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For this week's Wednesday Checkup, I wanted to share a story with you about how a patient encounter did not go as planned in my office. I thought I did everything right but the outcome was not what I expected.
In life, there are many times when we have good intentions where the outcomes are bad. During those times we need to evaluate why that happened so that we can avoid repeating the same mistake over again.
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series this Sunday so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Nov 22, 2018




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Anjelica Verlin
Anjelica Verlin 3 hours ago
Make a video on fibromyalga I have had fibromyalgia since I was 15 I’m 22 now
Stephanie Louise
Stephanie Louise 6 hours ago
I'm supposed to review for my upcoming midwifery licensure exam, but here I am watching your videos 😂 I love your channel!! You're very informative! ❤️
Elizabeth Romero
Elizabeth Romero 8 hours ago
You should rear the 4 Tendencies
Sabrina Torgerson
Sabrina Torgerson 15 hours ago
When I had back surgery 5 years ago (I had a double microdiscectomy of the L4-L5, and L5-S1) and it was mainly to reduce or eliminate my sciatic pain. When I saw my neurologist 2 years ago with horrendous back pain they would not do any further surgery. After the back surgery I was left with permanent nerve damage on my left leg from the knee down, I have minimal feeling on my lower leg and top of the foot. And they had gotten me in quick. I had my MRI on June 5, 2014, saw the neurologists assitant on June 30, 2014, then the actual neurologist on July 12, 2014 and then had the surgery on August 13, 2015.
Sabrina Torgerson
Sabrina Torgerson 15 hours ago
To keep the privacy of this patient I'm going to give details of a large amount of people.
Asha Baliga
Asha Baliga 23 hours ago
Em J
Em J Day ago
With them saying you are "too spiritual", I imagine it's because you suggested osteopathic adjustment and discussed the effect of the mental state rather than giving them pills and more surgery. I know when I talk about getting osteopathic adjustment, I get people telling me I've wasted my money seeing a quack!
niki nk
niki nk 2 days ago
more power and love to you Doc
talitha salsabella
I've actually been through kind of the same situation as the patient. One day after a run session, I felt pain in my right knee and I can't walk for far distance. The pain sometimes moved to my left knee. I told my complaints to my mom (who's a doctor) and I demanded an X-ray because I was so scared that it might be something bad. After my mom heard about my knee pain, how many times a week it happened, what activities provoked it etc, she then said that it might be because I was stressed out. I didn't believe her (enraged mostly because I thought she just pushed my complaints aside) and asked her to get an X-ray. My mom then agreed and we took the test. A couple hours later the result came out and just like my mom said there was nothing wrong with my knees. I felt terribly bad for pushing my mom to do the test and spent a good amount of money for nothing. After that test, miraculously, my knee pain never again appeared and as I learned more (I'm a medstud) that clinical symptoms and pains CAN be caused by psychological state and burden. So next time I will surely trust my mom's or other doctor's opinions about my conditions
Brett Rentsch
Brett Rentsch 2 days ago
i like when doctors meet with me longer the first visit. get the general history of me and my family. they gain my trust and after we can do the shorter conversations bc i trust what they say. so i think having a longer first visit always helps so they know you care or just even joking around a little
Ripon Sutradhar
Ripon Sutradhar 2 days ago
I liked the advice that you got from the behavioural specialist.
Ivy Collins Poitras
I’ve basically had this exact situation with a doctor-went in for an MRI for lower back pain, then the doctor recommended physical therapy and addressing stressors instead. 3 months of PT and stress management later I was doing so much better!
deanne smart
deanne smart 2 days ago
So true, really helpful video! I have been learning the same lesson recently, that different people require different "medicine" (as in the approach) in order to best help them. That even if I would prefer to have information delivered in a certain way, eg. I prefer people to be direct and not to hint at things, others prefer the exact opposite, eg. find it confronting or harsh to be direct and prefer subtle hints. Whereas I would perceive subtle hints manipulative, which is why I don't like doing it to others. But they may actually prefer this, and perceive my direct way as being aggressive. Basically, it's not about me and what I would prefer, it's them and what they would prefer, even if it feels wrong to me, it will better help them.
