7 Awesome Cars For Broke Car-Guys!!

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Dec 4, 2017




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Comments 5 583
Viral Vehicles
I reply to EVERYONE in the first 12 hours!! (Except trolls :D )
Rakuram Mahendiran
What is your dream car
Zel 2 months ago
@FunnyFunKiller C-OPS Klooster Probably dude, sorry ^^'
FunnyFunKiller C-OPS Klooster
Guess im too late
Zel 3 months ago
@Sam K wtf GTO are awesome dude
BrianLego98 3 months ago
What do you think of the Geo Tracker being similar to the Jeep Wrangler it's not a sportscar
PinkBumperScooby 5 hours ago
Ryne Agheilim
Ryne Agheilim 14 hours ago
Porsche Boxster is 60 - 100k for a Broke car guy. Fuck off xD You probably think Rolls Royce is a taxi. Yeah I've dreamed about it once.
Saifi Production
Saifi Production 21 hour ago
Ur the best
Joe Warnock
Joe Warnock 2 days ago
The 90s cellica was epic buddy of mine had one with a turbo on the awd. It was wicked
Count Seppuku
Count Seppuku 3 days ago
My nigga by broke car guy, I mean under 5k, a honda s2000 in my dreams haha
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 4 days ago
Well... if a M3 e46 is for broke car guys, idk what to say. They cost about 20k
GameBoyLAHagers LucasThePlaya10
in the usa we call it the 3 000gt
ɢʀɪᴛ ʟxʀᴅ
So you can find me €200 car
C C 6 days ago
Cheap rx8s are fine, as long as you know how to look after them, i picked mine up for £675 and its a dream
Zerixor 6 days ago
You should have included the toyota celica, 1.Its a fun and sexy car 2.They are really cheap to buy 3. Its a toyota it will never break and the maintenance is cheap
shut up and hate me
Theres a porsche boxster in my street!
Nostalgia Game Room
3000gt Perfect for me :)
Nostalgia Game Room
Wait If s2k is cheap Why the fuck someone trade it for a e46 ???
Martin Hillesund
Martin Hillesund 11 days ago
You miss Toyota Mr 2
Boyzers King
Boyzers King 12 days ago
Bmw 330cl m sport
rc guy
rc guy 13 days ago
Finally an English speaking guy that pronounces Porsche and boxster right!
Zach Ediger
Zach Ediger 14 days ago
Cars for broke guys! try a s2000... lol. they are not cheap man!
davidoletep 15 days ago
Both the 3000gt and dodge stealth were available stateside. Same engine, but both companies sold their versions in the US. It was funny popping the hood of a stealth and seeing the triple diamond logo on the engine.
Scutu 16 days ago
Mitsubishi Evo 8
MONTR65 11 days ago
If you want a decent Condition one you still have to pay like 25k and that's definitely something that will take a while if your not rich
Joshua Porod
Joshua Porod 18 days ago
my dad got a 1975 corvette stingray for $4,500
ItzMeLuiz 19 days ago
T o y o t a M R Fucking 2 Change my mind
EZ Darren Robson
EZ Darren Robson 20 days ago
These are not budget sports cars, just go for a Nissan 350z or a Alfa Romeo Gt 3.2 although I would recommend the 350z ($5000) the alfa is a bit cheaper($2000-$3000)
wayne wicks
wayne wicks 20 days ago
Hmm besides being unreliable on most of this list you definitely need a deep pockets for the maintenance of these vehicles lol
Victor Van Horn
Victor Van Horn 20 days ago
I had a 1994 3000 GT vr4
Mr. Shooter McGavin
Mitsubishi should bring back the GT3000
and tre
and tre 21 day ago
Ae86 has join the chat
Griggle Wriggle
Griggle Wriggle 22 days ago
Or pay for the e46 316i ;)
Hen_Ridez 22 days ago
yesterday on gumtree aussie craigslist if found a boxster for 10k aud
Fierce 22 days ago
Show me a 3000gt vr4 that's less than $20,000
Ami Sama
Ami Sama 22 days ago
Volkswagen golf 2 IS A RELIEABLE CAR
Ami Sama
Ami Sama 10 days ago
I know im joking but just cuz its cheap to meaintain dosent mean its relieable car you are gonna sell it to a junkyard after use 100 procent or if you find a balkanian u giv it to him for a 100 euros and you are good to go
Josh 11 days ago
No it's not.
