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In this legendary age, heroes walk the earth. Yet it takes only a single impulsive act to spark a conflict that will shake the world. The Greeks set course for Troy, towards inevitable war and slaughter. For there, on the battlefield before the great city, legends will be born…
TROY is the latest Total War Saga title; inspired by Homer’s Iliad, it focuses on the historical flashpoint of the Trojan War, evolving the series with new period-inspired features.
Through Total War’s unique blend of grand, turn-based empire management and spectacular real-time battles, Troy explores this epic conflict from both the Greek and Trojan perspectives - peeling back the layers of myth and legend to reveal the realities that may have inspired them.

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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 4 296
Nuka Cola
Nuka Cola Day ago
Honestly bro I just want to see another Napoleon or Empire era game
Humble Fish
Humble Fish Day ago
Black armour would have been better
Ol Mate
Ol Mate 2 days ago
Looks good, Shogun 3 and Medieval 3 would be even better.
Caesarion 2 days ago
If it’s good I hope we get an Aeneas story pack
Venom Slayer
Venom Slayer 2 days ago
I really hope they bring back combat animations with this game, i hated going from Attila and Rome 2 combat to Warhammer and Three Kingdoms combat. For someone who likes the realistic gore and mayhem, I feel like I lost half a game with Warhammer and Three Kingdoms.
Peter Ingrid
Peter Ingrid 2 days ago
Love it. But I would love Medieval 3 or Empire 2 more!!!
Sabakinno 3 days ago
Same shitty engine like in previous TW?
Matej Zahon
Matej Zahon 4 days ago
Imagine a fantasy total war game where gods don't have to be physically. It is enough, only occasionally, it is enough to build a temple and, depending on who you praise, will help you on the battlefield. This is to use the ancient theme in the game.
MS_Publisher 4 days ago
CA 2020: "what if we just stopped doing the whole realism thing?"
Serguéi Ignacinsky Benitóvich
1:06 that sound is kinda freaking ♥
Sergey Borodin
Sergey Borodin 5 days ago
Шишка задымилась
Klueril 5 days ago
Wayyyy too heavily armored for the time period. I miss the historicity of the TW series....
ThickAc 5 days ago
You guys seriously need competition cause i can already tell it's going to be a shallow copy of what a total war game should be....kinda like everything after medieval 2.
MrDibara 5 days ago
Wasn't Achilles described in the Illiad to have long golden hair? So what gives? Sorry for the nitpick, this trailer is hype and all, but I just had to ask that.
Rozan TheOoz
Rozan TheOoz 6 days ago
We need Total War Medieval 3 come on!!!
Rozan TheOoz
Rozan TheOoz 6 days ago
Please don't be a lag games!
British Patriot1815
Tbh I wanted total war: Victoria...
Kawonus 6 days ago
I hope to see the planes on the sky there
Young Banis
Young Banis 7 days ago
I am waiting for Empire 2 , guys pleeeease just do it 😫😫😫
MacSavage 7 days ago
Love total war games since the first. Only hope that the morale gets sorted. Seems with every new game the units break easier, battles that used to last an hour now take 5-10 mins.
Mikerosoft 8 days ago
Medieval 3.. when will we get it! I mean everything is awseome but MEDIEVAL 3 please we need it!
Soft_ER 00
Soft_ER 00 8 days ago
Achilles: Hector.... face me !!! Hector: Hō… mukatte kuru no ka……
17Watman 9 days ago
Looks interesting but I want Medieval 3 Total War
Elizabeth Lestrad
When the announcement trailer spoils the setting in both the title and the thumbnail for the video -_-...
Jotunheimen 9 days ago
Faster loading screens or its a no buy from me.
Nate 9 days ago
Total war: Napoleon 2. Stop rehashing ancient war
Bence Bíró
Bence Bíró 10 days ago
Medieval III pls!!
Наследник Традиций
Надеюсь эта серия будет более серьёзной и поменьше фэнтези.
