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Aggressively Vaping In People's Faces

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Mar 19, 2019





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Comments 9 467
Jimmy Pahkapee
Jimmy Pahkapee 4 hours ago
Mr. Beast in the cutttttt
skaffa yippa 2b2t
skaffa yippa 2b2t 14 hours ago
6:06 can i have a hit
Chaos Blizzard
Chaos Blizzard 20 hours ago
6:25 you know hes a G
Joe Mcdough 218
Joe Mcdough 218 20 hours ago
3:36 did he verbally just say “I’m weak”
Thangpong Shiu
iKevin iMontero
Should shoot this in Compton
Capnbreadsticks - Minecraft
Am I the only one who kinda feel bad for Kyle when no one showed up for his birthday
digestedmoon 650
I blow the fattest clouds
Corben Hill
Corben Hill 2 days ago
bro they had riley reid and mr beast that is like the most legendary party ever
Tookey 2 days ago
Anyone know what glasses they’re wearing during the asian guy and the cookies part?
Dimitar Ivanov
Dimitar Ivanov 2 days ago
Don't do that in East Europe
kade loone
kade loone 2 days ago
Probs knock a nigga out if they vaped in my face
Luca Ammon
Luca Ammon 3 days ago
Make a full send Canada editor flag bro
Max Cope
Max Cope 3 days ago
Kyle coil burner
Aidan Heneghan
Aidan Heneghan 3 days ago
Can I get a hit
iSlayEskimos 3 days ago
"yo.... can I get a hit?"
Ryan d Lion
Ryan d Lion 3 days ago
Why do I feel like all you need to do to get a blow from Riley reid is be in the youtube community....looks like I am gonna end up youtube famous after all.
Isnag_ Sus
Isnag_ Sus 3 days ago
5:44 I just evolved
cj palymbo
cj palymbo 3 days ago
The begining was basicaly me at my 13th birthday party
Cat Teenager
Cat Teenager 3 days ago
They call me Charizard, *I JUST EVOLVED*
runechuckie 3 days ago
I love how nobody commented about them filming Riley reid???? Does nobody here know who that is ;D 😍😍😍😍😍
Cristian Alvarez
Cristian Alvarez 4 days ago
They suck at bluring faces
Apolloツxd Apolloツ
*has asma, dies
Harry Browneigh
Harry Browneigh 4 days ago
that puff of smoke at 7:07 woulda cost him his fucking teeth had I been standing there.
OH YEAH YEAH 4 days ago
Love watching yo videos baked aaf
Sean Ways
Sean Ways 4 days ago
Feelin that intro reppin 519 YAAAAAAAAA EH
DeadCash 2
DeadCash 2 4 days ago
This is sooo funny 😂😂😂
Dutch OPWW
Dutch OPWW 4 days ago
Yo, I would not be down to put my mouth on anything that Riley Reid was slobbering on frfr
Isaac Rivera
Isaac Rivera 4 days ago
Mr beast in the cut 🤘
AyyeeDom 4 days ago
tf was mr beast doing there lmao
sth drf
sth drf 4 days ago
The birthday bit made me want to cry
Eric B
Eric B 5 days ago
So true! Need the perfect temp for the shotgun
Chicken Boy
Chicken Boy 5 days ago
Can I get a hit?🤣
Eric B
Eric B 5 days ago
Chris Andre Montero
What’s the song in 0:50
Alex Maunu
Alex Maunu 5 days ago
"What do you mean you only went to blueface with me cause I paid?!?!?"
Landon Sturgill
Landon Sturgill 5 days ago
How they get beast at the party
Indari 5 days ago
OMG that asian kid most unexpected shit ever
champagnemami00 _
4:58 the guy looks like Steve
Blaine b
Blaine b 5 days ago
You guys sharing a blunt with Riley Reid with all the dick she has had in her mouth? Shit she prolly just got done taking one down too
Andre St
Andre St 5 days ago
do a 2nd part
Bone Jones
Bone Jones 5 days ago
Lmfao what a title
David Arndt
David Arndt 6 days ago
Lmao yo ...... can I get a hit That’s the dude
Luis Uribe
Luis Uribe 6 days ago
What if Kyle last min brought in like 8 midgets into the restaurant as his friends 😂
capgoud #LLKC
capgoud #LLKC 4 days ago
that would be great😂
Nathan Milhorn
Nathan Milhorn 6 days ago
They call me charizard lol
Ghost Ariz
Ghost Ariz 6 days ago
Riley Reid the porn star
Da_dumb_kid 6 days ago
Is that mr beast at 0.44
Uxgo -on insta
Uxgo -on insta 6 days ago
That Asia dude is the guy
cobalt-pogo 6 days ago
Damn your burning the coil
ツVyßhs 6 days ago
6:10 da dude got overwhelmed den tried it 😂
Andrew Silerio
Andrew Silerio 7 days ago
Part 2?
