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Ohhh… how we girls wish that our lives could get a bit easier! What if we could tell you about some more hacks?
Life is a little complex? But when life throws problems at us, we throw hacks! If you are stressed, you should be well-dressed!
And you can do wonders with a look to kill! We did some digging and found out some amazing girly hacks and tricks that would help to sort out all the last-minute problems.
From dyeing your hair pink to a bathing suit from scratch, we have got you all covered! So, check’em out and you can thank us later!
0:17 DIY fake piercing
1:13 Homemade temporary hair dye
2:49 DIY cropped top
4:27 Easy way to fake freckles
5:18 DIY bathing suit top
6:20 Refashion two tight t-shirts into one flowing top
7:37 Warm jacket out of scarf
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Mar 23, 2019




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Comments 6 686
Suchitra Bharadkar
Suchitra Bharadkar 49 minutes ago
Are those hair colouring temperorly
Evelyn Lazcano
I have a lot of freacles
Veronica Chia
Veronica Chia Hour ago
Gta Tryhards
Gta Tryhards Hour ago
We need subs
Raji Singh
Raji Singh 2 hours ago
Its Evelyna
Its Evelyna 2 hours ago
Sofia Leone
Sofia Leone 3 hours ago
is the hair color thingy permanant??
Yassin Rabya
Yassin Rabya 3 hours ago
Jonesse Supsup
Jonesse Supsup 3 hours ago
Can the hair color from party streamers color darker hair
Selina Yang
Selina Yang 3 hours ago
For the hair colour is it washable
Sunflower Sunshine
Sunflower Sunshine 5 hours ago
this channel is way better than troom troom
H&J Donate
H&J Donate 5 hours ago
Love your videos!you are the best USvid ever! By the way we are new here!
Pooja Samant
Pooja Samant 5 hours ago
I know that you all say it henna but I am Indian so I know that it's real name is kaveri
Pooja Samant
Pooja Samant 5 hours ago
And known as.mehendi
nyancatlover01 dantdmlover01
1:15 hmm why is your hair so over head Nicki: no fakey
Anime girl
Anime girl 7 hours ago
2:48 can you wash that off cuz i really wanna try it but dont know if its gonna wash off
Blue Skies
Blue Skies 7 hours ago
I tried the trick with the staple for earings and it actually worked i love 123 go
RandomPeople2000 7 hours ago
take a shot whenever she says *gurl*
Annushka Thakur
Annushka Thakur 8 hours ago
They have yellow teeth
Mel Broadwood
Mel Broadwood 8 hours ago
Brash your teeth
「Na1ve_Ang3l / KittyChu 」
... Do you brush your teeth?
C Alexis
C Alexis 8 hours ago
How would you take off the color from your hair?
Alyapixy L
Alyapixy L 9 hours ago
this makes me cringe sm
Alyapixy L
Alyapixy L 9 hours ago
Chelsea Messi
Chelsea Messi 10 hours ago
Does the hair dye one also work with tissue paper
Greys dela cruz
Greys dela cruz 11 hours ago
amey is som ugly with that pink wig hair
Princesses M&S
Princesses M&S 11 hours ago
How can you remove the color of your hair
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 12 hours ago
Kendra Williams
Kendra Williams 12 hours ago
Well I’m happy I have normal freckles
LeahPlayzRoblox 12 hours ago
Are you sure the lipstick in the thumbnail isnt blood? Literally looks like she just stapled her lip
Rosie Fox
Rosie Fox 12 hours ago
To many channels.... 5 Minute Crafts, 5 Minute Magic, 5 Minute Crafts Kids, 5 Minute Crafts Family, 5 Minute Crafts Teens, 5 Minute Crafts Girls, 5 Minute Crafts Men, Five Minute Crafts Food Thingy ANNNNDDDDD the one you’re watching now. 123 GO!
thepampered house
thepampered house 12 hours ago
I love your earing hack
YoFav_. Slay
YoFav_. Slay 13 hours ago
Ewww they teeth was yellow
Traci Smith
Traci Smith 13 hours ago
I don't need a freckle happy because I already have freckles
Cleveland Cruse
Cleveland Cruse 13 hours ago
She has yellow teeth
LeonaTheLion !
LeonaTheLion ! 13 hours ago
9:31 THATS a mood Just read that in Shane Dawson’s voice it’s so funny
Scarlet Gacha626
Scarlet Gacha626 14 hours ago
Anybody else love the bloopers?
Diana Reyna
Diana Reyna 14 hours ago
Is it perminite
Malakai Williams
Malakai Williams 14 hours ago
Did any one hear shit 8:47
Moriah D'Andrade
Moriah D'Andrade 14 hours ago
Brush your teeth , but the out fits are nice
Alex Ellerby
Alex Ellerby 14 hours ago
Smart. 💡 girl😆😅
Ava Odria
Ava Odria 15 hours ago
I do
Ashtalfa Saqib
Ashtalfa Saqib 15 hours ago
5 Minute craft??
Little Meyer
Little Meyer 15 hours ago
Love it
Renee Spears
Renee Spears 15 hours ago
Am I first omg ( sorry if I am one of those annoying people I am just exited 🥺😰😥)
Abdul Waris
Abdul Waris 16 hours ago
Renee Spears
Renee Spears 16 hours ago
“ gOt A bOx FuLl Of PaRtY deCoRe?” No why would anyone have that?...