Coffee Rebel
Coffee Rebel 2 days ago
Would a chiropractic treatment help at that point? It did for me after years of bulging disk and now perfect back and a visit every 3 months... Only thing is I never had a back surgery.
Motsidisi Rankwe
Motsidisi Rankwe 3 days ago
😂😂😂 people complain about me every day. You get used to it
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull 4 days ago
•Do shoe inserts help? •Medical instruments left inside people. •Drinking from a garden hose. •Wallet in back pocket •The game Operation •Scoliosis screenings in schools (had this in middle school) •do helmets provide protection
Lizzie4280 4 days ago
I work in the patient complaint dept of a large medical group. I come across these types of patient complaints every. Single. Day. They come in insisting on things: MRI, controlled medications, disability paperwork etc. And when the doctor says no because it’s not medically appropriate they complain and jump to the next doctor, then the next doctor. I have one patient who’s filed like 11 complaints within 4 years. All similar situations, just against different doctors. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sadly, many patients are controlled, many of them are rude and abusive to staff. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been yelled at by people who think complaining to administration will get them what they want. My heart goes out to physicians. I know how much they care about their patients and want what’s best for them. It takes very special people to be doctors. Hats off to Dr Mike for remaining kind and professional and seeing this as a learning opportunity rather than a stumbling block 👏🏼💜
Paige Prince
Paige Prince 4 days ago
As someone who's been dealing with severe back pain for YEARS, I think the way you handled the patient was really great. I'd love for my doctor to sit down with me longer than 10 minutes and to actually talk to ME rather than just their computer screen. You just didn't give the patient exactly what he wanted and it sounds to me like he was pitching a fit.
Samantha P
Samantha P 4 days ago
Are you able to go in depth with hip sclerosis and greater trochanter bursitis. And what can be done to help, what treatments can help.
Bram Gierkink
Bram Gierkink 4 days ago
So... basicly, a doctor is more than a walking medical dictionairy. A doctor is like a guy who you can just reflect on every now and then😂
Tori Tortuga
Tori Tortuga 5 days ago
If I could do an 8-9 mile hike with my back pain, I'd be fucking thrilled. I'd be like, IT"S A MIRACLE!
Winona Gates
Winona Gates 5 days ago
This sounds like there is a problem, i think you should have done the MRI.... What would it hurt? Also, what about other diseases that cause pain. Pain is a vital sign..... is it possible the hip may be out of line somehow effecting lower back pain.....Especially after a lower back surgery. Was something possibly wrong in the low back from the surgery. Was it re injured? People don't just come in for no reason and complain of pain.....it sounds like you should have done both....PT and MRI your job is to fix the problem. you did not
Ainsley Goheen
Ainsley Goheen 6 days ago
I'm a nurse and honestly, some people just are never happy haha. I've had to grow a pretty thick skin being in this profession! I've been screamed at, sworn at, hit, complaints. you name it! and I'm good at my job, everything I do has a proper rationale behind it. I'm super polite, non-confrontational, and nice. Just... some people be crazy.
Married4Now2015 6 days ago
How dare you attempt to help someone in the best way.
XxLunaniexX 6 days ago
You're only responsible for what you say, not what others understand. I think this person's issue was you suggesting the reading material, because all they took away from that was "it's all in your head". It might not even have been your fault. It's possible he's heard that it's all in his head before. Maybe he's just one of those guys who graduated from Google university and was cross that you would dare to contradict him and save him or his insurance having to pay for an MRI, not to mention the experience.
