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Airplane Trick Shots go to the NEXT LEVEL.
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Mar 11, 2019




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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 13 days ago
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Matt Baumgartner
Matt Baumgartner 2 days ago
Mack bad vids ( itโ€™s were you watch bad USvid video P.S watch me )
Gaming Direction
Gaming Direction 8 days ago
Please upload overtime 8 fast I am dying for it
The Ichigun Ranger
The Ichigun Ranger 12 days ago
Yes!! More overtime!!
R0MANEK shark
R0MANEK shark 12 days ago
wow.. what next? i got one for yall.. swimming in shark alley ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ‘ŠโœŒ๏ธ
Random Cat
Random Cat 47 minutes ago
Rage monster DEMOLISHED that court XD.
Kole Anderson
Kole Anderson 59 minutes ago
His eyebrows
# # Yukito
# # Yukito Hour ago
yes perfect!
Vhon Chester Sagayno
Vhon Chester Sagayno
My number
Vhon Chester Sagayno
Chingiz Hour ago
Itโ€™s monday dudes. Where is the new video?๐Ÿ˜ด
Lance Lim
Lance Lim Hour ago
ะ ัƒััะบะธะต ะตัั‚ัŒ?
Ye boynu yeeee
Dirtdiver 197
Dirtdiver 197 Hour ago
Panda is Tyler's brother
Tony Reynolds
Tony Reynolds Hour ago
Look these channels to find more dantdm fgeetv Collins key the worst 5 minute crafts 5 minute crafts donโ€™t even work
Tony Reynolds
Tony Reynolds Hour ago
Subscribe to pewdiepie and help by saying this on other USvid channels
adam fair
adam fair Hour ago
Guy flawless
Gamer XP
Gamer XP 2 hours ago
time to TP to Zayde Wolf's song you do you...WHOOOSH!!
Max Dumonceaux
Max Dumonceaux 2 hours ago
Who thinks gar is panda
Zephr Galaxy
Zephr Galaxy 2 hours ago
Happy Birthday Tyler!!!!!
DEN_ C'IAN 2 hours ago
Indonesia hadir
Federico Jimbo Smithson
Have you guys done with the boomerang video
DriftAddicted 2 hours ago
you guys should do rc drift tricks with pro rc drift cars in the dp house.
b b
b b 3 hours ago
You guys need to do vlogs
Lil St3alth
Lil St3alth 3 hours ago
April fools stereotypes?
Samuel Sandoval
Samuel Sandoval 3 hours ago
This is crazy man
Dr. K
Dr. K 3 hours ago
When is your next overtime
The Dwivedi
The Dwivedi 3 hours ago
hey guys please make a video on toothpick trickshots if you agree like down.
MR M4JOR 3 hours ago
You guys should do sport fan stereotypes.
Austin Olderog
Austin Olderog 3 hours ago
Everyone go sub 2 my name's irrelevant
Akhtar Faresta
Akhtar Faresta 3 hours ago
Amazibg bro
Allison Garza
Allison Garza 4 hours ago
You guys should do a camping stereotypes!!!!!!!
Matthewdewalt 28
Matthewdewalt 28 4 hours ago
His eyebrows ๐Ÿ˜‚
Yen Chen
Yen Chen 4 hours ago
You guys are so amazing
8 Stixx
8 Stixx 4 hours ago
Ryan Thorson
Ryan Thorson 4 hours ago
You've done everything else why don't you do rifle trick shots
Kiran Dahal
Kiran Dahal 4 hours ago
Show real face of panda please
Keith Tyndall
Keith Tyndall 4 hours ago
sad sister
sad sister 4 hours ago
The day I am writing this comment is March 24th. I just learned from a video that this date is Tyโ€™s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY!!!!!!!!!๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰
Ethan Reynolds
Ethan Reynolds 4 hours ago
At 6:00 you can see his teeth marks in the nose of the plane. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Dan Bernard G. Oreta
GameGod BB
GameGod BB 4 hours ago
PopularMMOsFan4ever 159
Happy Birthday Tyler! ๐Ÿ’• -Ava 2/24/19
FFuRy Delta
FFuRy Delta 5 hours ago
Happy Birthday Tyler!
Xeno 5 hours ago
I know Iโ€™m not the only one who thinks they are math majors because most of the shots they hit requires math and execution
Khiana G
Khiana G 5 hours ago
My favorite trick was the twisty pop
Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan 5 hours ago
You should make a video with Thatโ€™s Amazing!
