7 QUESTIONABLE Moments During Nipsey Hussle Memorial Celebration You May have Missed

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7 QUESTIONABLE Moments During Nipsey Hussle Memorial Celebration You May have Missed
Nipsey Hussle's Memorial Celebration held at the Staples Center was very interesting to say the least. There were Defining Moments During Nipsey Hussle's Memorial Celebration You May Have Missed.
It was filled with thousands of fans and supporters because Nipsey earned the love of many especially in Los Angeles. What else could you expect from Neighborhood Nip?
During the ceremony there were some moments that took many by surprise...some good, some not so good. I have documented those that took me by surprise featuring Nipsey's mother, Snoop Dogg, and Mr Farrakhan to name a few.
Special thanks to: TruthUnedited for video clips from Black Panther and ancest0r w0r&hip
Full video: usvid.net/video/video-z6trkRnenEQ.html

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Apr 13, 2019

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Comments 1 799
wlacroix10 3 months ago
All I’m saying is instead of praying to dead people “ancestors “ why not pray to the thing that create the dead People? Why must we always replaced the Most High with things that are DEAD . Yahweh is alive and never dies but y’all don’t pray to it. U would rather pray to dead grandma, father, child , candles, crystals, wood, crosses, etc things that will not come back to life. And yes I know the spirit lives on but you don’t know where that spirit is. The Most High hates when we keep replacing him with MORTAL THINGS! People who pray to ancestors can’t even stop their own death or their precious loves one because you and they have no power.. apart from Yahweh, you are nothing. How do I know ?cause you DIE!!! I would love to see you Mortals bring people back to life since your so spiritual.....and yes I believe in Black Jesus. And yes I’m aware Jesus is not technically his name. But the Bible is about black people because it describes their complexion. But if you read it for once you would see that...bye!
12 12
12 12 Day ago
His name is Yashua an who knows what color he was " I believe in black Jesus" stop that's blashempy right there he was a tan man not white not black IMO all races are equal stop the separation 💯 an Nip probably still alive just like PAC fooled us all, both were never gangsta they were actors str8 up💯
Aww Suki Suki Now
requires editing, proofreading is important - FYI....i.e. 1) your vs you're / 2) loved ones
pharoah Akahnaten
I love you why can i find u
Cedricka Farfan
Cedricka Farfan 2 months ago
Dizmop 2 months ago
but they ain't dead, just not physical
12 12
12 12 Day ago
But wait all this is cuz of Nipsey, so where does he fall in this🤔is he dead🤔or is he alive playing us as fools is my thoughts cuz he wasn't a "black man" he was what Bin Laden was so stop Nip just like PAC fooled us all that's why you can't trust no one except Jesus Christ Yashua 🙏🙏
PinkGottix3 3 days ago
Ok so what are you trying to say? 🤔
R Y Month ago
What is wrong with these people comparing a sinner to Jesus who never sinned. And his mother calling on her ancestors. What are they going to do ?? Nothing because they’re-all dead and the only one who had and has the power to resurrect is our lord Jesus Christ.
bigstU25 Month ago
ND Playground is it safe to say that you're a Christian?
Nialee Mass
Nialee Mass Month ago
I believe some people had an agenda, some people also were so hurt that they called and named things and people wrong. Now many beliefs, some desperate from pain and unbalance of the horrible events, other planned programming that started at the planning of the demise of Nip. I have seen that and experienced that personally when tragedy strikes. I SIMPLY DIDN'T WATCH... because the events and his death itself let me know that was not something to be part of. Let's stay awake... some hypocrites stood there...
Jujubug Themoon
Jujubug Themoon Month ago
All you ever knew about Nipsey was that he died and you seen his memorial
Mark&vickie Guisasola
I wish instead of get woke an i use the term myself but instead it needs to be get real or get spiritual no matter what religion or what god you believe in ..until there is harmony love an piece ..the end of all will come in some way or another
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera 2 months ago
Yes definitely it was a blasphemy what they said, if it was an African funeral then use only your African culture funeral, if it was a christian funeral then recall exactly what the Bible says, do not mix things
Gino Ortiz
Gino Ortiz 2 months ago
A shame all these people are going to hell if they don't find Jesus...so lost and so sad! People wake up!
Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore 2 months ago
The book is inverted on purpose.
E P P.
E P P. 2 months ago
We can't make any sense of this because he was 100% set-up and assassinated just as MLK was set up and assassinated.
Latoya Williams
Latoya Williams 2 months ago
I understand the pastor about the betrayal because they guy who so called killed hi he’s tried to help before. That one I get the mom was creepy as ever.
Shan Smith
Shan Smith 2 months ago
I’m not sure if his mom was in shock or denial but she was just acting all kinds of weird. Seems like she left everyone scratching their heads.
ShaeHasTheTea 2 months ago
My Question Is Why Didn’t They Open The Casket ? I Need To See Him In That Casket PERIODT
Tara Wilson
Tara Wilson 2 months ago
He was Jesus??? REALLY???
