6ix9ine - Tati (Dance Video) shot by @Jmoney1041

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So I went to Atlanta with Ghetto Avengers to Bring you this fire dance video called Tati. Like and Subscribe for more content
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Dancers : Ghetto Avengers


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Jun 16, 2018




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Jmoney1041 Year ago
Like And Subscribe Instagram : @TheRealJmoney1041
Frankgzz16 7 months ago
We have been to ya all day long and I gotta is the day I gotta go get to ya bro ya know damm ya bro ya know ya got it ya know damm ya bro bro ya ya bro ya know damm bro ya bro ya know damm ya bro wyd was my birthday 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤬🤬🤬🤬
Frankgzz16 7 months ago
We just chillin 😎 now you wanna get to know you better than that I am i I wanna was a time of that year and a great day to be a pregnant person
R2 D2 GAMER 7 months ago
0:42 can anyone tell me what that dance was?
Marvan Porter
Marvan Porter 11 months ago
NBA Young Boy
I'm Haitian
I'm Haitian 11 months ago
Amiri Huddleston rudi
kaden hayes
kaden hayes 5 days ago
Bitch suck my dick
Exotic.Goddess 8 days ago
It would’ve been better wit out the costumes no cap
dat_one person_
dat_one person_ 21 day ago
0:25 When ur late to the party
Beast_dagod 25 days ago
Spiderman da best did yall see his legs
Beast_dagod 25 days ago
Please comment
Janac Meena
Janac Meena 29 days ago
Remember Ghetto Avengers, with great power comes great responsibility
Marie Davis
Marie Davis Month ago
Black panther went to hard he stepped up the middle finger
Duoneox le boss
Duoneox le boss Month ago
Tati and juice love you ❤️
KoolaidSZN Oh YeAh
Tati a gay name 😳
Martin Vaquera
Martin Vaquera Month ago
This song go hard like ghetto panther
Keylin Martinez
Keylin Martinez Month ago
This video. Coo
Rocket Kidd
Rocket Kidd Month ago
Marvel's daredevil
jay jay
jay jay 2 months ago
Supreme Divine
Supreme Divine 2 months ago
0:52 ghetto panther
Pablo Frankfurt
Pablo Frankfurt 2 months ago
This fat boy on the left annoys me so much
jaytheslasher 1
jaytheslasher 1 2 months ago
JuDe 2 months ago
4uliMuDoure Lainar
4uliMuDoure Lainar 2 months ago
Deadpool with Jordans 😂😂🤣
Dj SuperRap
Dj SuperRap 3 months ago
This shit clean
Zion Riley
Zion Riley 3 months ago
Yo they snapped especially black panther why this nigga Spider-Man so smooth with it tho he so fire wit it
DMV CHUNGUS 3 months ago
696k subs lmao
Luz Lopez
Luz Lopez 3 months ago
Black panther went hard he's clean to
Beni Shamavu
Beni Shamavu 3 months ago
Way too fucking smooth💣💥🔥😱
Tanu sharma
Tanu sharma 3 months ago
what is the dance step name at 0:30
xxx kofi
xxx kofi 3 months ago
what is that dance they do at 0.30
Ciara Wilkerson
Ciara Wilkerson 3 months ago
The guy with the purple be making me laugh
NATHAN L 18 3 months ago
What shoes did ghetto panther have?
xxx kofi
xxx kofi 3 months ago
i think he had air jordans
flow. lawrence
flow. lawrence 3 months ago
How is the first dance called?
X_Xace 3 months ago
69 white and he say nigga but he in a gang so it ok
ryan alves
ryan alves 3 months ago
o gordo so faz uma dancinha e senta porra
Corey Charleston
Corey Charleston 3 months ago
Bamn black panther ur suit in dope
Carlo 3 months ago
Who‘s that in the intro?
Joseph Anistratov
Joseph Anistratov 3 months ago
Spider-Man didn’t even look real 🔥, the way he moves actually looks like cinema Spider-Man😦
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez 4 months ago
Spooder man went to soft. Black panther and deadpool just went all out.
GistTech 4 months ago
Spider-Man now doing drugs
Chrystal Cherzinger
Chrystal Cherzinger 4 months ago
My boy ghetto spider boppin was on point 🤣💯 fucking loved it
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 4 months ago
You are the best at this
Celma Lucaslima
Celma Lucaslima 4 months ago
Alguem Br?
Blitz 4 months ago
Who else wish they could dance like this
Blitz 4 months ago
I want panthers fit so bad
Anthony Badiana
Anthony Badiana 5 months ago
Lifegoeson100 5 months ago
Spider-Man always kills it
Jay Ess
Jay Ess 5 months ago
Spider Man and black panther need to get booked for JUST next Music Video haha USvid.COM/RIVERSIDEJUST
Prince Forehead
Prince Forehead 5 months ago
Panther dumb for that “looking all retarded”😂😂😂😂
Cj Mac
Cj Mac 5 months ago
Play tears a really love videos Buccaneers not cost please
Cj Mac
Cj Mac 5 months ago
Cj Mac
Cj Mac 5 months ago
Mulatto Melo
Mulatto Melo 5 months ago
Y’all got subscribers mad quick
sTAtIc tRasH
sTAtIc tRasH 5 months ago
Why do people dress us as Spider-Man and other characters when they dance?
Life's Just A Trip
Life's Just A Trip 5 months ago
He tried to keep up 😂
Johnny Bello
Johnny Bello 5 months ago
Ohw gosh... Nice dances brodah...
Snowy YT
Snowy YT 5 months ago
I feel bad for the kid sitting on the right lmao
Supreme Pizza
Supreme Pizza 5 months ago
What’s that hoodie called that Deadpool’s wearing
Twinkle Fruit
Twinkle Fruit 5 months ago
Spider man had some nice thighs
fluffy Sai
fluffy Sai 6 months ago
Ну чо русское гетто залетаем?)
Van S
Van S 6 months ago
nigel mithcell
nigel mithcell 6 months ago
thats og
King OTR Carter
King OTR Carter 6 months ago
You should do Kung fu
Lester Green
Lester Green 6 months ago
I’m from Australia Melbourne love this shit 😂
edward harris
edward harris 6 months ago
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