7 Awesome Cars For Broke Car-Guys!!

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Dec 4, 2017

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Comments 5 443
Viral Vehicles
I reply to EVERYONE in the first 12 hours!! (Except trolls :D )
Zel 3 days ago
@FunnyFunKiller C-OPS Klooster Probably dude, sorry ^^'
FunnyFunKiller C-OPS Klooster
Guess im too late
Zel 16 days ago
@Samarth Khanna wtf GTO are awesome dude
Brian Hobbins Gaming
What do you think of the Geo Tracker being similar to the Jeep Wrangler it's not a sportscar
Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy 29 days ago
Fuck you
[FLATOUT ] Hour ago
SAAB 900 Turbo you missed
Noncita 8 hours ago
How about Mazda Rx7?
DJ Paradox
DJ Paradox 2 days ago
Ain't nobody wanna old ass porsche
RetributionAngel 3 days ago
Did you check what you get or just look at Price? Totaly overpriced junk cars is what you are showing. S2000 with over 200.000km are selling for 25-30k that NEW Golf GTI Money. Those models you recommend are Junk Cars. The right spot for them is the Junkyard. They will run you 10 times the Cost in repairs before they fully break down.
RetributionAngel 3 days ago
Did you check what you get or just look at Price? Totaly overpriced junk cars is what you are showing. S2000 with over 200.000km are selling for 25-30k that NEW Golf GTI Money. Those models you recommend are Junk Cars. The right spot for them is the Junkyard. They will run you 10 times the Cost in repairs before they fully break down.
Wilhelm Johansson
If you want a sports car and you're broke. Build your own, guarantees you to be unique and cool.
Jaybiddy95 3 days ago
Cobalt ss
cat 5 days ago
First off these cars are not for "broke" people as they're not cheap but if that price range is what you can afford then ill add one recommendation the nissan gtt r34 it's the closest you can get to an r34 gtr but around half the price it comes with the rb25 which is a real gem and a practical 4 door sedan or a coupe
kOňOmÝr 5 days ago
Usama Qadeer
Usama Qadeer 5 days ago
U missed mitsubishi eclipse
Bat Georgi
Bat Georgi 5 days ago
My dude puts a porsche as a broke guys car 😂😂. Its RELATIVELY cheap sale price but you realize how much it costs to maintain? And not only that you dont know what broke means. Shit video. Not much more to say 😭
Day Cg
Day Cg 7 days ago
Ahhhhhh *looks at my good old red Chevrolet* I don’t need anymore
Wtf s2000 for poor ppl.? Those cars just went up on price. I saw one with 45,000 miles for 23,000 dollars at a honda dealership.
leviathan500 11 days ago
Didnt like the pic.... 3kgtvr4 was expensive in its day
Grimmwach 11 days ago
Xotic Speedy
Xotic Speedy 13 days ago
I’m playing it right now (gt7)
Brian Cash
Brian Cash 14 days ago
Poor people shop at pawn shops for the next mountain bike they're about to get
Life of Karsyn
Life of Karsyn 15 days ago
“Nissan 350 zed ... WTH IS ZED LOL🤣😂🤣😂
Rarity Nguyen Belle
He’s british that’s why he said zed uk people say z as zed and in America they said Z
Brian D
Brian D 16 days ago
For legitimately broke car guys in the US market, 1. Leave the Miata because it's a no brainer, 2. Leave the 350z but tuck the G35 in there if you want a little more plush, god bless the VQ35 series. 3. Limit the mustang search to no earlier than the fox body, no later than new edge but expect to spend a bunch on refurbishing, 4. MK3 MR2. In 2010 you could find these for sub 5k, especially '00-02 pre facelifts for even cheaper if they've had a precat failure and theres no shortage of donor 1zz-fes to swap in. If you can find one swap a 2zz in out of a celica GTS for the lifters, or if you're feeling really brave and you or somebody you know can fabricate mounts go for the 2GR FE out of some models of Sienna or some of those early-mid 2000s Lexus SUVs, I'd probably ballast the front a bit though. Otherwise with fresh struts, bushings etc you'll be saying "I can't believe its not rose/heim joints" Swapping out the stock diff for a LSD is a great investment as well, stay away from the push button shift, usually '02 and up. I wouldn't worry about rust. 5. Mk1 watercooled VWs. Speaking of Porsches and 350zs we've all seen the "player 3 has entered the game" video. Gutted those 2 door rabbits weigh close to 1500 pounds. 