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Undertale’s creator and composer, Toby Fox, has created a song just for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️
Listen to a preview of the song, and read more about the collaboration in Toby’s own words. We hope it fills you with determination. ❤️ bit.ly/2PXPoU0
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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 5 054
Da Cookie
Da Cookie 4 hours ago
Here before Toby becomes top dog of Nintendo
Francesco 88
Francesco 88 4 hours ago
Soo.. Does Toby straight up work for Nintendo now?
James Stanford
James Stanford 4 hours ago
can I get this in 10hr version
AdoptingYoshis 5 hours ago
Is this seriously the baby is you? Did Toby Fox seriously leitmotif his mpreg song from homestuck in a pokemon song? What a legend
Fluffymarshmelloz 5 hours ago
free2express08 5 hours ago
It almost has a Dragonball Z / Fire Emblem / Marvel vs Capcom feel to it (especially the end).
Angelic Zalithan
Angelic Zalithan 5 hours ago
First this man befriends Masahiro Sakurai, Then he produces music for Pokemon, I predict, that next he will get his own Minecraft DLC Pack, full of Undertale and Deltarune characters. Maybe even if he's lucky, he'll get a Mashup-Pack as well.
Moon Flame
Moon Flame 5 hours ago
What does this mean? Are we battling Toby in Sword and Shield?
Munich Orange
Munich Orange 5 hours ago
Omg omg​ omg​ ​omg​ ​omg toby ​fox​ make this song?what wonderful song
noone597 5 hours ago
Lol in the description it says “we hope this fills you with determination”
Fox schelsy
Fox schelsy 6 hours ago
I'm so proud of fox
ϬΤΤΕΤ 6 hours ago
imagine this full song ending with the first notes of megalovania
goldiethecat210 6 hours ago
Toby has been in a lot of Nintendo games recently.
Brandon Park
Brandon Park 6 hours ago
No fucking way, this is awesome
Dylan DaKing
Dylan DaKing 6 hours ago
*the fact that Toby Fox got music for Pokémon fills me with determination.
Breeton Boi
Breeton Boi 6 hours ago
Man said "a few musical notes" I'm weak lmaoo
MarshaDX 6 hours ago
Listen Pokemon Sword and Shield music fills you with determination
Dah Epik Koko
Dah Epik Koko 6 hours ago
Pokémon Then: Alright! LET’S BATTLE! Pokémon Now: *you’re gonna have a BAD TIME.*
Mysterygii Casual
Mysterygii Casual 6 hours ago
I’m naming my Zacian sans
Doomtoom 6 hours ago
Goirino:ill become the boss Toby fox:I know i will *sans theme goes off* *Goirinos theame goes off*
Grand Marquis of the Multiverse
The people in the homestuck fandom know what this is but you’re not allowed to know
Queen Of Faygo Cosplays
This sounds a lot like the baby is you
Kaito Kazuki
Kaito Kazuki 7 hours ago
Can I use this music to edit video?!? Thanks for your answer!
K N 7 hours ago
Thus far the only great music I've heard from this game
Salem Algargawi
Salem Algargawi 7 hours ago
Getting BIG megalovania and ASGORE vibes right now
개 씹 수
개 씹 수 7 hours ago
Le döt
Le döt 7 hours ago
Sunset Rooftops
Sunset Rooftops 7 hours ago
PLEASE KEEP FURRET IN SWORD AND SHIELD he needs to walcc to new limits
Daniele Beddia
Daniele Beddia 8 hours ago
The Pokémon... is you
Mr. Maybe
Mr. Maybe 8 hours ago
This gives me a Pokemon Gym vibe
Akshaya S
Akshaya S 8 hours ago
Is this the champion music? Coz it fills me with DETERMINATION
Minuner 8 hours ago
Listening to this just got me more hyped
L French
L French 8 hours ago
I’m having a baby and the baby is you
WJR 8 hours ago
bruh this has GOT to be leons theme. it sounds so similar to ASGORE so theres no doubt toby was referencing asgore with his cape and shit
memeasourus rex
memeasourus rex 9 hours ago
I have my strong opinions against The Pokémon company and game freak for the abortion that is swsh but I am happy to see Toby fox working with big name companys
jam 9 hours ago
Dreamcast Dazia
Dreamcast Dazia 9 hours ago
So is Toby fox Nintendo's version of Tee Lopez now?
Knights of Gaming 2016
Reminds me of Megalovania 😅😂
Skeleton Killer - Mobile Gaming and weird videos
Imagine sans as a Pokemon SANS! Use bone attack
FastBloom 10 hours ago
Guys... read the description...........
Jayotic NL
Jayotic NL 10 hours ago
I can’t be the only one that hears the hoenn trumpets in the background, right?
Fusuzane 11 hours ago
Sans in pokemon confirmed lol
Pie Studios
Pie Studios 11 hours ago
Jokes on you, this leaked like a week ago
The Clowning
The Clowning 11 hours ago
They should post all of the pokemon songs like this
Flowkom K
Flowkom K 11 hours ago
the only song of this game that hasn't given me aids for trying to cater to gen Z
tposeluigi 11 hours ago
The Legendary theme is just going to be another Megalovania remix
jamie teapot
jamie teapot 11 hours ago
i never really liked undertale but i loved the music. THIS SLAPS it sounds so good
Gems & Colors
Gems & Colors 11 hours ago
"Toby Fox" *hmmmmmmm this sounds like one of the makers of a pArticular oThEr game...*
Matin Thunder
Matin Thunder 11 hours ago
All hail the almighty Toby
Angelo Calderon
Angelo Calderon 11 hours ago
Can we talk about that the amazing Hoenn trumps are back?
Rebecca Alschbach
Rebecca Alschbach 11 hours ago
I thinl thats credits
James Morris
James Morris 12 hours ago
With Tobi working on the games music and Yûki Hayashi working on the music for the anime this shit is about to be fire.
A Daikon Radish
A Daikon Radish 12 hours ago
2019: **Toby fox plays smash with sakurai once** 2020: **Toby Fox replaces Doug Bowser as the president of Nintendo**
Roberto Simon Guillen Coto
Official YAS
Barking_Llama 12 hours ago
This man is on a fucking ROLL
KingCurry 13 hours ago
So I guess we are naming all of our Yampers temmie now
CoolPlum 13 hours ago
I’ve got a gut feeling this has to be chairman rose’s theme
Someone 13 hours ago
If y'all ever do a mashup of pokemon gsc champion theme with Megalovania, do it already.
antipsi5 14 hours ago
Fun, high-energy stuff. Can't wait for Friday!
Albonchap 14 hours ago
Leon: It's a beautiful day outside. Me: *heavy breathing*
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