Sparkleberry 7 days ago
I understand where you are coming from, really I do. But as a young woman who as been having back and neck pain for years now I am so tired of hearing the words PT or "It's mental". It's not helping, no the physical therapy has never helped me and the doctors I visited just don't listen to me. Because Im young they think it can't be that serious. It took me years to find an ortho that actually checked if I had a disc or Scoliosis, turned out I have the latter. Also something very popular is "Do sports" - oh good thank you I never thought of that the last 4 years and it's not like I JUST told you that what the last doctor said and it didn't help! Gee, thank you so much for listening to me. It's nothing after all, I'm just constantly in pain and I'll just wait till I turn 40 or something. At that Age doctors will believe you have these kinds of problems. One even handed me a little paper with a youtube link on advising me to do that. Really? I'm just sick of it . My neck won't stop hurtin and I pretty much lost trust in doctors, I only ever go to a doctor now when there is no way around it.
billiegirltoo 7 days ago
even if it's not particularly 'scientific' ... to play sheldon from big bang theory for a sec ... necessarily provable, this could still be a good reference for you for your own sorting people out upon meeting them semi briefly. i am in between intj and infj depending on the bipolar 2. mostly the former . also if you ever feel like looking at sales videos - don't laugh - they can help you figure out how to read people in certain ways //www.psychologyjunkie.com/videos/
billiegirltoo 7 days ago
LOL. i PREFER explanations. i usually ask a lot of questions, and my endocrinologist got mad at me for not knowing enough about my rx mils etc. in my defense i'd been feeling unwell for a long time.
billiegirltoo 7 days ago
ugh. you're reminding me i have the neurologist tomorrow. i hate the neurologist. it's so stressfull. i don't like the tests. they make me stressed out. the lights bother me on the eeg. i DO NOT WANT.
billiegirltoo 7 days ago
i just paused at 3.02 ... i have back pain, have had for a long time .... i power through but i know my limits. fell of a bunk bed top bunk, in my sleep and woke up on the floor as a pre teen. i began having back pain, turns out i had compressed vertebrae, was on i can't even remember the drug but it was the size of australia. and i still get back pain. my back pain is in the MIDDLE though. can't massage that away on my own, can't lay flat on my back for too long even though that helps my current stomach issues and the thing that hurts THE MOST for that middle back pain. STANDING. not even really walking or sitting - just laying flat on my back for too long or just STANDING waiting in line or waiting on the train. painful. imma let you finish.
prettyblimp 7 days ago
Dr, you're bang on here - I have a sore back but give me bad news/extra stress/bout of depression, and just wait for my back to go crunch. In 10 days or so I am right again, back to original soreness. I have noticed this pattern myself. Now my knees are rusty too, so at 62 it's not fun.
lick my Bunghole
lick my Bunghole 7 days ago
I work in a warehouse doing 12 hour days most of my day is spent on my feet and lifting heavy items,i often get lower back pain and I find stretching and wearing a back brace helps alot.
Cristina Gutierrez
You're amazing. I love friendly drs and you took more than 5 mins with him too... Some Drs make me nervous because they seem rushed, but when they're chatty and friendly, it really makes me open up.
Peace and Love
Peace and Love 9 days ago
Wow, Doctor, you keep impressing us with your knowledge; we are so proud of you. I just like how he thinks and offers solutions to the problems. Doctor Mike is a genuine person, who cares for his patients, but some people like this ignorant patient don't understand it. You did an amazing job and don't feel bad. You did your best and sometimes that is all you can do, nothing else. I mean if I had a chance to have doctor mike be my doctor even for a sec my file would be complaint of his charm, not about his medical opinion because he knows how to do his job.
Nicole Woods
Nicole Woods 9 days ago
I have never in my life had a doctor sit me down and talk with my about my symptoms in such a caring and helping way as you had described doing to this patient. Usually my GP is in a bad mood and quickly briefs over everything so he could move on as quickly to the next person. I would be OVER THE MOON to be looked after and given the medical advice which you have given to this man. It's really sad that he responded in such a way but I believe people like that come into our lives to either humble us or teach us lessons. I don't believe you did anything wrong. People can just be funny sometimes.
Miranda McCoy
Miranda McCoy 10 days ago
Omg you didn't give him exactly what he wanted so he dissed you...I hate it when drug seekers or claim filers ruin it for everyone else.
