little Witney in the making! So much talent!
Applejack Becca
Applejack Becca 9 months ago
Literally the cutest freaking child I’ve ever seen
Olivia D’Amico
Olivia D’Amico 9 months ago
At first I saw the thumbnail and thought it was young Ravi from Jessie on Disney channel 😂😂
TARUN GUSAIN 9 months ago
If he keep this pace of improvement every week, I can see him and Kamri winning this season!!!❤✌
Amberly Recendez
Amberly Recendez 9 months ago
She is LITERALLY a mini version of Witney
Christopher Bacon
"I shall call her...Mini-Me"
Susan Elliott
Susan Elliott 9 months ago
He has so much charisma for a nerdy little boy. It’s kind of awesome
Yassess Leves
Yassess Leves 9 months ago
Kristin Cavallari Dance to the Same Song on DWTS Season 13 Which is The Most Controversial Season.
Series Clips
Series Clips 9 months ago
Oh my god, totally surprised me! Last week he was a goner to me, but he came out so much better this week! Definitely a 7 from me and kudos to him
Maddy Paige
Maddy Paige 9 months ago
I love their energy
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