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Ohhh… how we girls wish that our lives could get a bit easier! What if we could tell you about some more hacks?
Life is a little complex? But when life throws problems at us, we throw hacks! If you are stressed, you should be well-dressed!
And you can do wonders with a look to kill! We did some digging and found out some amazing girly hacks and tricks that would help to sort out all the last-minute problems.
From dyeing your hair pink to a bathing suit from scratch, we have got you all covered! So, check’em out and you can thank us later!
0:17 DIY fake piercing
1:13 Homemade temporary hair dye
2:49 DIY cropped top
4:27 Easy way to fake freckles
5:18 DIY bathing suit top
6:20 Refashion two tight t-shirts into one flowing top
7:37 Warm jacket out of scarf
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Mar 23, 2019

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Comments 10 575
Grace Casting
Grace Casting 56 minutes ago
There teeth are. Yellow😯😯
Tracy Allen
Tracy Allen 57 minutes ago
I cant do it i have frecles alredy
Jacqueline Rodriguez
A $693 swimsuit!?!?
Jasmine Xiqui
Jasmine Xiqui 3 hours ago
Do’s the hair color come off
Carmen Arnold
Carmen Arnold 4 hours ago
The floor bed and couch is lava Like if you did not move
Puppers 123
Puppers 123 7 hours ago
Lol that face XP 8:02
Cheyenne Porter
Cheyenne Porter 7 hours ago
Who else thought the blue and pink flannels looked like a gender reveal shirt 👚 👕 😂 👇🏻
Rylee Henderson
Rylee Henderson 7 hours ago
Roses are red Some things are blue IF U THINK I LIKE PINK Comment too!
Amy Yurocko
Amy Yurocko 8 hours ago
At 2:53 Amy waves hi and the other girl doesn't even see her and she's already waving before she turns around.
Amy Yurocko
Amy Yurocko 8 hours ago
IF that thumbs up is blue then it should mean a like. Let's get to 123 likes. Get it BECAUSE the channel is called 123 go.
Love Girl
Love Girl 8 hours ago
You guys are so cool
Tsaone Toboka
Tsaone Toboka 9 hours ago
Oky ⚰💧
Cisi Cisi
Cisi Cisi 9 hours ago
Why do they say Girl like it is the first word on Earth!!!
Michele Hutton
Michele Hutton 11 hours ago
I love your video
daisha M.
daisha M. 13 hours ago
1:15 nikki manaj oh plz thats was funny
༺۷ཽ࿆٤ه۱༻ 3
1:10 dont ever compare urself to Nicki like that again. Not to be mean but i kinda just 😳 when u said that
MOLLY WILSON 16 hours ago
I tried the lip piercing and it work also you can use it for earrings too
omar omar
omar omar 19 hours ago
anitra escanuela
anitra escanuela 21 hour ago
You guys need to brush your theeth
Jessica Coombs
Jessica Coombs 23 hours ago
Ummmmm cool I guess
Nurse Redheart
Anyone noticed they had Orange teeth?
Kim Stark
Kim Stark Day ago
Dayana Sandoval
Not trying to hate but Or being mean but they all have yellow teeth sorry still good hacks
Wolfe Phantom
2:43 how do u get dat dye if your hair tho????
Nysalee Gonzalez
not tryng to mean but their teeth bother me a lil cuz they are wearing red lipstick and their teeth pop out as yellow
Erin Flanagan
Will that hare dye come out.
Jiffry A. Jabbar
Amy loves that pink hair doesn't she
Hilary Slaughter
6:16 it's not just you dis us my daughter
Summer Wolves
I love the end of the video
Christie Robson
Kanak Lata Narzary
I didn't understand the hack number 6
Holly GamerTV
Love it
hannah moorcroft
Who loves this design
Santo Gault
Santo Gault Day ago
In real life I have freckles But why do people use Makeup to see who actually Has freckles so if you do that Can you try to stop thx
Wolfe Phantom
U have freckles aw man i wish i had freckels;-;
Nelsa Yudhistira
8:00 she is wave veil
Kellyn k.c
Kellyn k.c Day ago
Maya is ugly
Crystal Sun
Crystal Sun 2 days ago
This is way better than Troom Troom...
ᅭᅭA N A
ᅭᅭA N A 2 days ago
5 minute crafts+crafty panda+blossom had a son
Sukhdeep Uppal
Sukhdeep Uppal 2 days ago
Their teeth look so orange
Mellon Swirl
Mellon Swirl 2 days ago
There called her crazy I do that to and no one judges me and the just mean!
Holly Walker
Holly Walker 2 days ago
Isabella Biagini
Isabella Biagini 2 days ago
I don’t like nose rings 😣
potato 2 days ago
Katherine Rickerby
Can u wash out the die?
Alexandra Aycock
Alexandra Aycock 2 days ago
Is the streamer hair dye permanent
IVA R 2 days ago
5:12 😨😨😨😨
ema- editz
ema- editz 2 days ago
Does the the dye wash out
123 GO!
123 GO! 2 days ago
Roze K
Roze K 2 days ago
Will it washes oat
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