The Real C-No
The Real C-No 2 months ago
Lauren Londons was weird too
The Real C-No
The Real C-No 2 months ago
I agree
Jamie Mcmiller
Jamie Mcmiller 2 months ago
She said " They Thought They took Him from but they didn't because he's been imortalized".... Please get Your fax and quotes correct before posting.. you reaching.
ND Playground
ND Playground 2 months ago
I said what I said and stand FIRM on WTF I said so if you don't like it, push TF on!!! #ThatPart
BONAFIDE BODY 2 months ago
MK ULTRA spell out on the Masses Memorial...service.
Danyale Jones
Danyale Jones 2 months ago
WTF?!!!!!!! What kinda demonic service was that?!!! His mother saying we’re all Gods? If we all God’s then why isn’t he here? Because the God I serve was crucified and on 3 days resurrected from the dead. This is ridiculous and please DO NOT @ me I will not respond... this is so wicked.
Shawny Salguod
Shawny Salguod 2 months ago
God lives in us, Jesus is the creative master mind in us. We are immortal beings living a temporary life in this physical body...God doesn't live in the Sky he lives through us, in us.
YudazOwn 2 months ago
Study your bible.. Christ came to do the will of the Father that send him ..not to be worshipped ..
Young Ju
Young Ju 2 months ago
Before I got saved by the The Holy Spirit who is the Christ I use to believe that certain artist were angels or here to combat all the evil in the world. Then I found out that I was lost and that I never knew what evil was or who God was. I didnt know nor could I see the evilness of such artists plainly in front of my face until I met the Son of God Jesus then I compared Him with everything and everyone and I found the truth. The world is completely evil and there will always be a majority of people taking up for nipsey and other "great" men of the world because nipsey and all these great men off the world are evil until they confess true life who is The Son over everything else and walk like it. Not perfect but passionate about being like Christ. Christ wasnt about money. Revelations tells us the great men off the world will be merchants during the great tribulation. When the bible speaks of people turning away from the truth and away from sound doctrine of the latter days its speaking about times like this whereas the masses cant see the evil in this ceremony. And even these so call Christians admit its wierd but yet they say Nipsey was spreading good. Not from my viewpoint he was forefront of a BABYLON movement "great men of metchants" who will all die twice. Put life first nothing else. God is Life and you dont know God. But you can read the Holy scriptures of the bible and find out because thet testify of Him. Oh yea last thing Jesus said that the scripture testify of Himself. He's God. And when Jesus said ye are gods do you realize he was speaking to people that wanted to kill Him? You think those peoole are Gods? Jesus said that but also said that you will die like mere men. How can a God die like a mere man. Jesus died but rose upon His own power...see Jesus died like a God yet still lives. And also the bible says that the devil is the god of this world. It's not saying He's God like how Christ is smart people he's saying he's saying the devil is a god in reference TO CERTAIN PREDICAMENTS like to people who follow the masses of this world. On the other hand Jesus is not god depending on certain predicaments or situations... rather JESUS is just simply God in all situations which would earn Him the capital G with that. Unlike all the other "gods".
Blazin Sweets
Blazin Sweets 2 months ago
How come none of them were crying a lot of you might say they are strong people and everybody has to way of dealing with things but everybody? Meaning nobody was crying? Come on now if you lost your son wouldn't you be crying like a mf???
Blazin Sweets
Blazin Sweets 2 months ago
Nipsey and dr. Sebi said Farrakhan cannot be trusted Farrakhan called Nipsey Russell smh
Lljohns Johns3
Lljohns Johns3 2 months ago
He can't be! he was an x meaning he was with malcolm x when malcolm was killed Louis x became minister. Men willingly change master for advancement
Blazin Sweets
Blazin Sweets 2 months ago
Most of the people here never heard of him until he died I'm from Houston that never play this music on the radio not ones that I hear his music on the radio and I don't know anybody that ever heard his music until he died suddenly everybody likes it
Marie Hampton
Marie Hampton 2 months ago
Not comparing him to jesus at all but that's a lame argument becausr Nesus' biggest following came after his death! Just like most painters' works don't get their greatest value until after death!
Beautyy Bundlez
Beautyy Bundlez 2 months ago
People are stupid!!!
OfficialC Dior
OfficialC Dior 2 months ago
Where you lead by God to post this video???
ND Playground
ND Playground 2 months ago
I sure was! Regardless of the non believers who may not like it, I knew I had to speak my peace. You see, the devil is on his job so I expected waaaay more push back than received. God has the final say at the end so I don’t care about the opinion of nay sayers. God bless ya
Joel B.
Joel B. 2 months ago
Why do you think one day the bible will be banned? Of all books why the bible? Because its true.
Y Hines
Y Hines 2 months ago
I thought the mom was rather odd. She spoke of her life. Not her son's. Also I am grateful for what he did for his community but he was NOT GOD.
Allison Chavous
Allison Chavous 2 months ago
He’s not dead. This is a psychological operation.
