7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React

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Generations React to 8 times TV shows and movies predicted the future.
Watch to see their reactions!
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Parks and Rec
Back To The Future
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7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React


Published on


Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 2 913
FBE 5 days ago
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Em 5 hours ago
No one mentioned Elijah Wood in the Back to the Future clip?
Lalo Velez
Lalo Velez 21 hour ago
You said 8 and in the title it's 7
Marky G.
Marky G. 23 hours ago
They "predicted" facebook... Myspace already existed in 2003.
Rehan Sanadi
Rehan Sanadi Day ago
Please tell them to react to alan walker
siscris 2
siscris 2 2 days ago
How is it that no one metioned that Shakira voiced the character in zootopia?
ramada bass
ramada bass 4 hours ago
That Back to the Future reference was wrong.....they had gun shooting tech on the Nintendo game Duck Hunt circa 1984..
andreea sayuri
andreea sayuri 4 hours ago
Back to the future also predicted Trump
Juliana Alvarez
Juliana Alvarez 4 hours ago
how did they not do trump for president from the simpson’s
Terania 4 hours ago
Oh my god I’m early to a comment
NiffNiff Hooray
NiffNiff Hooray 4 hours ago
Okay, but before Facebook was Myspace.
SpiderNate 4 hours ago
Back Two The Future first predicted the Cubs winning the world series
Jlin Soto
Jlin Soto 4 hours ago
Everybody its a phy quick now
Jlin Soto
Jlin Soto 4 hours ago
You idiots it did not predict shit shakira was the giraffe in the movie thats why she wore that dress you nincompoops dummys
Abdianys Paul
Abdianys Paul 4 hours ago
Jlin Soto no need for u to be rude
Dereon Jones
Dereon Jones 5 hours ago
Shakira is the voice of gazelle so, it probably was inspired
Anand Acharya
Anand Acharya 5 hours ago
Till today I thought Video calling was first predicted in '2001: A Space Odyssey'. At least '2001' predicted online banking/transactions first.
yeetus deletus
yeetus deletus 6 hours ago
It’s inspired not predicted.
Green Bay Packers12
I am one day older than Facebook.
ItsEndy 6 hours ago
People, maybe the writers of the simpsons are time travelers trying to warn us about stuff but they they have to do it through the show because if they do it in real life they could break the timeline and destroy time. 🤔
Stephanie Ferguson
Stephanie Ferguson 6 hours ago
Its inspiration, not predictive in many cases. Someone sees video chat in the 60s and decides to make it happen. Flat screens, cell phones, self parking cars- so many things exist now because someone dreamed it up and another found a way to make them happen. Make fun of sci- fi all you want, but so much of the technology we encounter every day comes from some crazy futuristic idea in a book a hundred years ago.
Savvy518 7 hours ago
How about reacting to Nostradamus?
JustAGuyfromLDN 7 hours ago
Guys we get it you got a new channel. We know... XD
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 8 hours ago
This episode was great! Y'all should do a reaction video to Dimash Kudaibergen!!!!
Kenzie D
Kenzie D 8 hours ago
Bro im wearing my cubs world series shirt lmaoooo
The Llama boy 24
The Llama boy 24 8 hours ago
And I’m an Indians fan... (The cubs beat them in the World Series)
Amirah Allen
Amirah Allen 9 hours ago
Shakira played that character
Dee Big
Dee Big 7 hours ago
Thank you!!!
Brooke Scheumann
Brooke Scheumann 9 hours ago
For the Shakira one, Shakira did that on purpose 💁
Equinoqs 10 hours ago
The Back To The Future clip forgot that light-gun games predated video games and worked exactly the same way as the one in the clip
Mary McQuarrie
Mary McQuarrie 10 hours ago
the cubs won the world series in back to the future
Esther Seifert
Esther Seifert 10 hours ago
“They thought about the future future” She clearly doesn’t know Marty goes to 2015 in Back to the Future 2 😂
Black Tarzan
Black Tarzan 10 hours ago
Those “predictions” inspired the future 💕
Wayne Teahen
Wayne Teahen 12 hours ago
Lmfao they say they predected stuff but couldint they have shaped the future in stead of a prediction
Rukmani Sindhu Thangam
Do they not know that MySpace existed? Or, what was it, Orkut? Before Facebook? Facebook is not the first social media thing
T81 12 hours ago
myspace came first
No 14 hours ago
Longest video link on youtube usvid.net/video/video-Qbwaad-JrQoH.htmlau8Nwow8BwgegBnskdjYI8Jwi8NwoejS Snm
Metalshark 47
Metalshark 47 7 hours ago
Cigeon Parrier no
Cigeon Parrier
Cigeon Parrier 14 hours ago
