Adam Calhoun - "Tombstone" (Official Music Video)

Adam Calhoun
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Adam Calhoun
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Ryan Noeker
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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 1 693
Adam Calhoun
Adam Calhoun Month ago
Love you guys. I hope you like this video. I’m trying to get people to take our genre more serious. There’s a lot of talented guys doing this. Much respect. Go get that album right here👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 smarturl.it/gkzy49
Ben Guyer
Ben Guyer 3 days ago
I love your music.
Laura Tieffel
Laura Tieffel 4 days ago
Yep... it's on my phone! Tombstone is my favorite fucking movie!
wild Bill BaccwoodsGladiator
Adam Calhoun you make me 1 Proud COUNTRY ASS BLACK MAN Born and Bred our of West TX!!!! I listen to Adam Calhoun all the time and Swang my F250 and. Dare anybody to say something to my face!!!! I will whoop yo dog ass! #BackwoodsGladiators all day
Arthur Henderson
Arthur Henderson 9 days ago
Adam Calhoun man you gotta follow up with part 2 on the next album.... Huckleberry. This shit bangs!
Patrick Bales
Patrick Bales 13 days ago
Adam. Got alot of respect on this song. But it's missing alot of the meaning of what the movie expressed. Wish you spent more time on it
BigManSDMF Day ago
Why can't I stop thinking about Red Dead Redemption 2 online? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Ryan LeClair
Ryan LeClair Day ago
I can’t wait to see you live tomorrow night I’m so pumped.an thank you for speaking the truth about the word
Jerry Williford
Keep doing the dam thang ur music is very good an ur bring so much light to this side now is the time
Nash Montana
Nash Montana Day ago
Dakota Chisholm
Damn the new doc holiday
Mrevlways Day ago
Adam Calhoun should be a mood for when your done with stupid people's stupid shit.
David Manuel Sanchez
AMOR 505
Brandon Durst
Brandon Durst 2 days ago
Were upchurch at ????🤨🤔
southsidepatrol 67
Rollin stoned ,....😊
sara boettcher
sara boettcher 2 days ago
Love tombstone hit like within the first minute keep it up adam huge fan
Cory Schumacher
Cory Schumacher 2 days ago
Thank you for the new genre. It's something worth listening to like the legends of the past. Difference is you and a select few found a way to combine everything into 1 to make it your own vs copying and recreating something that has already been done. 🍻🇱🇷
new found life
new found life 2 days ago
was this the vegas shooter or something or maybe he had the early release or something
Sam Park
Sam Park 3 days ago
BADASS!!!! 😍
Aluifar Manning
Aluifar Manning 3 days ago
Adam where did you get these clothes I want some!!!!!
Mike Cook
Mike Cook 3 days ago
Haters 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Epik Rhymez
Epik Rhymez 3 days ago
Is it just me or does this song make you feel like you can go up to a crowd of 5-10 and making them feel you.
Sliced Raccoon
Sliced Raccoon 3 days ago
"I once saw a pale horse and he, who sat upon it and his name was death and hes got a bullet with your fuckin' name on it." P.S. This is a great song and I love the movie Tombstone
Irish Hitman
Irish Hitman 5 days ago
[Intro] You tell 'em You tell 'em I'm comin' And hell's comin' with me [Chorus] Give me a gun, give me a drink Pour it on up and get out of the way You gon' light a stick of dynamite and I'm about to blow you away Pick yourself up, clean yourself off Better learn to take a punch if you're gonna talk tough Here's a shovel and a plot, it's a six foot deep kinda day You can dig your own damn grave [Verse 1] I ain't tryna fight but I ain't duckin' either I got fuckin' ether, armed with Desert Eagle Lost what I love 'cause the world is so evil So I don't mind shootin' slugs at you fuckin' people Got a six shooter like I was back in Tombstone And I ain't gonna die tonight but you're gonna have a funeral Dressed in all black, flowers on the Cadillac Biggie said it best, death ain't no comin' back And Doc Holliday said you ain't no daisy All these rappers act tough but no one is crazy I know real trouble, outlaws like Struggle Stand up dudes kill you like fuck 'em Play with the hustle get cut like the shuffle Put you in the bag I ain't talkin' 'bout a duffle I'm not one to play with, I'll leave you open Standin' in the middle of the street barrel smokin' like [Chorus] Give me a gun, give me a drink Pour it on up and get out of the way You gon' light a stick of dynamite and I'm about to blow you away Pick yourself up, clean yourself off Better learn to take a punch if you're gonna talk tough Here's a shovel and a plot, it's a six foot deep kinda day You can dig your own damn grave [Verse 2] Just wanna let you know that you're sittin' in my chair Last album was The Throne, this is War bitch I dare You just skinned that smoke wagon, see what happens if you do Blowin' smoke, actin' cool, 'til I smack you out your boots (Out your boots) Put you out your misery, say when Read your eulogy, close your casket, amen If you wanna do dirt better know how to dig it And I might die too but you're dyin' first, get it Carve your name on a stone, couple dates, RIP Tell the devil that I'm bringin' hell with me when I see him I got two guns on me and that's all I need You gon' do somethin' about it or just stand there and bleed Damn right you're scared, I can see it in your eyes Too slow on the draw that's the reason that you died So you better think again if you thought that you were safe 'Cause you're lookin' like somebody just walked over your grave [Chorus] Give me a gun, give me a drink Pour it on up and get out of the way You gon' light a stick of dynamite and I'm about to blow you away Pick yourself up, clean yourself off Better learn to take a punch if you're gonna talk tough Here's a shovel and a plot, it's a six foot deep kinda day You can dig your own damn grave
Redcoats in arms Wilson
Irish Hitman well done man god bless 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
david perge
david perge 5 days ago
damn that was nice saying dressed in all black biggie said best no death coming back.
