A STAR IS BORN: Lady Gaga Red Carpet Premiere Arrivals TIFF 2018

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Sep 10, 2018




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Comments 539
Papaya Soda
Papaya Soda 6 days ago
Damn. Girl skinny. ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚
NlHILIST 12 days ago
Now that is what I call a true star, a beautiful shining star and the only one of its kind in our times.
央礼 13 days ago
Me roaming around the pits of hell to show the demons how cute my outfit is.
melody 15 days ago
I could hear the priest saying "you may kiss the bride" when Bradley took off Stefani's head dress! omg I'm dying!
Brian Wallen
Brian Wallen 23 days ago
shocking to see people worship another person like this. i just want to give her a nice smack on the ass
Shailaja Nayak
Shailaja Nayak Month ago
Nice videos.
Ashish Ishwardan
That baphomet hand signs.....she is demon 👿
Cynthia Corcoran
Cynthia Corcoran 2 months ago
Gaga prodege
Cynthia Corcoran
Cynthia Corcoran 2 months ago
Soprano Schubert Ordained Minister Royal air Cynthia Corcoran UN lady Gaga.
Cynthia Corcoran
Cynthia Corcoran 2 months ago
I was filming a G Garbo show at the time. Lady Gaga
Caique Suguiyama
Caique Suguiyama 3 months ago
Monster PedrozkiMusic
The best 9:52 min wasted of my life. Just queen aF
Oliwia 5 months ago
6:47 😍😭😭
daniel18dg26 6 months ago
She's so fuckin EXTRA. I love it.
gwyneth chloe gilana
When he took her veil off bitch you may now kiss the bride plz😩😍
A 7 months ago
I’m here after hearing the split bwt Bradley and his girl and omg!! No Gaga!! We was all rooting for you! You not a home wrecker but damn....when he lifted your veil that part of the dress...oh god!! Oh no...
Kim Dang
Kim Dang 8 months ago
Waleed Atef
Waleed Atef 8 months ago
its a very weird world
kanha Dabral
kanha Dabral 8 months ago
She's a black widow baby❤💌 love you gaga
Saniya khan
Saniya khan 8 months ago
Why the hell people admire her She's disgusting omg her dressing sense lol
haleema fatima playlist
Yeh to ajooba he bun kar ati hen
Bella Bella
Bella Bella 8 months ago
Love her satanic bridal dress turned cocktail dress❤️
Ole Bachmann
Ole Bachmann 8 months ago
Sadaf Akram
Sadaf Akram 8 months ago
I really tried hard to like her.....but....in vein
Fouzeya Fardous
Fouzeya Fardous 8 months ago
She is really kind and soft hearted person...love you.....she is really a bigg bright star...💞
Mr BELLS 8 months ago
i like her but my goodness i wouldn’t be screaming like a freak begging for a picture or an autograph. like im not that desperate. just another person at the end of the day x
Chaelin CL
Chaelin CL 8 months ago
Jorye Gordito
Jorye Gordito 8 months ago
😍😍la viuda negra
Di hoa Muội Muội
And we got the laddy in black or the gaga in black
Dennic Von Lorenzo
Dennic Von Lorenzo 9 months ago
What a fucking queen omg
Riho Z
Riho Z 9 months ago
She’s super duper gorgeous!
Azhari Zainal Abidin
God bless you Gaga in your carrier .....
J Z 10 months ago
She is so considerate when it comes to her fans❤
DIVINA8GRACCIA !! 10 months ago
dejanira fontes rezende
Esses artistas são muito loucos, excêntricos e divertidos! 🤩🤩🤩🤩
TACHIKAWA MARI 10 months ago
Jolina Suarez
Jolina Suarez 10 months ago
Get a gurl that can be classy and wild. 😎
joanna rzeczkowska
joanna rzeczkowska 10 months ago
...to live under so much pressure must be really hard sometimes 🙁 she's fabulous and she's playing with it ❤️ but it must be tough
Vicky Rodz
Vicky Rodz 10 months ago
GORGEOUS!!! I ❤❤ her and the dress WOW!!!!! But what happened to her? Why she's posing like that??? She doesn't need to do that,she looks great however she looks but she looks like a robot,,,But I saw something that I didn't see before. The girl on her left side was looking at gaga like" Grrrrrrr🤬🤬" 😂😂
noella Bach
noella Bach 10 months ago
Proprio una marionetta!
Fiona Legrand
Fiona Legrand 10 months ago
I hv a feeling zat she knew to take pics of her,the veil must be lifted n who"s gonna help her🤔..??Bradley ofcourse...😂Well thought Lady Gaga..
Cristina barbosa
Cristina barbosa 10 months ago
Tia Jewels
Tia Jewels 10 months ago
Gotta love her drama!
Arup Mondal Bong Boy
Arup Mondal Bong Boy 10 months ago
Best couple
Ana Canale
Ana Canale 10 months ago
Na vida real parece um robô sem qualquer emoção ou sentimento, enquanto no filme surpreende e parece ser uma pessoa doce, meiga e sensível
sergio morassi
sergio morassi 10 months ago
TheMGSpy 11 months ago
Her fame is unbelievable!!! 🔥❤️
Merlyn Goden
Merlyn Goden 11 months ago
She is born to be a Star 🌟
Diva mama monster as always
Lallawm Zuali
Lallawm Zuali 11 months ago
she had her style that why i love her sooooo much
Moin Mohammad
Moin Mohammad 11 months ago
I didn't know zidane zidan was her bodyguard
Pratik Purbey
Pratik Purbey 11 months ago
Her outfit is amazingly beautiful 😍
Aisha 11 months ago
The way Lady Gaga looks at Bradley.. wow
Andrea Jònsdòttir
Andrea Jònsdòttir 11 months ago
Who is the blonde girl wearing patterned top/black dress posing in the group at around 9:33 ?
mc Ryan
mc Ryan 11 months ago
She born to be A Lady Gaga and she born to be in this industry till the rest of her very life. Red carpet are way too boring without Lady Gaga as we all knows.....
andrew delacruz
andrew delacruz 11 months ago
All those fans of hers are possessed......demons seemed to have invaded their bodies.
Monster Mom 7
Monster Mom 7 11 months ago
One thing is sure, they chose the correct siger/actress for the role, I can't see Beyonce who originally had the role playing the character Alley,she could only have been played by GaGa ,(just my pov) I can't see other, same for Bradley. I've seen no.2 ,3 & 4 now I gotta watch no.1 of this movie. Have no faves as they all fit in the different era ! 👏👏👏
Monster Mom 7
Monster Mom 7 11 months ago
Why is she doing the bahomet pose? I'm not one of these conspiracy ppl but I wonder why one arm is up and the other down??? She looks more poise when she hold one hand on her hip 😮 But she sure does look stunning, but after watching clips of the movie, I prefer her without make up,she's more beautiful without all that glam. That's just my opinion! But I think it's time for Madonna to retire and accept that a new STAR IS BORN 👍 I wish tho she would stop these satanic signs,but talented she is, and she's very talented in deed 😘
Andrzej Lange
Andrzej Lange 11 months ago
Mega.....Gaga. ....
Gee B.
Gee B. 11 months ago
I love you lady Gaga
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