The fastest milkman in the West
Oh please
BONAFIDE BODY 2 months ago
Davishia Trotter
Davishia Trotter 2 months ago
I agree sister that They was worshiping him that's not ok
Davishia Trotter
Davishia Trotter 2 months ago
Wait what
Cinnamon GMC
Cinnamon GMC 2 months ago
Leviticus 23:18. Libations to JEHOVAH! NOT ancestors.
spinning debbie
spinning debbie 2 months ago
Dangerous combination of scripture and blasphemy...."do not talk to the dead www.biblehub.com/isaiah/8-19.htm biblehub.com/leviticus/19-31.htm
Lance Walker
Lance Walker 2 months ago
Background piano music name?
Patrick Martinez
Patrick Martinez 2 months ago
Mom looks wayyyyyyyyyy too relaxed! Not even a hiccup of pain or anger in her voice. Nor did she reach the threshold of a tear. What is this?
James Conley
James Conley 2 months ago
I understand that he took care of them and helped his neighborhood but he was just an ordinary man that turned his life around and tried to do good things in his community and be a better person a better father, husband, roll model! but not to be compared to Jesus! that's taking it way too far! I have to agree with you Sis we really do need to pay more attention to things that's being fade to us because it's so easy to get manipulated and discombobulated by the things people say and I do understand his family's from Africa and still have strong cultural and spiritual connection there and we can respect that but you can't allow yourself to get caught up. No disrespect
tammz lee
tammz lee 2 months ago
LA L. 2 months ago
But in the midst of all that nobody she'd a real tear
LA L. 2 months ago
No tears drizzling down their face everybody covering their face with sun glasses first of all they didnt even have enough decency to have his funeral at an actual church chile boo
Marie Hampton
Marie Hampton 2 months ago
Is THAT what you need for people to prove their grief? A crocodile tear? Really grow up. Maybe they were a cried out. Maybe they held it together while on stage & THEN broke down. I put in a brave face every DAY to the world & break down & cry myself to sleep almost every night over my brother's passing when no one is around. NEVER judge someone else's publuc grief.
Richard Shim
Richard Shim 2 months ago
You should get another hobby.
Go Getta
Go Getta 2 months ago
Richard Shim lame azz. Stfu fucc nicca. If ya don’t like the video then move ya bytch azz around. I’m sure she will be just fine
ND Playground
ND Playground 2 months ago
Nah, this one works just fine!!! Since you have time to hate, how bout u exit ur as& left! I do not recall making u watch this video!! Just b/c u are lost in the sauce does not mean everyone else is. Some of us actually care about our spirituality. Now bye boy!!!!
Dj Stax
Dj Stax 2 months ago
ND Playground
ND Playground 2 months ago
@Go Getta That Part!!!!
Go Getta
Go Getta 2 months ago
Dj Stax you sound like the blind one worshipping a fuccn celebrity. Y’all are a bunch of lost mfs. Educate ya self and learn some truth. This new age shyt gon have a lot of u lost clowns in the pits. Let me know if ya ancestors save ya 🤣👌🏽
ND Playground
ND Playground 2 months ago
I beg to differ, but u are entitled to ur OPINION just as I am entitled to mine! #ThatPart Who would have thought..lmao
Lauren Maxwell
Lauren Maxwell 2 months ago
You are right these comments are disturbing at least. Comparing him to Jesus and saying he's immortal, saying things like we don't need to look too heaven, and he's deity. It's truly sad. but thank God Almighty for those that have discernment.
Cinnamon GMC
Cinnamon GMC 2 months ago
@Lauren Maxwell... forces of darkness just setting the stage for false messiah/antichrist to come out. The Rabbis in Jerusalem did say their messiah would be revealed during Purim or Passover. Mmmmm.
ND Playground
ND Playground 2 months ago
I could not agree more! Thanks for watching sweetie and God bless 💚
Church mob177
Church mob177 2 months ago
the mother was too calm no emotions she looked possessed nip was setup CIA was all over that he was gone expose the government
Clarissa Williams
Clarissa Williams 2 months ago
Germaine Montgomery
Germaine Montgomery 2 months ago
My sister, she right it was a they. Their were agents across the street, their was a person on the roof, please check it out. The girl in the odie gave signals that the job was done. She was there from the beginning, end and after the end, it's all there
Cirella Soleyn
Cirella Soleyn 2 months ago
They had a memorial for their love one. Nipsey isn't Jesus and anyone that has road past a church been in one cracked open the bible should know better. Everyone is not this dumb stop implying it.
Cornelious Jelks
Cornelious Jelks 2 months ago
Beverly Mack
Beverly Mack 2 months ago
How many times are you going to say pay attention????
Go Getta
Go Getta 2 months ago
ND Playground U told that idiot
ND Playground
ND Playground 2 months ago
OBVIOUSLY, as many as needed since half of you are lost sheep!! #ThatPart
Akeybra Sevier
Akeybra Sevier 2 months ago
Jesus Christ is the way
goddessofevolving 2 months ago
That in our culture
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