Stephanie Vance
Stephanie Vance 10 days ago
Maybe what the patient heard Dr. Mike saying was, his pain was all in his head and it didn't really exist, afterall, he was still pretty active, and I'm going to send you to do more exercise (p.t.) that you'll have to take time and money for (which starts to hurt after i do alot of amyway) and then have you come back and see me again to take up more time and money all without any benefit or relief from his pain. So my guess would be this patient felt dismissed because he was young, healthy, and had back pain. Typically ,medical professionals aren't to interested in helping this type of demographic because they're labeled as drug seeking or lying for some other nefarious reason.
johnkevin1104 10 days ago
I didn't know you're a DO!
Đăng Huy Nguyễn Bằng
My favorite channel to learn English, I do know a lot more about health stuff, so thanks a lot Dr Mike
Rex 10 days ago
As someone with recurring back pain, I've been to doctors many times. I was sent immediately to orthopedist and got my spine scanned. Orthopedist said that she doesn't think any kind of surgery would help me. The solution from her and all other doctors is to give painkillers for two weeks and walk it away. To me, best medications for mild to moderate back pain is naproxen, for more severe pain tramadol and tizanidine. Don't know if the latter really does anything, but it helps me to fall asleep with sore back. My sciatica renews about every 2 years and 2 weeks of walking and swimming with painkillers always does the job.
Sydney 10 days ago
if my back only hurt after walking 8-9 miles i’d be ecstatic
Rachael Melva
Rachael Melva 11 days ago
You're such a good doctor. If we had doctors like this locally it would be amazing
casey p
casey p 11 days ago
Sometimes doctors will pile on the “its stress”, line too much. I went to doctors for years with abdominal pain and was told it was stress, “all in my head”, etc. I finally had an gyn with the good sense to order up an ultrasound. 7 huge fibroids. It was so good to finally know what was going on. Maybe this guy has been chasing this pain for a long time and is frustrated. You did give him real treatment options though, so why the complaint?
PhoenixXFeatherz 11 days ago
I'm not saying either party was wrong, but it is his body, not yours. So if someone is having pain that is affecting their quality of life, just let them have the MRI. I'm not sure many people want to lay on a cold table forever in a loud machine for fun. I also understand where your coming from, but health care is changing, they aren't just patients, but customers.
- Ocho
- Ocho 11 days ago
That accent tho 4:37
Annette Johnson
Annette Johnson 12 days ago
My husband would LOVE a doctor like you!! First being told he could have an aneurysm at any time and now another doc says no big deal and how upsetting it is to hear two completely different diagnoses. Also, his fingers have been contracted since March and to hear from all these different doctors "I don't do hands- you need to go to dr so and so." So you go and that doc says he doesn't do hands either so that one sends you to another doc. My husband is crippled and in pain and no one will listen- or do anything. There are people who complain they have no shoes- but my husband is the person who has no feet (an analogy).
Daniel Kozma
Daniel Kozma 12 days ago
I came to a doctor with knee pain and they didn’t think anything was wrong, no ligaments or anything. I went to another they ordered mri and I had a large cartilage chunk in my knee. Had surgery and now I’m better after 5 years of struggling
Mao Genesis
Mao Genesis 12 days ago
Claudia Walsh is crying please called her. ;)
K M 12 days ago
I don't think you'll see this, Dr. Mike, but what are those texts you recommended about pain like his pain? I also have several issues with pain that doesn't necessarily have a direct cause. Specifically, I have IBS (intermittent since I was 17), Interstitial Cystitis (Diag. at 23, onset a year ago), random intermittent lower back pain (several times over the past 4 months or so), and chest pains with anxiety (since age 16, but this one often has an identifiable cause). All of these pains don't happen at once and can recur multiple times in a week or not recur in a matter of months, and the only thing I can really find is that in general, these rarely happen in periods when I am less stressed in my life, but plague me incessantly when I am already struggling to get through my day-to-day, making it that much harder to make ends meet. I am tired of feeling like there is something that I can do to prevent these issues that I'm not doing, or like I am somehow causing them myself with my thoughts... It frustrates me to even think that they are potentially psychosomatic because, when I am in immense acute pain, I can't just think, "pain, go away" and have it magically not affect me, or just reassure myself and relax and have it stop, or something. I would feel frustrated, too, if I were this man, though there is a difference between suggesting therapies with a great deal of consideration, and saying "just stop being stressed and be happy and you will stop suffering", which is what it feels like sometimes...