1.8ts literally bolt in (no, really. Motor mounts are identical. Just bring your wiring/ECMs with you. Otherwise VR6s will take some fabbing and custom axles, theres plenty of kits for those. Expect to swap in a transmission out of a passat diesel or similar if you put some power in and want any sort of top speed, for example some 020 5 speeds like in the GTIs will redline in 5th at 90mph. Very short ratios. The VWVortex community is also second to none. This is hands down the cheapest way but definitely expect rust remediation. If theres no rust on it you're probably paying too much for it and it defeats the point. 6. Pre-1997ish Audi. Specifically the C4 chassis S4. If you're looking for quick turbocharged AWD and not just after looks, ditch the 3000GT and find a C4 chassis S4/UrS4. Ask anybody who knows anything about the AAN (or any of the old 5 cylinders,) they make the 3000GT look like it's made of porcelain. Incredibly bulletproof motors and transmissions, good for well over 1k ckhp, basically the same basic platform/formula that got Audi banned from IMSA. (Remember: Subaru only had a chance because Audi got banned.) Find one (hardest part) for around 2.5k, snatch a 1.9 bar WG spring from 034. SWAPPING OUT at LEAST the front calipers for some big reds. You can get the bracketry from Apikol. That car is way too heavy and those pads are way too small. Brake fade is unreal. Expect to swap in VEMS or other standalone, expect electrical gremlins. Especially in the sunroof and a handful of relays under the dash. Also look up Jeff Gerner. World record holder in a 1992 S4, top speed was something batshit like 240, 260mph. Dont expect the car to corner well. If that's your taste those 5 cylinders allegedly bolt up to a porsche 944 bellhousing, radiator needs to get smooshed up a bit, 7. 2012ish Fiat 500 Sport - leaving out the abarth because the extra little bit of boost really isnt worth the increase in price. Can find one for ~3k with 50k miles and hopefully not eating TOO much oil yet. Theres a PCM flash that helps with the intake valves sticking open when you crank it, aftermarket parts arent very... available and the community kind of sucks and doesn't really do anything cool with these outside of typical Ralph Wiggum "I'm a TUNER!" bolt ons, 1.4 multiairs arent AS bad as the 2.4tigersharks but expect it to eat oil and expect all of its associated consequences. Wouldn't bother investing in a walnut blaster, just chuck the car in a ditch when you start losing compression. the motors are INCREDIBLY shitty to work on and require a ridiculous amount of SSTs. Some VINs may still have the clutch recall pending, if the clutch engages funky and there isnt a travel stop on the firewall you may be able to get a free fresh clutch in it. The ESC doesn't actually turn off, any wheelspin in the front is immediately countered by chattering the brakes, and it's easily the most obnoxious sensation ever. Bottom line is they're relatively cheap and the handling doesn't totally suck, probably would be cool for autocross, but I can confirm theres other cars including station wagons that can pull more lateral Gs. If you get a low mileage example, ditch the Continentals ASAP. If you're looking for something you can hate, thrash around and feel no remorse, drive it off a cliff at the first sign of engine trouble, absolutely do the fiat and run it into the ground. Theres a very good reason they've devalued as quickly and significantly as they have.
