A day in my life in brazil

Joana Ceddia
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Aug 14, 2019




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Comments 20 703
Abra Cadabra
Abra Cadabra Day ago
They know that there is only so much you can eat.
Ryan Alejandrino
Ryan Alejandrino 2 days ago
4:08 i just had a mini seizure from that bread
Ines Laur
Ines Laur 3 days ago
Ok i have a question for you John Cena can you or can you not speak Portuguese and do your parents (they probably/obviously would considering they originate from Brazil but hey you never know)
Wheres Pluto?
Wheres Pluto? 4 days ago
"1 years old"
KAUAN ROBLOX 6 days ago
5 Names Cars Brazil : gol Uno golf Brasília Saveiro
Arctic_Gacha 6 days ago
Being (kinda) brazilian myself she pronounced "pão de queijo", "paum de queijo"
pera peric
pera peric 8 days ago
‚Meat, did we eat‘ And that, ladies and gentelmen, is what she said.
Ant Harrison
Ant Harrison 9 days ago
hahaha wer hat die deutsche Untertiteln geschrieben, echt witzig
gabby Plays roblox
gabby Plays roblox 10 days ago
I actually live in Canada too
iRecklessNinjaZ 10 days ago
Rayanfhoula 15
Rayanfhoula 15 10 days ago
Bruh here in Brazil we eat cow tounge lmao Also you got all the pronunciations right. We're happy you liked Brazil!
Neko Neko
Neko Neko 10 days ago
came here from the brad mondo vid, i had no idea you were brazilian too lol
Sky Rocket
Sky Rocket 11 days ago
Aliyah Does Hair
Aliyah Does Hair 11 days ago
I want to move to Brazil? Any tips y’all?
iRecklessNinjaZ 10 days ago
Don’t its so fucking dangerous
7:48 omg chicken heart is so good u have to try it
1960's Clint Eastwood
Ever been to São Paulo Metro Area (with the ABCD of counties)?
bristol burtlo
bristol burtlo 12 days ago
*do you ever have times where you’re having a mental breakdown so you resort to watching joana ceddia for three hours instead of doing your homework and then when your parents ask what your doing and oops you’re toast*
KomoMn 12 days ago
ღᴀmiᴛo ᴀbongaღ
Her thumbnails make me happy..
LeBron James
LeBron James 12 days ago
Is your fuckin dad Steve Kerr?????
FLEYKINMES TM 12 days ago
Credo!!!! Ela cavou a areia cheia de merda nem lavou a mão 😒 gringos são muito avoados parecem crianças inocentes.
Grace Rose
Grace Rose 13 days ago
her mom is GORGEOUS 🥑😭 can i age like that please??
florence 13 days ago
yeah its really not nice for you to call the country a "jungle" btw
Juju Sc
Juju Sc 13 days ago
Joanna: “Excuse my pronounciation” Joanna: Pronounces it perfectly
Roberto Simone
Roberto Simone 13 days ago
You are welcome in the jungle
azrielic_ 13 days ago
The way she said cocoa makes me wanna laugh harder than cat valentine on crack with jade
Raven lymik
Raven lymik 14 days ago
are you norwigen i am and why dos your video name norwigen🤨🤔
Mari Ritx
Mari Ritx 14 days ago
xX nino Xx b
xX nino Xx b 14 days ago
This video is litterally all about food 😂 if I were her I would do that to lol😂😎😂😎😂😎🍞🧀🌯
Star Light
Star Light 14 days ago
Good call using a camera like that instead of a smartphone to film in public lol, Rio is so questionable
cj222100 15 days ago
I keep forgetting Joana's mom is in her mid 50s, so I wonder how old her grandmother is. She looks great!
Diamond Queen 1901
Diamond Queen 1901 15 days ago
i wish my teacher would just yeet herself out the window and then Joanna would walk in screaming “WHAT ON GODS GREEN EARTH WAS YOUR TEACHER TEACHING YOU” best day ever
Splitends 15 days ago
Nova Scotia is Canada’s beach! Luv u Joanna!
F3lipe XL
F3lipe XL 15 days ago
Бразилия - прекрасная страна, в которой много хороших людей и действительно прекрасная страна. Braziliya - prekrasnaya strana, v kotoroy mnogo khoroshikh lyudey i deystvitel'no prekrasnaya strana. 🇧🇷🇳🇱🇧🇷🇳🇱🇧🇷🇳🇱💖💖💖
I ate all the lucky charm marshmallows
Ur accent is so amazinggg ahhhh
Connor Gowans
Connor Gowans 16 days ago
You should call your grandma mother gothel
Louiz Gabriel
Louiz Gabriel 16 days ago
Jessica I
Jessica I 16 days ago
Joana: Tells about the addiction that are brigadeiros. Me: Immediatly starts running around the house for chocolate. ...I. NEED. BRIGADEIROS. RIGHT. NOW 😳
juneya 17 days ago
Lol the way you use shutterstock vids. You're richy rich, those footages cost a lot. 😂
Ramon saraiva
Ramon saraiva 17 days ago
Tem br aqui??
Sophia Santa Izabel
sempre soube q ela era crakuda
mlk pistola
mlk pistola 18 days ago
Blz mesmo
Barbara M
Barbara M 19 days ago
a pronúncia mais fofa do mundo socorro
Anna H.
Anna H. 19 days ago
your dads arms are so toned wow what a fit guy
Geek Girl
Geek Girl 19 days ago
I want a collab of all of your entrances because they’re fantastic
Jey B. Smith
Jey B. Smith 19 days ago
guys, she’s latina!
dolceama sweet
dolceama sweet 20 days ago
🌸~I'm boujee lol~🌸UwU ☺️🍓👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼
Mercedes Jimenez
Mercedes Jimenez 20 days ago
Watch ithe video, but skip 10 seconds every few seconds, and you'll get the funniest out of context sentences. Then go back and just watch the video normally. You're welcome.
aCVSreceipt 20 days ago
Your dad looks like albino guy fieri... that’s a compliment
Z. C.
Z. C. 20 days ago
Joana and her family are the cutest people I’ve ever seen.
ATLHooligan 21 day ago
You literally dont even have A cup tits, you have nothing. Also I would seriously not be surprised if joanna is a virgin her whole life. Like she is not a normal girl, she seems a-sexual in a way. Kind of sad, I was already boning multiple girls when I was a 15 year old freshman.
Zander Tee
Zander Tee 21 day ago
The goddamn crunch tho
vih-w- •
vih-w- • 21 day ago
Moletom Preto
Moletom Preto 21 day ago
Desculpa, mas pão de queijo e brigadeiro não é almoço tá mais pra um lanchinho da tarde, no Brasil a gente almoça arroz e feijão com alguma carne e salada com aquela Coca gelada topzera baby. Da próxima vez come arroz e feijão
tien truong
tien truong 22 days ago
take a shot every time joanna zooms in on someone or something. i bet you, you’ll be an alcoholic after this video ends.
Wallpapers 9
Wallpapers 9 22 days ago
Oi tudo bem
mirelixo 22 days ago
biscoito de ventoh
Lais Nazareth
Lais Nazareth 23 days ago
I'm from Brazil. This video feels like a crossover
Enigma McC
Enigma McC 23 days ago
Your knockers are smaller then I thought. I’d sill lick you though don’t take any offense in that
Vanessa Telles
Vanessa Telles 23 days ago
Now everything makes sense, the crackhead behavior that runs in Brazilian blood is unmistakable 😂
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