9 Strange Things from the Past You Couldn't Imagine Now

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What were the fashion trends of past centuries? Black teeth, pink and blue wigs, really tall platform shoes, super long fingernails... Believe it or not, these are just some of the bizarre things people used to consider fashionable back in the day. And they make modern fashion seem so dull...
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Crakows 0:35
Eye portrait jewelry 1:31
Powdered wigs 2:41
Super long fingernails 3:58
Hoop skirts 4:36
Chopines 5:24
Arsenic dresses 6:36
Wax cones 7:46
Black teeth 8:26
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- What looks like hilariously exaggerated Peter Pan shoes were actually a major fashion statement worn by wealthier aristocrat men in Poland, England, and various parts of Europe.
- Back in the Georgian Era during the 18th and 19th centuries, little miniature eyes were worn as jewelry. The trend started with the Prince of Wales at the time who would later become King George IV.
- Crazy large wigs became wildly popular among people in France after King Louis XIV started sporting the look around town. While it’s likely he used wigs to cover up his balding head.
- The tradition of long, long nails goes back to ancient times, and they were often sported by both wealthier men and women as a way to show they’d never have to use their hands to do manual labor.
- In the 1850s and 60s, these larger-than-life hoop skirts would have a crazy wide circumference. They were actually so big that they could even save some women from drowning.
- While different parts of the world have been known to wear platform shoes in past centuries, the people of Venice took this trend to a whole new level! They’d wear “chopines,” which were typically made of wood and could be as tall as 20 inches in some cases!
- During the Victorian Era, clothing manufacturers mainly in the U.K., France, and North America would use toxic dyes to create gorgeous colors for their garments.
- Up until the end of the 19th century, Japanese women were blackening their teeth by ingesting dye in a practice called Ohaguro. They would drink this dye, which was often mixed with cinnamon and cloves for taste, once a day every few days.
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Feb 24, 2019




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Comments 910
9 months ago
Hey guys, would you wear those black teeth on any occasion? Halloween, maybe? 😂
Insanity Chan
Insanity Chan 23 days ago
Hour ago
AFO NATIONS still wear Grease today in our Hair. So using white actors here and in the movie is a way to trick the viewers!
Johncy Thomas
Johncy Thomas Hour ago
Happy Black teeth are not there now but 😀
2 hours ago
Elizabeth's reign was not the early Tudor period. She was the last of the 5 Tudor monarchs. Q
14 hours ago
Let's do a game comment a 👩 if ur a girl and a 👨 iff your w boy, and boys keep it odd likes girls make it even likes
16 hours ago
I like the eye necklace and black teeth. Especially when goth people do the black teeth. 😄
22 hours ago
hi bright side
Emily Vo
Emily Vo Day ago
Day ago
We as a era are experiencing a trend repeat, rehyping wigs
Day ago
Alll of them!
2 days ago
Good to know know about pass history.
3 days ago
I don't think some of these are weird. I always wear corsets, hoopskirts, and wigs while I am out with my friends cus I am always wearing lolita fashion.
Vilianty Rachman
Vilianty Rachman 6 days ago
8:26 wut?
6 days ago
Young people still wear wigs, they're just not powdered or for odor, or huge. But I"m glad black teeth is not likely to make a comeback, yikes.
Satendr Singh
Satendr Singh 8 days ago
I thought lovers eyes was an eye infection
9 days ago
The black teeth ewww
l l
l l 10 days ago
With black teeth you dont have to worry about your teeth looking dirty if everyones are black
l l
l l 10 days ago
Big wigs!
l l
l l 10 days ago
I send women portraits of my ears when I want to date them.
10 days ago
It should ALL come back into fashion! As a combination. Huge wigs, huge nails, huge green skirts, huge pointed plateau shoes, black teeth, and eyes everywhere. I envision myself. Great selfies.
12 days ago
I am Polish! I don't like how you are talkin about polish shoes and I do Polish dance class and they wear those shoes in the Polish dance class! And by the way is anybody else polish? Please delete the scene from the video if it's possible I don't know!
16 days ago
Only liked platform shoes everything else can stay in the past
Insanity Chan
Insanity Chan 23 days ago
Me: *sees thumbnail* Me: am i gonna say ew now or later? (This is just a joke)
Christina Reeves
Christina Reeves 25 days ago
People still where eye jewelry all the time. That's not weird.