MuteVibes gaming
MuteVibes gaming 16 days ago
Peugeot GTI models..cheap & quick hatchbacks. and lightweight
Tyy Dawson
Tyy Dawson 16 days ago
Get a bmw 530d e60 for 5 grand or less
P3MS 17 days ago
Porche for broke?... what broke means?
SurrenderSkate 17 days ago
Theres no way my dodge stealth is worth $12,000. The 6g72 engine was a peice of junk...
mr non
mr non 17 days ago
Lol Honda S2K hahaha.
NOAH THR CAR GUY 17 days ago
You forgot a peel p50 😂😂😂
Christopher Paquin
Christopher Paquin 17 days ago
You miss the BRZ
pantex 17 days ago
Zel 18 days ago
In France, the e36 is waaaayy too expensive, you can't buy it when you're broke dude, that's 30-50k euro, about 35 to 55k USD lmao
Zel 16 days ago
@Tyy Dawson but I search a e36, maybe one day I'll get a good one for cheap lmao
Tyy Dawson
Tyy Dawson 16 days ago
Buy a 530d e60 bmw for 3 to 5 grand
Myles Mutegi
Myles Mutegi 18 days ago
You misses the Abarth 500😫😕😭😭😭😭
Isaac Aphelion
Isaac Aphelion 18 days ago
About the thumbnail, a Supra costs around 8-10k here, while a 3000 gt is 7-15k so I don't really see the difference.
Willam Millar
Willam Millar 18 days ago
I must be broke then
ZB 18 days ago
Don't forget about a Hyundai Tiburon (In the USA) or a Hyundai Tuscani (Same car but in euorpe)
Igor Gral
Igor Gral 17 days ago
In europe also Hyundai Coupe
Gabriel Zang
Gabriel Zang 18 days ago
I'm the broke of the brokest brokest in brokenland then. Define broken pal!
Wil Collins
Wil Collins 18 days ago
'needs a script' --- 'reads the manual' -- "yep theres my video"
Lee Yong Quan
Lee Yong Quan 18 days ago
Next video: cars for poor car guys 1) Bugatti Veryon :)))))))))))
4Tifier 18 days ago
No BRZ/FR-S/86? You can literally get a used one that's 3-4 years old for less than a new Corolla! The insurance and gas is also only a little bit more for it than a Corolla! And for that price you get a much better daily-driver that has beautiful handling, lots of room, good gas mileage, and is ridiculously fun to drive! Not to mention every part of the car is easy to maintain and customize!
kai bowie
kai bowie 19 days ago
"decent handling"---> shelby gt500 crowd control
OT-Gospoda 2
OT-Gospoda 2 19 days ago
For broke car guys:ford focus mk1 150 hp fast af for 2k lol
OT-Gospoda 2
OT-Gospoda 2 6 days ago
@James Skalko good deal.Fun fact: Dodge Stealth is Alpha from gta san andreas
James Skalko
James Skalko 6 days ago
I just found a dodge stealth for $4500 cad. not bad whatsoever.
Mario Abando Trueba
all this cars are fucking expensive, specially in europe
Levon Demirdjian
Levon Demirdjian 19 days ago
Bro I don’t think you know what the term broke means
the epic ethan gamer
Actually the 350 Z originates from the 1990 300 Z in the 1999 to 2000 to 300 ZX came around and then after those two cars came the 350 Z most people seem to forget the 300ZX in the 300 Z
How to Knight
How to Knight 19 days ago
180sx 240sx you know
Ricer Nubira
Ricer Nubira 19 days ago
None of broke You should see how the "broke" cars go for in price here.
fred dube
fred dube 19 days ago
who tf says awd system
antedonian 15
antedonian 15 19 days ago
Lol, once my doctor pulled up in a, MERCEDES BENZ TRUCK?