Glend Alam155
Glend Alam155 5 hours ago
Org indo nonton juga kh,kalau ia like
Ichika_Kaneki 5 hours ago
Wouldn't it be easy to make basket shots
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 5 hours ago
Tyler they what is that hole in the back of your head
Momo 8905
Momo 8905 6 hours ago
Do some videos your family and your kids
NP EVERTON 6 hours ago
Alguem br?
roblox99 6 hours ago
John McGee
John McGee 6 hours ago
Awesome stunts!!! The celebrations are a bit much...
Bailey Griffith
Bailey Griffith 6 hours ago
r.i.P Cory's eyebrows
Gavin Lopez
Gavin Lopez 6 hours ago
Can you do more battles
Wendel Knott
Wendel Knott 6 hours ago
Ty backwards is yt Yt= youtube Could these events be connected? Like so ty can see this!
Sai Vickers
Sai Vickers 6 hours ago
Do school stereotypes
Nibal Boumjahed
Nibal Boumjahed 7 hours ago
Do you guys bring t-shirts and hats to lebanon
SomweGaming 7 hours ago
Emmanuel Tesfaye
Emmanuel Tesfaye 7 hours ago
Great job Dude Perfect for finally hitting 40 MILLION!!!
Triggered Gamer
Triggered Gamer 7 hours ago
U guys should do a blitz ball tornament/battle
Bobby Peterson
Bobby Peterson 7 hours ago
Make a video with no reactions just a strait face after every trick shot
DOOOBLES 7 hours ago
Are the planes rigged
LIFE WITH LEGO 7 hours ago
You should do a camping stereotypes video
Graig Fancher
Graig Fancher 7 hours ago
Your basketball court is sick!
lucky or skill
G Jones
G Jones 8 hours ago
I love all your videos I watch all of them
Greg Huell
Greg Huell 8 hours ago
happy Birthday Tyler
S I R I U S 8 hours ago
maybe dude perfect dudes have psychic powers idk just a thought
ItzRynoz_ 8 hours ago
do lacrosse trickshots 2
ArliePrime Destroyer
Last time I checked how many subscribers they had 10M but now 40M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GD Brando
GD Brando 8 hours ago
Havenโ€™t seen Garrett do any shots in awhile xD
Rae Red C0rl
Rae Red C0rl 8 hours ago
3:36 (a bit early) thumbnail
CP SQUAD 8 hours ago
These guys are amazing how๐Ÿ‘
Paloma Gรณngora
triple looply
Jaeden Roberts
Jaeden Roberts 9 hours ago
Why donโ€™t you break sugar glasses off of Coryโ€™s head any more
Heat Phantom Neptune
Cody team all the wY
noah gifford
noah gifford 9 hours ago
Suggestions for new stereotypes videos: bowling and back to school stereotypes
Jitendra Rana
Jitendra Rana 9 hours ago
6:29 that guy on the bottom corner.
Jitendra Rana
Jitendra Rana 9 hours ago
Daily Sport
Daily Sport 9 hours ago
Pliez abonnรฉs Slamdunk Behind The Scenes - With Lords of Gravity and Eurotr
Seth Stroman
Seth Stroman 9 hours ago
5:45 you sure about that 5:40
Asha Krpata
Asha Krpata 9 hours ago
Halloween Stereotypes
Addis Kassa
Addis Kassa 9 hours ago
40 million congratulations
Majo CI
Majo CI 9 hours ago
Se la rifaron
Moamill Alfuade
Moamill Alfuade 10 hours ago
Viktor Ugleholdt
Viktor Ugleholdt 10 hours ago
40 mil letsss goooo!
Always be a Colbaugh
Happy birthday tyler! March 24, 2019
Rendi Kuiper
Rendi Kuiper 10 hours ago
Het guys I'm from Europe, from the Netherlands
Colin O 'Donovan
Colin O 'Donovan 10 hours ago
This channel defines quality over quantity
figure 2206
figure 2206 10 hours ago
Let's just ignore the fact that Cory's eyebrows are still shaved
Samantha Workman
Samantha Workman 10 hours ago
Happy birthday Ty!!!
slick samurai
slick samurai 11 hours ago
You should do i video with kid magic
Cooper Villarreal
Cooper Villarreal 11 hours ago
Where do yโ€™all live
noor salah
noor salah 11 hours ago
Guys you are really ..... . . . . I can't find a word explain how proud are you guys
Richard Topham
Richard Topham 11 hours ago
How do you get the planes?????????
AxJa21 11 hours ago
Plaes do more videos
Awesomedude251 11 hours ago
*what aimbot are you using?*
Emanuel Peralta
Emanuel Peralta 11 hours ago
Cardboard battle
Ivan and People
Ivan and People 11 hours ago
Everyone of those are rigged!
HomeTracks DIY
HomeTracks DIY 11 hours ago
Dude, that was perfect flight
JD Black
JD Black 11 hours ago
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