9 Strange Things from the Past You Couldn't Imagine Now

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What were the fashion trends of past centuries? Black teeth, pink and blue wigs, really tall platform shoes, super long fingernails... Believe it or not, these are just some of the bizarre things people used to consider fashionable back in the day. And they make modern fashion seem so dull...
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Crakows 0:35
Eye portrait jewelry 1:31
Powdered wigs 2:41
Super long fingernails 3:58
Hoop skirts 4:36
Chopines 5:24
Arsenic dresses 6:36
Wax cones 7:46
Black teeth 8:26
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- What looks like hilariously exaggerated Peter Pan shoes were actually a major fashion statement worn by wealthier aristocrat men in Poland, England, and various parts of Europe.
- Back in the Georgian Era during the 18th and 19th centuries, little miniature eyes were worn as jewelry. The trend started with the Prince of Wales at the time who would later become King George IV.
- Crazy large wigs became wildly popular among people in France after King Louis XIV started sporting the look around town. While it’s likely he used wigs to cover up his balding head.
- The tradition of long, long nails goes back to ancient times, and they were often sported by both wealthier men and women as a way to show they’d never have to use their hands to do manual labor.
- In the 1850s and 60s, these larger-than-life hoop skirts would have a crazy wide circumference. They were actually so big that they could even save some women from drowning.
- While different parts of the world have been known to wear platform shoes in past centuries, the people of Venice took this trend to a whole new level! They’d wear “chopines,” which were typically made of wood and could be as tall as 20 inches in some cases!
- During the Victorian Era, clothing manufacturers mainly in the U.K., France, and North America would use toxic dyes to create gorgeous colors for their garments.
- Up until the end of the 19th century, Japanese women were blackening their teeth by ingesting dye in a practice called Ohaguro. They would drink this dye, which was often mixed with cinnamon and cloves for taste, once a day every few days.
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Feb 24, 2019

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Comments 828
BRIGHT SIDE 4 months ago
Hey guys, would you wear those black teeth on any occasion? Halloween, maybe? 😂
Amanda Gonzalez
Amanda Gonzalez 10 days ago
General Cute Bunny
General Cute Bunny 12 days ago
eww. Ur so ulgy. Y would u do that?????????? If i so u out there with ur black teeth i would bully u and let people know that they should also bully u.
BRIGHT SIDE I don’t celebrate Halloween 🎃 but I would because I love japan 🇯🇵 so much
Mia Nguyen
Mia Nguyen 2 days ago
Some elders in my family have black teeth, and I freaked out when I visited them in Vietnam.
shanon newbould
shanon newbould 4 days ago
Niharika Mukherjee
Thank god! The tradition of big nails has gone....
Artemis Hunts
Artemis Hunts 5 days ago
Blackening your teeth made your skin look whiter so that style choice would make complete sense.
Asaduzzaman Chowdhury
Black teeth
Mercy G
Mercy G 7 days ago
I like crocs though 😬
Truther Cymraeg
Truther Cymraeg 7 days ago
Gives a whole new meaning to "I'll be keeping my eye on you!" 😂
Nico 7 days ago
I love the eye jewelry and the half hoop skirts!
Carebear Lynnn
Carebear Lynnn 8 days ago
Crocs are the shiznit excuse you.
Gabsos Time
Gabsos Time 9 days ago
All of them eww
Aaron Ortiz
Aaron Ortiz 9 days ago
What about the lead makeup
Amanda Gonzalez
Amanda Gonzalez 10 days ago
Look I'm a girl and I can't stand one inch tall high heels you think I can survive those Abominations of shoes!!!!!!!!
Deborah Evans
Deborah Evans 10 days ago
Black teeth, crinoline
Fluffy 10 days ago
I’m glad most of these stayed in the past
Meredith MacArthur
Meredith MacArthur 12 days ago
Fashions I'm glad stayed in the past? Foot binding for women (from China) and clingy clothes created by getting your clothes wet (also for women). Can't remember the time period, but I heard women were dying of pneumonia for THAT fashion trend.