StaticLocs 10 days ago
I hope Memnon and his ethiopian army are part of the game
Ma’at-er over Mind
Ping 1988 / Because Mycenae wouldn’t exist without concepts and trade flowing in from a Nile civilization which rivers flows 4,000 miles into Africa Ancient Ethiopia in Greek mythology was Israel not East Africa. Israel was controlled by Kemet longer than anyone else Mycenae is a bastion of white Euro-Centric notions but not even that good of one considering the frescoes and Egyptian influences uncovered just last December a refreshing memory of Europe’s back water state prior to Kemet speeding up the influence the Cycladic culture had spread into Crete This game’s imagery is lazy and so is the knowledge of the young and naive total war community that keeps hammering out money for pseudo-historical gratification which teaches you nothing you haven’t been told in public education For people so pocketed on “free trade” principles enough to spread capitalism around the world by force, it seems odd to me Europeans don’t complain about getting their Euro-Centric ideas from the very same public education their white nationalists claim is a “Semetic conspiracy” when each and every single one of those Jews is as white as any European and can’t dig out the earth evidence anyone was speaking Hebrew prior to the Septuagint Greek Again... the Greeks left their bullcrap mythology for the Bible after Zeus-Ammon and Sarapis were not widely accepted by dark skinned Egyptians. The Greeks had to copy Sarapis from the egyptian gods Apis and Osiris Diodorus Siculus says: “Many of the ancient customs that were current among Egyptians were valued not only among the native inhabitants, but also greatly by the Greeks. For this reason, Greeks of the highest repute for learning were eager to visit Egypt, that they might gain knowledge of it’s noteworthy laws and customs” [The Antiquities of Egypt] Nuragic Sardinia is more interesting than Mycenae. Greece has already had games and many factions made within its parameters Euro-Centrism gets boring
Ping 1988
Ping 1988 8 days ago
StaticLocs why would it be
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 10 days ago
We need Medieval 3 Total War...
fertile spirit
fertile spirit 10 days ago
CA desperately avoiding M3TW
Jax Morris
Jax Morris 11 days ago
Here i am still playing rome
Ime Prezime
Ime Prezime 11 days ago
Ancient Greece period > any other period
Kill Switch
Kill Switch 11 days ago
So the key to win in this total war game is which faction makes wooden horse first .? 🤔 and where is Helen? 😍😍😍😘😘
Tomás Matias
Tomás Matias 11 days ago
Waiting for medieval total war remaster pls
Cryptik PVP
Cryptik PVP 11 days ago
Total War: World at war??? Maybe like WW1 with trench warfare would be interesting
john sari
john sari 12 days ago
Just take my money 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Samuel Alexander
Samuel Alexander 12 days ago
Stop ruining total war please. Troy was a real nation-state you don’t need to make it like warhammer or China total war. Time to get back to what made total war awesome. BTW making a Lord of the Rings total war should’ve been the priority
Koray Gundeslioglu
Koray Gundeslioglu 12 days ago
Time to conqueror greece
Najaf Aghamaliyev
Najaf Aghamaliyev 12 days ago
Well I wanted Medieval 3 total war game but anyway
kyle Dove
kyle Dove 13 days ago
Waiting for total war Star Wars lol
Łukasz Flis
Łukasz Flis 13 days ago
Achilles vs Lu bu. Who would win?
Anzalone Antaro ロマン
Achille !
ComanderSev 13 days ago
and yet another Saga which could have been a DLC for Rome2. Atleast we are back to ancient history I guess.
Última Geração
Última Geração 14 days ago
Learn, rome, rome, rome.
Ruzz Delestino
Ruzz Delestino 14 days ago
Total war hentai please
RecMors 15 days ago
no, nothing else, we need Total War: Game of Thrones. So we can alter the F***ing stupid ending
SleepLess 15 days ago
1:52 that sonic reveal so close....
Woo Hoo
Woo Hoo 16 days ago
what about Total war:Easts like chinese cultures with the nomads,central asian empires, indians and japanese empires maybe south east asians would be gud Total war need to be create game like it bcause i such a bored about westernernes i want easts
Luka Mijic
Luka Mijic 16 days ago
For people who ask for *Middle-Earth Total War*, we already have cool mods and submods on that theme: 1) Third Age mod, 2) Divide & Conquer -> submod for the Third Age, 3) Third Age - Reforged -> another submod that used to be multiplayer only, but now it supports singleplayer, as well, 4) Blood of Numenor -> in the making. Would be cool to have a standalone game of Middle-Earth lore, but I doubt devs will make it happen anytime soon.
Sherwyn Lobrigo
Sherwyn Lobrigo 17 days ago
Hector! Face me! Zilong?
No more swords and shields. I want muskets and cannons
Dip Shit
Dip Shit 17 days ago
Austin West
Austin West 18 days ago
I still wish they’d go back to the Napoleonic wars or somewhere around 1600-1700. I excitedly looked up “next Total War game” and was disappointed when I saw it was Troy. Just my opinion, Greece just isn’t my favorite place or time period
J D 18 days ago
Man Total War been robbing the fans for years
IG michaelrmcf
IG michaelrmcf 18 days ago
I wish this was a movie 🙏🥺
Tabulatelk15 18 days ago
Creative Assembly is based pretty close to where I live. I live near a company that make some of the most famous games ever, and they are based in a small town in the UK so yeah.
himakoski 18 days ago
Where is Medieval 3?!
Станислав Гончаров
Where new Empire total war?
Mr. Macedon
Mr. Macedon 19 days ago
maybe Total War: MEDIEVAL 3? no... ok
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