Hannah Featherstone
I find it so interesting listening to this living in the UK with the NHS. Dont get me wrong it's amazing on many levels, however I have never once experienced this level of doctor care. I have been to the GP approx 5-6 times in the last 10 years (when I have been at my wits end, not a hypochondriac*) and I have not spent more than 10 minutes in a room with them before you're rushed off with a prescription or "I COULD refer you to physio with a 6 week wait but see how it goes". It's fascinating seeing what American GP healthcare is like (especially when I get £600 per month deducted from my pay slip for the privilege which could pay for lovely bupa care) smh
KiraTheUsagii's Workshop
I honestly don't see the guys problem. If he can hike that far and then get's a backpain, how is an MRI gonna help? Especially when you did an exam and came to the conclusion that the surgery has nothing to do with his pain but stress does and there's a more natural way to help that. And if he wasn't happy with it and understood why you gave that judgement, why would he act like he did and then file a complain? Feels like he just wanted the fancy machine and be able to tell people he took a MRI...
Degeneracy 13 days ago
The guy probably just wanted drugs to cover up the pain rather than fixing their long term issue.
yourr namee
yourr namee 13 days ago
don't worry, I have had abusive as &^ck dr's get away with whatever they want. Yep, I will complain, but you know, I bet you never treated people the way the dr's I have seen have treated me. Utter failures and ignorance. I even need a psychologist to deal with it. geez huh
JakeTheGearHeart 13 days ago
I'm no psychologist, but my first thought, speaking from personal experience, was that the person might be having a hard time communicating what they're actually thinking. I have scoliosis so I had to wear an uncomfortable back brace eighteen hours a day for two years. During appointments every couple months, I found it hard to actually speak what I was thinking sometimes. I felt almost depressed into just agreeing with what the doctor had said and found it hard to speak my mind. I'm not sure, but this could be a possible reason.
Floof The Bird
Floof The Bird 13 days ago
Sounds like you did great. My guess is that this patient just doesn't understand that psychosomatic issues are a legitimate thing, and it sounds like he gave no indications of that fact thus giving you no reason to feel you had to explain the details of that. Thus he mistook it for spiritualism. Sounds like you were pretty much on point. You seriously handled this the way my own doctor does. Which is a great thing! There's a reason why, after a few hundred doctors by this point, I've stuck with this one, because she looks at things, well, pretty much the same way you are here. Especially with the whole "If you still want an MRI I'll write the order." bit because, honestly, some of us would just rather be safe than sorry anyways and do the MRI just to make sure it's clear. It's kinda great that you still have that on the table for those who would rather just do it just in case. For some people it helps put our minds at ease to know see nothing's physically causing it, since psychosomatic health issues are still VERY REAL issues. The brain does kinda control the body after all, if the control room's not working right, it's not surprising when other areas start to give trouble too.
AkPlayz 13 days ago
It wasn’t the guy it was his wife Karen
stef vis
stef vis 14 days ago
XD seeing a doctors video and getting an add from a beer company.
Rebecca Conlon
Rebecca Conlon 14 days ago
Posture due to stress?
Nicole Jessica
Nicole Jessica 14 days ago
As a chronic pain patient, I would consider myself healed if I could hike 1 mile... #Perspective
Ma Dukez
Ma Dukez 9 days ago
Courtney Chambers
Courtney Chambers 14 days ago
This guy reminds me of my dad, who always thinks he's right despite the fact he has no education past highschool and was a farmhand all his life.
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