Felicity Gonzalez
Felicity Gonzalez 12 days ago
I thought black teeth was a religious and sacred thing bc I watched a few movies where people's have painted their teeth black. Was I wrong ?
Felicity Gonzalez
Felicity Gonzalez 12 days ago
I kinda like the eye one. It's sweet it's a little weird but I like the idea of eyes being the window of the soul
squiqqles the kitten
Chrystel Sinclair
Chrystel Sinclair 14 days ago
... Please check your facts next time you make a video. You made many mistakes.
Last Girl
Last Girl 14 days ago
the long fingernails and the arsenic dyes those r the ones that im glad stayed in the past one caused impracticality and the other caused death both probably caused pain
Paulina Mokrzynska
Paulina Mokrzynska 14 days ago
I,m literally in poland come on poland
Wack Mack
Wack Mack 14 days ago
In 300 years from now people are gonna think the same about us
Sonia Babulal
Sonia Babulal 14 days ago
The black teeth
I’m glad that the toxic dye stayed in the past cuz I don’t want to die plus I love ❤️ black teeth 🦷 I think they are amazing plus u don’t have to struggle whitening them
Guyz Merty56
Guyz Merty56 17 days ago
Elizabeth 1 was a boy so you should say he was a sweet tooth and Elizabeth died at 11 years old so a boy dressed up as her for his hole life
Mrs. DK Shustella
Mrs. DK Shustella 17 days ago
I really like the hoop skirts and more modest dress.
Thugs Bunny
Thugs Bunny 17 days ago
But I love crocs😪
sharyn dodson
sharyn dodson 17 days ago
all of them
jem Last
jem Last 17 days ago
The eye thing is cute .
stachelbeere91 18 days ago
lead makeup xD
Tess Adriaensen
Tess Adriaensen 19 days ago
black teeth, crakows, eye-juwelry, long nails and wax cones may stay in the past wigs, hoop skirts & chopinescan come back in fashion. I want to wear them
Jayne Read
Jayne Read 19 days ago
Those are NOT Japanese people!
Victoria Justicefan11
Black teeth is scaring me!! 😖🤮
Diana Mccall
Diana Mccall 20 days ago
Platform shoes in America
IAmLena 20 days ago
Krako shoes are named after the historic city KrakÒw
Amy K
Amy K 20 days ago
At least it wasn’t real eyes being worn..
Willow Tubing
Willow Tubing 20 days ago
All of them
DOUBLISSE 20 days ago
the crocs are still at the top of my list
Lissa F
Lissa F 20 days ago
Now i know why so many nail salons have Chinese employees well at least the best ones do LOL
JulieAnkha N.
JulieAnkha N. 20 days ago
The cones,were also perfume only rich would have
alissa dooley
alissa dooley 20 days ago
Powdered wigs came about due to only bathing once a year, thus balding.
Antone Enos
Antone Enos 21 day ago
Elizabeth I was the last Tudor monarch. She did *not* rule in "early" Tudor times, she ruled in late Tudor times. Henry VII and Henry VIII ruled in early Tudor times.
EmmA Pestilencia
EmmA Pestilencia 21 day ago
I thought people would wear wigs because everyone was so filthy and had lice, so they chopped off their dirty bug infested hair. I read the wigs would be infested with lice anyway because poor people sold their hair to wig makers. But really back then, having lice wasn't about being poor, everyone was so filthy, everyone had bugs.
Sonicz Forever
Sonicz Forever 21 day ago
the 20 inch shoes yikes. Id be so paranoid. I even dislike heels.
TheReal DiamondMiner
Black teeth..... You could have gotten some water and grass wow
Beatitudery 22 days ago
Black teeth in Japan was a sign of a women's martial status. It was done as an indicator for others of whether or not that woman was taken.
winter 117
winter 117 22 days ago
Sooo I’m going to paint my bf’s eye😂😂
URBAN SHAMEN 22 days ago
This was an ignorant video. In 100 years , people will be appalled by what is fashionable today
shinnam 22 days ago
In S. Korea in 2001-2002 the Krakow shoes were a fad. People would have to turn their feet sideways to walk stairs. The shoes were super expensive when they first were fashionable.
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