antedonian 15
antedonian 15 19 days ago
I do not know the model
Luka Tomic
Luka Tomic 19 days ago
Best car for car guys is GTR R32
Schuddy 17 days ago
Luka Tomic you know what is good 💪🏾🔰
Navy seals rock
Navy seals rock 19 days ago
1. Lamborghini aventador 2. 2019 Corvette zr1 3. Porche 911 4. Gtr r35 nismo 5. BMW m5 6. Mustang 7. Supra 8. Ferrari 9.tesla 10. 2019 Bugatti
Tyy Dawson
Tyy Dawson 16 days ago
The bmw e60 530d is 2 to 4 grand in uk
Schuddy 17 days ago
I take the nr 7❤️
Wil Collins
Wil Collins 18 days ago
'starts naming the cars he actually knows exists' ------ 'starts chucking in some brands in general' xD
Regis Etienne
Regis Etienne 19 days ago
One like for Gran Turissmo !!!!!
Le Ebic Meme
Le Ebic Meme 19 days ago
Friend of mine got his AW11 MR2 for $300
Luke K
Luke K 19 days ago
Worst list ever. Most are above 10 grand.
Resistant Gamer
Resistant Gamer 19 days ago
Mazda rx7
OulunJonnei 20 days ago
Ummm... i have an nissan primera p11 2.0i slx 4d 1998 and it runs and drives. It costed 250€ which is about 281$ usd. If someone has less than a 500€/ $/£ then they are broke...
NormalGamer1519 20 days ago
Underrated channel doesnt know what is broke...
Robert McCardle
Robert McCardle 20 days ago
These are still rich people cars. A Honda S2000 is like 16k for a cheap one.....
Francis Delaune
Francis Delaune 20 days ago
i would say i m broke and i ve just bought a z 3 1997 for less than 8 000 $ in perfect shape ...not bad i think for the fun that i have to drive this car .
kidlat1968 21 day ago
im broke and i only use a bike that i stole
GamerZoneArmy 21 day ago
Umm everyone knows you can buy an American muscle car for an "affordable" price. They don't cost too much new compared to similar horsepower cars but that's all they can boast.
Kyle 7K Christensen
Uhhhhh. We have 3000GT's in the USA. I've had 3.
SGT Austin
SGT Austin 21 day ago
Kyle 7K ikr
Thomas Gordils
Thomas Gordils 21 day ago
How is a Porsche cheap
Lance Treece
Lance Treece 21 day ago
You missed the e60 M5. It's a V10 under 10k
Stefan Djordjevic
Stefan Djordjevic 18 days ago
Its good car, when it runs 😂😂
GAGI 21 day ago
4:27 in serbia 350z is 10.000 or 20.000euros
Daily Philippine Biker
What about the famous Toyota Supra???
Hypebeast 21 day ago
M iata I s A lways T he A nswer
Im A Retard Geuy
Im A Retard Geuy 21 day ago
i hate the thumbnail bc 3000 gt are not cheap
James Skalko
James Skalko 6 days ago
Found one for $4500 Cad. just gotta look
DelSolRacer93 22 days ago
I bought a 95 corvette for $2500 with 120k miles. I can guarantee that the C4 corvette is the best value for the money.
There is shit all over the floor.
good buy. best Corvette generation imo
Nukadawolffe 22 days ago
Get a 300zx (80s models) they r quite cheap under 3k, bought mine for $500 and replaced what needed to be replaced for an extra $750 and now I got a 300zx with 350,000 miles that runs prefect
Supra 22 days ago
0:49 What is that Juke doin over there ?
Sarcastic Disposition
I'm surprised the rx8 isn't on this list
Abdul Ramzi
Abdul Ramzi 22 days ago
2006 Dodge Charger srt8
kitoyobeni1 21 day ago
Magnums are pretty inexpensive as well. Cheapest way into a modern hemi.
Boltie 22 days ago
LOL not in here, they aren't! I wish I could get any of these cars for 10k or less. None of the cars in this list, a part from the Miata go for less than 20k, unless they're completely fucked and don't run anymore.