Jason French
Jason French 5 days ago
You pinned it
206 guy
206 guy 6 days ago
That first 0-0:37 got me hooked already
Strange Dakota
Strange Dakota 6 days ago
In a world of rose's be a daisy.. A daisy can grow any where and take a lot, a rose needs dirt,water and care..
cmsthefirst 7 days ago
Good shit brother. Nice look for us cwb's
Ford Liserd
Ford Liserd 7 days ago
love this song
Devious One
Devious One 7 days ago
Got some heavy hitters in this video
RHECTennessee VFL
This is a vibe bro 💯 #RHEC #CreekSquad #WAR
6ff rey9
6ff rey9 8 days ago
Put you in a bag I aint talkin about a duffle. That's real!! That feeling becoming more real everyday. The cancerous socialist's want a fight, we're STANDING right here.
TinkDayzeepetal 10 days ago
Tandee Cutler
Tandee Cutler 10 days ago
This is so awesome!! My favorite western movie and you made it great
tyb 11 days ago
Not bad !
Amber Rose
Amber Rose 11 days ago
This song is bad ass who the hell would thumbs down this? Love it ♥️
Mark Ruano
Mark Ruano 11 days ago
Better think about picking up where others left off Calhoun. I see sand and grit...think about it...for real. Thank you Mr. Calhoun. Damn good job.
Mykill Myers
Mykill Myers 12 days ago
please do more songs in that style
Shwaun Dizayee
Shwaun Dizayee 12 days ago
Love the video!! Tombstone one of my favorite TV shows and movie!
Bob Seger
Bob Seger 12 days ago
"That's just my GAME"
ThunderMountain Tactical
I liked this one a lot!
Ernesto Herrera
Ernesto Herrera 12 days ago
Native Texan here🤠 I love this shit I love westerns and I love that dirty down south third coast rap
3X Ultra
3X Ultra 13 days ago
usvid.net/video/video-j6I6idPbgvI.html make rap great again 3X Ultra check it out please share thank you
Jack Adkins
Jack Adkins 13 days ago
This song and video so amazing, you so talented Adam much love to you keep it up
Liliana Obrien
Liliana Obrien 13 days ago
Tombstone is my favorite movie of all time and to start this video off with wyatt earps line is Amazing!! 🔥🔥
Jeffrey Mesenzeff
Jeffrey Mesenzeff 13 days ago
I met this man in Florida. I'm an infantry vet and he bought us all beers. I shook his hand and I saw the respect in his eyes. He is legit.
mark aaaglasstech
mark aaaglasstech 11 days ago
God Bless you Patriot. Much Love.
nutt nutt
nutt nutt 14 days ago
Hey u I'm tell u some thing I have s you tube challenge a rap battel ot life or death u and more should put a draw to see witch place they have rap against country rap shot country country or out skirt towns u set ur own limits fell by the longest and so on 6 second pause rule look at nutt nutt rules page
Matthew Poole
Matthew Poole 14 days ago
Thank you your music is helping me with my hard times
Ms K
Ms K 14 days ago
How am I just now seeing this!!!! 👀
Charles Boswell
Charles Boswell 14 days ago
#adamcalhoun that grave yard in your video looks like the one here where I live in north carolina Daniel Boone and his parents are buried ⚰ here!!!!!
Jason Tancer
Jason Tancer 14 days ago
Your a daisy if you do 🤫
AMoney 14 days ago
do people actually listen to this cringe ass shit??? LMFAOOOO this shit is so garbage
Ford Eubanks
Ford Eubanks 14 days ago
White suburban republican kids when all the minority kids keep making fun of them in class: 0:37 to 1:02
ITz Cresint
ITz Cresint 15 days ago
This shit so hard
Lone Star Rodeo
Lone Star Rodeo 15 days ago
Maybe I missed it but I was really hoping for a “I’m your huckleberry” reference
Randy Riddle
Randy Riddle 9 days ago
Lone Star Rodeo 😂 Most definitely man! 😂
Benjamin Costner
Benjamin Costner 15 days ago
I wish upchurch was in this video or if you ever decide to make another version of this song put upchurch in it please Adam
Theresa O'Daniel
Theresa O'Daniel 15 days ago
This is legit!
GG Jrodkiller
GG Jrodkiller 15 days ago
Dude, I like you . But stop the killin shit .... make some music. Like I said bro I do like u but chill o the killing shit.
Killian Scath
Killian Scath 16 days ago
Love this song! It's a daily listen. New album is killer! Keep it up brother!
Kriplik Fushmar
Kriplik Fushmar 16 days ago
Keep making this for the brain dead. I want you to shake shit... or did you lie and you want the money and like it so much your going to stay a rapper till your watered down.
Kriplik Fushmar
Kriplik Fushmar 16 days ago
This dude getting lost in making a rap. Sounds like a Fuck moe now. Adam, we don’t listen for bumping music... looks like your scared now. You want money or you want to convey the message you started with pussy??
Donnie Martin
Donnie Martin 16 days ago
Awsome Tombstone song like the movie different scenes
Lee Gillilan
Lee Gillilan 17 days ago
How dare you have a gun. Lol. Great video. ❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Alan Joseph
Alan Joseph 17 days ago
Lol 80 percent ot the song is him saying other peoples lines ....
Erik Hull
Erik Hull 17 days ago
Great song.
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