IDK studios
IDK studios 16 hours ago
Is it washable hair color though?
Patches McPatch
Patches McPatch 16 hours ago
I clearly know this is troom troom
dennis milligan
dennis milligan 16 hours ago
Who saw the thumbnail and thought of stapling your lips?
luke Wakefield
luke Wakefield 16 hours ago
dose the hair dye come out?
Scottie Campbell
Scottie Campbell 17 hours ago
Those are not that realistic 5:16
Scarlet&Michelle's Fam
is the hair dye hack permanent? I want to try it but not if it is permanent!
Lisa Stephenson
Lisa Stephenson 17 hours ago
I love troom troom
C Hendo
C Hendo 17 hours ago
Does Amy like pink
Fraser Tree
Fraser Tree 18 hours ago
The new Troom Troom
Amelia Hoven
Amelia Hoven 18 hours ago
Is this the new troom troom? 😂
Cookie Eater
Cookie Eater 18 hours ago
I try a hack and it Works thanks
Isabelle Chenette
Isabelle Chenette 18 hours ago
Is the dye in her hair permanent?
cherry hill
cherry hill 18 hours ago
I love how creative they are (better than troom troom) and they also have fun with it as you see in the bloopers I love it❤
Kirby Kills
Kirby Kills 19 hours ago
So that how you make these thing but I can’t 😢
Itz JJplayz
Itz JJplayz 19 hours ago
Yeetus that Feetus
Yeetus that Feetus 19 hours ago
What the heck the thumbnail is stupid and suicidal
・Yuri ・
・Yuri ・ 19 hours ago
God damn it, the thumbnail can KILL YOU
Annah Burns
Annah Burns 21 hour ago
The end made me cringe
Lexi Corn 92
Lexi Corn 92 21 hour ago
No hate but they have yellow teeth
©® 21 hour ago
1:14 oh hey nicki minaj
Isabellaaa 21 hour ago
Teeth sooooo yellow ewwww no hate though
Sidonie Keefe
Sidonie Keefe 22 hours ago
I like the hack you did
art work by me
art work by me 22 hours ago
Anyone else realise her fly was down at 2:55
SonntagsBrötle 22 hours ago
Abrundig scheiße
Marieke Gonen
Marieke Gonen 22 hours ago
Me and my sister love your videos in this video we tried the T-shirt
Shahima Broxholme
Shahima Broxholme 22 hours ago
123go:those frekels look so really Me:nope they look ridiculous
Clare Waldron
Clare Waldron 23 hours ago
The thumbnail is just stooped :like if agree
CurlsOfDbrave 23 hours ago
Can ya'll FIX your lipSTICK. GOOD GOD
The Twins
The Twins Day ago
I watch this because it’s my favourite channel ever and I never do the hacks but I don’t care cause this is my favourite channel
Casey Buan
Casey Buan Day ago
Can you brush your teeth
teigan duffy
teigan duffy Day ago
Why does Amy have no belly button
Layla Porter
Layla Porter Day ago
Åsta Reppen Hoem
After they are done with the Sword fighting The whater wil turn Lukewarm. Edit:3:38 they sayd if u have glue handy, but what if we didnt have a glue handy😂
Maia D.
Maia D. Day ago
Don't ignore this! 123 GO! A girl copies your lifehacks. Here the link: usvid.net/video/video-5bMtl8HygZ4.html
Lol Stuff
Lol Stuff Day ago
Dont these gurls ever brushed theyre teeth before making a video it makes me cringe so much
Lol Stuff
Lol Stuff Day ago
6:40 bish youre fat af thats why
Lol Stuff
Lol Stuff Day ago
Thise frecjles look like someone shat on her face little by littl
Adrian Miles
Adrian Miles Day ago
Natalia Gatt Coleiro
Is it only me.. or do I see some 5min crafts people in here?! Im so confused....
Marym Khlef   Al-Tarsh
I tryed the staper and I taked photo and I put it in my noise and my mouth it worked that's amazing
Jocelyn Martin
Jocelyn Martin 2 hours ago
i try it right now! thanks for tellin me
Allen Rosales
9:11 kara mia
yaizzy gamer
yaizzy gamer Day ago
5 minutes crafts+troom troom= 123 go
bangarama vegesna
Mae Rosewarne
When u use the dye, how easily can you wash it out? I was just wondering, btw love the vid!
Mae Rosewarne
the hair dye that is
Pushpa Agrawal
good shirt design
Everything And All
Whoa check out that pink bombshell. 😂😂😂😂
Everything And All
Did you see the thumbnail?! 😫😫😫
Kumud ravi joshi
Goodness will this hair colour ever go 😵😵😵😵😵😳😳😳😳
Galaxy Wolf gaming/vlogger
i’m a boy watching girl stuff
lexie9391rose's Life
They look nothing like freckles she just ruined her face for quite a while
Jason Nichols
Dose the pink heir stay
Sophia Castillo
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