Hector Jansson
Hector Jansson 23 days ago
i'm so broke i can just afford a 2014 mustang with it's stupiud 5L v8 I'm sooo poor it's all a joke if you didn't understand
MAX M 23 days ago
Haha,£7000. Do some research
Axlo YT
Axlo YT 23 days ago
Opel tigra
//P h a n t o m e
//P h a n t o m e 23 days ago
i don't know why the s2k is in all these videos for "Broke" guys
Haydn Poole
Haydn Poole 24 days ago
Should add the vauxhall calibra 4x4 or cavilear 4x4
Lc production
Lc production 16 days ago
Opel calibra? ouuu hell yess
Dingo 24 days ago
I thought this was a bladed angel video until I saw the pinned comment
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar 24 days ago
Still can’t Oof
Jesuspraiser31 25 days ago
I don't know who is narrorating this video, but Actor Ewan McGregor(Obi Wan in the star wars movies) sounds just like him!! Nice car list by the way!
White Samurai
White Samurai 25 days ago
Woah at first i thought if being broke is being able to buy a car around 3000-10000£ then what would be being a little more than poor now that i see the comments this man just hallucinating
xNEVx 27 days ago
Im pretty sure u said Devon instead of 7
No Copyright Big Room
buy e46 neggas
And_U Experience
And_U Experience 29 days ago
so i tell you what a broke car is.... is my car bro hhaha Renault clio mk1 92 ” . i think from this video the best car is Nissan z , and somthing else cheap and easy to find is Audi TT . ciao
e36 M3
e36 M3 Month ago
lul my Car is in the Video. Wait..... does that mean I am poor?😱😭
Lenni Month ago
You missed Nissan Skyline I've seen so many skylines with same price range than most of these cars
Christoforos Paphitis
I Think you missed some Evo's and Imprezzas but ok some good examples are now a bit pricier then they were 10 years ago
Spauzy Month ago
park better pls
david r80
david r80 Month ago
BROKE ??? for maintenance these cars in ITALY u are RICH
Victor Kanagui
Victor Kanagui Month ago
Do a video about 'Sport cars under €1000' 1993 Supra NA: $40'000 usd 1993 SC300: $600 usd For example
Siegfried M
Siegfried M Month ago
Now the S2K cost around 25k € in France :_(
Andrea Capelli
Andrea Capelli 25 days ago
yes, s2k prices are rising! You'd better buy one now or forget it. At least you won't lose money as you're supposed to do with a new car.
jovalleau Month ago
Recently got a 2013 Mustang GT/CS 420hp 5.0 Coyote (Convertible). Loving the hell out it so far.
Milad Almohammad
in 5:43 i have that car in red
Sinan Abdul Raheem
2007 2008 335i BMW for 6000$ could be a sport car for a broke guy
hauishdjaksd gdsggs
yhym 10.000$ = 40.000 pln
✡ CSGO ALFA Month ago
Buy any of this (exept mx5) and you will be broke out of maintenance alone, such a naive video lol.
Dawid Bańkowaki
Nad what about s13 (200/240/180sx) it's cheap and handles good too. Aftermarket has many part's if you like to mod it :)
Dimitris Χ.
Dimitris Χ. Month ago
You can propably find them in a good price but the maintence of those cars costs a fortune.
Jharmi Nandan
Jharmi Nandan Month ago
Toyota supra
고등 지능 ODINS trash
If your broke get a Russian car lol They were made to last and made to be cheap and be reliable on the spot and always ready for soviet workers.
michael gregory
michael gregory 8 days ago
Except that Soviet workers couldn't actually get them because the Soviets steered most of their production capacity into the military. They were paranoid that the West was going to invade the second they slacked off military production, just like we were paranoid about the Soviets invading. The only winners of the Cold War were the defense contractors.
BestBroseph Month ago
careful buying a 350z youll eat the savings in rear tires. they are wierdly offset from the factory so they wear unevenly
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