Kristian Bundgaard
Kristian Bundgaard 23 days ago
Nice video good cars for "BROKE guys"
Eddie V
Eddie V 25 days ago
You can also buy a 1993 Lexus SC300 Manuel for like $1000 and turbo the 2jz-ge and make a good bit of power
Mazda 787B
Mazda 787B 25 days ago
The Porsche Boxster is just a more expensive Miata.
Dawit Yohannes
Dawit Yohannes 26 days ago
Mazda rx8
NotAPolarBear 27 days ago
The 3000GT is so heavy though
NotAPolarBear 27 days ago
3:15 “make sure you test drive before buying one” who here has bought a car without test driving??
Flipperman 27 days ago
Someone who puts a Louis Vuitton Supreme livery on a car is definitely not a carguy
Flipperman 11 days ago
Josh if ur one of those idiots thats fine but if you want to ruin a car like that just to show off you’re not a car guy
Josh 11 days ago
I hope you realize that you *can in fact* like Louis Vuitton and supreme while also being a car guy..
Khader Habet
Khader Habet 28 days ago
Check out 3000gt mantainance an tell me if there's anything cheap in it repairing ect...
J3stin _
J3stin _ 28 days ago
I don’t agree with the thumbnail 🤦‍♂️
Savita P
Savita P 28 days ago
My car is a V6 and it’s not even a sports car Car model: vauxhall astra life
Spawn and Batman
Spawn and Batman 29 days ago
I don't own a true sports car neither do I make alot of money but I am very happy with my 2008 Infiniti g35 that only has 33k miles on it. Pristine condition I'm the second owner. This is my project car and daily at the moment. Next mission is to buy a daily
Cloutboii Eric
Cloutboii Eric Month ago
Infiniti G35 Coupes are everywhere cheap! & basically 350z's more luxurious brother lol
abraham G
abraham G Month ago
People thought the Honda S2000 was going to raise in value but that production number is way too high. It will be decades before it starts to appreciate.
UltRraRageous Month ago
I'm in US, and I'll be a full fledged driver next year. I either want a Lexus SC300 or a 3000gt. He said something about the 3000gt and states so that's not good
crazydeer92 Month ago
i can buy almost every car in this list, but i live in the worst country for a petrolhead, Italy
Joshua Goff
Joshua Goff Month ago
I like hard tops on my sports car is because Colorado weather can never behave itself
Mr. Tap
Mr. Tap Month ago
Dodge neon???
Doggo Month ago
Broke somehow = $10k
Carson Kwok
Carson Kwok Month ago
Do you know the maintenance cost to those cheap sports car?
Porsche boxters are slow and horrible
richgs76 Month ago
Two vastly overlooked American cars you over looked are the Lincoln Mark VII 1984-92,1988 and up came with a 225 hp hi output 5.0 v8 and handles in the very acceptable range. The other is the Lincoln Mark VIII,1993-98,came with a 4.6 32 valve v8 of 290 hp, handles extremely well for it's size and design. Has a 140 mph speedometer and when new was advertised as a 15 second quarter mile luxury coupe.And trust me Mark VIII's cruse very nicely at 140 mph.
Galaxy 789
Galaxy 789 Month ago
real rebellion 123
Peel p50
Zawisza :v
Zawisza :v Month ago
Mustang is PONY not Muscle
nameisshane gaming
I’m buying a Boxster because of this video
Brooklyn Eaton
Brooklyn Eaton Month ago
Don't forget car insurance
Red Production INC.
And what about reliability?
Raspian Kiado
Raspian Kiado Month ago
Fierce Month ago
Look the 3000 gt maybe cheap but it is the best car I have ever owned
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