Tyler Gibson
Tyler Gibson 7 days ago
Lol mr beast
Royal gamer
Royal gamer 7 days ago
6:06 when mans took off the headphones i thought he was finna be mad af
AndreGam3z-Norsk Gaming
jesses clip at 7min was fuckin balmn dude
Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans 8 days ago
7:11 lmaoooo died " i need a juul pod to function these days".
Lukas Raasch
Lukas Raasch 8 days ago
Matty FUCKING smokes
Jaime Alvirena
Jaime Alvirena 9 days ago
He shit in the liter box cat 🐈 is gonna be mad
Wyatt Puckett
Wyatt Puckett 9 days ago
The fucking dinosaur part was gold lol
boi headass
boi headass 10 days ago
*_Korean savage at _**_6:05_**_ ?_*
S abd
S abd 11 days ago
American comedy just isn't funny, its kind of pathetic.
Snake Streamer122
Snake Streamer122 11 days ago
The charcoal pop is loud
Stevenlegend Brown
Stevenlegend Brown 11 days ago
They seem so entitled for some reason I could be wrong
paco ojaveski
paco ojaveski 11 days ago
Guys u only vape to mouth wtf ?😀
RN 12 days ago
Gmod dark rp
Oof 23
Oof 23 12 days ago
Song in the beginning?
Rainbow 1
Rainbow 1 12 days ago
I would’ve knocked dat mother fucker out if if he vaped on my and my girlfriend fuck that
Rainbow 1
Rainbow 1 12 days ago
No one: The intro: High school kids
Luke Harrington
Luke Harrington 12 days ago
5:52 that is the dustiest coil I've ever heard in my life hahahahahaha
Luke Harrington
Luke Harrington 12 days ago
The beginning to this is low key sad af!
Bubba King 13
Bubba King 13 12 days ago
where is that restaurant?? Looks really nice...
I am FallenStar65
I am FallenStar65 12 days ago
I gotta say, NELK or not...anyone vapes in my face, I’m flooring them...
Joshua Gillis
Joshua Gillis 12 days ago
Am I the only one that when I vape it fucking burns my throat
Empire Clout
Empire Clout 12 days ago
And the way you walked out answering the exports question is straight machiavellian come to miami bruh for real PLEASE for fucks sake
Empire Clout
Empire Clout 12 days ago
That asian dude is straight pimped out bruh 700%
As above So below
As above So below 12 days ago
I fuck with all vape
Tyler Currier
Tyler Currier 13 days ago
Y'all used 3 of my favorite songs in this video
Skrt skrt Lamborghini ***
all them trash except for "I"
Jinxy 13 days ago
I remember when Nelk released there first crew neck I bought it, and my mom made me return it. She’s a half sender😡
Zinzi YT
Zinzi YT 8 hours ago
Savage Shot lmao
Savage Shot
Savage Shot 6 days ago
Lol she made you full send that shit back
ferdy 13 days ago
This is why our generation is fucking trash
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 13 days ago
0:43 MrBeast?
KJrastadog420 13 days ago
MY BOiiiiii 9-0🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
Ashton Ramlakhan
Ashton Ramlakhan 13 days ago
Jamison P
Jamison P 13 days ago
This is one of my favorite intros of all time
ZayyZoneTV 13 days ago
This is by far the best shit ever.
Smg Films
Smg Films 13 days ago
Who saw mr.beast
Zion Walker
Zion Walker 14 days ago
Lol they blew vape 💨 in his face then he says can I get a hit 😂
Zenith 14 days ago
5:55 y’all the biggest pussies😂 bro said “bruh wdym” after he vaped on his boys face
Top Tier Lots LLC
Top Tier Lots LLC 14 days ago
nelk the only channel that can make 3 dudes playing beer pong in the middle of the desert look cool
Sans Bacon
Sans Bacon 14 days ago
0:44 is that Mr.Beast
Keean Acfalle
Keean Acfalle 14 days ago
anyone realize that , that’s the guy from one of the episodes of catfish ...
Jesus Christ 69
Jesus Christ 69 15 days ago
I slammed your sister so how about that Mikey!!
Drew Ancey
Drew Ancey 15 days ago
7:17 good job blurring his face off 😂
Drew Ancey
Drew Ancey 15 days ago
6:08 that dude chill af
Wavybullets 15 days ago
kyle is actually smart as fuck. When hes listening to these lectures he actually listens and uses it in some of the talking he does
iTs_ DaRkNeSs
iTs_ DaRkNeSs 15 days ago
Y’all should make your own ejuice
Grizzy The Great
Grizzy The Great 15 days ago
Fuckin send it to my channel boys check out my shit rip me some views aye
Brui Rin
Brui Rin 15 days ago
5:29 I’m dead lmaoo
King gio45
King gio45 15 days ago
0:44 its Mr beast
Jaxi B
Jaxi B 16 days ago
6:07 MIDDLE schooler trying to act cool in school😤
Luvv Cris
Luvv Cris 17 days ago
Everyone there got herpes cause of riley
Tayien Mayian
Tayien Mayian 17 days ago
The Waiter guy looks like the guy from catfish.
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