leejaix 15 hours ago
That’s ridiculous, there was plenty of social media before that episode for friends 😂😂
andreea sayuri
andreea sayuri 4 hours ago
thank you!!!...I was searching for this comment, like myspace???
Christopher Pettit
Christopher Pettit 16 hours ago
Predict a Facebook in 2003?!?! Guess what, Friendster and MySpace were doing that too in 2003. Did you forget there were social networks before Facebook?
leejaix 15 hours ago
Christopher Pettit don’t forget Bebo 😂
S3yn O
S3yn O 16 hours ago
They should react shootergang kony sinners story
pitchblack 94
pitchblack 94 16 hours ago
Predicted programming has been going on forever
pengeng dos
pengeng dos 17 hours ago
Maybe you can do a REACT TO SB19. SB19's an all Filipino group trained under a Korean entertainment company and they peaked at #17 on Billboard Social 50 this week.
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 16 hours ago
mehnameisavacodo 18 hours ago
PSA: am i the only one that is obsessed with that goat on his hoodie
Monica Hoger
Monica Hoger 18 hours ago
I am still convinced that the 2011 You Don't Know Jack game predicted Trump's win with their spoof ads. Look up You Don't Know Jack 2011 commercials ; the first result pops up and around the 6 minute mark you'll hear it. I don't think I can post the link, but the connection is definitely there!
Deejay Collins
Deejay Collins 19 hours ago
Y'all do realize that Shakira plays in zootopia
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 19 hours ago
always have viruses around...
saveronshadow 20 hours ago
Forgot that Elijah Wood was one of the little kids in Back to the Future Part 2. Oh has Frodo grown.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 19 hours ago
i don’t think that the 1st one is “predicting it” she played the character in the movie so she probably wanted to dress as it
Magdalena Alsadir
Magdalena Alsadir 21 hour ago
The first one was inspired watch 60min or fact check
acidnova 21 hour ago
The Friends one is not a prediction. They were riffing on the existence of sites like classmates.com which already existed at that point.
Nero Cloud
Nero Cloud 21 hour ago
so the sheep stay blind.
Marisa Breslow
Marisa Breslow 23 hours ago
I always feel like it would say FBI
`- ́Dragon Viking
Lisa Dawkins
Lisa Dawkins Day ago
Im pretty sure the outfit Shakira had on was based off the movie Zootopia, so I don't really think it predicted the future. *NO HATE*
kheshire kat
kheshire kat 23 hours ago
Same, Shakira was literally her voice/ in the movie Idk how to word it but when you come down to it I highly doubt there was any predicting attributes involved.
The Real Donald Trump, No joke
This is more painful to watch then anyone can realize.
Araceli Castro
Élodie Daigle
Isn’t the gun game in BTTF like the light gun from the NES and old arcade games? It was a thing way before kinnect. 🤔
Tony Martinez
I think Jon Stewart predicted that Pakistan thing He asked the leader of Pakistan about Bin Laden
Yael Toiber Kent
Hey we basically have flying cars Private aeroplanes????
chribaby Day ago
yall we get it, the sharkira one isnt a prediction, pipe down ffs
chribaby 19 hours ago
Mayra Rodriguez oops 🙊 but idc
Mayra Rodriguez
Mayra Rodriguez 19 hours ago
chribaby Shakira not sHaRkIrA
Abie Beyda
Abie Beyda Day ago
Forgot that some show predicted Kobe
V Thompson
V Thompson 19 hours ago
The Simpsons did and it also had the helicopter in it
Jamyia’s World
Abie Beyda The Simpsons did
T Smith
T Smith Day ago
What episode of the Simsons was this
Chandler Bing is UwU
I started fan girling when I saw friends lmao
Trinity Edwards
Shakira did play the person from the movie
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Day ago
i don’t think that the 1st one is “predicting it” she played the character in the movie so she probably wanted to dress as it
Bxssy Day ago
Shakira and JLO had got their ideas off that Movie.
Evelyn Leggett
title: 7 times tv shows predicted the future producers: 8 times tv shows predicted the future 😂😂
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Day ago
Neither predictions or coincidence. The plans of those who are hidden, is slowly spilled to some to spread the word. Mainly for more use to blind the masses and make them
Chloe Caygill
You missed the song fire truck by Melanie martinez
brianna 23 hours ago
Chloe Caygill can I get a link?
Riley Dearing
you guys should of put the episode of the simpsons when kobe bryant went down on a plane in 2007 and it happended on 2020
Kobra Team
Kobra Team Day ago
Iluminati on spot. They are messing with their industry puppets. And also with world.
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