27 days ago
King George IV "Hey, I got my eye on you"
28 days ago
Black teeth
29 days ago
I think the coolest type of platform shoe was the koma geta worn by courtesans in Japan. they could be very high and the courtesans had an interesting way to walk in them when in public, by slowly sliding them on their sides in a sweeping motion and then back upright to move forward. also, I'm surprised they didn't mention foot binding which to me is about the most bizarre "beauty" trend ever.
Month ago
You forgot the bird hats
Month ago
I just realized that BRIGHT SIDE only comments in questions. Subscriber: I loved that eye jewelry one. BRIGHT SIDE: Would you want it? Subscriber: I'm glad the black teeth stayed in the past. BRIGHT SIDE: Wouldn't you try it? Subscriber: I learn awesome things on this channel. BRIGHT SIDE: What's the most interesting? You get what I'm sayin?
Month ago
0:50 I was always curious about those shoes from medieval period and quite glad to finally found out their name and how their were designed. Don’t see what’s bad about them if it’s just long tip ends that made the unnecessary length of fashion behind wealth and status. I wonder if medieval people would have tripped quite often running though.
Month ago
The only thing i wish Stayed In the Modern Era are the Crakows because Knights used to wear them Armored and i think there kinda cool :]
Kara Merry
Kara Merry 2 months ago
Arsenic,full hoop skirts. Glad they stayed in the past
clark clarke
clark clarke 2 months ago
I am glad ALL of them are in the past ...😬
2 months ago
We do the black teeth especially in old women in Vietnam
2 months ago
I love crocs tho ❤
2 months ago
2 months ago
I went to the Shoe Museum in Toronto and saw all these weird shoes like in the video.
2 months ago
So glad black teeth and super long nails stayed in past!
2 months ago
and also when the wax cones melt they also give you a nice scent to your body.
Daniel Brewer
Daniel Brewer 2 months ago
bring back the eye portrait jewelry i say!
2 months ago
EEEK! BLACK TEETH! But I wanted an eye portrait🙁
2 months ago
Illuminati eyeballs is great
2 months ago
More than 90% here in India use water in toilet.
2 months ago
2 months ago
OK, hold on please, some of this - although true - is missing crucial context. The fact arsenic dye was highly toxic was not common knowledge at the time (if known at all). Arsenic was known to be a strong poison indeed - when ingested. Only the very practice of using it as a dye has shown it can also be harmful outside of your plate. And since the poisoning happened at a very slow rate over extended period of time, many victims went on for years having no idea it was their lovely green garments/home décor that caused their sickness. So hardly 'risking your life for fashion', as the video says. Secondly - black teeth. Can't speak about the British part of it, but the Asian tradition of teeth blackening (which is not only Japanese, as some of the pictures of non-Japanese women shown in this video already prove ;) ) wasn't merely a fashion fad. In some places it was done as a rite of passage (think tattoos), in others - as a way to preserve teeth into old age (the dye could have been a side effect at first, only later leading people to realize the blackened teeth last longer and thus - indeed - look prettier than the untreated ones). In Japan, there was also a belief at work at some point that teeth aren't very attractive in general, so blackening helped conceal them... and the tendency to consider black and/or lacquered items luxurious (black teeth could be considered pretty because they resembled lacquered beads)... all in all, this is a topic for an entire separate video if not several :D.
2 months ago
The black teeth of course
2 months ago
3:50 I was thinking of those four men what-
2 months ago
savage little kittens
3:38 purple was a very expensive couler back then
3 months ago
The all-seeing eye.. Not bad though LOL
3 months ago
Albert Einstein's portrait believes that hair doesn't matter though
havanese37 3 months ago
The eye is still used especially in Egypt. I'm glad the other eight stayed in past although platform shoes are still worn by some people still, now both are acceptable platform and heels. No hoops or corsets wonder how they sat?
3 months ago
The navagator is like 123 go like if u think so
3 months ago
Bright Side Look at (2018-19) women’s shoes and you will find raised shoes, on actresses, teens, and some middle aged women. I don’t find them attractive, anymore than I do 1.5, 2-3 inch heels. Expecting and heels? No. So, the practice of block shoes came back, instead of being gone as your voiceover stated.
3 months ago
Oh, that is where the coloring of hair, (2019) came from.
3 months ago
I thought foot binding was gonna be in this ._.
3 months ago
All of them stay in the past
3 months ago
I will pass on this shoe 👠
3 months ago
I’m Chinese… long nails… I cut my nails… I hate long nailssss!!!!!
3 months ago
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